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  2. Oh... okay... that fucking SUCKS for Me and a few others... also I know of two other ps that have near-to the current revision. But aight:/ Joined March 23, 2021and didn't really play until I got the email regarding the reset. Instantly on and haven't touched any others since. Big ole RIP & funky timing. Shrug.
  3. Zenyte 2 - Blog #9 Revision Upgrade Hello All, I'd like to seize this opportunity to share some insights with the community regarding our plans for the revision upgrade and the thought process that led us to this decision. Let me take a moment to provide some context. In our gaming world, a "revision" is akin to a version of the game. Currently, we find ourselves at revision 179 (2019), while the live game, Old School Runescape, has advanced to revision 216, soon to reach 217 (2023). This substantial gap represents several years of continuous content updates. Just as we are sure you do, our development team envisions Zenyte flourishing as a game capable of offering the latest content, stepping out of the 2019 era. However, it's vital to understand that while we're upgrading the revision, the actual coding of new content remains a separate task. Think of this revision upgrade as enhancing our underlying infrastructure, enabling us to code fresh content rather than directly delivering it to you. Numerous hours will be dedicated by every member of our Development Team behind the scenes to ensure that once the revision upgrade is finalized, the game will continue to function as you've always experienced. Yet, this leads us to an exceptionally significant subject, quite possibly the most crucial aspect of this announcement. Mobile. Mobile functionality has played a crucial role in our game since its launch, with approximately 20% of our player base engaging with it in various ways. At present, there is no one providing the latest revisions with mobile capabilities that match the standards we've set, both in our game and in OSRS. While there have been whispers of upcoming releases that aim to emulate this functionality, it's worth noting that these versions may come with limitations on FPS (frames per second). Our intention is to proceed with the revision upgrade, even though the status of mobile integration may not be fully resolved. We plan to reassess this matter after the revision is complete. We've decided to dedicate a substantial amount of funds towards research and development for this endeavor. However, it's important to acknowledge that the exact timeframe for its completion remains uncertain at this point. In my estimation, a reasonable estimate would be a period of at least two months or more. I recognize that the initial loss of mobile functionality might seem disappointing, but I kindly urge each of you to take a moment to review the OSRS updates from 2019 up to the present and consider the myriad possibilities this upgrade will unlock for the entire game. Thanks,
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  6. awesome weekend fun, cannot wait lets gooo
  7. thanks man, not sure what this has to do zenyte
  8. Quality educational material. Request tho; don't piss off OSHA. Oshit.... inb4 workplace safety violation
  9. Method 1: Hammer and Chisel Cutting concrete doesn’t always require the use of heavy tools. For cutting small pieces of concrete, like a concrete paver, a hammer and chisel will work just fine. Since most people already own a hammer and chisel, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to cut concrete. Just be aware this method won’t leave perfectly clean edges. Step 1: Measure from the edges where you’d like your cut to be. Mark these points with chalk, then connect them to create a guideline. Step 2: Place the chisel on top of the guideline. Using the hammer, gently tap the chisel to create scoring lines in the concrete. Step 3: Score all the way across the top of the concrete with the chisel. Step 4: After scoring, place the chisel on top of the concrete in the center of the block. Step 5: Strongly hit the chisel with the hammer a few times. The concrete should split along the scored lines. Best for: The hammer and chisel method works best for cutting concrete pavers or smaller pieces of concrete. Method 2: Scoring Knife A scoring knife is also a cost-effective choice. It’s usually under $10 and is made to cut cement backer boards. Scoring knives won’t effectively cut larger or thicker pieces of concrete. So, if your project requires cutting concrete bigger than a concrete backer board, opt for different concrete cutting tools. Here’s how to cut concrete boards with a scoring knife. Step 1: Measure from the edges where you’d like your cut to be. Mark these points with chalk, then connect the marks to create a guideline. Step 2: Place a level, ruler or other straight edge beside the guideline. This will help lead the scoring knife in a perfectly straight line along the guide. Step 3: Using the straight edge, run the scoring knife along the guideline. Repeat this action about five to ten times. Step 4: After scoring the concrete board, push down on one side to snap the board along the scored line. If you are unable to snap the board, run the scoring knife over the guide a few more times. Best for: Scoring knives work best for cutting concrete board. Method 3: Circular Saw Using a circular saw is one of the most popular ways to cut concrete. They can be used on either small or large pieces of concrete, making them highly versatile. This includes projects like concrete blocks, pavers and walls. For concrete slabs, use a circular saw to cut the first inch down, then finish with a sledgehammer. When cutting concrete with a circular saw, it’s best to use a diamond blade with a wet saw. Diamond blades provide the needed strength to cut through concrete, and wet saws help prevent hazardous cement dust from spreading through the air. Here’s how to cut concrete with a circular saw. Step 1: Prepare the workspace to contain hazardous cement dust within the area. Use plastic sheets or drop cloths to cover doors or air vents. Close any windows. Step 2: Use chalk to mark where you’d like to cut the cement. Step 3: Take all necessary safety precautions, including wearing hearing protection, gloves and a respirator. Step 4: If using a dry saw, use a garden hose to run water over the work area. The water will help prevent hazardous cement dust from spreading. Step 5: While the saw is off, set the blade depth. This should be no more than the depth of each diamond tooth, usually between 2 ½ to 6 ½ inches. Step 6: Turn the saw on and cut along the chalk guide. If the concrete is thicker than your blade depth, it will take a few passes with the saw to cut completely through. Best for: Circular saws work best for cutting concrete pavers, boards, blocks and walls. This method is also great for creating a guide cut in a concrete slab. Method 4: Angle Grinder While angle grinders traditionally smooth and polish metal, they can also cut through masonry materials like concrete. The process for using an angle grinder to cut concrete is very similar to using a circular saw. The biggest differences are that circular saws tend to cut faster and create straighter lines. If all you have on hand is an angle grinder, it will certainly do the trick. Like circular saws, it’s best to use angle grinders with a diamond blade and wet grinder. If you don’t have a wet grinder, you can find conversion kits online. Here’s how to cut concrete with an angle grinder. Step 1: Prepare the workspace by covering doors or air vents with plastic sheets and closing any windows. Step 2: Mark a guideline on the cement using chalk. Step 3: Wear gloves, hearing protection and a respirator while taking all necessary safety precautions. Step 4: If using a dry grinder, use a garden hose to run water over the work area to help prevent hazardous cement dust from spreading. Step 5: Turn the angle grinder on and cut along the guideline. Concrete that’s thicker than your blade depth will require multiple passes to cut completely through the cement. Best for: Angle grinders work best for cutting concrete pavers, board, blocks and walls if you don’t have a circular saw on hand. Method 5: Walk-Behind Saw For larger projects — like cutting concrete slabs — you’ll save time and energy by using a walk-behind saw. A good rule of thumb is using walk-behind saws for projects that require cutting a depth of seven inches or more. These saws powerfully create straight, deep cuts with little effort. As always, it’s best to use a diamond blade with a wet saw. Step 1: Read the equipment’s safety manual. Follow all necessary safety precautions. Step 2: Install the blade by sliding it onto the arbor shaft, flush against the arbor backing plate. Replace the arbor cap and tighten the hardware. Step 3: Connect a garden hose — if required — to supply the wet saw. Step 4: Turn the engine on. For safety, it’s best to keep the blade above (not touching) the concrete while powering the saw up. Step 5: Lower the saw onto the concrete. Create an initial cut at a safe, shallow depth. Step 6: Use step cutting to create deep cuts. This means making a series of shallow cuts over the same place and going slighter deeper each time. Never cut the walk-behind saw’s maximum depth in one pass. Best for: Walk-behind saws work best for cutting concrete slabs. Method 6: Trencher Trenchers are best for industrial-sized projects like cutting through stretches of concrete pavement. When choosing a trencher, opt for a wheel trencher over a chain trencher. Wheel trenchers are better suited for cutting through tough terrain, like rocky soil or concrete. You can always rent a trencher if you don’t already own one. step 1: Obtain any necessary construction permits. Step 2: Prepare the worksite, including clearly marking where trenching will occur. Step 3: Read the manufacturer’s manual and take the necessary safety precautions. Step 4: Set the depth and speed controls. Step 5: Start the engine, turn on the wheel, disengage the safety and begin cutting. Best for: Trenchers work best for industrial-sized projects like cutting through concrete pavement. Safety Precautions When Cutting Concrete The dust emitted from cutting concrete contains harmful silica particles. Without the proper safety precautions, repeated exposure to this silica dust can lead to lung cancer or other ailments. That’s why it’s so important to make safety a priority when cutting concrete. This includes: Wearing a respirator Using hearing protection Wearing gloves Using a GFI outlet Using a wet saw or wetting the site
  10. Burn baby burn, Wintertodtferno! Wintertodt points will be boosted for the entire day. So get chopping, fletching and burning and maybe we'll see a Phoenix! Prize: $10 bond for the First Phoenix Pet ICYENE DOWNFALL For the entire day, Commander Zilyana will have no KC requirement to enter her chamber. There will be a few prizes active, so get your stamina potions ready and enjoy running around in circles? squares? Prizes: $5 bond for the First Saradomin Sword $5 bond for the First Armadyl Crossbow $5 bond for the First Saradomin Hilt $10 bond for the First Zilyana Pet ::bank Whilst we're not actually putting ::bank into the game for the day, you will have access to use the Deposit Boxes that are scattered around the game. If you need Karambwans, now is the time to fish! Prize: $10 bond for the First Heron Pet $10 bond for the First Beaver Pet Thanks for taking part in our events, and if you have any feedback or suggestions for future events, please suggest them via Discord.
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  12. The update we’ve all been waiting for! GREAT WORK!!!
  13. Excited for the events! Great work!
  14. Looks great man, excited to follow your progress!
  15. Smelt it like you mean it Blast Furnace will not require any Gloves for the day. So get your ores at the ready, and if you're an Ironman.. well.. sucks to be you at the shop that day! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! For the entire day, Armadyl will have no KC requirement to enter the chamber. There will be a few prizes active, so get catching those chins or just actively crying because the huge bird sucks to kill.. Prizes: $5 bond for the First Armadyl Helmet $5 bond for the First Armadyl Chestplate $5 bond for the First Armadyl Chainskirt $10 bond for the First Armadyl Pet SLAY QUEEN! We all know how much you love wasting points on task skipping.. Across the day, Slayer Points will be doubled. Again, there are a few prizes, but keep in mind that we don't want you all to win so please don't grind too hard.. Prizes: $5 bond for the First Eternal Gem $5 bond for the First Imbued Heart $10 bond for the First Slayer Pet $5 bond for the Second Slayer Pet Thanks for taking part in our events, and if you have any feedback or suggestions for future events, please suggest them via Discord.
  16. Happy to see that Zenyte still slowly brings update. Nicely done Jade.
  17. As a uim this is pogggg can't wait
  18. Excited to see Construction released and added to the game. Can't wait to see everyone's houses!
  19. Wildletics A Zenyte Wilderness Locked Ironman Wildletics has returned for a second run on Zenyte II, with a new set of rules and goals. The first goal is to survive as a hardcore ironman, but after the death, the account will live on as a regular ironman aiming to conquer the content the Wilderness offers and obtain the highest total level possible. Join me while I complete content with terrible gear, tons of restrictions, and access to little content. Account Rules: Allowed to leave for the following reasons Edgeville (Zenyte Home) Use Krystilia for Wilderness Slayer Interact with Vote/Loyalty Shop To access the Wilderness area of Edgeville dungeon Use Wilderness Teleports in Portal Safe areas included in Wilderness Mage Bank Abyss Wilderness Boss Lairs (KBD/Corp etc) Starter Kit A collection of skilling tools: Tinderbox, Bronze Axe, Bronze Pickaxe, Small Fishing Net, Harpoon, Lobster Pot, Knife, Chisel, Pestle & Mortar, Rope Default Zenyte Starter Items: 50k, Starter Weapons, HCIM armor, 50 Tuna Starter Levels 15 Mining, 15 Agility, and 17 Hunter - To be able to access these skills from the Wilderness which are needed to complete Wilderness Task Sets Account Goals: ☒ Survive as a Hardcore Ironman (Pending reinstatement of status after a bug) ☐ Wilderness Easy Diary ☐ Wilderness Medium Diary ☐ Wilderness Hard Diary ☒ 500 Total ☐ 750 Total ☐ 1000 Total ☐ 1250 Total ☐ 1500 Total ☐ Defeat King Black Dragon ☐ Defeat Chaos Elemental ☐ Defeat Scorpia ☐ Defeat Crazy Archaeologist
  20. Zenyte Mystery Box Loot Guide Interested in seeing what you can get from a Mystery Box? This guide will show you all of the items you can recieve, as well as examples of loot from players from x amount of mystery boxes. Rarest Items Christmas Cracker Black Partyhat Dragon Crossbow Dragon Pickaxe Pet Mystery Box Scythe Dragon Platebody Dragon Kiteshield Bunny Ears Ancient Wyvern Shield Rare Items Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Whip Dragonfire Shield Imbued Heart Amulet of Eternal Glory Zamorakian Spear Saradomin Sword Verac's Set Karil's Set Ahrim's Set Guthan's Set Dharok's Set Torag's Set Blessed Spirit Shield Spirit Shield Gnome Child Hat Ice Gloves Fire Cape Fighter Torso Uncommon Items Dragon Defender Dragon Axe Amulet of Fury Infinity Boots Infinity Gloves Infinity Bottoms Infinity Top Infinity Hat Onyx Boss Teleport Scrolls (1 of 6) Mage's Book Dragon Boots Amulet of the Damned Ancient Shard Common Items Dragon Thrownaxes Dragon Knives Cannonballs Raw Anglerfish Raw Sharks Raw Manta Rays Adamant Bars Mithril Bars Runite Bars Dragon Bones Magic Logs Zulrah Scales Uncut Rubies Uncut Diamonds Uncut Dragonstones Diamond Bolts (e) Dragonstone Bolts (e) Dragon Dart Tips Burnt Pages Stamina Potions Super Combat Potions Sanfew Serums Black Chinchompas Red Chinchompas Chinchompas Yew Seeds Magic Seeds Palm Tree Seeds Papaya Tree Seeds Crystal Keys And here we have an example provided by @Normoof an opening of 1000 mystery boxes. (Missing fire capes, fighter torsos, and dragon defenders) Here are two examples of instances where I opened 100 Mystery Boxes
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    Zenyte Price Guide

    Thank you for the useless opinion with zero actual feedback, appreciated! Maybe next time actually elaborate on what you think is incorrect instead of giving no context and harassing me in game!
  22. Koi these prices are so far off...
  23. Woohoo!! So ready for this be added. I have been waiting for this for a long time lol.
  24. Great work! Excited to see this added.
  25. cant wait to build a mansion, awesome work jade
  26. Construction Update Blog Hello All, Construction is progressing smoothly, and we have a solid expectation of a 2023 release. A substantial amount of content has already been incorporated, and even in its unfinished state, it could be released, allowing people to create reasonably functional houses. However, our aim is to release a product that we can take pride in. We've just finalized the beta server for our staff to evaluate Construction, gather data on any non-functional buildable elements, and determine what still needs to be added. At present, the following major features are in focus: Red - Not started.Yellow - IncompleteGreen - Complete Useful Rooms Portal Chamber Achievement Gallery Portal Nexus Superior Garden Costume Room Workshop Servants Menagerie Chapel Useful Features Entering Friend's Houses All Portals Tablet Making Wilderness Obelisk Important to remember: Typically, items highlighted in yellow are either in need of just one or two additional elements to be implemented, such as the boss liar display in the achievement gallery. Alternatively, they require a bit more testing, like the Servants, to determine the best way to implement them. We're extremely enthusiastic about releasing this feature, and our dedicated staff is diligently identifying any non-functional objects to ensure their proper integration.
  27. Zenyte 2 - Blog #8 The Plan Forward Hello, To start, I'd like to mention that we're currently performing exceptionally well in terms of our player count, player feedback through votes, and the number of newly registered accounts. We have been consistently increasing our weekly registration numbers since our initial reset Moreover, our player counts have also reached some of the highest figures we've seen since August 11th (reset day), and this achievement has been complemented by a continuous upward trend in player votes. In fact, we've observed a daily increase in the number of votes since our September 1st. This combination is the key to our success. Nevertheless, there are a few essential elements we need to introduce into this equation to ensure we stay on this successful trajectory. A graph of newly registed accounts since 2021 measured on a week by week basis. Revision Upgrade There's no sugar coating it — we're approaching a significant challenge in our development journey due to the absence of a revision, and it's imperative that we take proactive measures to address this issue. For those who may be new to the RSPS environment, a revision determines which client and cache we utilize. To illustrate, our current revision lacks the ability to add content like the Tombs of Amascut, whereas the newest revision would allow us to take on this project. It's important to clarify that a revision serves as a foundation, and even after the upgrade, the initial coding or content addition still needs to be completed. As a Management Team, we are presently in the process of finalizing the remaining details to proceed with the revision upgrade, and we will keep the community informed if any issues or challenges arise during this process. This impending change will have the most significant impact on our game in several years. We are enthusiastic about finalizing the details soon and will ensure ongoing communication with the community. We estimate that once the process begins, it will take approximately 60 days to complete, barring any unexpected complications. Content Developers We are presently seeking a full-time developer whose primary responsibility will be to introduce fresh content or address any content-related bugs that have arisen recently. We've taken note of the community's desire for more updates, particularly in terms of content, and we're actively pursuing this request. This role will come with compensation and specific qualifications. Over the past two weeks, I've observed these as two of the most pressing issues, and we are committed to proactively addressing them to ensure we continue our progress. Thanks, Matt
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    Zenyte Price Guide

    Guide is updated almost daily! Reminder, if you have prices to report, please contact me!
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