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  2. Quite happy with every single update, thank you for your hard work.
  3. Thanks for the positive comments everyone! Real glad it could be of use to some of you
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  5. Yessss. Finally holy wrench. So excited. I love you guys and girl.
  6. glitch

    $50 GIVEAWAY!

    Good luck to those participating. Generous of you to do this.
  7. Quality! Thanks for the consistent updates.
  8. rspkme

    $50 GIVEAWAY!

    Goodluck to all that entered
  9. ZachTX

    $50 GIVEAWAY!

    I'm hosting a $50 Bond GIVEAWAY in the comments of this stream vod which I will be choosing on TODAY'S stream! (read the Pinned comment for info on how to enter)
  10. fucking right keep up with the updates!!! good shit zenyte team!
  11. Thank you for the updates Kris, definietly love the mysterious emblem update gonna actually motivate me to do wilderness tasks besides getting more points
  12. Welcome to Zenyte, zafael!
  13. Latest episode is out! Great progress was made on day 2, hopefully day 3 can live up to it
  14. Thanks for this, unfortunately a lot of methods for high ehp aren't working on zenyte such as you can fletch bolts I between attacks and aching cancels attacks.
  15. I definitely support this if it's possible without too much work needing to be done.
  16. Superb updates as always, Kris! Thanks again for the amount of time you're putting in right now to get stuff sorted.
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