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  2. https://youtu.be/aIHF7u9Wwiw Edit: on mobile so not sure which link works, https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=aIHF7u9Wwiw Explanation: we are all born, we will all die. There are societal expectations that we are to fulfill if we are expected to survive. We need an education, a job, a dream, a drive. And if we are lacking in any category we are to fulfill then things get pretty difficult for us. If you dont have an education you have to work harder, or you dont have a dream you dont look forward to anything for which you would be willing to work... And if you dont have a drive you'll feel alienated from the very world you are at the mercy of. And that alienation is something I've always felt, and has been simultaneously the most haunting facet of my mind as well as the most provocative. The thing that isolates me the most is also all the while fueling my psychological or spiritual or psychospiritual progression, or maybe regression. And when I hear this song I an reminded of that very sequence of events that we all go through, albeit in our own unique way(s). That through all of our differences and alienation we are all one in the same and we are all together within that which exists beyond our identifications and desires and tribulations and defenses.
  3. Reason: This is my father's favorite group and this band will always have a special spot in my heart. I was raised on classic rock & it reminds me of my roots and that's why I'm choosing this song.. This band and all 80's 90's classic rock will always have a special spot in my heart along with 18 life & up... It was playing when I was a 8 years old little me, saying my last goodbye to my father whilst my mother started up his Harley for one last time before all saying our final goodbyes.. 15 years ago...
  4. i can say for a fact that lobsters is 2m/h WITHOUT angler outfit on 25x (no bxp) i know some ppl who did that to 200m
  5. explanation as to why you have chosen your selected song: Cus we fucking love cocaine!
  6. Today
  7. Reason: this song has always been one of my favourites plus Eminem being one of my favourite artist. Pure gold, awesome song used as a motivator, never give up on what you're gonna do with your life and such. Almost 20 years rolling and still not failing to give me goosebumps.
  8. No explanation needed for this one, issa vibe
  9. Back in 2005-2006 with the rise of 1 def pures, one of my favorite PK videos at the time had this song. Its pure euphoria, no pun intended. The PK video for anyone interested (Original video had 1M+ views, was taken down due to copyright infringment):
  10. Reason: When listening to this song and watching the clip (Make sure to watch the clip as well!), it really got to me. I myself have, and still am struggling with some kind of form of depression. Everyone goes through tough times and this song certainly helps me get through. Chris is a great musician with possibly the best voice I've ever heard. Great country singer, while I'm not even american or very familiar with country. Also while I am writing this, I would like to thank the community of Zenyte for being so friendly and nice to me over the span of last few months that I have been playing. Kind regards, Miraclesttv
  11. For obvious nostalgia reasons. Such a timeless song. The guitar version because I honestly thought it was better than the original.
  12. Reason: I found this artist at the beginning of my Military career, and at the time leaving my family, my girlfriend at the time, and all my friends really got to me while in a foreign country, and I was at my lowest point in life, and actually reached out to the Artist and to my surprise we actually had a conversation (and still talk to this day). I actually got a tattoo of the lyrics "The lonelier the highway, the prettier the view" on the back of my arm, which made me dedicate my left arm to music that's close to me. He's a super down to earth guy, and puts out great music if you like the genre he sings.
  13. reason: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
  14. Would like to say a big thank you to the staff & members of the Events team that helped in organizing this event. I personally love the concept of it, I think it is unique and players will love taking part and listening out for the certain songs, best of luck to all participants!
  15. Zenyte community, On behalf of the Official Events Team I would like to take this moment to present to you, the community, our new Forums Radio Event! More details can be found down below. The concept of this event is very simple & easy to follow. To enter the giveaway, you are required to link (on this exact topic) a song of your preference and a brief description or explanation as to why you have chosen your selected song. There will be no right or wrong explanation. The origin or the reasoning for the song you have selected can be for any reason, such as; Nostalgic purposes, personal reasons or beliefs, important time in your life, or what may ever may have you. It's at your discretion; so choose wisely! At the end of the provided time-frame (refer to the rules section on this topic) our judges will nominate 3 songs from this topic. From there, the users who are responsible for submitting the elected songs will then be placed in a random online generator. Which ever player is selected from the generator, will be eligible for the $100 Zenyte bond reward. Hxrdcore 200M Dancing Gepan - This event will start on Saturday, September 19th, 16:30 (Server time) - This event will finish on Saturday, September 26th, 16:30 (Server time) - Winner will be announced via this topic on Sunday, September 27th, 20:00 (Server time) - Any submissions that have failed to provide a description or explanation will NOT count. - 1 song nomination per person. Any more will lead to disqualification from the event. - No duplications of the same song. First to submit, first to keep. - Any external links or clips outside of the platform "YouTube" will not count. YouTube links only. Song #1: (Player is yet to be announced) Song #2: (Player is yet to be announced) Song #3: (Player is yet to be announced) Winner of Zenytes Radio event: (Player is yet to be announced) Provided song from the winner of Zenytes Radio event: (Song is yet to be announced) Best of luck to all participants, Zenyte Events Team
  16. Only requires ACP access and about 1 minute of time to implement this
  17. Hmm interesting so monkfish is actually faster than lobster, nice work!
  18. Very nicely done in researching and coming up with these XP rates @Godimus. This will be beneficial to many new players so i will be referring them to this should they need it
  19. That's totally understandable The red can be a little difficult to look at after a while, it's a little easier to look at in resizeable mode. Thanks for all of the kind words everyone.
  20. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of plugins or extra layouts or frames when it comes to game client. BUT I'm not saying that in a bad way, I'm happy for you and what you have to offer to the community. Keep up the good work and have fun with your other projects!
  21. Thanks man, this was purely to find out the fastest fishing exp, with the added bonus of the money making fishing methods. I also figured this isn't a guide, which is why I posted it here. I do plan to do a post 99 fishing test as well, but that will be a wee while off.
  22. Thanks for taking your time on this topic, good job mate!
  23. Nicely done man on this data gathering on the med & higher tier fishes ! It's precise and easy to read, hope to see further data in the future for the lower tier fishes ! Thank you for your contribution :D! FYI If I were you I'd place this wonderfully well written data in skilling guides section of the forums!
  24. I know it is a heavily debated topic on what is the fastest fishing exp? Well I have just done a small test, an hour each to find out rough exp/hours. This was done from 94-96 fishing so there is potential to get better exp rates, but these were pretty much not afk'd at all. Also. this IS with the angler outfit. 1) Monkfish - 313k/hour on x5. 626k/hour on x10. 1.566m/hour on x25. 2) Lobsters - 303k/hour on x5. 606k/hour on x10. 1.516m/hour on x25. 3) Barb fishing - 283/hour on x5, 46k/hour cooking exp, 25k/hour str/agility exp. - 566/hour on x10, 92/hour cooking exp, 50k/hour str/agility exp. - 1415/hour on x25, 230/hour cooking exp, 125k/hour str/agility exp. 4) Sharks (only just) - 250k/hour on x5. 500k/hour on x10. 1250k/hour on x25. 5) Anglers - 240k/hour on x5. 480k/hour on x10. 1200k/hour on x25. 6) Sacred eels - 200k/hour on x5. 400k/hour on x10. 1m/hour on x25. - 225k/hour cooking on x5. 450k/hour cooking on x10. 1125k/hour cooking on x25. 7) Infernal eels - 166k/hour on x5. 332k/hour on x10. 830k/hour on x25. If anyone else would like to also test and combine data that would be great.
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