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  1. I love when this happens to be honest! It's kinda like when it's 1,337 haha.
  2. I am so happy this is a thing! Thanks for making this thread Kris! will definitely be following! Blisziful
  3. I absolutely love the forums and agree that I wish there was more activity on them! Thanks for sharing and putting this out there man -Blisziful
  4. Very well and laid out guide. I love that you use all of the little images of the items for a visual reference, it's something I do as well! Good luck on all of your endeavors and adventure on Zenyte! #IronSquad - Blisziful
  5. That was an excellent and well written introduction my man! Welcome to the Server. I hope you enjoy your stay and it is full of new adventures for you! Blisziful
  6. Welcome back to the server, and thank you for your support as well! Glad to have you back! -Blisziful
  7. Welcome back to the server man! Glad to see some of the OG player's returning!
  8. Welcome to Zenyte! Thanks for introducing yourself and letting the community know who you are! -Blisziful
  9. Congratulations to those who have been promoted or joined the team! Sad to see the others go!
  10. Are you still a HCIM? And yeah they've been gone for months. You can join "irons" though, much better and less toxic community Welcome back nevertheless.
  11. So obviously I don't even PK as I am a HCIM, but I am curious about this: Is it considered harassment and or a bankable offense if you attack someone without their consent at all (not under ragging/1 item circumstances) just in general player vs player. Thanks for the info though!
  12. If I am understanding this the way you are intending it to be understood, you want something similar to Player Owned Shops. I can see where this would be useful if the G.E. doesn't function 100% according to how OSRS does. I am un-aware as I only play on one account which is an ironman account, but I also do see the benefit of what you are saying. Thanks for sharing! Blisziful
  13. I see where you're coming from, but personally I don't think it's fair to only reward players who can afford to donate massive amounts to the servers. Yes, they deserve greater perks, but we can't only give them the best perks for everything. We should recognize all who donate, even smaller amounts, because in the end it is still real life money that was earned and contributed for the good of Zenyte. If that makes sense. This is a fair argument, but it doesn't not apply to everyone, example being myself. I have donated 50/70$ of my money and the rest came from payments when I was a staff member. I do see where you come from with this point, one of the reasons why I don't like the idea of buying/selling bonds, but I know it's an unchangeable part of the game that helps the economy in the long run. It may be cheap yes, but some players who are ironman as myself, who only have one account (again, myself.) do not have access to this luxury. I know it's completely optional that I could make a new account, but I just don't see the point in having alts just to make money (personally it may be because I find it unenjoyable and that I want all the gains on my main account) so I do partially see your point here, but I also have a rebuttal haha.
  14. I think adding a ::fan command which brings up and interface similar to staff which can even include links to forum topics would be much easier to implement. But, to get a use of the town crier- It could shout things like "Remember to set up ::2fa to secure your account!" or "Vote every 12 hours for up to 550k day." Or have the crier only shout things when there are server events such as new releases, topics that staff would like players to read, or upon new releases. Thanks for sharing man! Blisziful
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