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    • Personally, I'm all for a total wipe, but keeping donator ranks. But totally agree with slice with everything else, the reason devs haven't been paid is because the server is on its last breath and has a low player base. Because of that any money coming is has been going straight to Matt. I understand that the server requires upkeep. But through some of the double donations months (December for example) I know how much money came in, Yet no devs were paid for more content. Do with that information as you will, but it's not a good look for just a rebrand and keeping accounts/management as they are. This server needs new devs, new management, and a new lease on life. I love this community, and that is the only reason I would want Zenyte to rebirth from the ashes' it's currently in. But I only see that happening via a total restart. The fact that I still have admin permissions while resigning 3 months ago further proves my point that the management side of things is the Achilles heel of this server. I wont be surprised if this post gets banned, but if not, I hope to see you all on the relaunch ❤️
    • All in all, this poll was not thought through. A community conversation in VC with a handfull of people is not a community conversation and can never give you all the required information you will need. I had left critical and direct feedback, but you've deleted every single trace to that by deleting channels in the discord. If you're really genuine about re-working Zenyte (again), you'll have to be able to listen to all the feedback and not delete it if it's a bit too direct. In order to move away from all the negativity you will have to resolve the servers current issues instead of wanting to focus yet again on re-working the server. Zenyte's name has been damaged too much and too far for it to become what it once was. You know it, I know it, we all know it. There's no going around that bush. Personally I'm still owed $550 or 5500 store credits that were removed. There's still developers waiting on back pay. People getting banned left and right from the discord for voicing their opinion. I've put in almost 90 days of playtime on my own accord to help out the server. The main reason I stopped playing is because there was nothing to gain for me anymore. Hoping things might change and I would come back. Unfortunately this was not the case, however for putting in that many hours into a RSPS I feel I've earned my right to voice my opinion. And if this get's deleted, it will only show that criticism and feedback by the community is not welcome. 
    • Start with transparency and backpay your developers. Fresh start with all accounts wiped? I doubt anyone will ever log in again. Re-branding won't work, you've done too much harm to Zenyte for any community to trust you again as a manager. Even if you re-branded the entire game.
    • Hello Community, I will keep this short and simple - Following up on our community conversation on voice-chat and the announcement that Meliodas made I would like to see some official poll results -  If we re-released Zenyte with the most up to date revision what would you like to see happen? I would like to see a fresh start for all accounts which would include donation amounts. I would like to see a fresh start for all accounts but I believe donation amounts should be kept. I would like to see all of our accounts stay as is but I do understand that all customs items will be removed.    Thanks,  
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