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  1. Best of luck with your goal mate! You can do it!
  2. Welcome back to Zenyte mate! Nice to see you
  3. Thanks for this guys! Amazing thing to do for our lovely community!
  4. Amazing work mate! Congrats Best of luck on your next goal
  5. Great work mate! Best of luck on your progress
  6. Welcome back mate
  7. Great updates! Looking forward to see more updates coming to Zenyte Keep up the great work @Cresinkel
  8. You have a nice bank Best of luck with your goals mate
  9. Haha 50 days atm and when i get that, i will go for 100 for sure
  10. Forums 1) 2k posts count 2) 300 reputations 3) 50 days time online In-Game 1) Getting 200m xp in agility (39m atm)
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