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    Zenyte Progress #5

    Great content, can't wait for the next video.
  2. Recently watched 'Given'. If you haven't seen it would recommend.
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    Zenyte Progress #1

    Great content! Waiting for episode 2.
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    Alphabet Game

    Wise Old Man
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    Alphabet Game

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    Alphabet Game

    Grimy guam leaf
  7. I listen to random genres. Usually I go through phases. One month/week I'm only listening to rock another one I'm listening to rap, indie or some other genre. My favorite genre is 'Visual kei', it's more of a movement, but some call it a music genre.
  8. In-game username: Hide Medal(s): Donator, All the Work, Man's Best Friend, Game Junkie Proof for your Medal(s):
  9. Welcome to Zenyte!
  10. Never liked having icons on my desktop. This wallpaper and black/pink windows theme
  11. @LestatYou collecting any physical copies?
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