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  1. Hi @Archaic, PM either @V iking or @Yamato69in-game or on Discord. I don't think they have forgotten, but both have been busy a little in the past few hours. Just let them know you whenever you are ready.
  2. In-game name: Hexae Combat Level: 126
  3. Hi @matthu, I understand your past and present concern but bear in mind that they are, at some point, contents that were proposed to us. From what I have been observing since the poll was created (2 days ago), our QA team (who works with Jakey) has closed more or less 20 bugs that we had on Gitlab and confirmed around 15 of them. So, in terms of what is coming to Zenyte, it might not be THE best content, but it's still content that were getting dusty. For the current suggestions you brought to us today, I will make sure they are noted on our side! Again, thank you for sharing your concern and suggestions, they are valuable to us! Sincerely, Hexae
  4. Hexae

    Lucky week :)

    That's some good rng right here! I wish I had the same
  5. That's on mobile, correct? It seems fine to me, but I will look again. Are you using the old theme or the new one? Also, I suppose you are using purely the mobile version without the desktop mode? If not, let me know. I haven't tweaked much the mobile yet, I focused on the desktop, but it definitely going to be something to look at.
  6. I have to agree with you on this one, the logo doesn't fit very well with the current theme. It'll definitely going to be something to be worked on soon, especially for the next holiday. In terms of Postbit, I had originally made it so it would fit as you described, but the Staff team voted for the other version which has everything covered. It's still possible and very easy to make it the other way, we'll see if they ever change idea. I'll look in the upcoming weeks what I can do to tweak the theme a little, but not too much and I got to say, I love what you both have designed! Thanks for the feedback @Erza
  7. If I had to chose, I would take Elidinis
  8. Hello Zenyte Community! I know that most of you are not very much into forums updates, but considering the fact that we have an average of 300-400 players visiting our forum daily, I still thought our forum was worth being updated. So, in the past few weeks, I have not only worked on a new front page for on current landing page (Zenyte.com), but I have also reworked a lot of stuff that, in my opinion, as well as yours, needed to be done. If you have more suggestions, as always, I am inviting you to post them in this section! Integration: Added more compatibility for larger displays as seen in this suggestion. Added the possibility to add your country in profile as well as in the Postbit. For more information, click here. For a demonstratio, please click here. Added a lot of additions in the Custom Profile Information as suggested by the community (Gitlab issue #1339). Added a Hardcore Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, and Ironman role on the forum with their proper banner. Players can now request their Ironman status here. Fixed an issue with the validation button where ''contact us'' was placed incorrectly (Gitlab issue #1187). Fixed an issue with the font where it was hard to read the verification message (Gitlab issue #1186). A new section, in the user-bar, has been added to help players to link their account to discord. See here. Added a compatibility with mobile. Reworked and slightly buffed the reputation system as suggestion in here. Normal Users Members 5 reactions per day Donators Sapphire 10 reactions per day Emerald 12 reactions per day Ruby 12 reactions per day Diamond 14 reactions per day Dragonstone 14 reactions per day Onyx 16 reactions per day Zenyte 20 reactions per day Special Ranks Artist 14 reactions per day Voter of the Month 14 reactions per day Veteran 20 reactions per day Youtuber 20 reactions per day Theme: Our new theme, on our current IP Board version (4.4.10), now supports 1920x1080 (1080p), 2560x1440 (1440p), and 3840x2160 (4K) resolutions. For more information on how to manually change it, please click here. Removed the sliders. They were outdated and didn't feel right with the new background. They will be reworked. Tweaked the announcement icon in the sidebar. Updated the logo with our winner of our Zenyte Holiday Logo Competition (2020) Added a snow effect on the forum (Holidays only). Changed the icon for the adventurer's log in the user bar Adjusted the 'adventurer's log' text. It should be centered. Custom Postbit for Staff Members Fixed .ipsColumns; adjusted a little bit on the right side. Website:
  9. I don't know how this wouldn't make it as a ''custom pet'' nor how we would do it (modeling?), but I like the idea.
  10. @Akai Bara, @H0ax, @matthu(I had a screen in my client) & @Growlscompleted!
  11. Dam, I wouldn't have survived lol
  12. Exactly, it's definitely longer to do than the actual donator transfer. What we are offering here is an alternative @Kryptic Crow. Obviously, it's not perfect, but, it's still better than nothing. In terms of loyalty, vote points and slayer points, and if I am not mistaking, we have also the commands to edit them. Although, this option has not been decided yet.
  13. In my opinion, it's a fair price. It's a 20-25 mins job depending on the account. For example, a maxed account will be 22 commands in-game to swap the levels. In terms of forum reputations and post counts, it's fairly quick.
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