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  1. Hello Community, Informative material is a key asset to healthy game-play as you will have the resources needed to find information and complete tasks within Zenyte without any type of hassle or hesitation. If you have something specific that you struggle or have struggled with and feel that it would be great a topic for a guide then I urge you to stand up and voice that suggestion. You will be surprise how many people share the same concerns however remain silent. We also have guides located in the following categories PvM Guides Skilling Guides Minigame Guides Miscellaneous Guides Forum Guides If you believe a guide in one of these sections did not highlight or accurately portray the information feel free to request a remake of a guide in that specific subject. For example if Gepan's Farming Guide of 2019 is missing all the important information such as farming timers, patch locations and only displays Grand Exchange seed prices and Gepan is no longer a member of the community then this guide may need to have a more improved version for 2020 created. Please use the following template in order to request a guide: Type of Guide: PVM Guide / Skilling Guide / Minigame Guide / Miscellaneous Guide / Forum Guide / Other (Select One) What would you like covered in the guide? Farming Guide (Example please delete and provide your detailed description of the guide) New Guide or Guide Remake?: New Guide / Guide Remake (Select One) Thank you for your contribution, Gepan
  2. These are some good goals, at least you have some pretty achievable short-term such as 100 Wintertodt and so forth. I am looking forward to seeing your progress! Hopefully your able to get that Pyro while obtaining that Wintertodt goal! Perhaps a pet too?
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    Tuoppi, You are very talented on the phone.. I can barley do two trips on the PC Anyway keep this content coming
  4. I can't wait to see the results of this competition! Thank you Nympho for releasing this I was afraid we may of been stuck with the feet logo for a minute! Haha!
  5. K O, Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately during the timeframe that you and I interact I am actually at work so it does appear that I am not responding to every inquiry but I tend to stay logged in to monitor the cc for interruptions and grab questions when I can I will try to grab more if I can! Thanks again, Gepan
  6. Great update from the development team - you can clearly tell a lot of effort went into this. A great success. QA team did a fantastic job testing this update it seems as well
  7. As a member of the Farming Guild you have shown your mastery in the skill of Farming. This will allow you to take up assignments also known as contracts from the Farming Guildmaster Jane. Guildmaster Jane will break down the contracts into three tiers the first being the easy tier requiring 45 Farming, the second will be the medium tier requiring 65 Farming and last will be the hard tier requiring 85 Farming. You can start a farming contract by speaking to the Guildmaster detailed in the section below. Guildmaster and Founder of the Farming Guild Jane is in-charge of the three wings inside of the Farming Guild. She will also be your primary contact for Farming Contracts so it's important to recognize her and note her location directly inside the Farming Guild upon entrance of the doors. Once you are ready to take on the assignment of completing contracts for Guildmaster Jane you will want to make your way to the Farming Guild and find Jane inside the double doors. You will start a conversation and say "I'd like a farming contract." She will then ask "what kind of contract would you like?" You will then have the ability to select one of the following options based upon your Farming Level and preference: 1.) Easy Contract (45 Farming) 2.) Medium Contract (65 Farming) 3.) Hard Contract (85 Farming) Once you have selected your tier of difficulty she will then give you an assigned contract for example in the video below she has given us a contract to grow a "Poison Ivy Bush" She then explains that we will be awarded upon checking the health of our harvest. Note: If you do not wish to accept this specific contract you may ask for a easier contract dropping you down a level for example Hard to Medium or Medium to Easy but keep in mind that you can not go lower then a Easy Contract. doFDKrO.mp4 Easy Allotment Contracts Easy Flower Contracts Easy Bush Contracts Easy Cactus Contracts Easy Herb Contracts Easy Tree Contracts Easy Fruit Tree Contracts Medium Allotment Contracts Medium Flower Contracts Medium Bush Contracts Medium Cactus Contracts Medium Herb Contracts Medium Tree Contract Medium Fruit Tree Contract Hard Allotment Contracts Hard Flower Contracts Hard Bush Contracts Hard Cactus Contracts Hard Herb Contracts Hard Tree Contract Hard Fruit Tree Contract Special Contracts You will be rewarded with a seed pack after completion of any contract despite the tier. However you should take note that your classification of completed tier does play a part in the out-come of the reward. For example you will not be able to obtain a high-level farming seed from an easy contract. However in vice versa it is possible to obtain a low-level farming seed as the rolls are based on a drop-table or in this case a seed-table. You can find more information about this located here. Additionally: A In-depth Farming Guide can be found here. @Sir Hassangraphical credits
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    Vouching he did some work for me on a alternative
  9. Hello Samra, WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! I think you will come to love Zenyte like many of us have! I am looking forward to seeing you in-game and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me at any time!! - Gepan
  10. This is going to be extremely interesting! I have never done TOB but I am willing to give it a try!
  11. I am looking forward to the new videos Newgate
  12. Sommer, Welcome to the Community - I don't think we have spoke but if you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me anytime! Enjoy your stay and gains!
  13. Changelog: 5/23/2020 - Release of the Reference Guide
  14. Table of Contents 1.) General Account Information 2.) General Account Security 3.) General Discord Information 4.) Zenyte Clan Chat 5.) Voting 6.) Donations and Donation Store 7.) Home 8.) Item Locations 9.) Skills Q&A 10.) Achievement Diaries 11.) Pets Once you have decided to join the Zenyte community you will need to create a account on the forums or website this is your first-task in order to access in-game content. You will notice on the top right of the screen there will be a sign-up option. You will want to select this option and input your requested username, personal email, and a private password. You will also be required to verify your account via the email you provided so ensure that it is accurate and correct. Upon completion of the anti-bot questionnaire you will want to hit sign up and follow the prompts appropriately to verify your email address. After this has been concluded congratulations you are now a member of the Zenyte Community. Note: It is also important to remember upon creation of a new account that as per rule 1 of the Zenyte Official Rules aggravated abusive or forbidden language is prohibited. This means if you have a username such as "eatmyass69" you will be banned and lose progress of your current account. You should always be mindful of others when selecting a username for your character. Zenyte has an extremely effective account integration system so that upon account registration on the forums or website you will also have your username whitelisted in-game allowing you to create a character. As of May 2020 following this update you will also notice that your forums account integration will also work directly with our discord server. Once you have created your account and verified your email you will have access to the in-game feature and character creation this is where you will be make two of the biggest decisions for your character. The first decision will be the selection of a gamemode in Zenyte there are the following: Regular Mode (standard account) Hardcore Ironman Mode (inability to trade, You will become a regular Ironman upon death) Ironman Mode (inability to trade) Ultimate Ironman Mode (no bank, no trading) You will have the ability to remove your Ironman Status by speaking to Adam located north of the Grand Exchange inside of the Achievement Hall during any-point of your game play. However it is important to note that you are not able to recover your Ironman status after you have removed it. It is also important to notate that you can not make a regular account a ironman after the initial selection phase. After you have selected your gamemode you will prompted to select your XP rate it is important to note that your XP rate will not have any affect aside from the rate in which you gain XP in-game. (There will be no additional drop chances, etc) Zenyte currently offers the following XP rates to choose from: 50x Combat XP | 25x Skilling XP 20x Combat XP | 10x Skilling XP 10x Combat XP | 5x Skilling XP You will have the ability to increase your XP rate after this selection for example if you are currently at a 10x Combat XP | 5x Skilling XP however it is important to note you may not decrease your XP rate for example go from 50x Combat XP | 25x Skilling XP after this selection. If you wish to increase your XP rate you will head into the Achievement Hall north of the Grand Exchange and speak to the Zenyte Guide whom is wearing red and white armor. The Game Noticeboard interface in-game is an important tool as you progress your adventure in Zenyte you will notice useful features such as the "Game Settings" allowing you to set notifications for level ups, use examine on NPCs in order to open up the drop viewer and plenty more. You will also notice that it gives you important server and account information such as current player count, amount of players in the wilderness, server up-time and if you scroll to the bottom it even gives you useful links essential to the Zenyte community. A important account feature is the ability to see your time played, registration date, loyalty points, amount you have donated and current membership status. Here is a video of going to and scrolling through the Game Noticeboard interface: As a member of the Zenyte community it is important to know that from a staff perspective account security is a two-way street. The administration takes account security very personally and always goes above and beyond to ensure that we have quality safeguards in place to protect you and your identity. You can take the initiative to protect your account way before you access the game for the first time and I will explain how in a few bulletins below. Password - It is important that you create a password that is secure according to the National Institute for Standards and Technology you should have a minimum of 8 characters, and one special character. Email Address - You will want to make sure your email address provided is secure this includes following the above password requirement, and also it is highly recommended to have two factor authentication enabled for most major email chains. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) - Two Factor Authentication is becoming one of the new "normals" as far as account security. This guide can provide you with in depth information about two-factor-authentication and explain the importance of it. It is also important to note that despite "account-sharing" being allowed it is at your own risk. This means if you allow your friend to play on your account and they obtain a ban or mute you can't use the excuse that "it was not you" your account is your responsibility. Discord holds an important role in the Zenyte Community, as a hub for information and support. As a new member of the community you will want to link your discord account with your Zenyte account by following the steps on this thread. You will then have access to some general text channels, such as #general and #cafe - which are both accessible to the general community. #general will display all new members joining the discord, so you will notice a lot of "Hey @username welcome to Zenyte Discord" & #cafe is normally used for general chatting and conversation, as well as media. You will want to make sure you are following all rules and regulations of the discord. You can do this by reviewing the text channel #rules, located under the information section of the discord. You will also find the channels #updates and #announcements, which are utilized by Zenyte Staff to inform members of the community and discord of updates and announcements pertaining to Zenyte. As a verified member of the community you will also have access to several channels inside of the Zenyte Lounge, such as #broadcasts, which will display all broadcasts from in-game, such as drops & people achieving 99s. You will also be able to make #bug-reports and #suggestions from within the lounge hub, giving ease of access to reporting and suggesting content. Also, as a verified user of the discord and Zenyte player, there may be a time that you require a higher level of assistance, such as donation transfers or 2FA resets, the discord is where you will have the ability to request such assistance quickly, in the #support channel. As a new member of the Zenyte Community you will have been defaulted into the Zenyte Clan Chat. This is a primary resource for members to ask questions however it is vitally important to remember that it doesn't have a maximum amount of users so you will want to keep your chat to address help specific topics. An example would be if multiple people are asking questions you wouldn't want to go off-topic and start talking about Pepperoni Pizza. If you ever wish to join the Zenyte Staff Team you will want to start this journey by being as helpful in the Zenyte Clan Chat as possible and making sure when you respond to questions that you are giving accurate information. A tip is when your answering a member of the community put an @ symbol in front of their name followed by an answer to their question for example if Listen asked "How many marks of grace do I need for full graceful?" I would answer this question by saying "/@Listen you will want to obtain at least 104 marks of grace." The ranks in the Zenyte Clan Chat are as followed: - Former Staff | Respected Community Member - Forum Moderator (Staff Team) - Support to Moderator (Staff Team) - Administrator + (Staff Team) There is also a separate set of rules for the "Zenyte" Clan Chat it is important that you read and understand them fully. This set of rules can be found here. This is where the Zenyte Staff and Development Team needs you as a member of the Zenyte Community it is important for you to understand that each vote counts. The more votes that we can maintain consistently over a period of time allows us to grow and grow our community. As exponential growth is projected that means over a short-period of time we can easily reach and maintain the top-boards of Runescape Private Servers and as we know the more successful a server is the more players it will have, and with more players comes more suggestions, events and development which will ultimately help us sustain our position as the best Runescape Private Server. Voting in-game can be done by typing the command ::vote it will then open up your browser to the voting page located here If you are on the forums or website you will want to go to the voting icon located on the right side of the page or select this link from here you will see three selected sites as followed: You will want to click on these sites one by one completing the anti-bot verification and after completion of this you will then want to do the command ::claim in-game. It is important to note that you will obtain additional rewards if you have two-factor authentication enabled which was spoken about above. Rewards will be as followed with two-factor authentication enabled: 225k coins 3 Vote Points A Random Clue Scroll You can vote every 12 hours so remember to keep these coming as it is essentially free income and helps show your dedication toward the Zenyte Community. Once you have accumulated vote points you will be allowed to purchase items from the "Voting Shop" located north of the Grand Exchange in the Achievement Hall the item stock and price is as followed: Graceful Dye - 5 Points Small Pouch - 3 Points Medium Pouch - 3 Points Large Pouch - 3 Points Giant Pouch - 3 Points Lumberjack Hat - 6 Points Lumberjack Top - 12 Points Lumberjack Legs - 9 Points Lumberjack Hat - 3 Points Xeric's Wisdom (Boosted CoX Points) - 50 Points Coal Bag - 70 Points Dwarven Helmet - 45 Points Herb Sack - 30 Points Seed Box - 18 Points Gem Bag - 18 Points Rune Pouch - 50 Points Herb Box - 1 Point Tea Flask - 1 Point Magic Secateurs - 3 Points Ectophial - 3 Points Looting Bag - 2 Points Gricoller's can - 6 Points Soul bearer - 50 Points Ice Gloves - 15 Points Cooking gaunlets - 15 Points Goldsmithing gaunlets - 15 Points Chaos gaunlets - 15 Points Decorative Armor Hat (Magic) - 15 Points Decorative Armor Top (Magic) - 15 Points Decorative Armor Bottom (Magic) - 15 Points Decorative Armor Top (Range) - 20 Points Decorative Armor Legs (Range) - 20 Points Decorative Armor Quiver (Range) - 20 Points Gnome Goggles - 3 Points Gnomeball - 6 Points Gnome scarf - 27 Points Sagacious spectacles - 20 Points Mudskipper Hat - 5 Points Bomber Jacket - 3 Points Bomber Cap - 3 Points Zamarok Halo - 6 Points Guthix Halo - 6 Points Saradomin Halo - 6 Points Hornwood Helm - 25 Points Lederhosen Top - 3 Points Lederhosen Shorts - 3 Points Lederhosen Hat - 3 Points Birthday balloons - 90 Points Bow-Sword - 100 Points Doctors' Gown - 12 Points Doctors Hat - 12 Points Builder's Shirt - 10 Points Builder's Trousers - 10 Points Builder's Boots - 10 Points Chicken - 18 Points Fox - 18 points You also have the option to view the top voters for each month by the vote leaderboard located here it will look like this on the left side of the page: A long term Staff Member has recently seen himself in the top-boards of votes for months and we took a moment to ask him "What is your secret to being the the top voter month after month?" He said "CONSISTENCY there is no secret to obtaining votes aside from making sure that you are voting when you can. I have even missed a day or two here and I still come on top, so there is always the possibility to beat me!" As a member of the Zenyte Community you will notice that there is no membership fees in order to access the game or majority of the content (outside of Zenyte specific things like boss teleports, ::yell command, and restoration box cool-downs) this means all of the hosting, development, and storage is 100% funded by donations. This means us the player are responsible for the future of our game. The server however has taken some steps in order to give back to us in the way of in-game item purchases located in the Store feature. A item will be eligible to be purchased using "credits" and credits can be purchased by using both paypal and bitcoin. There is also the option to donate with Runescape coins if you wish to do that then please follow this link for additional instructions. There is also the method to purchase credits by buying a in-game bond valued at $10, $50 or $100. As you see below you can purchase credits in the following increments: 50 Credits - $5,00 USD 100 Credits - $10.00 USD $250 Credits - $25.00 (USD) 500 Credits -$50.00 (USD) 1000 Credits - $100.00 (USD) 2500 Credits - $250.00 (USD) 5000 Credits - $500.00 (USD) 10000 Credits - $1000.00 (USD) As you advance in the amount of credits you purchase you will start to obtain a rank so for example if you purchase the $5.00 credit on April 1st, and then purchase the $5.00 credit again on April 4th you will have purchased a total of $10.00 meaning your total donated amount will be $10.00 unlocking the Sapphire feature of the donator rank. Note however it is important to note if you purchase a bond you will remove the total amount of the bond from your total amount donated so for example if you purchase the $5.00 on April 1st, and $5.00 on April 4th but then buy a bond with the 100 credits your total amount donated will be $0.00 giving you no Sapphire donator rank. As of May 2020 the following chart will describe the total amount donation needed perk rank, and all of the benefits obtained from that rank: Credits to @Lifefor the graphic - information obtained by this thread As previously mentioned on-top of obtaining total amount donated you will be able to spend your credits on things located in the Zenyte Donation Store (Forums). I would also like to point out again that if you buy a bond for $10, $50, or $100 you will have the credits and the total donated removed from your account. So if you was a Sapphire donator and bought a $10.00 bond you will lose your donator status. You will be able to access the donation store here. Here is also a list of items that you may purchase with credits without losing your total amount donated: Abyssal Whip - 75 Credits Bunny Ears - 1,000 Credits Saradomin Sword - 100 Credits Zamorkian Spear - 300 Credits Dark Bow - 200 Credits Abyssal Dagger - 200 Credits Abyssal Bludgeon - 500 Credits Guthan's Set - 100 Credits Veric's Set - 100 Credits Dharok's Set - 100 Credits Torag's Set - 100 Credits Ahrim's Set - 100 Credits Karil's Set - 100 Credits Regular Void Knight Set - 100 Credits Elite Void Knife Set - 200 Credits Dragon Defender - 75 Credits Fighter Torso - 75 Credits Fire Cape - 75 Credits Seers Ring (i) - 75 Credits Archers Ring (i) - 75 Credits Warrior Ring (i) - 75 Credits Berserker Ring (i) - 75 Credits Tyrannical Ring (i) - 75 Credits Treasonous Ring (i) - 75 Credits Ring of the Gods (i) - 75 Credits Fighter Hat - 50 Credits Ranger Hat - 50 Credits 30x Saradomin Brew (4) - 50 Credits 30x Super Restore Potion (4) - 50 Credits 30x Super Combat Potion (4) - 50 Credits 500x Cannonball - 50 Credits 250x Cooked karambwan - 50 Credits Santa Hat - 2,000 Credits Black Santa Hat - 3,000 Credits Inverted Santa Hat - 1,000 Credits Party Hat Set - 10,000 Credits Wise Old Man's Santa Hat - 3,000 Credits Scythe - 1,000 Credits Christmas Cracker - 2,000 Credits Halloween Mask Set - 5,000 Credits Black Halloween Mask - 3,000 Credits Crystal Key -10 Credits Herb Sack - 100 Credits Rune Pouch - 100 Credits Gem Bag - 100 Credits Imbued Heart - 250 Credits Barrows Teleport Scroll - 150 Credits Godwars Teleport Scroll - 150 Credits Zulrah Teleport Scroll - 150 Credits Kraken Teleport Scroll - 150 Credits Cerberus Teleport Scroll - 150 Credits 175x Anglerfish - 50 Credits Infinity Robe Set - 250 Credits Tome of Fire - 75 Credits Amulet of Fury - 75 Credits Mage's Book - 75 Credits Corrupted Armour Set - 2,500 Credits Cute Creature - 300 Credits Evil Creature - 300 Credits Stray Dog - 500 Credits 30x Stamina Potion (4) - 50 Credits 100x Burnt Pages - 15 Credits Frozen Whip Mix - 50 Credits Volcanic Whip Mix - 50 Credits Blue Dark Bow Paint - 50 Credits Green Dark Bow Paint - 50 Credits Yellow Dark Bow Paint - 50 Credits White Dark Bow Paint - 50 Credits Granite Clamp - 50 Credits 1x Ecumenical Key - 10 Credits 1x Mystery Box - 50 Credits Dice Bag - 1,000 Credits 2x Mithril Seed - 1 Credit 100x Mithril Seed - 40 Credits 200x Mithril Seed - 75 Credits 425x Mithril Seed - 150 Credits 1000x Mithril Seed - 300 Credits Dagannoth Kings Teleport - 150 Credits Dwarf Cannon Set - 75 Credits Xeric's Wisdom - 100 Credits Runner Hat - 50 Credits Pet Mystery Box - 250 Credits 200x Sea Turtle - 50 Credits 3x Ancient Shards - 50 Credits $10.00 Bond - 100 Credits (Important: If you purchase this item you will lose 100 credits, and $10.00 will be deducted from total donated) $50.00 Bond - 500 Credits (Important: If you purchase this item you will lose 500 credits, and $50.00 will be deducted from total donated) $100.00 Bond - 1,000 Credits (Important: If you purchase this item you will lose 1000 credits, and $100.00 will be deducted from total donated) Grand Exchange The Grand Exchange allows players to buy and sell any trade-able item in Zenyte without having to meet face to face or use the player to player trade mechanic. The Grand Exchange allows you to see a active trade of a item in the top left corner. Upon pressing this you will be able to search the item and see what the current buy and sell offers are. If you do not wish to sell or buy a item for that specific price you may place your own offer by the standard mechanics of the Grand Exchange. Achievement Hall The Achievement Hall is located North of the Grand Exchange and is one of the major locations of the home in Zenyte. You will be able to find a lot of useful shops and NPCs inside of this building. Some of the useful NPCs are as followed: Challenge Master - Allows you to turn in your challenges for daily XP rewards General Store Items sold in the General Store by Shop Keeper, and Shop Assistant are as followed: Pot - 1 Coin (Stock 5) Jug - 1 Coin (Stock of 2) Shears - 1 Coin (Stock of 2) Bucket - 2 Coins (Stock of 3) Bowl - 5 Coins (Stock of 2) Cake Tin - 13 Coins (Stock of 2) Tinderbox - 1 Coin (Stock of 3) Chisel - 1 Coin (Stock of 2) Hammer - 1 Coin (Stock of 5) Newcomer Map - 1 Coin (Stock of 5) Security Book - 2 coins (Stock of 5) Magic Store Dhalius: Blue Wizard Hat - 800 Coins (Stock of 100) Blue Wizard Robe - 1,566 Coins (Stock of 100) Blue Skirt - 1,122 Coins (Stock of 100) Mystic Hat - 17,500 Coins (Stock of 100) Mystic Robe Top - 100,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Mystic Robe Bottom - 70,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Mystic Gloves - 8,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Mystic Boots - 8,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Ghostly Hood - 384 Coins (Stock of 100) Ghostly Robe (top) - 852 Coins (Stock of 100) Ghostly Robe (bottom) - 685 Coins (Stock of 100) Ghostly Cloak - 255 Coins (Stock of 100) Ghostly Boots - 244 Coins (Stock of 100) Hezaff: Mind Rune - 3 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Air Rune - 4 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Fire Rune - 4 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Water Rune - 4 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Earth Rune - 4 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Body Rune - 3 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Chaos Rune - 90 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Death Rune - 220 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Blood Rune - 575 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Law Rune - 280 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Nature Rune - 230 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Cosmic Rune - 75 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Fire Rune Pack - 430 Coins (Stock of 500) Water Rune Pack - 430 Coins (Stock of 500) Air Rune Pack - 430 Coins (Stock of 500) Earth Rune Pack - 430 Coins (Stock of 500) Mind Rune Pack - 330 Coins (Stock of 500) Chaos Rune Pack - 9,950 Coins (Stock of 500) Staff of Air - 2,560 Coins (Stock of 100) Staff of Water - 2,560 Coins (Stock of 100) Staff of Earth - 2,560 Coins (Stock of 100) Staff of Fire - 2,560 Coins (Stock of 100) Battlestaff - 12,889 Coins (Stock of 100) Dramen Staff - 4,322 Coins (Stock of 100) Ancient Staff - 80,744 Coins (Stock of 100) Iban's Staff (u) - 200,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Zenyte Home Teleport - 175 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Range Store Robin: Leather Cowl - 24 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Leather Body - 21 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Leather Chaps - 20 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Leather Vambraces - 16 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Leather Boots - 6 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Coif - 200 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Studded Body - 850 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Studded Chaps - 750 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Snakeskin Body - 7,600 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Snakeskin Chaps - 2,300 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Snakeskin Boots - 5,700 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Green D'hide body - 10,140 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Green D'hide Chaps - 3,900 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Green D'hide Vamb - 2,500 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Blue D'hide Body - 15,378 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Blue D'hide Chaps - 5,235 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Blue D'hide Vamb - 4,100 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Red D'hide Body - 24,080 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Red D'hide Chaps - 10,024 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Black D'hide Body - 42,276 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Black D'hide Chaps - 18,258 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Black D'hide Vamb - 15,233 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Ava's Accumulator - 4,467 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Archer Helm - 81,500 Coins (Stock of 1000) Fae: Shortbow - 50 Coins (Stock of 100) Oak Shortbow - 100 Coins (Stock of 100) Willow Shortbow - 200 Coins (Stock of 100) Maple Shortbow - 400 Coins (Stock of 100) Yew Shortbow - 1,200 Coins (Stock of 100) Magic Shortbow - 2,600 Coins (Stock of 100) Crossbow - 260 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Crossbow - 565 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Crossbow - 1,296 Coins (Stock of 100) Mith Crossbow - 2,818 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Crossbow - 6,361 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Crossbow - 38,643 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Bolts - 1 Coin (Stock of 5,000) Iron Bolts - 30 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Steel Bolts - 52 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Mithril Bolts - 89 Coins (Stock of 5000) Adamant Bolts - 216 Coins (Stock of 5,000) Bronze Arrow - 6 Coins (Stock of 10,000) Iron Arrow - 18 Coins (Stock of 10,000) Steel Arrow - 36 Coins (Stock of 10,000) Mithril Arrow - 76 Coins (Stock of 10,000) Adamant Arrow - 120 Coins (Stock of 10,000) Supply Store Jackie: Hammer - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Knife - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Chisel - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Tinderbox - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Small Fishing Net - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Big Fishing Net - 75 Coins (Stock of 100) Fishing Rod - 50 Coins (Stock of 100) Fly Fishing Rod - 50 Coins (Stock of 100) Lobster Pot - 75 Coins (Stock of 100) Harpoon - 75 Coins (Stock of 100) Barbarian Rod - 80 Coins (Stock of 100) Oily Fishing Rod - 180 Coins (Stock of 100) Spade - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Gardening Trowel - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Seed Dibber - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Secateurs - 6 Coins (Stock of 100) Watering Can - 10 Coins (Stock of 100) Rake - 10 Coins (Stock of 100) Fishing Bait - 3 Coins (Stock of 10,000) Bait Pack - 450 Coins (Stock of 250) Feathers - 3 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Feather Pack - 450 Coins (Stock of 250) Pestle and Mortar - 25 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Axe - 15 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Axe - 43 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Axe - 112 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Axe - 822 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Axe - 12,833 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Axe - 25630 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Pickaxe - 15 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Pickaxe - 33 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Pickaxe - 212 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Pickaxe - 899 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Pickaxe - 3542 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Pickaxe - 21,345 Coins (Stock of 100) Bird Snare - 53 Coins (Stock of 100) Box Trap - 63 Coins (Stock of 100) Vial - 3 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Empty Vial Pack - 450 Coins (Stock of 250) Vial of Water - 12 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Water-Filled Vial Pack - 1,250 Coins (Stock of 250) Rope - 346 Coins (Stock of 100) Ring Mould - 346 Coins (Stock of 100) Amulet Mould - 346 Coins (Stock of 100) Necklace Mould - 346 Coins (Stock of 100) Bracelet Mould - 346 Coins (Stock of 100) Tiara Mould - 346 Coins (Stock of 100) Ammo Mould - 346 Coins (Stock of 100) GlassBlowing Pipe - 256 Coins (Stock of 100) Needle - 1 Coin (Stock of 100) Thread - 1 Coin (Stock of 1,000) Air Talisman - 10 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Earth Talisman - 10 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Fire Talisman - 10 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Water Talisman - 10 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Body Talisman - 10 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Mind Talisman - 10 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Silver Dust - 334 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Pet Rock - 215 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Silver Sickle - 135 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Silver Sickle (b) - 1895 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Lockpick - 20 Coins (Stock of 1,000) Nail Beast Nails - 456 Coins (Stock of 1,500) Cleaning Cloth - 354 Coins (Stock of 1,500) Clockwork - 10,255 Coins (Stock of 1,500) Watch - 1 Coin (Stock of 100) Chart - 1 Coin (Stock of 100) Sextant - 1 Coin (Stock of 100) John: Sardine - 25 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Trout - 78 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Salmon - 98 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Tuna - 146 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Lobster - 244 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Swordfish - 289 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Monkfish - 483 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Antipoison(4) - 250 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Attack Potion(4) - 250 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Strength Potion(4) - 250 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Defence Potion(4) - 250 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Super Attack - 4,000 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Super Strength - 5,000 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Super Defense - 4,000 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Magic Potion - 4,000 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Ranging Potion - 5,000 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Antifire Potion - 3,500 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Prayer Potion - 12,500 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Energy Potion - 2,000 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Dwarven Rock Cake - 382 Coins (Stock of 2,000) Weapon and Armor Store Cynthia: Bronze Full Helm - 44 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Platebody - 160 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Platelegs - 80 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Kiteshield - 68 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Full Helm - 154 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Platebody - 560 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Platelegs - 280 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Kiteshield - 238 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Full Helm - 550 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Platebody - 2,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Platelegs - 1,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Kiteshield - 807 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Full helm - 1,430 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Platebody - 5,200 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Platelegs - 2,600 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Kiteshield - 2,210 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Full Helm - 3,520 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Platebody - 21,632 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Platelegs - 3,400 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Kiteshield - 5,800 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Full Helm - 31,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Platebody - 84,500 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Platelegs - 64,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Kiteshield - 56,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Climbing Boots - 2,460 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Boots - 458 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Boots - 780 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Boots - 1,257 Coins (Stock of 100) Black Boots - 3,580 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Boots - 7,480 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Boots - 14,928 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Boots - 28,790 Coins (Stock of 100) Anti-Dragon Shield - 2,588 Coins (Stock of 100) Helm of Neitiznot - 85,200 Coins (Stock of 100) Elemental Shield - 15,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Mind Shield - 25,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Bearhead - 18,795 Coins (Stock of 100) Arnas: Bronze Dagger - 32 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Dagger - 112 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Dagger - 400 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Dagger - 655 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Dagger - 899 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Dagger - 8,277 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Scimitar - 32 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Scimitar - 112 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Scimitar - 400 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Scimitar - 1,040 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Scimitar - 2,930 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Scimitar - 23,480 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze Longsword - 32 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron Longsword - 112 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel Longsword - 400 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril Longsword - 1,040 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant Longsword - 2,930 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune Longsword - 32,840 Coins (Stock of 100) Bronze 2H Sword - 78 Coins (Stock of 100) Iron 2H Sword - 158 Coins (Stock of 100) Steel 2H Sword - 699 Coins (Stock of 100) Mithril 2H Sword - 1,266 Coins (Stock of 100) Adamant 2H Sword - 6,455 Coins (Stock of 100) Rune 2H Sword - 45,322 Coins (Stock of 100) Darlight - 1,688 Coins (Stock of 100) Dragon Scimitar - 125,375 Coins (Stock of 100) Dragon Dagger - 35,255 Coins (Stock of 100) Shadow Sword - 100,000 Coins (Stock of 100) Slayer Shop Krystilia: Enchanted Gem - 1 Coin (Stock of 50) Mirror Shield - 5,000 Coins (Stock of 50) Leaf Bladed Spear - 31,000 Coins (Stock of 50) Broad Arrows - 60 Coins (Stock of 50,000) Bag of Salt - 10 Coins (Stock of 5000) Rock Hammer - 500 Coins (Stock of 50) Facemask - 200 Coins (Stock of 50) Earmuffs - 200 Coins (Stock of 50) Nose Peg - 200 Coins (Stock of 50) Slayer's Staff - 21,000 Coins (Stock of 50) Spiny Helmet - 650 Coins (Stock of 50) Fishing Explosive - 60 Coins (Stock of 5000) Ice Cooler - 1 Coin (Stock of 5000) Slayer Gloves - 200 Coins (Stock of 50) Unlit Bug Lantern - 130 Coins (Stock of 50) Insulated Boots - 200 Coins (Stock of 50) Fungicide Spray 10 - 300 Coins (Stock of 50) Fungicide - 300 Coins (Stock of 5000) Witchwood Icon - 900 Coins (Stock of 50) Slayer Bell - 150 Coins (Stock of 50) Broad Arrowheads - 55 Coins (Stock of 3000) Broad Arrowhead Pack - 5,500 Coins (Stock of 800) Unfinished Broad Bolts - 55 Coins (Stock of 5000) Unfinished Broad Bolt Pack - 5,500 Coins (Stock of 1000) Rock Thrownhammer - 200 Coins (Stock of 5000) Boots of Stone - 200 Coins (Stock of 100) Furnace Building The Furnace Building is located just north-east of the Grand Exchange and has a free accessible furnace. Cooking Building The Cooking Build is located just east of the Grand Exchange and has a free accessible range. You will also notice the women inside of this building are normally used for thieving purposes. The Staff Team has complied a list of locations for items that are commonly inquired about if you notice a item not on the list in which you believe should be added feel free to comment the item or message Gepan and or Glitch. Fighter Torso: 1.) This item can be purchased for credits in the store. (Direct Link) 2.) This item can be purchased in the Slayer Shop for 400 points. 3.)This item can be purchased by for 600,000 (600k) Bounty Hunter Points. Barrows Gloves: 1.) This item can be purchased in the Lumbridge Basement chest for 104,000 coins (104k) Cannon: 1.) This item can be purchased for credits in the store. (Direct Link) 2.) This item can be purchased in the Slayer Shop for 400 points. 3.)This item can be purchased from another player or the Grand Exchange. Dragon Defender: 1.) This item can be purchased for credits in the store. (Direct Link) 2. This item can be obtained in the basement of the Warriors Guild if you have any questions follow this guide. Slave Amulet (ei): 1.) This item will be require a amulet purchased from the Slayer Shop for 40 slayer points. You will then need to purchase a Tarn's Diary from the Slayer Shop for 40 slayer points. You will then need to imbue it with a loyalty scroll purchased for 150 loyalty points. Rune Pouch: 1.) This item can be purchased for credits in the store. (Direct Link) 2.) This item can be purchased in the Slayer Shop for 1250 slayer points. 3.) This item can be purchased from the Bounty Hunter store for 1,200,000 (1.2m) points. Looting Bag: 1.) This item can be purchased from the Bounty Hunter store for 10,000 (10k) points. 2.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 3 voting points. 3.) This item can be obtained from a drop by wilderness monsters in the wilderness. Rogue's Outfit: 1.) 1/200 per piece chance from pick-pocketing any NPC in Zenyte Coal Bag: 1.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 70 voting points. 2.) This item can be obtained at Motherload Mine for 40 nuggets. Gem Bag: 1.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 30 voting points. 2.) This item can be obtained at Motherload Mine for 40 nuggets. Herb Sack: 1.) This item can be purchased for credits in the store. (Direct Link) 2.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 30 voting points. 3.) This item can be purchased in the Slayer Shop for 750 points. Chaos Gauntlets: 1.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 30 voting points. Goldsmithing Gauntlets: 1.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 30 voting points. Cooking Gauntlets: 1.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 30 voting points. Enchanted Ice Gloves: 1.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 30 voting points. Iban's Staff: 1.) This item can be purchased from magic shop at home for 200,000 (200k) coins. Dramen's Staff: 1.) This item can be purchased from magic shop at home for 4,322 coins. Magic Secateurs: 1.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 3 voting points. Ectophial: 1.) This item can be purchased from the voting store for 3 voting points. Skillcapes: Mac at Home in the Achievement Hall will sell you all skillcapes, including the maxcape. Shayzien Armour: 1.) This item can be purchased from the Slayer Shop for 40 points per piece or 200 total for all pieces. Anchor: 1.) This item can be purchased in the Slayer Shop for 200 points. Wolfbane: 1.) This item can be purchased in the Slayer Shop for 100 points. Keris: 1.) This item can be purchased in the Slayer Shop for 150 points. Holy Wrench: 1.) This item can be purchased in the Slayer Shop for 200 points. Ogre Bow: You will want to follow this guide in order to obtain the Ogre Bow. Range: Q: How can I purchase a cannon? A: You can purchase a cannon for 400 slayer points from the slayer shop or from another player on the Grand Exchange. Q: How do I obtain an Ava's Accumulator? A: You will have to purchase the Ava's Accumulator from the Range Shop located to the east of the Grand Exchange. Prayer: Q: How can I obtain a bonecrusher? A: You will need to complete at least morytania diary hard and then speak to a ghost disciple at the Ectofuntus. Q: Where can I find a gilded altar? A: You can use the alter upstairs of the Achievement Hall as a gilded altar (same affect) Q: Is the Chaos Altar working and is it the best altar to use? A: The Chaos altar does work and provides the best XP however it is important to note it is indeed wilderness. Magic: Q: Where do I change my spellbooks? A: You can change your spellbooks on the altar located above the Achievement Hall Q: Is Splashing allowed? A: Yes, as long as your not botting. Runecrafting: Q: Where can I get runecrafting pouches? A: You can obtain pouches by killing abyssal creatures, or from the voting shop inside the Achievement Hall. Construction: Q: When will construction be released? A: There is no estimated time of release at this time. Agility: Q: Where can I find grace to buy graceful? A: You can find Grace located in the basement of the bar in Burthope the trap door is located behind the bar. Q: How do I color my graceful? A: You will need to purchase dyes from the vote shop for 5 points per piece. Herblore: Q: Where can I decant potions? A: You can decant potions by speaking to the NPC Zahur near Jackie north of the Grand Exchange (Home) Q: Will there ever be Divine potions? A: There is no speak of Divine potions as of now, however your more then welcome to submit a suggestion. Q: Does Kingdom of Miscellenia work? A: No it currently is disabled Thieving: Q: Where can I get a rogue's set? A: You will obtain a set from pickpocketing NPCs they have a 1/200 chance of giving you a piece. Q: Can I get double rogue pieces? A: No you cannot! Q: Where is the best place to earn profit while pickpocketing A: The best options are Heros or Elves Q: Do I need a firecape to get into Tzhaar City? A: Yes, you will need to show the NPC a firecape at the gate. Q: Where can I obtain Diamonds? A: You can obtain diamonds by pickpocketing Tzhaars, Heros or Elves. Crafting: Q: Where can I obtain a uncut Zenyte? A: You will want to use a zenyte shard with a onyx. Q: Where is a good place to start training crafting? A: You can buy sand, and seaweed from the Charter Ship at Catherby to do glassblowing proficiently. Here is a guide for this method. (You will need a magic level of 77) Fletching: Q: Where can I find a knife to start Fletching? A: You can purchase a knife from Jackie as most general stores do not sell them. Q: How do I make crossbow strings? A: There is multiple ways it is best to use the following guide. Slayer: Q: Where are the slayer master(s) A: Locations of Slayer Masters Q: Which slayer master gives the most slayer points? A: If you are open to wilderness slayer then the slayer master at home for wilderness slayer will be your best bet. However if you do not wish to travel to the wilderness Konar will be your best option. Q: Is Konar and the Brimestone Chest available on Zenyte? A: Yes they are and they function like that of the original game mechanics. Q: Is Wilderness slayer worth it? A: Yes you can obtain emblems and it is the most points per slayer master however remember you are in the wilderness. Hunter: Q: Why is a lot of mechanics for the skill currently disabled? A: Hunter is being reworked and will be released better then ever shortly! Q: What seeds can I use for birdhouses? A: You can use hop seeds or herb seeds a list of hop seeds can be found here. Mining: Q: Can I get more paydirt on the top floor of Motherload Mine? A: No, however you will be able to access the deposit bin, and bag/bank quicker. Q: Where can I mine Amethyst Ore? A: You will be able to mine the Amethyst Ore in the Mining Guild Expansion area (door through the Mining Guild) Q: Can I mine volcanic ash? A: Yes you can mine volcanic ash at the normal location on Fossil Island. Smiting: Q: How many cannonballs can I make per steel bar? A: You can make 8 cannonballs per steel bar. Q: Where can I find ice gloves and or goldsmithing gaunlets? A: You can purchase either one of these from the voting shop for 15 points each. Q: Do ice gloves have unlimited charges? A: They only have 150 charges Fishing: Q: What is faster XP monkfish or lobsters? A: Lobsters are faster for XP then monkfish. Q: What is the requirement for fishing guild? A: You will need at least 68 fishing in order to enter the guild. Q: Can you fish minnows? A: Yes however you do not need the Angler's Outfit Cooking: Q: When do I stop burning food? A: Here is wiki page regarding what level you will stop burning specific food. Q: Where can I purchase cooking gauntlets? A: You can purchase cooking gaunlets from the voting shop for 15 points. Q: Can you buy jugs of water anywhere? A: Nope, you will need to fill them or use the lunar spell humidify on a inventory. Q: Where is the best place to cook food? A: Myth Guild or Tzhaar City (Will require a Firecape for the city) Firemaking: Q: What level do I need for Wintertodt? A: 50 Firemaking Q: Where can I find warm clothing? A: Here is a list of warm clothing from the wiki page (Yak Armor, Fire Tiara, Fire Battlestaff is easily obtained in Zenyte) Q: How can I obtain a phoenix pet and can this be done by regular firemaking? A: You can only obtain a phoenix pet from Wintertodt, and it can't be obtained of Wintertodt. Woodcutting: Q: What do I do with eggs? A: You can turn the eggs into the shrine at the woodcutting guild for a chance at the evil chicken costume and some prayer experience. Q: Does the lumberjack outfit from the voting store give additional bonuses? A: Yes, it provides 2.5% increase in woodcutting XP when worn. Q: What's the requirements to enter the woodcutting guild? A: You need at least 60 woodcutting to enter the guild. Farming: Q: Where can I start Farming? A: You will want to start farming by raking weeds at any patch. (I would recommend Catherby as a new farmer) Q: Why do my patches die? A: You can pay the farmer to keep an eye on your patches for a payment depending on what you have planted. However if you do not wish to pay the farmer your crops have a random chances of becoming diseased. Q: Where can I obtain farming seeds? A:: You can actually obtain farming seeds by buying them from other players, obtaining them as drops from monsters, or even pickpocketing master farmer with 38+ thieving. Q: How long does my patch take to grow? A: Your patch will take half of the growth time of OSRS for example herb patches would take 80 minutes on OSRS and on Zenyte they will only take 40 minutes. Q: Where can I find volcanic ash? A: You can mine volcanic ash near the hardwood trees on Fossil Island or you can purchase from other players/grand exchange. There is currently over 30 different pets in Zenyte and a lot of different ways to obtain them so @Sir Hassan has went ahead and released a seperate more in-depth guide for pets you can find this guide located here. Credits: @Sir Hassan @glitch @Unholydead93 @Benz
  15. Tobbo, I want to say from the bottom of my heart that this thread is absolutely heart-melting. This really touches home because just like you I had someone dear to me end their life short. I would go on for many months debating with myself over and over if I had done all that I could to prevent the situation but in reality all this was doing was deteriorating my mental health. Time would pass and I would actually become ASIST trained which was the first step toward my HCN (Level II) certificate and this training really made me understand the fundamentals of mental health, and sometimes unfortunately there will become situations that arise without any warning signs, however it is important for us to lessen the chances of that by ALWAYS being an open ear. You sir are making one of the biggest differences in the world one person at a time, I truly appreciate it. (I am always an open option as well for a message or PM if no one else is available)
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