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  1. Hexae


    Hi & happy to see what you can bring to the team
  2. Welcome to Zenyte, enjoy your stay with us. If you have any question, feel free to ask. I'll see you in-game!
  3. Stop sucking up our rng! Congrats
  4. Completionist is : Maxed & All achievements
  5. Welcome back to Zenyte @Polo
  6. Hexae

    insert title

    Wow, I actually can't believe someone got muted for it.
  7. For the event of Saturday (hosted by @Fe Felix), since we are having a bonus XP already, I suppose the tomes won't be necessary.
  8. I have to give Treyarch that their zombies was very impressive.
  9. I got to say, Runescape has occupied a reasonable part of my life for the past 15 years now. To this day , I have maxed two accounts on RS2 (2004-2013), achieved an 2000+ total level on OSRS (2013-2018; stopped playing), and maxed an 5x account on Zenyte in which I am now sitting on 81 days (time played; I probably afked... 1-2 days?) since his release in June 2019. However, in my point of view, when it comes to gaming, nothing beats Battlefield, not even CoD. I mean, I have had, in just Battlefield 2 (2005-2018) alone, well above 3000+ hours divided in 4 accounts. It's just ridiculous. Battlefield 3 and 4? Probably around 500 hours. And now, I am waiting for the release of Battlefield 2042, which.. I probably won't have the chance to play before January 2022. University comes first, always. I mentioned CoD, but forgot to say that the series is relatively good too. But, what makes the series good? Definitely Infinity Ward, not Treyarch. Although, not their anti-cheat software. Just take a look of Mw2 or Modern Warfare - both great and enjoyable games, but horrible/stupid useless against cheaters. For those that know me outside this community know how mad I grinded the seasonal achievements on MW prior to the merging with Black Ops - Cold War. Most of them, just like me, stopped playing the game when they stopped focusing on the actual game vs Warzone (which does a terrible joke against cheaters lol - they are basically laughing at them on Twitter). But, I am out of the main question, I think? Was it Xbox vs PS vs Switch? Definitely Xbox for me, although, do not own one anymore. I have owned a Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox one which I sold in 2019.
  10. Welcome back to Zenyte homie
  11. Hexae


    Good luck with your goals
  12. Hexae

    Name change

    Son, if I could upvote your posts right now, I would. I am proud of you.
  13. Hexae

    Name change

    TRUE, I AM #2.
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