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  2. We will be moving ahead with think suggestion, thanks to everyone that contributed. Locked and Moved
  3. I think we should award our active QA team medals, that will be displayed on their profile. Reason: I believe it would make more active testing, if they had a chance to get some Profile eye candy. At the moment there's not really that much incentive to test, and most people think it's EXP waste playing the QA server, however we're still finding bugs from a few individuals. I think adding a harmless cosmetic medal would be beneficial, as I believe more people would be interested in obtaining, and testing the QA server.
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  5. 37 I'm [email protected] @Destruction, you guys can do better than this?
  6. We don't work with their social media, no – we create their websites, and control all of the content on them, from the copy & assets to their menus, pricing & offers. Then on their apps, we publish all the push notifications, offers & vouchers and everything that comes with that. Basically, the parent company who owns all of the food chains, outsources all of their digital content management to us.
  7. Dang, new member and SAPPHIRE ALREADY? :POG: Welcome to Zenyte my guy, hope you enjoy your stay. =]
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  9. Risq

    For special beggars

  10. no support. i feel like the randomized challenges keeps it balanced
  11. Support for the top bit, and no support for removing the Smithing challenge in your post as it wouldn't affect you if you could toggle off challenges post 99.
  12. Same as a prison officer except we deal with juveniles.
  13. Love this idea, hopefully it wont be too hard to implement! Support.
  14. Beta world: I wouldn't necessarily mind this, but I do not know how much content would actually get squashed out of this. I recognize your award suggestion, but I feel as if the people who would be chasing the awards are the same people who've applied and put work into the QA team application/process. Maybe my opinion is wrong, and thats okay, but its still what I believe. Economy: The server is still fresh, and the economy will have time to grow. We have lots of different players playing different XP rates, and of course when there are a lot of players on the lower end having less accessibility to supplies and items. As more and more players are maxing, which there are a lot, the availability of items will increase. As others have pointed out, I believe we are already working on a centralized GE system. Clue Scrolls: I believe everyone wants clue scrolls, it just takes time to implement them. They're coming Soon(tm).
  15. Congrats on not only it becoming a golden guide (and the award) but also the pin! I hope this will become a staple for new members, and even more updates for maybe more advanced content!
  16. What does an intervention officer do? What does that mean? Are you in charge of their social media or do you curate their channels with social media representatives actually working under you?
  17. The grind is real! Looking good, and good luck for the rest of your progress! Very interesting to see it get bigger and bigger.
  18. I manage the content across 2,000 websites for 8 different food chains in the UK, as well as their apps.
  19. Now that the guide is finished, we can finally get this bad boy pinned. The guide is very helpful and very necessary for every new players wanting to start their account successfully. Pinned.
  20. Good spec, although really cannot see the point of him having crystal shield without proper tankier gear to back it up
  21. Get them bonds ya noobs! Good luck and have fun! Remember to sleep, don't burn yourself out totally!
  22. It's great to see some more video guides being posted. Keep up the hard work Faggetman
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