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  1. That comes from players as well
  2. Construction or we'll burn Utica to the ground!
  3. Hexae

    Beginners luck

    Wow, nice one. So jealous
  4. Hey! Welcome on the forums. Enjoy your stay with us @Dxxgie!
  5. I really love the design! Welcome to Zenyte's forums.
  6. Very simple to do, it doesn't take more then 2 minutes. Definitely support it!
  7. Welcome @Summoner, Glad you like it! Zenyte is very promising indeed!
  8. Welcome to Zenyte @Rae, can you believe I have also fallen in love with it the moment I saw it? It was back in January 2019 lol!
  9. Welcome Austin on the forums.
  10. See it wasn't so difficult haha! Welcome on the forums mate
  11. Welcome @Kurogane, see you in-game!
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