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  1. Woooo! Good luck to the staff team on gathering their funds, and good luck to everyone else on the raffle! Happy gaming!
  2. Hi, yes, it me. Your favorite Baka! I've returned to Zenyte to share my love and socially adept personality with everyone:> I look foward to getting to know each and every one of you! To those that already know me, I missed you all!
  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your kindness and luck! I'll do my best to not let myself or anyone else down! There'll be no early deaths for Baka!
  4. Order for: @Leaned Type: Signature Payment: 5000k (5,000,000 GP) Status: COMPLETED End Result: Thanks for using my services!
  5. Right now I'm just doing slayer tasks, herb runs, some tree runs, and voting to build up my cash. I could however use some recommended grinds to go for if you have any!
  6. Hey everyone! This thread is currently under construction! Please check back soon. So far I just have Outfits, About, Stats and Sets (almost) done! Updated: 08/22/2020 7:31pm (CST) So, for starters, I'm making this progression thread for my HCIM journey so I can highlight the accomplishments I'll achieve throughout my adventure. I needed a new incentive to play, so this will help immensely with that.
  7. Hmmnn. Those are some very fair points towards Instagram advertising. Opening with gameplay is ideal when you put it that way. I still think we could do a nice 3 second opener. Quick flash of the logo on top of the gameplay would definitely catch some eyes since people usually only watch a few seconds of a video on Instagram before moving on to the next. Grabbing their attention off the bat would for sure be a good outreach tactic.
  8. I remember seeing this video and being like "Man, Life made such a great opener on this video." And then you made this and I read it and I was like, "HUH. That opening would look super cool on all of their Instagram videos." It's a short opener, honestly, it's fantastic. Thanks for sharing your idea! Glad I could help further it more!
  9. I would very much love to see an opening like the one @Lifedid for the CoX reveal trailer:
  10. Poggers! I'm always excited to read every word of these update logs. Big gratz to the QA Team for putting in the work necessary to get these updates out! Great job Kris and everyone else!
  11. Hihi! Glad to see you chose Zenyte to get sucked into. This is honestly the best server I've had the pleasure of playing and being apart of. If you have any questions or concerns, I'm always happy to assist. However, our staff members are well-equipped and ready to help anyone who comes their way, so definitely always reach out to them for assistance! Have fun and happy grinding!
  12. In-game username: Baka Medal(s): Game Junkie Proof for your Medal(s):
  13. Hope to see great things from this clan! If you need any gfx assistance shoot me a message and I'll happily help. Best of luck!
  14. LOL. I don't know much about coding bots, but all g then. Woodcutting is definitely fun and afkable for sure. I enjoy sitting back, cutting some redwoods and listening to some Spotify. Might even try to strike up a conversation with a random passerby
  15. I'll get 200m exp in range after attack then Range is my second favorite combat style after melee. Baka loves to smack things w his whip though. I need to boss more for sure. I'm a big noob :c I'll take your word for it haha I absolutely hate training magic through combat, unless it's with a trident. It's just tedious asf for me brain.
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