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  2. I would love to see the mountain guide near chamber's of xeric become usable. this would give quick access to the lizardman swamps and the task only shaman area.
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  4. ***Zulrah Service*** Hard Western Province Diary Zulrah Task Completion Hi all, I am offering a Zulrah completion service to those who are struggling to get the task completed for access to Elite Void armor sets. Elite void requires 1 completed kill of Zulrah, as well as full completion of the Western Hard Provinces diary tasks. I do not claim to have the fastest completion times (trust me - I know this!); but, I am very consistent with my kills and am very capable of getting you a kill on your account. For the protection of your account, I will not offer this service to HCIM. I apologize! Minimum skill requirements: 75+ mage 75+ range 75+ attack (for trident of the seas) 70+ defence 75+ Hitpoints 45+ Prayer Minimum Gear Requirements: Minimum Magic Setup I can provide my own trident if you do not have one. Minimum Ranging Setup Bag Requirements: Cost for the Service: I will complete 1x Zulrah kill on your account for 5m in game GP OR combination of sellable items leading up to 5m. For example, 1 berserker ring + 1m gp, 1 archers ring + 1m gp, etc. Payment is due BEFORE service is completed. I have made this service public to the forums for 2 reasons: 1) I hope to reach a larger audience and be able to do several of these 2) Making this public to the staff will hopefully help you to feel secure knowing somebody is watching. I have nothing but good intentions to help you reach that elite void set you desire. For every person that asks for my service, I will reference this post with a comment of who's account I am killing Zulrah on as well as when it is completed. ***Important*** If you have 2 Factor authentication (you should!) set up on your account, I will need you to help me through discord with the code to log on to your account. Message me in game if I am online, but also please leave a comment that you are interested in the service! All the best, Necromancer
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  6. Scamming Rule Change - 10/18/2019 5. Scamming Changing items/amounts of GP in trades or changing duel arena rules is NOT punishable, there are second trade/duel interfaces to avoid scams like this from taking place. Scamming item loans, trust trades, gambles, or any other scam that can be proven WILL be punished. Video evidence MUST be provided, screenshots will not suffice. Please keep in mind dice bags are untradable, so you will be jeopardizing your account along with your ability to host if you scam while gambling. We do not offer refunds for items/gp that was lost due to a scam 1st Offense: Perm. Ban | 2nd Offense: IP Ban
  7. In-game name: wuwYouTube Channel: youtube.com/seagullrspsAre you interested in Streaming, or creating videos: Creating VideosAny relevant information: Content I plan on creating everything from road to max to hcim series and everything
  8. Fantastic work on Raids, I know how much effort went into that from you Kris, as well as the QA testers & everyone else involved. The introduction of gambling here may have slightly gone unnoticed, that is also something that is sure to bring players back to the game. Not to mention that COLOSSAL bug fix list, amazing work all round. Thank you!
  9. I was searching through the full list of fixes posted and it was like my mouse wheel wasn't working or something - turns out there was just a TON that was fixed and implemented. Job well done everyone, and thank you!
  10. The amount of work that was put into this by the development team, QA testers, and staff alike was phenomenal. I want to give a big shout out to anyone and everyone involved in our continued success, it is only up from here.
  11. Beautiful work . I like these a lot!
  12. It's not that it is blurry, it's more like it's too dark. I can barely tell the second discord one is a 10. Even when I opened it up it still comes off hard to read for me.
  13. Cael

    Awards revamp

    Overall image is too big, you need to open image in new window. I know looks blurred here.
  14. I understood what the awards were trying to do, but always felt lacking. This post only confirms how I've felt. These are more aesthetically in-line with the logos design and feel and I love it. Bit of feedback - the text behind the discord ones is hard to read.
  15. Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!
  16. I will send a packet of grouped and ordered new awards to @Noele if this suggestion is accepted.
  17. Great guide and thank you. I've wanted to start shamans but i really don't like utilizing cannons. I didn't know there was efficient options outside of using cannon for DWH.
  18. I can support that, maybe even an automated announcement in the game chat that states if there are 10+ players at PC. If there aren't then the game won't automate the message. But if there are then it will and allow players to know they can go to the boats for fast PC points
  19. Tbh I only farm a very small portion of the day so I fish scales afk a lot. Blowpipe is just way faster than any other range weapon for killing shamans and steel darts are easy to come by since shamans drop iron ore and coal in abundance.
  20. Basicly a new shown-feed where it lists howmany players are currently in pest control and which boat they're in.
  21. So many updates on top of the biggest one of all Raids !! Shits crazy yo yall got a nice ass team behind this server definantly got a permanent player with me ! Love the updates good as always ! Keep it up !
  22. Wow this is huge! Looking forward to seeing everybody get the new item drops!
  23. WhENs RaIDs LoC Well done guys. This is going to be amazing
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