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  1. i would have done that but my client crashed be4 i got to take the picture i have done it on my other vids
  2. support this 100% as my bank is stadig to fill up to the brim while doing all these clues chest or increase bank space
  3. thanks for showing me the "unread content" never seen or used it be4
  4. the next vid will probly come around Saturday as i need to grind 200 scrolls and do 200 clues for 500 easy completions to get the sexy spades
  5. working hard to make this 500 easy clues completed next vid will be 200 easy's as a finale
  6. atm im working on 500 easy clues but i might stack up on the other once too but the next vid i make will probly be the final 300 clues in one go
  7. In-game username: Splasher Medal(s): that which has no life, slayer, you zuk Proof for your Medal(s):
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