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    • Hi Wuganuta,  We apoligize that you are un-satisfied with our server. We here on the Zenyte Staff Team most certainly DO care about what you have to say, and we thank you for reaching out. If you have any concerns about any aspect of the server, we are here to listen. If you have any suggestions about how we could change, feel free to post them in the designated places such as the suggestions forum thread or the #suggestions channel on our discord.  We hope that you still join the server, all players are welcome.  I hope this helps, and thank you for the feedback. Blisziful
    • Hi, Not expecting anyone to care, but I'm sure a staff team that cares about the future of their server will care. I have been wanting to join this server for over a year now, I know of Noele from her previous work she has been a part of which is how I heard of this server and to know it has mobile support is very pleasing to hear. What concerns me about the server are the strict rules in place, I fear that some rules are far too extreme for any sort of freedom and there are limited playstyle options given the 'ragging' rule, which would likely never affect me, but still seems ridiculous alongside the 'malicious price gouging' I simply feel that people deserve to make their own choices in a game, if someone can afford to buy 'EVERY' single piece of 1 item, then so be it, and they can set their own prices for what they own, if it is a 'Abyssal Whip' and nobody can buy one cheaper or afford that person prices then they should go and kill abyssal demons until they get one, that's simply part of what Runescape and most rsps communitites have usually ALWAYS been about. I'm sure I might get some backlash on this, but I'm definitely not trying to insight any hate or arguments, I definitely plan on still joining, once I way up the rest of the pros and cons of Zenyte, Cheers
    • Someone reached out to me and pulled me back to read this and I'm speechless, really. I'm so happy because after browsing the forums and reading over everything recently it looks like things are turning around. How exciting!
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