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  3. Any one with suggestions for events lmk!! Drop below
  4. That sounds like a nice job! I think you also don't need to go to the gym anymore!
  6. Already loving to follow you on this journey, best of luck to you my friend! See you around
  7. Both are very well made imo. The zenyte logo is also on the generic logo above the text. Wouldn’t it only be plagiarism if he copied something another player had made creatively:o? It’s a shame, cause i really liked this one
  8. This entry has been disqualified for plagiarism. We will not tolerate the stealing of other's work! Proper credits to @Yuru Yurifor the bubble effect above the text.
  9. Best of luck on your journey to achieving those goals!.
  10. Just re-checked this topic and these 3 are clean asf they defo would nice with some sort of background making them a wallpaper.
  11. 1. Tell us about yourself - Hello, i am Carl and im full time zenyte player 2. What is your Zenyte in game name? - Off White 3. What are your favorite activities to do in-game? - My favorite activites in game is Pking and sometimes doing some PVMing as side hustle
  12. Best of luck on your goals for your account! Glad to see another HC in the making!
  13. Yesterday
  14. Welcome Dan, glad to hear you're having fun
  15. Welcome to Zenyte! Hope you become a long lasting member of the community! Hope to see you ingame!
  16. Hey there, Dan! Welcome to Zenyte! If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member for support! We're here to help.
  17. Damn what a streak, very nice homie
  18. Hello. Casual noob in osrs, best I could do was to slay barrows. So why not aim for the sky and get a twisted bow in this server. my gaming skills are same as my English (and drawing). so I hope improve them In time. (and clap those Zulrah's cheeks) Start date 12.12.2019. (50x/25x rates) Nick: Hardcorenoob (HC status) Current objective - Don't die. upgrade some combat stats and face to face with Hespori boss and lvl up some magic for compost skill. Updates - for beginning lvl up max firemaking and got myself a nice phoenix pet. Since I already catched some monkfish, I will not eat that bird. (good for him..) Upgraded from HC armor set to nice steel armor. Going to face some sand crabs and show them who is boss here. Also robbed farmer and got some seeds to lvl up my needs.
  19. I’m a carpet/vinyl storesperson and curtains/blinds installer. I’m responsible for anything incoming and outgoing in the storeroom. I uplift carpet/vinyl and prepare the floor. I cut certain lengths of carpet/vinyl to be installed. I create a variety of sizeable mats from rectangles to caravan mats. I’m the tech wizard at work and are always helping the boomers work things out on the pc. I drive a work van transporting carpet/vinyl rolls and curtains/blinds. I also personally install any curtain, venetian, roller blind etc Very physical job, Carpet and vinyl is freaking heavy!
  20. Fancy those 3 rare drops happening within 10 kills! Name change is a must
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