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  1. Username: VVKTHORReferred by: IRonStaakDid you post a reply in the Refer a Friend Guidelines?: Yes he did
  2. I would like a fire cape. NubeBuster#1998 Ironstaak password: trustno1
  3. Yeah I might just be retarded but from what I was seeing I was getting very little ore per rock for a few inventories. I may have just had a coincidence.
  4. The motherlode mine is supposed to be a somewhat afk mining method. But in this server the chance of depletion of an ore vein is too big. I get maximum two but on average like 1.5 pay-dirt from an ore vein. On OSRS the chance is 33% of depletion. Could this be changed in zenyte too?
  5. Add ability for seedsack, herb sack and gem bag to auto input items upon being clicked on @Growls I have requested this feature a month or three ago. You are saying that this makes the game too easy, but this is a feature in Jagex' OSRS too Yeah herbs etc. should not go into the sack/bag without any action. But they should go into your sack/bag when you pick them up like with a looting bag.
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