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    • I absolutely will dm you eventually. Even if it's not 200 active users posting a day,  a few more than what we have now who are actually *active* and create topics/reply and just dive into the forums a little bit would be great. I feel like between all of us, we could come up with something. It doesn't hurt to try.    No problem, we should give the forums more attention in-game. I feel developers could possibly post more poles on the forums and specifically on the forums and through ::yell shoutout the topic. Give the community a reason to go on the forums. Plus, when they come for something such as a pole and see maybe an added chatbox/forum games and even the reputation system store (in-game). Zenyte has an amazing development and staff team, I know something can be done. Even if it only boost the forums a little bit, a little is better than none.     
    • Crazy progress made on this episode. Thanks for the content as usual! 😄
    • I love the forums, it's why I'm apart of the forum team. Lately the forums have been more active than they have been previously, which I'm happy to see. Whether this activity lasts or not is yet to be known, but I'd like to capitalize on it and try to keep people around. If you have any ideas, feel free to make a post, or send me a message directly. I am always down to listen on how we can better improve the forums.
    • I love the forums and everything they offer so it's super cool to see this in discussion! [email protected], I think with Discord now being at the core of every gaming community, it basically took on the role of forums and does a lot of what the forums do but in a better way. Lots of discussion, debating, arguing, suggesting, thinking is now done there rather than how it would usually be done on the forums. I have some ideas in terms of initiatives we can take to stimulate forums traffic, and hopefully we can see those through as soon as possible, but at the same time I would love to see what others can come up with and especially those that swear by the forums. Applying things such as forums games that have been successful on other forums would also work super well. Thanks for bringing this up 😃
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    • Tehnoobshow

      I ate 37 salamanders and take a heavy interest in the mating processes of whales.
      · 1 reply
    • Colour

      Who do I need to get on my knees for to get a CoX drop.. 30+ raids dry 😞
      · 1 reply
    • Powerrabbit

      Hi while i was killing hydra my account started lagging, this then kicked me out of the room to the open area and killed me outside. I then d/c and when i logged back in i was dead. I ran back to the area i got killed and my gear was gone. Not sure what happen i tried to talk to the NPC to collect my gear but it said there was no gear to collect.
      · 1 reply
    • Xxlordguyxx  »  Hide

      Hi can you please help me disable 2fa I broke my old phone and got a new phone today and can't login because I don't have the auth code 
      · 2 replies
    • Arrowbobo

      So I was sitting there typing in home cc while runecrafting, I got dced then account disabled . Wow,  if you try to make money on 3 accounts at once you get banned! 🤬😡
      · 4 replies
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