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  1. looking forward for more vids keep it up the good work
  2. i dont think it works like that but i both see and agree with in this one
  3. osrs have changed they death mechanics becouse it was too broken
  4. i understand why you think there should be a warring "make sure you have more keys" etc but tbf its not the dev's job to make you remember that you have to get the KC again to enter the room as in the good old golden days of runescape there was no keys and 40 KC (talking runescape not rsps) and if you died you better have a friend in there to loot the shit you lost otherwise it would have been gone be4 you could count to 100 so i dont think there should be some sort of warring when you enter a boss room
  5. use instance or get keys not that big of a deal tbh in my opinion but a death system like they have on OSRS would also be nice none the less for a gold sink and some ppl might actually not afk bosses
  6. i can say for a fact that lobsters is 2m/h WITHOUT angler outfit on 25x (no bxp) i know some ppl who did that to 200m
  7. reason: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
  8. i have been working on getting the last 7 elites for 100 elites but they wont drop
  9. 100 from skotizo and the rest is from vote/slayer
  10. im at 13 masters atm maby my elite clue stack will hit 100 soon then thats probly next
  11. tormented kit is like 10-20 mill ish so im happy and one step closer to bloodhound
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