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  1. 100 from skotizo and the rest is from vote/slayer
  2. im at 13 masters atm maby my elite clue stack will hit 100 soon then thats probly next
  3. tormented kit is like 10-20 mill ish so im happy and one step closer to bloodhound
  4. splasher

    Zenyte League

    you can pair up with a mate and join as a fixed pair
  5. i love the idea behind this but would pictures be accepted too? from my persective i dont record every time i does pvm and only take pictures
  6. i would need to see some screenshot for the pvm team but until then you are accepted to the clan as a Casual until you provide then screenies shoot me a PM on vaske#0001 on discord for the clan discord @Atlas @unseeable @Pocketsyou are all accepted as a casual Shoot me a PM on vaske#0001 on discord for our clan discord
  7. from my reading it sounds like the devs should put everything they are working on, on hold to make construction happen in the fastest possible way. and that makes no sense to put 7 devs to do 1 project at the same time. but who knows it might be the greatest idea some1 ever came up with
  8. "Priorities construction over all current updates" still sounds like "to do something too quickly and often with little thought, attention, or care." becouse it states "often with little thought, attention, or care." not always i guess its just only me who read it that way
  9. "Priorities construction over all current updates" if that dont mean rushing it i dont know rushing means. ut putting stuff on top of all other priorities isnt rushing. please let me know what rushing is
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