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  1. Happy Birthday man @Mma c0nwishing you a wonderful day with your family/GF

    1. Mma c0n

      Mma c0n

      Thank you very much sir! It was a good day, very eventful as well as I got stung by a scorpion and had to spend a lot of my day in the ER. Thank you again and have a blessed day.

  2. At this point, if you know what you have temporary added into the game, and indeed offer a revision upgrade (even in 8 months), I don't see why not.
  3. Honestly, I don't think allowing Inferno services would be that bad. Yes, it is the best in slot cape, although, it changes so little to the gear bonus, eg. buffing the max hit. To keep it somehow fair (for the community) & a decent moneymaking (for those who have the skills to do it - people like @Mew2, @Great Chaosor @Ziniy), I will reiterate my previous suggestion I wrote in the #staff. If you were to allow it, I feel like it should be taxed (in %) based on the price of the services. Following the concept of the ''Price Controls'', it could possibly be something like this: Price floor - Minimum price 15M: 5% 50M = 10% 100M = 15% 200M = 20% 300M = 25% Price ceiling - Maximum price 350M - eg. for very low combat level & gear (provided or not?): 30 - 35% For the rest of the suggestions, I feel like they are worthy, minus the bracelets in the slayer shop. They can easily be made (eg. from Shilo's mine) and last for a long-time.
  4. Congratulations @Yamato69& @Itzcnote100 . I have no doubts you guys will go above and beyond, as usual, for Zenyte. Wishes you the best boys.
  5. Hi @Psyche, It's indeed possible to make such event based on the hiscores API. In terms of difference between XP modes, the easiest way would be to divide the total XP gained by the fastest one (50/25x in that case) and make it so it fits with the slowest XP mode (5x in that case). Another option would be to force the XP gained by a registered member to update automatically every X number of mins/hours. This option would be obviously more easier for us if there were more than 100 players in the event (eg. King of the Skill) Similar event once hosted on OSRS : https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/King_of_the_Skill
  6. Solid feedback @Psyche. Thank you for raising your voice up with your concerns and suggestions. We always said that we are more than happy to receive as well as look into constructive feedback, and that my friend (if you allow me) was a solid one!
  7. There was still 12 minutes on the clock. Nice one!
  8. Hexae

    In-game 2FA reset.

    Yes, I wanted to make sure you could identify the email without actually looking into https://forums.zenyte.com/settings/. As standard procedure, we request user to verify their account with a code, just mentioned above. So, once you have received it, please copy & paste it in here, so @Fawkcan follow up with the 2FA reset.
  9. Hexae

    In-game 2FA reset.

    Complete the email: [email protected] (x = hidden letter or number).
  10. If @Lifewouldn't have pm me in-game nearly a year ago about my interest into the staff team + filling out an application, I would have never joined the team in the first place. So, yeah, I believe we should consider #5.
  11. Hexae


    Not if you have the hard Kandarian (diaries) completed. With this specific diary, you can choose to redirect Camelot's teleport, from the normal spellbook, directly at the entrance of the Seers' bank and/or at the start of the agility course (Seers' Rooftop).
  12. Starts in a couple hours, you were too early Saturday May 22nd Starting Time: 15:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Twisted Bow,
  13. Great video @IronLife, and dude you are lucky on the tiers haha Keep them coming!
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