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  1. Hide

    Hide and Seek Event

    The Hide and Seek Event will be similar to any standard game of Hide and Seek and the host will be a member of the Events Team. He or she will be allowed to hide at any spot in Gielinor including wilderness and restricted areas. The host will inform the community via ::yell that the event has started and then it will be the responsibility of the community to hunt and locate the host. If the host is not found within a three minute time frame he or she will then proceed to give out clues or hints every 3 minutes until that round is over. Each event will consist of three rounds worth a reward of 100 store credits each.
  2. Hide

    Hide and Seek Event

    The event will work similar to previous Hide and Seek Events the host will hide in a specific location and provide clues over a period of time. The first player to find him will receive a reward. Additional information for this event can be found in this thread.
  3. The Last Man Standing Event will be separated into two rounds both having unique equipment and inventory setup. Once you have traded the Event Coordinator and gathered your first round gear you will then enter the white "Free for All" portal and head north into the middle of the lava swamp. Once you arrive you will see another Events Team member who will be wearing something different than the event gear. He or She will then instruct the players when there is a 1 minute count down. Once the 1 minute count down begins you will be allowed to run throughout the "Free for all" map. It will be your gear to keep running, and if you do come across another adventure you will want to battle to the death! Note: The Server Moderators and Administrators want your heart to be racing during this event so they will be randomly teleporting to the attendances and if you are found to be "hiding" or "not walking" they will then battle you in their overrated gear!
  4. until
    There will be a list of items & pets listed in the thread and the first player to receive that drop or pet during the two weeks will be rewarded. It is important to read over the information and rules located in this thread
  5. Hide

    Voting Event

    In order to participate the only requirement will be to do your daily voting and this will open the opportunity for you to win additional store credits outside of the in-game coins, and clue scrolls. Once the event has been concluded we will use a random name picker to select 3 winners. Additional information for this event can be found in this thread.
  6. Hide

    Lottery Event

    Players will give any player moderator or above the buy-in amount to be added into our system. At the end of the month a random name from the system will be chosen for the total amount donated to the lottery. Additional information for this event can be found in this thread.
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  10. The bug is on our gitlab, it'll get fixed eventually.
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