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  1. Feliz aniversário !

  2. It has to be on the same account. For example, I could create 1000 accounts, play 1 hour on them, and call it a day
  3. Great idea. However, I'd have make it in a way where you don't need to send a pm to a Global mod+ in order to give your constructive feedback. They have already enough job. In fact, you could simply force the responses to be approved first before they can show up.
  4. I just bought my 2 entries, good luck everyone! (on the 19th)
  5. Welcome to Zenyte @Fe Xela! That's a very nice introduction. Looking forward playing with you.
  6. Update: Just a graph or my progress since July 2020. I should have gathered and prepared my 200M fletching XP by this summer (I believe).
  7. Hexae

    Crip smoked again

    I guess that's a nice comeback. Nice pvp loot @Biggsy
  8. Hexae


    Isn't it in this section @Life?
  9. wth, you don't have Alchemical Attack!
  10. Always wondered how much time played you had. Jezz.
  11. Welcome to Zenyte! Hope you'll like your time with us.
  12. Hexae

    uim badge

    Even if you wanted to, any staff role goes before the ironman badges. The order is still in the pinned messages in the forum team discord channel iirc.
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