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  6. People who have raided would be prioritised, I don't think this is something that the other members of the team would argue against so I'm just being honest!
  7. Theatre of Blood - Update & Information Welcome to the information page for the Theatre of Blood release. As teased in the update snippests channel on our Discord, we're not far from allowing you all to enter the Theatre of Blood, but there is still some testing that needs to be completed. Below, you can find all of the information regarding the current stage of release and application process to join the Testing Team. Development Stage: In-Development Testing Team Stage: Open Applications (Please head over to our Discord if you're interested in joining) Release Date: November 2022 How does the Testing team work? Each successful applicant will be given an account with maxed stats and gear. These accounts will be set to ironmen so we can test for possibility bugs/outcomes only these types of accounts will incur, but this may be changed after the first phase of testing. The first testing stage will happen on an agreed upon date by the Staff Team and passwords to these accounts given at the scheduled time of testing. Once the testing is complete, we will change the passwords again to ensure their security. The second testing stage will happen shortly after, either hours later or the following day. This stage will have different rules and objectives, so variety for this will be taken into consideration when applying. As a member of the testing team, you will be rewarded for your efforts, what this reward is has yet to be confirmed. How do you apply? Please only submit your applications in the Applications channel on our Discord, any other messages in that channel will be removed and your application automatically declined. If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in discussions channel on Discord also.
  8. Would be awesome to see a video version of this added but otherwise, great guide!
  9. Very exiting news, glad to be here for the future!
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  11. Great idea Auri Best of luck to those going for this!
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