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  1. Happy birthday ❤️ 

  2. I like the new icon
  3. Hello @Fe Xelathanks for making an introduction it is my pleasure to meet you!
  4. Thanks for sharing your achievements with us Keep it up!
  5. Fawk

    Crip smoked again

    Good fight, bank was made
  6. Nice progress, best of luck with it
  7. Best of luck with your goals! You can beat Jad
  8. Best of luck on your progress mate!
  9. Best of luck with your goals mate!
  10. Since I made Some in-game goals, I have decide to make some new forums goals as well 1) Getting 2.000 posts 2) Getting 50 days time online 3) Getting more medals
  11. The Zenyte Events Team will be hosting "Hide And Seek" Event! Commencement date/time: Sunday, March 14th 20:00 GMT [Server Time] There are going to be 3 Rounds & 3 Winners Winner: Reward: 10$ Bond Winner: Reward: 10$ Bond Winner: Reward: 10$ Bond ~The Zenyte Staff Team & Events Team.
  12. If you have any idea about any event that you would love to see it in the future, feel free to suggest it in here https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/185-events/  and make sure to write all the details about it! 

  13. What is an "Item Thirst" event & what will this consist of? The Zenyte Event Team will broadcast a list of items that players must obtain or hunt in order to win an undetermined amount of store credits, which can be exchanged for in-game armory/weapons, supplies, cosmetic items and so on & so forth! What are the rules/regulations? - Commencement date/time: Sunday, March 7th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) - Concluded date/time: Saturday, March 13th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) - All game modes are free to participate bearing in mind usual Iron man restrictions/HC deaths will still apply - Official Zenyte rules must be followed at all times - Store credits will be provided once the event has concluded - Any screen captures MUST be posted on this exact topic (no screen capture no reward) - The Event/Administration team reserve the rights to suspend any members as they deem necessary First one to obtain Statius's Warhammer drop Venenatis: 1/11.500 Callisto: 1/11.500 Vet'ion: 1/11.500 Scorpia: 1/13.800 Reward: 150 Store Credits Winner: Lvl3Virgin First one to obtain Dragon Chainbody drop Kalphite queen: 1/128 Thermonuclear Smoke Devil: 1/1.500 Smoke Devil: 1/32.768 Dust Devil: 1/32.768 Reward: 150 Store Credits Winner: Mulisha First one to obtain Wyvern Visage drop Ancient Wyvern: 1/5.000 Long-tailed Wyvern: 1/6.000 Spitting Wyvern: 1/6.000 Taloned Wyvern: 1/6.000 Reward: 200 Store Credits Winner: First one to obtain Primordial Crystal drop Cerberus: 1/384 Reward: 100 Store Credits Winner: carrotinator First one to obtain Ring Of The Gods drop Vet'ion: 1/384 Reward: 150 Store Credits Winner: First one to obtain Craw's bow drop Revenant Dragon: 1/40.000 Revenant Knight: 1/40.000 Revenant Dark Beast: 1/44.000 Revenant Ork: 1/44.000 Revenant Hellhound: 1/48.800 Revenant Cyclops: 1/48.800 Revenant Demon: 1/48.800 Revenant Hobgoblin: 1/62.800 Revenant Pyrefiend: 1/62.800 Revenant Goblin: 1/146.600 Revenant Imp: 1/220.000 Reward: 150 Store Credits Winner: First one to obtain Tanzanite Fang drop Zulrah: 1/384 Reward: 150 Store Credits Winner: ~The Zenyte Staff Team & Events Team.
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