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  1. We doing everything we can to get mobile, but it just isn't confirmed to be possible. there may be servers on higher revisions than us with mobile, but the revision we are upgrading to would require c++ mobile instead of the java mobile that every other server uses right now.
  2. What is Two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a method of confirming the identity of someone prior to allowing further access. On Zenyte, users can enable 2FA onto their account which means that a 6 digit time-based code must be provided to confirm your account ownership in order to fully login to the server and or forums. Setting up 2FA takes a few minutes and you will only need to provide the code once per month under usual circumstances and is strongly advised as it is a powerful security tool to keep unauthorized people away, leaving your account and items safe. Shown below is a very thorough step-by-step guide on how to setup 2FA using Winauth as well as how to remove it if is absolutely necessary. List of recommended 2FA applications Authy (Best option to use because it syncs codes to an account so you can access them on any device) Winauth (The 2FA application used in the guide) Google authenticator Duo-mobil Setting up 2FA Removing 2FA with access to your 2FA application Removing 2FA without access to your 2FA application Additional Information It is possible to setup 2FA across multiple devices for one account. For example, you can use a mobile 2FA application (google authenticator) and a PC 2FA application (Winauth). So, if you were to lose your phone you could still use your PC for the 6 digit 2FA code as needed. 2FA is a powerful tool to protect your account from unauthorized access, but we still highly recommend you to use a strong and unique password. 2FA acts as a final barrier for potential hackers trying to take your account & items, but a strong password will stop hackers from even attempting to log into your account. This guide was brought to you by Painting
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