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  1. UPDATE IS LIVE Thanks to @Cresinkelfor making sure we had some other smaller bug fixes and changes / Thanks to Kris and Cjay aswell for some assistance!
  2. May 2022 - Amulet of blood fury Amulet of blood fury Blood Shard The blood shard will be dropped by the vampyric vanguards (Vyrewatch) or thieved from one of the citizens of Meiyerditch. You will be able to use this shard on a regular amulet of fury to combine it together to create the Amulet of blood fury. Amulet of blood fury (degradation) The amulet of blood fury will degrade and be able to be charged with blood shards. The amulet of blood fury will currently be able to hold a maximum of 2000 charges however during the next update we will release a special item you can add to the amulet to store 5000 charges. Amulet of blood fury (effect) The amulet of blood fury will provide a 20% chance to heal 30% of the damage dealt to a monster during melee combat. You will be provided with a special effect and in-game dialogue when the effect has been triggered. Other Changes: The '::events' command now links to the events again The rate of medium clue scrolls from stone chests has been buffed. (1/100 -> 1/75) Superior slayer uniques have been buffed, the drop rate halved since it was osrs rates previously Golden prospector xp bonus was missing, is now working as intended Golden prospector now works for the falador hard achievement diary Zamorak wines now give 240 base cooking xp, coming from 200 like normal wines, which were left untouched Brawler npc from pest control can now be walked through Fossil island konar tasks typo was fixed Fixed sanfews prayer restore calculation (now heals the full 33 prayer at 99 hitpoints) Beginner clues from trivia rewards were removed Spectral shield effect did not work on kril's prayer draining attack, now it does Buffed wyrm uniques drop rates (1/7500 & 1/1500 -> 1/2500 & 1/500) Birdhouse pets now get broadcasted You can no longer get a duplicate birdhouse pet Bank placeholders were fixed for: all used kinds of crystal halberd, crystal bow, crystal shield and uncharged toxic staff of the dead
  3. 4/26/2022 Update Completed: Added boss slayer and corrected all of the issues with boss tasks up to date in the bug reports. Added a chest into the City of Tzhaar that could be opened by a Molten key obtained in the Fight Caves minigame. (The reward was the Jad slayer helmet recolor ability) Added the mythical chest behind the scenes in the Myth Guild this will have a handful of unique rewards and new items introduced into the game. The keys for this will be obtained by boss slayer. Added a GWD chest into the wilderness allowing for players to obtain a key and have a 2nd attempt at obtaining a piece of Godwars equipment. Corrected and added majority of the examine options that had been missing from a couple of the prior updates. Added the model and definitions of the Imcando hammer into the database. Added the model and definitions of the amulet of blood fury into the database. Added the model and definitions of the blood shard into the database. Added the models and definition of the inquisitors armor into the database. Added the mechanics to make the amulet of blood fury. Added the combat mechanics as close to a 1 on 1 ratio to Old School for the amulet of blood fury. Added the degrading mechanics to the amulet of blood fury. Added the ability to pickpocket the Meiyerditch citizens in order to have access to another pickpocketing loot table. Added the blood shard as a drop from the Vyrewatch located near the Theatre of Blood area. Additional updates located here and here. In-progress: Adding the mechanic for the Imcando hammer and make it have a 10k stardust buy price from the shop. Lower the amount of XP you obtain from shooting stars in replacement the star will stay spawned for longer. Adding the ability to obtain three unique drops from PVM content - combing all three will give you the chance to obtain a piece of the inquisitor set. Adding the ability to obtain recolors for the blade of saeldor and bow of faerdhinen. Adding additional teleport scrolls that can be used to unlock teleports in the Zenyte portal. Up next: Adding the models and mechanics to the Zealot outfit and allow it to obtained by a casket dropped when doing ensouled heads prayer training. Adding a rare chance to obtain a abyssal needle when runecrafting Adding the ability to combine all four pouches and the abyssal needle together to create the abyssal pouch Adding the ability to have the abyssal pouch hold the respected amount of essence. Adding the ability to obtain cosemetic changes to the dragon hunter crossbow and dragon hunter lance.
  5. April 2022 - Pre Easter Update II Pre Easter Update II Added all of the base mechanics and models for the Amulet of Blood Fury. Added all the base mechanics and models for the Inquisitor's set. Added a unique pet that will be released at some point in the near future. Freja has been modified at the Myth's Guild (talk to option has been added) she will be used in the next update. A mythical chest has been added to the Myth's Guild it will be used as a reward base for boss slayer. Item examines have been updated to make them current with last couple of updates. Object examines have been updated to make them current with last couple of updates. Certain bosses provided a message indicating you was not on a slayer task when assigned by certain monsters this should be fixed if you have any additional issues please contact Cresinkel. The Molten Chest has had some minor updates with the drops to remove some of the useless drops. Easy clue scrolls are now much easier to obtain from H.A.M. members and may be duplicated from time to time with rogue outfit. Trivia broadcasts have been updated with bug fixes and other minor adjustments related to the wording. You will now have a random chance to obtain a handful of Sinister keys when doing wilderness slayer. The Easter Bunny at home has requested some additional assistance! Please visit the Easter Bunny before Easter of 2022! Other News: We plan to release the Inquisitor armor set by the end of the weekend (family events depending) and the plan will be to have three random fragments (map pieces) spread throughout our current content such as COX, Boss Slayer and we are not certain on the third. Once you have obtained all the fragments (which will have a random drop chance) you will be able to put those together and provide them to Freja at the Myth's guild for a reward coffin or casket that he obtained during her adventures. This casket will then have a random chance to obtain a piece of the armor. We plan to release the Amulet of Blood Fury by the end of the weekend (family events depending) and the plan will be to have it obtainable at a rarer rate by the current Vyrewatch and the ability to pickpocket it from the current Vyrewatches at the rate of 1/5000 as provided on the OSRS wiki. I understand that releasing this content in the method we are is not considered a 1 on 1 with Old School Runescape but in the future we will revert these changes when that content becomes available. Felix and Carl have been working hard on screening developers from across the RSPS community and I have been working with someone in real-life with experience and expertise to provide us with some guidance when we come into a crossroad above my knowledge. Cresinkel has also stepped in to provide some assistance and he has provided us with some of the smaller content updates for this pre-update.
  6. April 2022 - Pre Easter Update Pre Easter Update Additional 50 trivia questions have been added to the trivia broadcast event. All of the current typos have been corrected with the previous questions. If your bank is full and you win trivia the clue will now be placed in your inventory, if your inventory is also full the clue goes on the ground. Blade of Saeldor has been made tradeable. Bow of Faerdhinen has been made tradeable. Certain monsters were only allowed to be killed on slayer tasks and Ellen's tasks were not counting as a slayer task. This has been corrected. Adjusted a magic tree in the resource area for the diary. Admins do not obtain any special treatment on their accounts so they are now tracked on the hiscores. Corporeal Beast can now be assigned by Ellen.
  7. March 2022 - Boss Slayer Boss Slayer Ellen (Slayer Master) Ellen a member of the Myth's Guild has recently been established as a master of slayer. She specializes in the slaying of the most notorious and challenging monsters. She will be able to assign adventures whom meet her requirements the ability to take on the most dangerous slayer tasks. Requirements: 95 Slayer 120 Combat Location (Myth's Guild) Task List: Cerberus Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Alchemical Hydra Obor Bryophyta Skotizo King Black Dragon Tztok-Jad | TzKal-Zuk Barrows Giant Mole Dagannoth Kings Kalphite Queen Kree'arra Commander Zilyana K'ril Tsutsaroth General Graador Zulrah Vorkath Corporeal Beast Grotesque Guardians Key of the Gods Key of the Gods The Key of the Gods is a key that is dropped by all of the God War Dungeon bosses and can be used on a chest located in the Wilderness Godwars Dungeon at the entrance. This chest will allow for you to obtain a random chance to obtain any of the items obtained in the godwars dungeon despite which boss you obtained the key from. The key will be dropped at a random chance from 1-16 to 1-20 depending on the boss and have about a 1-9 chance to obtain a item from the chest. Chest of the God's (Location) The chest is located inside of the Wilderness Godwars Dungeon in the front entrance. The entrance to the cave is pictured below. Additional Information: Removed one of the Easter Bunny from the spawn in Edgeville. Added some of the object and item descriptions for the last two updates. Fixed a typo for the TzHaar Key in the fight caves completion interface. Renamed the Resource Chest to Molten Chest. Reduced the amount of GP obtained by voting. @Akai Bara - Special thank you for all the work and effort you put into this update!
  8. March 2022 - Tzhaar City Chest Tzhaar City ChestThere has recently been a chest discovered in the heart of the City of Tzhaar. It has been relocated near the bank and this chest can only be unlocked by using a key obtained inside of the Fight Caves. This key will be dropped 100% by the orange Ket Zek and by a completion of a fight cave. There will be a nice amount of supplies and a rare scroll you can obtain! Tztok Slayer Helmet The Tztok Slayer Helmet can now be created by using a imbue scroll obtained from the chest described above. This will function as a Slayer Helmet (I) or Slayer Helmet (the only difference will be cosmetic) Additional Information: My cellphone and 2FAs have been reset so I will now able to produce updates on all three of my computers (including work) which will speed up the process as I am currently working 12 hour days. This put a halt to some of our recent plans in the last couple of weeks as my identification was being verified. The vote points have been increased until Noele is available to make the changes for Runelocus. The harvesting outcomes for herbs have been increased to 2x for Ruby Donators and 3x for Diamond donators. We will be increasing the amount of secondary supplies dropped from NPCs in the near future. We plan to release two additional chests (one for Godwars and one for the Inferno) to provide our players with additional rewards in the near future. Note: Now that I have access to all of my systems I will become more available on the Development side of things so if your a player with some generally good concepts and you would like to have a conversation feel free to send me a message in discord. I will be reviewing the suggestions by CIA and Hexae over the next few hours.
  9. Community Memo: March 6th 2022 Hello Community, I would like to take a few minutes and provide the community with an update on an array of things. First and foremost I will provide some information about the elephant in the room and that is our current player count. We are currently experiencing some downfalls in majority of our time zones but I would like to make it clear that this is not anything to worry about. The weather in the United States has started to warm up, people are finishing the final terms of school for the year, and most importantly all of the COVID restrictions in most places have been lifted. This is something that we are seeing across the board in the OSRS community including the game itself. We will also be taking some steps in the next week or so to establish a foundation for our advertising. I would like to take this opportunity to officially release our trailer which will be used in site advertisements and on our official Facebook. Unfortunately this section of this thread saddens me to make but as of recent people have decided to target us with some petty sabotages. One of our staff members this afternoon noticed that when some players launched some features of Zenyte it would display as "dead server" on discord. I understand that there has always been a hatred toward our community but I would like to make it clear that we are a bigger and better community so I do not want to see any type of retaliation. Throughout my time as a member of the Management Team I have vowed to hold my tongue despite the situation and maintain things peacefully (shoutout to when another server made a disrespectful video and then had their goons start to push it into our discord). I have said this consistently over the last several months and that is we may not be the #1 RSPS however we will be a server that people can join and have fun. I do not mind what server someone players on as long as they are enjoying their downtime from life and enjoying themselves. With that being said I would appreciate it if whoever is behind the most recent sabotages please refrain and restore things to the normal function. I am excited to announce that we have found and have two protentional developers in the pipeline after some exhausting searching from members of our Management Team and Senior Staff Team. There is still some information and discussion(s) that need to be had on the back-end and agreements signed off on. There will be a announcement made in the future on this so stay tuned. I do plan to release a handful of small updates throughout this week including one as early as today. The update planned first will be a fix on the current voting situation and the ability to obtain a Jad slayer helmet from a new chest in Tzhaar City. This chest will have a random chance to provide you with a cosmetic scroll or resources. If you have a server suggestions that you believe is significant to the near future please feel free to send me a direct DM on discord. Sincerely, @IRON GFX- Credits for the video its amazing!
  10. March 2022 - Easter Bunny's Preparation Event Easter Bunny's Preparation EventThe Easter Bunny has been spotted in distress around Edgeville he has misplaced some of his Easter eggs as he prepares for Easter of 2022. You have agreed to help but unfortunately he does not have a lot of information on the locations. Will you be the first person to figure out all of the locations and help him? Note: There will be other events planned and released for Easter of 2022 however this event was created in order to practice some fundamental coding techniques.
  11. Boss Mass Events A boss mass event is a PVM related event that consists of killing bosses with a larger scale amount of players (open to the community). These events are considered ironman friendly however it is important to note that ironman do have certain restrictions when it comes to the chances of obtaining the drop when another player does damage. Staff Members are allowed to teleport individuals to boss masses however the spawning of monsters or bosses is prohibited. The drops are also considered free for all and are not required to be shared among other individuals partaking in the event.
  12. Bonus XP Events Bonus XP events are conducted by Server Management and may be scheduled or random. During a bonus XP event also known as "BXP" your experience will be increased by 50%. This includes all methods of obtaining experience such as but not limited to pest control points, xp lamps and achievement diary rewards. We do offer BONUS XP with almost every major holiday so feel free to inquire with a member of the Management Team if there is no active BXP on a major holiday.
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