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  1. Hexae

    Beginners luck

    Wow, nice one. So jealous
  2. Hey! Welcome on the forums. Enjoy your stay with us @Dxxgie!
  3. I really love the design! Welcome to Zenyte's forums.
  4. Very simple to do, it doesn't take more then 2 minutes. Definitely support it!
  5. Hexae

    Global Mass Events

    Good luck to everyone on loots!
  6. Welcome @Summoner, Glad you like it! Zenyte is very promising indeed!
  7. Welcome to Zenyte @Rae, can you believe I have also fallen in love with it the moment I saw it? It was back in January 2019 lol!
  8. Welcome Austin on the forums.
  9. See it wasn't so difficult haha! Welcome on the forums mate
  10. Welcome @Kurogane, see you in-game!
  11. Great introduction, welcome on Zenyte's forums!
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