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    • Oh... okay... that fucking SUCKS for Me and a few others... also I know of two other ps that have near-to the current revision. But aight:/ Joined March 23, 2021and didn't really play until I got the email regarding the reset. Instantly on and haven't touched any others since. Big ole RIP & funky timing. Shrug.
    • Zenyte 2 - Blog #9 Revision Upgrade   Hello All, I'd like to seize this opportunity to share some insights with the community regarding our plans for the revision upgrade and the thought process that led us to this decision. Let me take a moment to provide some context. In our gaming world, a "revision" is akin to a version of the game. Currently, we find ourselves at revision 179 (2019), while the live game, Old School Runescape, has advanced to revision 216, soon to reach 217 (2023). This substantial gap represents several years of continuous content updates. Just as we are sure you do, our development team envisions Zenyte flourishing as a game capable of offering the latest content, stepping out of the 2019 era. However, it's vital to understand that while we're upgrading the revision, the actual coding of new content remains a separate task. Think of this revision upgrade as enhancing our underlying infrastructure, enabling us to code fresh content rather than directly delivering it to you. Numerous hours will be dedicated by every member of our Development Team behind the scenes to ensure that once the revision upgrade is finalized, the game will continue to function as you've always experienced. Yet, this leads us to an exceptionally significant subject, quite possibly the most crucial aspect of this announcement. Mobile. Mobile functionality has played a crucial role in our game since its launch, with approximately 20% of our player base engaging with it in various ways. At present, there is no one providing the latest revisions with mobile capabilities that match the standards we've set, both in our game and in OSRS. While there have been whispers of upcoming releases that aim to emulate this functionality, it's worth noting that these versions may come with limitations on FPS (frames per second). Our intention is to proceed with the revision upgrade, even though the status of mobile integration may not be fully resolved. We plan to reassess this matter after the revision is complete.  We've decided to dedicate a substantial amount of funds towards research and development for this endeavor. However, it's important to acknowledge that the exact timeframe for its completion remains uncertain at this point.  In my estimation, a reasonable estimate would be a period of at least two months or more. I  recognize that the initial loss of mobile functionality might seem disappointing, but I kindly urge each of you to take a moment to review the OSRS updates from 2019 up to the present and consider the myriad possibilities this upgrade will unlock for the entire game. Thanks,    
    • awesome weekend fun, cannot wait lets gooo
    • Burn baby burn, Wintertodtferno! Wintertodt points will be boosted for the entire day. So get chopping, fletching and burning and maybe we'll see a Phoenix! Prize: $10 bond for the First Phoenix Pet   ICYENE DOWNFALL For the entire day, Commander Zilyana will have no KC requirement to enter her chamber.  There will be a few prizes active, so get your stamina potions ready and enjoy running around in circles? squares? Prizes: $5 bond for the First Saradomin Sword $5 bond for the First Armadyl Crossbow $5 bond for the First Saradomin Hilt $10 bond for the First Zilyana Pet   ::bank Whilst we're not actually putting ::bank into the game for the day, you will have access to use the Deposit Boxes that are scattered around the game. If you need Karambwans, now is the time to fish! Prize: $10 bond for the First Heron Pet $10 bond for the First Beaver Pet Thanks for taking part in our events, and if you have any feedback or suggestions for future events, please suggest them via Discord.
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