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  2. Username: Iron Bakvis - Bakvis. Discord Tag: Do not have yet, will make soon. Timezone?: GMT+1. Tell us a bit about yourself?: 29 year old, Netherlands, mgtow. Favorite activity?: Playing Zenyte off course. How active are you in-game and forums?: Too much. 8+hours a day If you were referred by someone, who was it?: Someone called in Yell.
  3. Awesome trip and dedication by the clan. Thanks lads.
  4. Today
  5. Well done boys!!! Let’s keep it going. Hope i don’t miss the next one.
  6. GG Lads great trip :D
  7. As our clan continues to grow, we have rapidly been increasing people interested in bossing and slowly obtaining that dank raids gear. For the past week, a group of 5 including occasional additional Orion members have been camping Corp for at least 35-50 KC nightly. Event organizers within Orion Clan organized a clan PvM event for Corp and the following members attended: Thanks again to the people above for attending. Tonight we completed approximately 60 KC, and finally we hit the drop table we were looking for.... Lucky for us there aren't many sigils in-game, so we found a buyer quite fast. Thank you to Splasher for the purchase! Good news is he has now completed the spirit shield set! Being an Orion clan event, we obviously have to show you the split we all got. Maybe next time we get a split you'll be an Orion member PvM'ing with us too!
  8. KEKW. It sucks, but what a fuckin' way to go LOL
  9. I’m terrified of learning the inferno, nevermind even attempting it LOL. ~ I F A
  10. Sick little clip bro. The excitement when that purple text shows on the floor ~ I F A
  11. Unlucky dude. Is the account x5? ~ I F A
  12. Big shoutout to the master farmer in Ardy tonight. My boy Marvin put up a great fight, but unfortunately I got dropped. Totally ate before I clicked "pickpocket" though. l0l rip status, big fail. This was the true PPV tonight boys . GG.
  13. Gf to the master farmer in ardy. That was a sick fight bud. Rip my status l0l.

  14. Wow, great guide! Simply put, and not too cluttered. I'm definitely going to bookmark this, as I'm a noob with my farm runs tbh. Thanks @dweeb! +1
  15. just want to add that when it switches to black phase its going to hit the opposite of the next hit in red phase and in the black phase its 3 hits then poison balls knowing this saves a lot of health. great guide for beginners though!
  16. What a sad day, smh... Big f to the status and to the rock golem.
  17. ███████╗ ██╔════╝ █████╗ ██╔══╝ ██║ ╚═╝ Great things always come to an end
  18. I lasted a few minutes over 6 days play time. My rock golem will be forever missed.
  19. Hi Rolex thanks for the kind words. I updated it to show staff ranks and did a early version of the 200m tracking. Right now skills with 200m xp will appear golden. If you have a better idea how to show it please feel free to let me know. Here's what yours looks like
  20. Thank you always down to make things for the community
  21. Please post any guides you would like to see made regarding PVM or anything you would like to see here , so i may reference this topic! Thanks
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