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  1. Community Memo Hello Community, I would like to start off this thread by saying I am extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received by everyone both current and former players as I take on the responsibility of development and community management. I have been given a golden opportunity as we move forward and I want to share some of my philosophies, concerns and my mission statement for our future. I have a passion for this game and its entity as a whole and I do not want to become a 9 to 5 developer who becomes known to have the solo focus of making content in order to maximum the monetization gain. I want to instead create content and make changes that best fits the lifestyle that Zenyte has had since launch and this will require feedback and criticism. I've witnessed during my time with this community that a lot of important feedback is lost because people feel there is a "us vs them" atmosphere when it comes to the Staff Team. This is not the case and all of your feedback and criticism is important as we move forward because this is your game and you opinion deserves to be valuable despite what your player rights are set to in your character file. However with that being said and the fact that our players are extremely passionate too and care about our community sometimes this pushes them beyond simply providing feedback or criticizing decisions but instead conducting personal attacks or maintaining vulgar attitudes this does not benefit anyone but instead pushes others away. There will be decision(s) made and decision(s) reverted for example the Dragonstone Giveaway for people who advertise the Tirannwn Expansion has been dis-concluded instead we will be drawing one member from our active player base at random on August 8th to receive this unique reward. If the update demonstrates characteristics that you appreciate and enjoy then I believe word of mouth will be a natural thing. We also reverted the decision to make Manager, Assistant Managers and Head Administrator into Global Administrators but instead we grouped them all into Community Managers because we want them to focus on our interaction with our players because at the end of the day you are the fuel for most of us to keep pushing forward. We are planning to release a lot of new content in the next week to months and I would like your feedback to be as genuine as possible and truly highlight what we could do to improve or demonstrate your appreciation and feedback if we did something correct. As I have mentioned before this is a RSPS which should resemble a certain atmosphere of OSRS but unfortunately without a revision there will be some content that has and will be altered for example the Tirannwn Expansion. I understand that its important to not push to far off the dirt road because we do not want to resemble a custom RSPS but Zenyte has made alternatives in the past such as Abyssal Bludgeons, and Pets, Zenyte Armors to reflect some of the creativity the Development Team had. We will plan to follow in those shoes without changing the dynamic of OSRS. I look forward to the path of our future and if you would like to submit any suggestions or feedback there is multiple channels and categories to do so. All of the server suggestions and feedback is reviewed at least once a month by a member of the Management Team. Thank you,
  2. Event Dates- Commencement date/time: Sunday, July 25thth 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) - Concluded date/time: Sunday, August 8th 23:59 GMT (SERVER TIME) Hello Community Members, The Staff Team and Management Team will be doing another Dragonstone Giveaway this will be similar to the giveaway that was introduced in February. The role of Dragonstone Donator is valued at $1000.00 and as a Dragonstone donator you will have access to the following perks (there is additional perks not listed below for a full list check here) 25 less kills needed for God Wars Dungeon 4 extra pest control points 20% chance to save tokens in Warrior's Guild 20% chance to get double rewards from Crystal Chest 6 minute death time extension 2 minute restoration box cool down 1.5x bonus vote points 15 second yell cooldown timer 10% boosted superior spawn 2 extra favorite spots at home teleport 2 extra rolls with a Wintertodt Reward box 25 minute birdhouse time 15 total preset slots Dragonstone+ Teleport: You can become eligible for this drawing by doing or being one of the following: You are a new member of the community with no alternative accounts and a join date after June 1st 2021. You are a returning member of the community and have not been a active member of the community in the last 180 days. (Will be monitored for activity and consistency) How much is a Dragonstone Donator worth?: Dragonstone Donator is currently worth $1000.00 USD Will I obtain the credits? This will be for the rank only the credits will be wiped from the account What if I already am a Dragonstone donator? $1000.00 will be applied to your account so you may be able to boost up! Who can I contact if I have any questions? Gepan
  3. We are on the final path for this update!

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      Looking forward to it, very well done boss! 🙂

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  4. Updated - We no longer have anything in red.
  5. Updated - Degrading mechanics for crystal armors added
  6. The Future of Zenyte - Update #2 Tirannwn Expansion (August Update) The Tirannwn Expansion is going as planned and should be completed on the development side around July 15th. This update will have two full weeks of quality assurance (QA) testing as it will be composed of a lot of mechanics and changes. The update will bring the following activities, items and equipment in-game: Elven Crystal Chest Enhanced crystal key Dragonstone armour Crystal armour Blade of saeldor Bow of faerdhinen Crystal pickaxe Crystal axe Crystal harpoon enhanced weapon seed enhanced tool seed enhanced armour seed Crystalized rocks Crystal trees Crystal shards Divine Potions Crystal Imps Shooting Stars (August Update) Shooting Stars will be a new challenge you can partake in after the release of the next update. Online players will receive a broadcast of a general location of a fallen star you will be able to mine this star for about 15 minutes before it depletes and disappears. The fallen star will provide you with stardust a item you can exchange for golden prospector kits, or other unique rewards. Dusuri's Star Shop will be located at the original spot in Falador. Testers (August Update) Testers or QA Testers will now be an official part of the Development Team and will have a rank in-game, a role on the discord and the forums. Our QA Testers are extremely important to the fundamentals of development and we believe this only touches the surfaces of what some of these individuals deserve. Theatre of Blood (Future Update) The Theatre of Blood has been a topic of conversation since I joined the Staff Team and I want to start off by saying I understand the importance of this update. I have decided that once the Tirannwn expansion is completed I will start working on the smaller things still needing completed for the Theatre of Blood update such as but not limited to scythe charging, dialogues, reward caskets this way once we find a suitable developer all they will need to focus on is the final 3 bosses. We are still in the process of finding a suitable candidate to become a paid developer for Zenyte. If you or someone you may know is interested feel free to have them send me a private message on the forums or discord. Construction I recently took a glance over the current state of construction on a update perspective. I will be 100% transparent and say that construction would still require a lot of hours. If we decided to wait to release construction until it was fully functional and 100% authentic to OSRS we may be waiting until the middle of 2022. However I may have a solution and this was released into Old School Runescape on August of 2020. What if we had a system similar to Mahogany Homes that allowed us to train our construction level. Once you obtained a certain level you could purchase a player owned house (shared by other individuals) containing a layout based upon your current construction level. An example would be at 99 construction you may be able to purchase a maxed out POH for 400m. We could even in add in alternative requirements such as 90 herblore because a maxed POH would have a certain restoration pool. This is only a "shower idea" that I came up with a couple days ago and would like any criticism or feedback associated to it. Feedback/Suggestions/Criticism I know that sometimes I may not speak a lot or hold in-depth conversations but I would like to say thank you for all of the feedback, suggestions and criticism the community has provided over the last several months. You have been extremely helpful in shaping the future of our game. Your feedback is taken into consideration an example would be in server-suggestions about every two weeks or so I go through and put an emoji toward all of the suggestions to make sure I have read and understood the thought process. If at anytime you want to send in-depth feedback or suggestions my forums PM is preferred because I receive a lot of DMs on discord and I would hate to overlook your vital feedback. Sincerely,
  7. I am not 100% sure on the bow, and no to the Gauntlet
  8. Tirannwn Expansion Blog Tirannwn described as the heavily forested region located west of Kandarin was a retreat for the elven species during the First Age. It is said to have been a sacred place and retreat for hundreds of years during the timeline of the God Wars. You will notice a lot of wildlife such as rabbits, bears, and dire wolves as you adventure into the dense forest however like any forest with civilization you may encounter traps so remember to bring your anti-poisons and agility potions for travel. In August of 2021 - King Narnode Shareen a member of the Gnome Empire and Arianwyn Cadarn the leader of the rebel elves' settlement of Lleyta announced that a experiment to get into the hidden land of Prifddinas which is said to have magic placed on the walls to prevent people from looking inside went horribly wrong. The conductors of the experiment believed if they could make a teleport crystal strong enough to withstand the elven protection spell it would allow them access into Prifddinas however because they did not have full elven power the crystals instead split into millions and millions of shards. These shards can be collected by doing a number of activities inside the region of Tirannwn such as fishing, woodcutting, mining, farming and in rare occurrences you may encounter a crystalized impling. An archaeologist and an elven historian also made a remarkable discovery after analyzing the structure of a crystal shard. They noted a chest referred to as the Elven Crystal Chest discovered about two centuries ago buried outside the doors of Prifddinas and had what appeared to be a piece of a crystal shard drawn on a hieroglyph located among the ruble. There is also hieroglyphs engraved into the chest and they read as followed: "Inside of this chest you will find crystals capable of making powerful weapons, tools and armors This chest will not be opened for anyone without the presents of elven magic You must hide this deep beneath the earth outside of our city in preparation for the God Wars" The archaeologist believes you may be able to combine the elven crystal magic from the crystal shards with some sort of crystal key to make something enhanced enough to open this chest. He warns that only the strongest adventures who believe with their mind, body and spirit may take on a task so adventurous. Hello Community, I wanted to present this development blog with a little bit of a lore backstory because unfortunately it does not look like we will be able to have a full Prifddinas launch because the map is simply too large for a single person to add all of the objects that would be required in a timely manner. I would hope you understand this perspective and according to one of our most recent surveys the community expressed they wanted content added if it fit the criteria of fitting the OSRS game setting and I believe this will. All of these updates will be spread throughout the region of Tirannwn please comment with any questions, suggestions or concerns. Current Progress: Red - Not started Yellow - Incomplete Green - Complete Crystal Armors Male Crystal Helmet (Model) Female Crystal Helmet (Model) Male Crystal Body (Model) Female Crystal Body (Model) Female Crystal Leggings (Model) Male Crystal Leggings (Model) Correct Skill Requirements Bank Placeholders Examination Options Equipment Bonuses Make them craftable with a Crystal Armour Seed Crystal Imps (Hunter): Crystal Imp (Model) Crystal Imp Animations Catch Mechanics Crystal Imp Spawns Crystal Imp Drop Table Ability to obtain Crystal Shards Crystal Trees (Woodcutting): Crystal Trees (Model) Crystal Tree Spawns Crystal Tree Mechanics Ability to obtain Crystal Shards Mining Rocks (Mining): Note: This will be a set of gem rocks you can mine and obtain Crystal Shards) Gem Rocks (Model) Crystal Shards Mining Mechanics Ability to obtain Crystal Shards Pickpocketing (Thieving): Elves (Models) Elves NPC Definitions Thieving Loot table Ability to obtain Crystal Shards Crystal Tools (Thieving): Crystal Harpoon (Model) Crystal Axe (Model) Crystal Pickaxe (Model) Crystal Harpoon Item Definitions and Mechanics Crystal Axe Item Definitions and Mechanics Crystal Pickaxe Item Definitions and Mechanics Ability to obtain Crystal Shards Elven Crystal Chest: Elven Crystal Chest (Model) Enhanced Crystal Keys (Model) Elven Crystal Chest Map Spawn Elven Crystal Chest Mechanics Elven Crystal Chest Loot Table Divine Potions: Divine Potions (Models) Divine Potion Crafting Divine Potion Mechanics Other: Crystal Item Crafting Mechanic Blade of Saeldor Crystal Weapon Bonuses
  9. Hello Hoax, Recent Resignations/Jimmy/Kal I would like to start from the top and say @Kal33m1and @Not Slicewere absolute legends on the Staff Team there is no denying that. However then I felt like you took the last few resignations from our Staff Team and tossed them in without proper context for example you said Schmeradful left but he is still on the team. 1945 and Felix both great assets to the community however they both got met with real life and that will always come first. I will not make a comment on the Opi situation. Dragon Pickaxes The clay packs are following the structure of Old School Runescape as is the bag full of gems however on the topic of Dragon Pickaxe If I recall exactly the reason(s) behind the change was to balance some of the drops when we added the PVP armors. We are not a PVP server so it was not logical at that time to have all of our high end content such as dark crabs, PVP armors (best armors), dragon pickaxes, some rings locked behind being in the wilderness. Senior Staff Teams Refer to my response here Athera/Lvl3virgin There is a feedback stage during applications and majority of our Staff including some of those you mentioned above as the elite supported their application. There isn't a reason someone should be given an opportunity at an entry level position if they have decided to actually change their behaviors. QA Teams I will look into the information you provided and see if we can make any adjustments. However I am not sure what this type of behavior is for since you seem to be an advocate for the players. I made it clear I already addressed and fixed the bug with the female character (facemask) if you would like us to restart the server to ensure it's implemented let me know.
  10. July 2021: Patch #1 Larran's Chest, Dagon Robes and Neitiznot Faceguard Larran's Chest Larran's Key and Chest You will be able to obtain a Larran's Key as a drop from wilderness slayer similar mechanics as a Mysterious Emblem or PVP Armor. A Larran's Key may then be used on the Larran's Chest located on the middle tier of the Pirate Ship directly west of Pirates' Hideout. The loot table for the Larran's Chest can be found here. larran chest.mp4 Dagon'hai Robes The release of Larran's Chest also brings the release of the Dagon'hai Robe Set consisting of three unique pieces obtained exclusively by the Larran's Chest at a rate of 1/256. The robes require 70 magic and 40 defense to wear. Neitiznot Faceguard Basilisk Jaw The Basilisk Jaw can be obtained as a rare drop from Basilisks and Superior Basilisks. This Jaw may then be attached to a Helm of Neitiznot in order to craft a Neitiznot Faceguard. The Neitiznot Faceguard will require 70 defense in order to wield. Next Update(s) Crystal Items Crystal Shard Harvesting and the mechanics surrounding it seem to be passing by a large margin based upon this community poll. We have decided to start working on this update sooner then later. It will bring a different tier of weapons, tools, and armor. Our plans are to have this update concluded, tested, and implemented by the end of July or early August. Tithe Farm Tithe Farm has taken a priority over castle wars based upon your feedback in the community poll. The good news is behind the scenes there has already been a significant amount of work contributed toward this update so hopefully this week we will be able to have it fully tested and implemented into the game as the new update. Wilderness Rejuvenation We have placed the Wilderness Rejuvenation Update on hold as we conclude some internal discussions and review all suggestions placed by the community. Future Updates We still plan to conclude weekly to bi-weekly updates in order to catch up on the development side of things. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to send a direct message to a member of the Senior Staff Team. Change Log for July Patch #1 Update: The Larran's Chest has been added on the middle tier of the Pirate Ship west of Pirates' Hideout You will now obtain Larran's Key as a drop from wilderness slayer with similar mechanics of Mysterious Emblems Dagon'hai Robes can now be obtained from Larran's Chest as a unique and exclusive loot Basilisks and Superior Basilisks will now randomly drop a Basilisk Jaw as a unique and exclusive loot You can now create a Neitiznot Faceguard by combing a Basilisk Jaw and a Helm of Neitiznot The drop rate of the Vials of Blood have been increased by 50% making it a much more common drop A Karambawn vessel has been added to Jackie's Skilling Shop at Home Rings of Dueling (8) have been added to the Jewelry Store at Home Games Necklace (8) have been added to the Jewelry Store at Home The Mage Arena II bug has been fixed and you can now obtain a Ent's Root with 100% certainty The price of noting items at the skill resource area in the wilderness has been decreased by 50% (50GP to 25GP) You will be able to purchase a Chaos Altar Teleport Scrolls to unlock a direct teleport to the Chaos Altar using the Zenyte Teleport Portal from the donator store. You will be able to purchase a Wilderness Resource Area Teleport Scrolls to unlock a direct teleport to the Wilderness Resource Area using the Zenyte Teleport Portal from the donator store. Note: We have decided to make the Neitiznot Faceguard tradeable instead of the Basilisk Jaw!
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