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  1. I fixed that It's only the wilderness diaries
  2. Spending more time with the family
  3. Winners are: @[email protected]@Skrrt Congrats to the winners and thank you all for participation in the event!
  4. Handled by @HC Tuoppi //Closed and moved to handled section
  5. Thanks for hosting this type of events! it's a great idea Best of luck to everyone.
  6. Fawk

    Random pics

    Some funny pictures I feel bad for @Crip
  7. All your event tickets have been calculated and added onto the balance sheet Thank you for your participation!
  8. Hello Everyone, i'm making this thread just to see you guys got some ideas for the future events, which events you would like to see in the future? We (The Staff/Events Team) trying our best to find new events that we can do for you! So if you have any suggestion about any event (pvm , pvp , skilling , etc,,,) feel free to write it down below! Make sure to use this template: 1) Event Name: 2) Type: 3) Details about the event: 4) Notes: Also Which type of rewards you would like see beside the Event Tickets? Thank you. KingFawk
  9. Welcome back to Zenyte mate!
  10. This is amazing, great job! @Grant & @Gepan Also big shout to @itzdeath
  11. All your event tickets have been calculated and added onto the balance sheet
  12. Name: Kareem (Fawk) Age: 24 Location: Israel Brief Introduction: Hello my name is Kareem from Israel, i'm 24 years old, i don't have much to say, i will make it a short into I have been playing Zenyte over a year, i have joined Zenyte by a youtube video that i saw in Youtube! when i joined the game, i was playing only on the forums but then i decided to make an in-game account and here i am, i'm a max player and i got many in-game goals to achieve! When did you join the Staff Team and what made you choose to join it? In the beginning, my plane was to become Forum Moderator, since i have many experience about the forums side but unfortunately my English language is not very good and because of that Life didn't accept me and then when i made another application, Gepan (Matt) accepted me as Server Support. What do you enjoy the most about Zenyte? The community is great and the staff team as well and i'm now very happy to see Grant in the developer team and i'm looking forward to see more updates coming from Grant & Matt! P.s Sorry about my grammar
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