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  2. Both of them ideas are actually good but I just feel like there's something better that can be done. I will keep this thought juggling in my mind until I can actually come up with something that is worthy of its own suggestion thread. & I have the discord channel but I am not as active on discord as I am the forums/in-game. I will have to start using it more, I guess
  3. I love the forums myself, I'd like to see the activity on here grow too. The reason why RSPS forums aren't what they used to be is purely down to Discord. It's a lot quicker/easier to use & of course it's in real-time (instant messaging) which is the biggest advantage it has over traditional forums. I've tried to think of suggestions in the past to up the activity on here, however I haven't thought of any either unfortunately. One idea that was bandied about a little was that reputation points could have some value in-game, a cosmetics shop of sorts perhaps. However, we already struggle enough thinking of ideas for the vote/loyalty/online stores & mystery boxes without adding another to the mix.
  4. Support from me, this is something we'll probably add in the future at some point.
  5. From previous discussions with devs on this subject, the answer has always been that it'd be very complicated to get it to match OSRS. I kind of like the fact that we don't have it anyway if I'm honest though.
  6. Fantastic grind! I hope to see a Ktop or Ahrim Skirt shortly!
  7. Please implement the https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/H.A.M._Store_room this is one of the best early on thieving methods for Ironman, it's also a great source for low tier money making. Getting a Diamond Amulet to make an Amulet of Power early on (5x Exp Ironman here) has proven very difficult for my medium clue scroll.. which has forced me to either kill Crazy Archeologist or KBD or also getting 70 crafting 57 magic.. - Thank you
  8. Today
  9. Yell is pretty ideal. PMing is a bit pedoy. It's like asking a girl for her number instantly and messaging her there instead of speaking to her in person. Yell is open for everyone to see, much much better and straight forward. PMs for pedos really.
  10. From what I've heard he does know what happened quite well
  11. I've personally never played a RSPS that has correct tick manipulation setup, likely because these mechanics were never meant to be discovered in the first place and instead of fixing the issue it has become a custom of playing Runescape. But, this is Zenyte. We have a 5x exp rate which is not very hard if you have played the real thing. Speeding up this process by adding tick manipulation will feel like I'm playing 10x exp rate.. it will significantly boost my exp p/hr if this were added and that doesn't sit well IMO. Now, if Zenyte were a 1x xp base server I could agree on making these adjustments but we aren't.
  12. Alright relax you're not getting in pm2spy
  13. If he doesn't know what happened, no. Yell isn't an argument-starting place. If he has issues with a staff member or player, he should just man up and pm them (there are plenty of ways, simply not in yell, that's all...)
  14. turn off yell is already a thing in game noticeboard>options
  15. I mean is he not speaking the truth though? @Schrute Farm
  16. I truly miss old silab based servers with an exceptional forum base of activity. There have always been correlations between both forums and in-game, it creates almost 2 separates communities from 1. (those that view and play and those that just play) Although not a suggestion thread I do hope to see more integration of the forums and in-game. Said changes could be that players are given their own forum shop to spend points in. Once a player reaches let's say 500 post count they will have accumulated 500 forum points to spend, those points could go toward "CUSTOM" titles above our avatars, unlockable avatars custom to Zenyte (hire a designer to create these), etc. The realm of creativity can go beyond a simple forum layout. We have the capabilities and if 2008+ forums were producing this already I know 2020 can revive this.
  17. https://gyazo.com/6acd20cd7c8c0f23307e1677959c0c99 'Hashinshin' giving Lucifer a bad rep/name for no reason (false statements). Stuff like that is what you mean right @CIA?
  18. Agree, strictly business is a trash single team
  19. We shouldn't have to turn yell off becouse most people are toxic on it. There shouldn't be a reason to turn it off.
  20. Could add a turn off yell option if it's too much for people? Everyones a winner that way?
  21. Honestly, they should all follow the Simon Reform Coaching sessions that I can host.
  22. I too have witnessed @Newgatebeing harrassed numerous times. It's always negative and targeted by another clan. My added suggestion to your suggestion: Staff should have a note system in place where they can write an offense on a player and each time that player decides to spread misinformation on a clan, player, etc. it will be recorded. It creates a strike system for that player. Example; ::noteDurial321 accusing player Newgate of RWT 04/09/2020. Do not mute, but yell mute instead. A mute is a whole (chat, in-game, yell, etc.) and should be treated individually.. if a player is stating these things inside the yell chat that is the place to mute them, not the in-game chat. Vice-versa applies. We as a community can also STOP this from happening rather than the staff team ever being involved. How can this be done? Ignore them and report it. Adding suggestions like this to better the staff team will only fix some of the issue, but it takes all of us together to truly stop this from happening. The next time a player makes a flase accusation of someone or a clan than they should be ignored and reported right away. This devolves the situation. I have seen many players respond with flaming back to these players? Why? That is EXACTLY what they want. Good thread, well said sir.
  23. I'll have to talk to my secretary.
  24. I ate 37 salamanders and take a heavy interest in the mating processes of whales.

  25. LMAO.... ko's then says "yall garbage". Epic. Dragon dagger ate through that kid like he had 1 defence.
  26. Damn, just about 700 addy bars... Nice bank, better than mine and I'm just a normie
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