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  1. iight glitch work your magic....
  2. super excited for this! will be following the progression!!!
  3. Hey we chatted a bit in game. Nice to meet ya. Always feel free to message any of the staff regarding any issues or questions you have. Thank you:)
  4. so sad... at a loss for words... thank you for everything you have done @Distraction.. true king
  5. Listen


    https://www.thewindowsclub.com/stop-web-page-auto-refreshing-chrome-firefox please go to that website, and follow the instructions. and lets see if that fixes it. thank you
  6. Listen


    wonderful. I will check out some more testing and get back to you here shortly try doing this. seems to have luck in chrome
  7. Listen


    hi there, thank you for reaching out about this issue, have you verified this on a different browser? could possibly be an issue due to your current browser. thank you.
  8. Very sad to see the ones leave. As far as the ones who are now with us, congrats and its a pleasure to work with you all.
  9. outstanding. very good!
  10. Hi there, thank you for the feedback. I was gone half of the month due to buying and remodeling a house. That is most likely why you have not seen me online. Maybe also due to timezones? But again thank you for feedback
  11. Thank you for your feedback much appreciated
  12. First thing I want to point out us the amazing design you have put together. I really like what you had to say about everyone. It truly is awesome to have feedback on how we are doing so thank you for that
  13. hey baka thanks for putting this out there. I loved reading each individual feedback as it gives us an idea of how we are doing. you have always been nice to me and I consider you a good friend. as far as my activity, mostly is due to the fact I just started to move today into our new house, and I have been packing and doing stuff at the apartment to prepare for this move, so yea I haven't really been as active as I usually am, but I do like that you have given constructive feedback for myself, as well as others. thank you
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