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  1. So Me and green raided for the entire month of april (or as much as we could while staying sane) These logs recorded 360 ball parking raid loots, We ran Duo and Trio so unfortunately we didn't the 3rd person's logs So it may look a little off. But also keep in mind X green X and myself taught 4-5 people on how to Raid so some(maybe 20-40) of these raids was slowed down and explained. Anywho heres 3 Tbows in 360'ish Raid chests
  2. aw you didnt use the Gif i sent of the Tbow chest u got the text. ah well i didnt see this in there https://gyazo.com/8b0d97ad6f474b34c772b45adc6a6684
  3. In-game username: Geno Medal(s): Donor-Maxed-all the work-Man's best friend-Game junkie? Proof for your Medal(s):
  4. not a fan of clans but i know a few people in this one... they're good guys! best of luck
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