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  3. I'll hire you on as a manager ;D One of us has to know what we are doing, and It isn't me !!!
  4. Hello, and Welcome to Hivy's Fishing/Cooking Business! If you need anything from salmon to anglers I'm your man! I fish daily about 3-4 hours a day! Cooking them up to the best of my ability as well! Ask away for anything you may need. I can accomodate most people I believe. I Fish, Woodcut, Fletch, Craft, and Cook. Just let me know! My prices are fairly reasonable, and I am willing to negotiate! Just put you an order in, and If I have it in stock it will go to you immediately. If I do not, I will go and acquire it! Just shoot me a pm! I look forward to doing business with all of you!
  5. @POONpirate We can start you from 347 kc anyway, because you got a drop from 349-416, which is your highest kc!
  6. Yesterday
  7. 22. then 2. then finally 67. i got luckier doing this 100 kc then i did all throughout the first 300 ofc. sorry i had my noticeboard scrolled down in the starting kc pic im a damn idiot i guess.
  8. Really curious how far you'll make it. Best of luck !
  9. Welcome to Zenyte! We’re glad you like the server and we’re happy to have you here! If you need anything feel free to send me a PM Best of luck to all of you
  10. I am a new player, joined 13th July 21 and very much enjoying the server, very stable and everything works which is rare for PS's! Best PS I've ever played so would love to play with all the added donator benefits. Thank you, good luck to all entrants!
  11. Very nice man, moving along pretty well. Good luck with your adventure!
  12. Added the pic to my original post. Ty for the advice! Didn't Didn't think to edit and keep it one long post
  13. Good luck with your goals! Will be a long process haha
  14. I agree with the post and had an even fiercer look at it too, but since I got accepted into the QA Testing team I have seen some behind the curtain development - I can only add this onto Yamato's words. There is a lot of work being done by so many committed members in the QA team to support Matt's coding. Matt is really doing an amazing job by self-taught coding. Stay tuned for a lot of cool stuff to come! From what I have seen about coding (of which I have no clue how it works), there is just so much to take in account. Opening a door is already a full line of code with all the correct aspects having to be in the corresponding actions. PS: I am an inactive QA Tester, so this is definitely not a pat on my own back.
  15. Thank you for your positivity and constructive feedback.
  16. Nice! Getting them gains so far, I look forward to being at your maxing party Little tip if you don't mind one: edit your forum post and add the update pictures to your original post, so we can see the progress back to back as you continue your journey!
  17. Hey guys just coming back around to playing rs. Decided I want to strive for a maxed level 3 hcim. So far I've made some decent progress. Will try to keep up to date on any major mile stones. Currently trying to grind out my first 99 which will be either cooking or fm
  18. Welcome back dude(s)! If you or your friend need any assistance, hit me up on any of the platforms we use!
  19. I'd like to enter this as a returning player. I haven't been on this last year as my homie I always play with didn't have internet at his last place but we're back at it.
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  21. Promotion Name: Jaden410 Current Position: Junior Moderator New Position: Moderator
  22. I wish rsps was as simple as you seem to think it is
  23. Enjoy your day erryone!

  24. "Inside of this chest you will find crystals capable of making powerful weapons, tools and armors" So I'm assuming that means crystal tool seeds are obtainable also?
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