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Release date: June 7, 2019

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    • Good suggestion(s). I'm not opposed to implemented an EP system — that has always been something that allows the wilderness to appease everyone from all aspects and we need to ensure there's a consistent amount of dopamine flowing through all areas.  The Ancient Artifact suggestion is good and it once again allows Player Killers an extra incentive to stay in the wilderness, what EP determines the drop? I'd prefer we have set EP rates that allow a high type of artifact to drop, allows a risk-for-reward factor.  I'm not a fan of the Brawling Gloves because it doesn't fit into the OSRS world and the XP boost(s) are extremely controversial. That'd have to be a discussion for a later date in my opinion.  The free-pass emblem tier is a good suggestion. What would the be the exchange rates for them? We'd need to ensure they're balanced as emblems can be sold for an extreme amount of money.  The ELO system is something I've always wanted to see done right. I'd also prefer the player(s) are allowed to differentiate presets for the fight. I've always found hard-capped presets are the opposite of determining skill-sets as it's the same fight. Adding a system which allows the player to pick their play style will not only test skill but adaption to every fight. We'd need to sit down and figure out what preset(s) we want to push out.  Example:  I'd prefer we have a set list of tournaments dependant on ELO for each individual player to climb. For example: Beginner Tournament's ELO would be 0-300 Intermediate Tournament's ELO would be 300-600 Experienced Tournament's ELO would be 600-900 Master Tournament's ELO would be 900-1300 Grand Master Tournament's LEO would be 1300-1600 The GM tournament would be the high prize tournaments which (hopefully) will appease competitive players and essentially push a very amateur e-sports vibe. The best of the best compete. Thoughts, opinions?
    • Great ideas! I have nothing negative to say other than that the PvP Armours were known to be broken in the DMM Tournaments of OSRS. Players could hit 80s without having high strength or ranged bonus, or even levels above 95. However, I think that with the right amount of balancing they could be a nice touch to the PvP Community.
    • I do really like this. My 2 concerns are: I really don't like the PVP armours; Statius, Vesta etc. I know this is a fairly big discussion point on OSRS, I imagine it would be here as well. OSRS have said they're planning a huge overhaul for PvP – I wouldn't want to see all of this implemented & then need to be removed & the new content added when OSRS does so – unless the devs are happy with doing that.
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