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  1. Pure melee eh, where's your styles
  2. Yeah man I can teach u stuff if you'd like
  3. Great Chaos

    Zenyte League

    Hope the event goes well! Prize pool like a bit weak sauce imo
  4. The last league became a real pain due to using fresh ironman accounts, which was an extreme pain. We had something like 6-7 teams register which only resulted in 3 teams actually completing the events. Among those 3 teams, there were only typically 1-2 active members actually trying to compete. I have a few suggestions which may improve the activity of the members and the success of another iteration of these events. DO NOT use ironman accounts, if this is the case these accounts should start with max stats. Make participants pay a buy-in (5-10m+) so that there is a sense of "commitment", with that said paying a buy-in can be expensive for some newer players or a chip off rich folks shoulders. Thus being good and bad..? Confirm a point sheet, and ensure it does NOT change. Also, ensuring that some of the more odd points are explained carefully. Create a cap for each item drop to avoid teams from simply camping. DO NOT allow teams to have fill ins which are their friends, we saw this on one team that ended up being one clan of 4 experienced players. Encourage players to put themselves out there and meet new players, in the last iteration many players quit due to being teamed with 'randoms' and instantly dropped out. With that said, I think the buddy system has it's flaws if a newer player cannot find a mate. Allow players to rank themselves on their skill at the game (PvM etc), to ensure that a decent effort is made to create balanced teams Increase the reward based on the length of the event, Although the payout for ZCL was 'significant' I felt that my time and effort wasn't worth 750 store credits for maxing an ironman and competing for a whole month. I feel that a minimum per week of competition should be AT LEAST 100m ~ 8 bonds equating to around a bond a day. The leader of the event ensures that the assigned staff member to a team updates the scores as frequent as possible, or create a Google Sheets for each team which can create the addition of points easier. Hope my comments can help bring awareness to some of the problems in the previous event coming from a member of a team who came in 2nd.
  5. Are we talking a full run or 31 start? 31+ is like 15 minutes or less Did a run following this for the luls, I guess my Tbow is broken. On task should shave off another 2 minutes.
  6. This guide really helped me get towards 200m skills, Thanks @splasher
  7. Gz the bois of Irons CC. Sad to see Sir Hassan join the list of great staff members who have left the team in the past month.
  8. I don't want to get into my situation too much, but I feel there has been A LOT of injustice in the community lately with well-respected and prestigious members of the community. I feel like staff is no-longer hesitant to swing the strike/mute/ban hammer which I feel can be unfair to players who have spent hundreds of hours in this community. I'm not going to shout out anyone or bring up previous complications, but I feel that some of these people deserve justice through a meaningful message. This has resulted in our community losing numerous great additions to the Zenyte ecosystem. I openly apologias on behalf of the staff team for anyone who read above and felt that the shoe fit. You know who you are. A firm example of this can be: myself and a small few others rebuilt a CC (Convulsion) which regardless of the declining player count has approximately 30 active players. I have done my best to be involved with the community with generous donations and my time to assist others. (Granted it was a bad 20 minutes) I openly try to discuss a flaw in the staff team (right or wrong), and I am permanently muted with no chance of appeal following 20 minutes of banter? I attempt to create a forums topic and it is instantly closed, and I am openly told to "Fuck Off" by multiple of the highest ranked members of the staff team. I suppose my 64 days of time played within this community means nothing. It pains me to see people who have put even more of their time and effort than myself be treated so poorly. Nonetheless, I've seen other people in this community do similar to the stunt I pulled yet little backlash.
  9. You aren’t welcome to post on this thread.
  10. Friends of Zenyte, Wanted to reach out on forums to people who I enjoyed this server with for a great amount of time, we enjoyed it while it lasted. The highs and lows of my experience of this server went great, and I am glad to spend my time on it. Everyone who I may have made their experience better on the server, I hope you keep enjoying Runescape (The general MMORPG) until you finally grind your way out. Thanks to everyone who played with me, and had amazing times on and off the server. I am officially posting my 'quitting' post due to being IP Muted, staff can explain that and clearly my 'childish' involvement for 30 minutes was enough to deserve my punishment (Well deserved). I would appreciate if fake people don't simply post 'goodbye' on this post, and people who actually mattered through my experience just enjoyed my last goodbye. I'll be around for BXP weekends to boost my highscores rank but I don't plan on being a frequent member any longer. Anyone who would like to continue gaming and staying connected with me, I guess I'll see you on the next game and I'll be fresh to grind. Thank you my friends, you know who you are. If you'd like to stay in touch add me on Discord - Lombardo#7719 Cheers eh,
  11. @BiggsyAccepted, pm me in-game
  12. I mean community involvement on staff decisions does seem unrealistic, imagine promoting non-randoms. Regardless we have seen some randoms do really well (Sir Hassan in particular). At the end of the day, it's Lifezyte. He's going to promote who he wants. Cheers staff team.
  13. Take care legend @Panda
  14. Huge update for the bois, good job @Kris
  15. I'm heavily supporting this, it would be nice to see some nice benefits for higher donors!
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