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  1. This is high quality content, funny video maker! Great work again
  2. High quality prank, I appreciate this post
  3. Great work at finding all of the safespots! Nice guides, can't wait to get these wildy pets
  4. You have been accepted! Welcome to Convulsion
  5. You have been accepted to the PVM team of Convulsion! Welcome!
  6. I want like 75m of refunds if this comes true, I spent bank doing 1.5m per run
  7. Zenyte In-game name: Great Chaos Discord user name: Lombardo#7719 Timezone: EST Time Played In-game (provide screenshot): How many bugs have you reported on discord/forums? I've discovered multiple staircase / textual / visual bugs which were reported to Moderator's+ and added to the GitLab. What unreleased content are you looking forward to testing and what is your experience with that content? Construction (99 in RS3 / OSRS), Prifddinas (Played around with the bosses, and extra content within it), Hunter Rework (99 Hunter on every version of RS/Zenyte), TOB (No prior experience, but I've watched Boaty get 250+ KC, so I have an idea of what I'm doing. I'm a top tier member of the PvM community, so a quick learner such as myself would be helpful for testing TOB. Typically learners make mistakes pros won't which will assist in finding odd bugs ). Additional details: I'd like to give back to the Zenyte community after countless hours spent, I'm likely not re-apply for staff so this could be a nice way to help out the Dev Team . Also, hopefully Gnome hat is in Beta.
  8. You have both been accepted, PM me on Discord Lombardo#7719
  9. Welcome to the community! Help you enjoy your time in Zenyte, feel free to hit me up in PMs if you need anything. Love the name btw, big Sommer Ray fan.
  10. n-game username: Great Chaos Medal(s): All the Work, Zuk Proof for your Medal(s):
  11. Swifter778, and Itzcnote100, you have both been accepted to the Casual team! Welcome to Convulsion! Message me in-game for discord information
  12. You both have been accepted. Welcome to Convulsion! Pm me in-game for discord invite. You have been accepted. Welcome to Convulsion!
  13. Ingame Name: Great Chaos Discord id: Lombardo#7719 (We friends <3) Time Zone: EST Proof for requirements Picture Proof "exceptions can be made": I might not have everything but... Which time would be best for the team raids: 7-2am EST
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