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  1. Jessepi

    Cannot login

    I tried both suggestions and again neither worked unfortunately
  2. Jessepi

    Cannot login

    I'll give it a try, thanks for the tip So i tried what Jett had suggested and unfortunately it hasnt worked it still just does the same thing where it says loading please wait and then just closes the application so i'm at a loss as what to do now.
  3. Jessepi

    Cannot login

    So i teleported to crash site cavern yesterday and my client crashed (mobile btw) so i had to close app and reopen and when i try to log in now it just does nothing, i go to log in and it says loading please wait but nothing happens and then the whole client just closes. This only started happening since my crash mid teleport to crash site cavern so i have not been able to play at all since yesterday which really sucks.
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