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  1. You guys are heading in the right direction. Keep these updates coming!
  2. Do you mean 100 days online ?
  3. Hexae's birthday? 

    Happy birthday man! The bald get balder 😄 

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    2. 1945


      Happy Birthday !!🍻

    3. Hexae


      Much love my Québécer préféré  ❤

    4. Newish


      Happy birthday!

  4. @Fe Felix: there are many topics/suggestions related to this idea. Latest is this one:
  5. Technically, spamming isn't & was never allowed/authorized on Zenyte (see rule #1). So, if he was indeed spamming, he should have been warned/punished. Although, it is quite hard to prove, make up someone's mind, when your screenshots are missing the timings. At the moment, it doesn't show much, beside him advertising within his rights do to so. When it comes to the Help CC, I totally agree with you; it is & has always been up to the Staff members' discretion to authorize it; it really depends the timing in-between the messages. Anyhow, I do not see why it wouldn't be added as a sub-rule to the #8, see below: For the moment, I am suggesting you to use this option as an alternative. It isn't a perfect solution (cause there's no such thing as unicorns), but it can push the frustration aside when you are trying to enjoy your gameplay @Worst hc lul
  6. Very true. I didn't think about being disconnected. It chances everything then
  7. What about a one-life game mode where if you die, it deletes the account? It could be a 50x25 rate?
  8. Hexae


    Welcome back to the forums as well as in-game @Der. I do recall seeing your name a while back. I don't think you know me as I was away from Oct. 19 to June. 20. Happy to see you found your way back to Zenyte! P.S. Very cute doggos
  9. You are definitely taking it way too seriously Ashi. I also don't agree, and as mentioned above, don't feel okay with you being so rude. I will be transparent with you and say that I reported you last comment as it was unnecessary. Regardless, I am wishing you a happy day and hoping @Gepandoes indeed look forward in some of your suggestions mentioned in your original post. There was some, not all, that deserved to be looked into.
  10. I understood the first one, because it was well explained. However, the structure of your sentences, in your second post, confused me. That's all. No need to be passive-aggressive towards individuals replying in the opposite direction of your point of view. By the way, I don't really like you telling me ''I should take your friendly advice''. I feel like you downgrading me, which seems pointless here. You might need to lower down a little bit, friend.
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