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  3. Hi @HC Tuoppi, Thank you very much. I am able to acces my account now.
  4. Sorry that I didn't realize it was your birthday Sunday! Happy belated birthday ❤️ 

  5. Hello @Selbykm, thank you for verification, I will now disable your authenticator. Welcome back!
  6. Hi, My issue have not been resolved yet. I'm still seeing the MFA input upon signing into my account.
  7. @Selbykm- Has your issue been resolved?
  8. Hi Wuganuta, We apoligize that you are un-satisfied with our server. We here on the Zenyte Staff Team most certainly DO care about what you have to say, and we thank you for reaching out. If you have any concerns about any aspect of the server, we are here to listen. If you have any suggestions about how we could change, feel free to post them in the designated places such as the suggestions forum thread or the #suggestions channel on our discord. We hope that you still join the server, all players are welcome. I hope this helps, and thank you for the feedback. Blisziful
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  10. Hi, Not expecting anyone to care, but I'm sure a staff team that cares about the future of their server will care. I have been wanting to join this server for over a year now, I know of Noele from her previous work she has been a part of which is how I heard of this server and to know it has mobile support is very pleasing to hear. What concerns me about the server are the strict rules in place, I fear that some rules are far too extreme for any sort of freedom and there are limited playstyle options given the 'ragging' rule, which would likely never affect me, but still seems ridiculous alongside the 'malicious price gouging' I simply feel that people deserve to make their own choices in a game, if someone can afford to buy 'EVERY' single piece of 1 item, then so be it, and they can set their own prices for what they own, if it is a 'Abyssal Whip' and nobody can buy one cheaper or afford that person prices then they should go and kill abyssal demons until they get one, that's simply part of what Runescape and most rsps communitites have usually ALWAYS been about. I'm sure I might get some backlash on this, but I'm definitely not trying to insight any hate or arguments, I definitely plan on still joining, once I way up the rest of the pros and cons of Zenyte, Cheers
  11. Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply. Here is the code: RPM8T4X
  12. Hello, I have sent a verification code to the email registered to the account. Once you have recieved the code, comment here with it.
  13. Hello, I have just gotten back to the game awhile a few months and have since changed my mobile phone. May I request to have my MFA removed? Thanks in advance.
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  15. 'Wild NYMPHO appeared'

  16. Someone reached out to me and pulled me back to read this and I'm speechless, really. I'm so happy because after browsing the forums and reading over everything recently it looks like things are turning around. How exciting!
  17. Winners are: 1) 902 skills 2) Skrrtmgurt2 3) Guim Self h8
  18. Please cancel the authenticator on account: Blisziful X5 Email is: [email protected] Thank you in advance
  19. Oh! I'm so excited to see you're still around. You had my run for my money for a long time. Thanks for checking in. Make sure to keep updated with me and the server, and thanks for responding man! I'll try to not die haha. Haven't done much bossing or anything yet, so not too much risk.
  20. ZENYTE VOTING EVENT Ironman Friendly Event We will be hosting a Voting Event similar to the ones that were concluded in previous months. There will be no fees in order to participate the only requirement will be to do your daily voting and this will open the opportunity for you to win additional store credits outside of the in-game coins, and clue scrolls. Once the event has been concluded we will use a random name picker to select 3 winners. The winners will receive 350 store credits each! Once you have voted you will need to submit screenshot evidence of your vote by one of the following options: 1.) A screenshot of you doing ::claim of the award 2.) A screenshot of your vote page on the website indicating you have voted in the last 12 hours. The event will last for the entire month of Febuary starting on Monday, March 1st 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) it will then conclude on Wednesday, March 31st 23:59 GMT (SERVER TIME) Important Notes and Rules: 1.) You may only have 2 entries per day (1 per 12 hours) this means we will not accept multiple accounts participating. 2.) A player must provide the screenshot stated above there is no exception to this rule. 3.) Each time you vote you must submit an additional screenshot. (An example would be if you vote every 12 hours you will need 2 screenshots per day) 4.) The event will be Ironman friendly! Vote Point Collectors!: There is a surprising amount of people who wish to ::claim all of their points at once or collect them. If you fall in this category you can message me in-game or on discord and say I have voted, and then submit the voting-screen indicating you have x hours until you can re-vote again plus my message and your message or PM to me on discord or in-game! Failure to follow the rules will be an automatic disqualification and providing inaccurate information or screenshots could result in server punishments as per the discretion of the Zenyte Administration Team. An example of a screenshot provided for evidence is as followed: Entry Roster: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) 13.) 14.) 15.) 16.) 17.) 18.) 19.) 20.) ~The Zenyte Staff Team & Events Team.
  21. Hello, Welcome to Zenyte's Official Events for the month of March! Please note that the Events Team is working very diligently & consistently in hopes of being able to present new events, and enjoyable content to our community. We look forward to the month of March and we hope to see each and everyone of you at our official events! March 1st - 31st Zenyte Voting Event Hosted by @Fawk March 1st - April 19th Hcim Challenge Hosted by @Gepan March 4th GWD Bandos Mass Event Hosted by @Yamato69 March 6th - 11th Item Thirst Event Hosted by @Fawk March XX Corporeal Beast Mas Event Hosted by @V iking March 13th GWD Saradomin Mass Event Hosted by @Yamato69 March 14th Hide And Seek Hosted by @Fawk March 18th - 23rd Pet Thirst Event Hosted by @Fawk All information/topics regarding the Official Events will be posted one week prior to the given event commencing (server time). ~The Zenyte Staff Team & Events Team.
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    More information will be coming soon!
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