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  1. In-game username: Fawk Medal(s): Slayer , Exterminator Proof for your Medal(s): https://imgur.com/tskqFNu https://imgur.com/xHYrxmM https://imgur.com/cvBprFt https://imgur.com/yNrh5Yr
  2. Best of luck with your journey! You can do it
  3. Thanks for the lovely topic @Kris Looking forward for the future! Big shout to the QA team
  4. Congrats bro, i feel happy for you Well done
  5. Reason: i lost my best friend in a car accident This song means alot to me
  6. Another amazing video coming from you Great job! Looking forward to see more videos in the future!
  7. Thanks for taking your time on this topic, good job mate!
  8. Hello mate, nice to meet you See you around
  9. Fawk


    Hello mate, "2FA can now be manually reset by getting a recovery email sent. The @2FA Reset role no longer exists so don't try to ping it. If you need further assistance ping an admin or just the ::ticket system Along with this, the option to sync your Discord email to your Zenyte account has now been disabled. (please note you can still link your Discord account to your Zenyte account, you just can't sync the email)"
  10. So sad to see you leaving All i can say is good luck and take care with your self!
  11. What a lovely video, good job Looking forward to watch more videos coming from you! Keep it up
  12. Take care mate, best of luck with your life
  13. Welcome back, nice to meet you Hope you enjoy
  14. Congrats on the promotion @Passion You deserve it! Thanks for your time @[email protected]
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