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  1. Honestly, it sounds reasonable and not too overpower. Even though it's not 1:1 osrs, i'm supporting this suggestion.
  2. Totally understandable @Krigeris and I'm pretty sure you are not the only one sharing the feeling. The whole situation was a miscommunication within everybody. In terms of delay, about an official announcement, you have to consider that not only we were trying to extinguish the fire on our side, but we also had an endless meeting regardless of the future of Zenyte. A lot of things were discussed in order to keep the show running for players like YOU, you have spent thousands and thousands of hours in Zenyte. We all come to the conclusion that closing wasn't fair, not by a long shot. Those 2 events, took at least 3 hours, minimum. The official announcements were published shortly after the meeting. I, @Leaned, @Passion& @Gepanworked our ass off in order to get it done as quickly as possible, because, and obviously, some people were spreading false information and we wanted to reassure the community. So yeah, pooping a thread takes time, even for 4 people. You obviously don't want to add fuel to the fire. Anyway, for the time being, enjoy your break fella. We'll still be there if you decide to come back.
  3. Hi @Great Chaos, Just like we discussed on Discord, I'll let both @Gepan& @Lifereview your request. Keep in that that, we cannot make any promises regardless the current issue; your items might be indeed lost or it might take more investigations in order to get a clear view of what you had in your bank prior of the rollback. Either way, your request has been noted and will be investigated.
  4. I'm not entirely certain they will be able to retrieve the votes, but they will definitely be able refund the coins and clues you would have normally gotten. For the votes, who knows, they might be able to add it manually, but I doubt it. If not, you could request an item from the voting store, ex. Sherlock notes x7.
  5. Hi, An administrator will be with you shortly! @Life @Gepan Note: See the last message below.
  6. Hexae

    Rollback stats - Tomb

    Hi An administrator will be with you shortly! @Gepan @Life Note: Please consider the HP level too, which is level 76.
  7. Hi An administrator will be with you shortly! @Life
  8. Hi An administrator will be with you shortly! @Gepan
  9. Hi @Iron Eco, An administrator will be with you shortly! @Life
  10. Wow very impressive considering the time in-game!
  11. Unfortunately, Tommeh was not demoted. For more information, you are free to visit his member's page on the forum and read the topic I posted down below, if you feel like it. But yeah, he wasn't going to be in the Staff update.
  12. Welcome back to Zenyte @HC Spooky, I gotta say, have seen you in-game in ages ! I'm glad you decided to rejoin us on Zenyte and especially your attempt on a new mode. Sometimes, changes are what you need. Anyhow, good luck with your editing/videos, can't wait to see your Hardcore Ironman progression.
  13. https://open.spotify.com/track/1fFogfzxm535kiuo8TadD0?si=cUPHHqdJSBaiJuVOMeH0Kg
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