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  1. I made a script that provides smart jewelry crafting, which is slightly different to OSRS. Because you cannot have more than 10 items in a produce item box, OSRS still uses the old interface. This is not really mobile friendly in my opinion because the buttons are pretty small. Better solution: As you can see in this video, the interface works like this: It searches for which moulds are in your inventory. If there is more than one possible item to make, there is a layered menu system. The previous item you made will be on the first page so you do not have to go through the menu each time, and can hold the spacebar for easy remaking. This should be rather easy to implement since I already wrote and tested the code. I'll still make a few minor adjustments, such as properly detecting if there actually is only one possible item to make. And I think it's possible to make a minor error if you have more than 10 moulds in your inv etc. I would like your opinions/suggestions on this before posting this in the suggestions subforum. So please let me know!
  2. Would be a lot nicer if there was a skip question. I think people will be voting no if they dont care about something. Really hope the dragon crossbow will be reduced in price I was going for it until I realized its like a 1% accuracy boost if you dont use dragon bolts. PS Guys keep in mind that the first question mostly affects ironmen but not really the general player since dupes can be traded. It does not really affect the economy.
  3. I hope the teleport scrolls will have a high price. Otherwise I feel like donating would be less valuable
  4. I would like a fire cape. NubeBuster#1998 Ironstaak password: trustno1
  5. Yeah I might just be retarded but from what I was seeing I was getting very little ore per rock for a few inventories. I may have just had a coincidence.
  6. The motherlode mine is supposed to be a somewhat afk mining method. But in this server the chance of depletion of an ore vein is too big. I get maximum two but on average like 1.5 pay-dirt from an ore vein. On OSRS the chance is 33% of depletion. Could this be changed in zenyte too?
  7. Add ability for seedsack, herb sack and gem bag to auto input items upon being clicked on @Growls I have requested this feature a month or three ago. You are saying that this makes the game too easy, but this is a feature in Jagex' OSRS too Yeah herbs etc. should not go into the sack/bag without any action. But they should go into your sack/bag when you pick them up like with a looting bag.
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