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  7. As an instant QOL update, make the tool storages in the furnace interactable like a POH, since there is no construction. This saves time and GP for players to continuesly bring a hammer, etc. This QOL also goes for the house with the cooking range, interactable shelves like the POH to get empty cups of tea, etc. etc.
  8. Matthew, I'm happy to see things are finally changing. Took 3 years, but it's getting there. What's saddening to see is that you still hover your hand of protection over those who've meant harm to the game. This has happened in the past and left damage on Zenyte. Seeing as this is about to happen again, I believe you're making big mistakes to try and protect those who've done harm in the past. None the less. Gl.
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  10. Welcome to the server, nice to see someone else also interested in some front-end disciplines.
  11. Thanks, some exciting changes ahead then.
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  13. Can you fix the bunny for the proper crystal grail
  14. Moved everything to google spreadsheets, here.
  15. Welcome to Zenyte mate! Nice to meet you
  16. <html lang="en"> <head> <title>Introduction</title> </head> <body> <h2>Hello!</h2> <p>My name is Andre, I'm 25, and CS (Computer Science) student. I have a background in Python, C, HTML, CSS, some JavaScript, Lua, and currently learning Java.</p> <p>I've been interested in technology since I was 5 years old, when my brother introduced me to RuneScape. I found myself on the weekends going to my father's house, and playing on the web RuneScape, chatting (killing chickens) with my brother, having the legendary "O.G." name LoneWolf697. This was only just the beginning, when I received my first flip phone which was a Boost Mobile, I was amazed at how so much technology could be in such a little phone. I've always loved mathematics, and appreciated technology (which we sometimes take for granted) but I wanted to do more then just sit back and watch more and more people create newer tech. I wanted to learn!</p> <p>I joined the Military one year after my original degree I thought would be enjoyable (marketing). I was a Financial-Technician/Marine Corps Shooting Team (2019-2020). I've Traveled across the country from Japan, to Hawaii, and competed in Georgia, Alabama, California, Ohio, Virginia, Delaware, and the list goes on! Throughout my Marine Corps Enlistment, I taught myself how to code this is where I saw my true potential. I've always loved problem solving, and creating things. I'm also a musician, and love post-production/Mix/Mastering (started playing Drums when I was 6, Piano 10, and Guitar at 12). I taught myself how to play these instruments through tutorials, without knowing this was a form of "finding a solution to a problem". Fast-forward to today where I see the world in "0s and 1s" and the nerd. I'm excited to be apart of the Zenyte team, and look forward to meeting each and everyone of you. Thank you! </p> <span>- Andre</span> <span>Junior Content Developer</span> <span>Development Team</span> </body> </html>
  17. January 2023 Hello Community, I would like to take this opportunity to make some important announcements and then provide some context behind the decision and what it will mean to our community/server. Ownership Changes (Website and Game) As mentioned in November 2022 the ownership of Zenyte and all of the assets will be transitioned to Gepan. The final phase of this three-phase project is set to be concluded on January 28th. You may need to download a new client on January 29th but we will make sure all of this information is available in real time. Quaility Assurance: xMeliodas has taken on the position of the Staff Team "Controller". This is a new initiative which revolves around quality assurance. He will be responsible for making sure that all of the server support inquiries are being handled in a timely and proper manner. We should not have players waiting for response to support tickets, admin tickets, ban appeals, client issues and so forth. This will be his focus so if you do not feel like your issue is being addressed properly do not hesitate to reach out. He is also reviewing all the server rules and making sure we have consistency on all of our processes. Management and Development Changes: Lucid will be reinstated into the Development Team as Content Developer. He has been assisting Cresinkel behind the scenes for the last couple of weeks and branched together a update (250+ hours of preperation). This will allow Zenyte to advance into the newer revision and start releasing new and exciting content without a limitation based on our revision. He will be supporting us with the ability to import all new maps, all new models, all new animations and a countless number of other things. I understand that a reinstatement of Lucid will come with mixed feelings, but after long conversations and a countless amount of apologies we believe this is the best move for the future of our game. If you are not aware of the situation I will give a brief re-cap; After Lucid "Grant" resigned from the Development Team there was a lengthy conversation between him and I. This ended with an exchanging of words. He then had an unnecessary outburst in which he gave the most active players free donations without my consent. AndreYoung will be joining the Development Team as a Junior Developer. He will be working with Cresinkel and Lucid on Game Developement and be our key developer on Website Development. He comes with an array of experience in Java Dev, Python, Lua, C and HTML. We are looking forward to his support and hopefully he can learn a lot from Lucid/Cresinkel and vice-versa. Mr Goblin has been promoted to the position of Community Manager and will be leading the community and player support initiatives. Carl will be assisting him as we move forward and will hold the title of Assistant Community Manager. Both individuals have the knowledge and ability to supply our community and players with the support and attention needed. Future Updates: The Development Team(s) have some big plans for the future and have made it clear that the possibilities will be endless after the revision update is concluded. (Lucid and Cresinkel are already 250 hours into the revision coding). We plan to have plenty of smaller to medium size updates along the way, however our overall goal will be to continue create content until we are caught up with the realistic game. Keeping in mind this is a RSPS so some slight tweaks may be needed. If you are a new or returning player you have joined or came back at a prime time for the server and the development as we move forward. If you’re a current player then make sure to keep grinding because all of the skills/resources will be extremely useful as the content starts to pour in. Keep up the grind Your friend,
  18. Welcome, I assume you've been here quite a while since the quick succession through the ranks?
  19. Name: @xmeliodas Current Position: Game Moderator New Position: Global Moderator
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  22. Do you access to the linked email?
  23. I no longer have the auth for my account on my phone. Need to remove it, to redo it on my phone. Thank you.
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