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  2. In-game Name: | SupimSatan Discord Name: | SupimSatan#1379 Time Zone: | US EST timezone Explain why you think you would be a good fit in R O U T CC: | I'm easy to get along with and I have decent knowledge on the game. I'd just like to grow my account and help others along the way Specialty: | slayer- bossing - pking when not on mobile Referral: |
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  4. The only thing I can think of is to check GPU plugin on runelite.
  5. Welcome Soapy! Glad to see you're on the forums & welcome homeee
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  7. I haven't had this much fun since the War ! 

  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I KNOW this server will be a blast, hope to see you all in the grind!
  9. legend on zenyte

  10. not easy being rich as fuck irl boys i tell u that now

    1. Dee1337


      make £135,000  last year ima double up this year

  11. lol i remeber

  12. Hello @Gepan, I will do my best this time, to finish this inquiry before minimizing the Tab On a real note i would like to dive further into topic with some very interesting questions. -What happened to the eggs received from birds nests; No longer allowing the Evil Chicken Set to be obtained without a Player to Player trade. -Is there ever any plans to restore the wilderness scene, and if so- what would be the key points you would bring to the table? -Is there any possible future seeing any of the following being released into the wilderness? -New PvP Content? -New PvM Content? -Updated Structures or New Developments? -After Construction and ToB are completed, what is the next Feature planned to be developed? -Are you going to become a Developer on the side? -Will the players who weren't here for last years holidays, be receiving holiday emotes? -Are new emotes going to be added for the people who did attend last year? -You forgot to warn me how OP the new Twisted B... Good yard
  13. Glad to see you're on the forums nMewz! Welcome to Zenyte.
  14. PROMOTION Name: Kryptic_Crow Current Position: Regular Player New Position: Server Support
  15. Hello @nMewzand welcome to Zenyte! Hope you are having a blast so far, there are plenty of bossing guides: https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/28-zenyte-guides/, you can always ask for help in the Help cc or contacting to any staff member. I will try my best giving some hints & tips! Enjoy your time!
  16. The Holidays are around the corner & I'm feeling jolly & cheerful ! I hope you are too ! I would like to present to you a new sort of event, it'll be a lil different than the previous ones that we've hosted on Zenyte, Bounty Hunter, Event Explained. Wanted Dead or Alive. It'll work similar as the Item Thirst event but regarding kills & with their respectable pets, should you obtain one of course. You'll need to screenshot me your current KC from where you'll start off, then for your last KC & the pet if you obtain one. For Example if you have already 500 Rune Dragon kills in your KC log, you'll need to screenshot me the current KC & your final KC, Let's say there's 50 Runite Dragons as a task that I'm giving to you. You'll need to screenshot me your 500kc & your 550 kc at the end. The Bounties I'll be giving out will be from 4 different categories, Legendary Bounties, Hard Bounties, Wildy Bounties & Intermediate Bounties. Each category's prizes will vary due to their difficulties. For an example, if one should bring home a pet, say from Vet'ion Bounty. You'll get a bonus prize for bringing the pet home with you & upon completion of your Vet'ion task, you'll get another prize for completing the Vet'ion Bounty. Reward's Legend Completing a Legendary Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing a Hard Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing a Wildy Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing an Intermediate Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Bringing home a pet from your Bounty contract will also give you 75 store credits Legendary Bounty, Tztok-Jad 50 Kills required to claim your reward. Hard Bounty, General Graardor 225 kills to claim your reward. Hard Bounty, Commander Zilyana 225 kills to claim your reward. WARNING, these bounties are DANGEROUS. Players can kill you if you're seeking to complete these Wildy Bounties. Wildy Bounty, King Black Dragon. 200 kills to claim your reward. Wildy Bounty, Chaos Elemental 185 Kills required to claim your reward. Wildy Bounty, Crazy Archeology 220 kills to claim your reward. Intermediate Bounty, Giant Mole. 275 kills to claim your reward. Intermediate Bounty, The Mimic 260 kills to claim your reward. Remember fellow Bounty Hunters, Don't forget to post your screenshot from the starting KC & on your final KC on this thread! You will not be eligible to claim your prizes if you fail to screenshot me your KC from start to finish, nor if you fail to screenshot me your pet you've obtain from one of my bounty contracts. Happy Hunting fellow Zenytians! Happy Holidays, I'll wish you a very wonderful day & a dope-ass gameplay!! From yours truly, ~The Zenyte Events Team.
  17. PROMOTION Name: Kaiko Current Position: Regular Player New Position: Server Support
  18. Glad to see you join us on the forums! And welcome! PM me if you have any questions!
  19. Last week
  20. This fashionscape of mine took quite some time to complete (weeks if not months). Six tradeable items, all of which are not that easy to find... It is the first fashionscape I completed on Zenyte. Obviously it revolves around the untrimmed Prayer skillcape. I just like the colours (white, grey, gold/yellow) and that the stole and 'flaps' of the cape match nicely. This outfit is not entirely to my liking, though. There are not that many (good-looking) white pieces of equipment for the weapon and shield slot. The gold/yellow of this Rain bow is off. The White staff for example might look better, but that one isn't in the game. Another downside is the wood/brown-coloured shoulder rest of the cape. I'd much prefer it to be grey(ish) like the Thieving and Agility capes. The four brown 'studs' around the stomach of the Armadyl robe top are 'meh' as well. But I wanted the shoulder area to be a little more broad (than they would be with either the Desert shirt/Druid's robe top or a Bob's shirt) to better match the shoulder rest of the cape. Nowadays, I unfortunately don't wear it often at all. Either because I'm running around (in Graceful) or training (in armour), or because the outfit is 'old' and I'm trying to compose new ones. Looking good (imo) is nice, but often it's not practical... I might try to walk around in it some more.
  21. I’ve been looking for this shield half from them for a while now, sucks about the nature talisman and especially the tooth half. 9 loops no tooth feels bad man
  22. Helloooo!! Welcome to Zenyte man, hope you'll come out of your shell a little bit more and introduce yourself to us further more !! I'm just kidding, take you're time brother !! I'm that kind of lad as well, whenever you're ready do not hesitate to introduce yourself brother!! Have a wonderful gameplay, happy grinding & have an awesome day/night/evening my dude !! See you in-game soon !
  23. Hey there Soapy, Whenever I read one's having a swell time & enjoying themselves, It always gives me some lil goose bumps ! (Yes I'm an f'ing weirdo I know. LMAO) But jokes aside, I'm very pleased you seem to enjoy Zenyte! Hope you'll enjoy your stay with us dude, Happy grinding & Happy belated Thanksgiving !! See you in-game soo homie !!
  24. Hey @soapy97, I would like to welcome you to Zenyte, hope you won't get sick of grinding here like in Osrs (Leagues). I must admit Zenyte's community is overall friendly and awesome and I'm glad you are already enjoying your stay in here. I guess you have alot of RS and RSPS experience and knowledge, but still don't you ever hesitate to ask questions either dming me/any staff member or in the Help cc in-game. Good luck!
  25. Why hello there! Care to introduce yourself a little more for us? Welcome to Zenyte anyway, I see @Yamato69posted some useful links for you.
  26. Damn, not a bad loot but I hope the drop table gets fixed anytime soon. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  27. Welcome to Zenyte! Here are some helpful links if you're just starting out:
  28. Welcome and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the server! Zenyte is perfect for fulfilling that need to play OSRS but with a little extra help so that you can enjoy the the more satisfying mechanics of gameplay :p. If you require help with anything don't hesitate to message one of the staff members. Have fun!
  29. Welcome to Zenyte! With all that Runescape experience we'd be happy to hear about any suggestions or possible bugs you may find with the server. I hope you're enjoying you're enjoying yourself here and if you need any help with anything feel free to PM any of the staff :).
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