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  1. Hello Zenyte , this post will be for replies to see what you would like in future events we are asking for everyone to please give their suggestions on new or old events they would like to have added this week or the near future. I will add each suggestion to this topic with a poll to see what everyone would like as new events REMEMBER NO SUGGESTION IS A BAD SUGGESTION
  2. I think it would be a good idea to move the gambling area with the burthorpe games room and utilize that area for future gambling EDIT --- Looking into what everyone has to say about my suggestion of the game room, it seems that some don't understand exactly what I mean with this change, we could bring back a whole new way of gambling. we can add in all the games the burthorpe games room has to offer that includes, connect 4, Othello, checkers and more. I will provide the link to the wiki on the games room. For the mini games like othello and connect 4 I suggest npcs 500k-5m games from easy to experienced player etc I'm also thinking that the rank rooms for burthorpe games room as a flower poker and dice rooms, (ex. ranks 100-200. would be 100-200m) with a controlled gambling environment with a box like checkers , Othello , and connect 4 we can make sure some gamblers don’t over bet and rage quit . For example with the mini board games you only do max bet for experienced players 5m and that’s only a x2 but as a experienced player it shouldn’t be easy for anyone to win regardless also making flower seeds donation Aswell as the dice staff only/staff members clan chat this could improve gambling interactions and future events for those who enjoy it. If you disagree with this idea I would highly appreciate a reason why and what I could be done to make you more accepting of the suggestion Burthorpe Games Room - The RuneScape Wiki
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