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  1. Hello lovely Zenyte members, the name's jerrypeter and honestly, I'm just as surprised as you to be posting here! I’ve been on the server since 2019 and always had a keen goal on helping the community further, so joining the staff team as a Junior Moderator is a great privilege. Been playing Runescape since 2002 no thanks to my dad but loved almost every part of its history. Been gaming since I was young, sports in my blood and now working in an industry and role I never thought I would be. Huge fan of the NFL, specifically the Buccaneers. Being a UK resident (yes, I am a tea & crumpet eating boy) it’s rather rare to find others than have similar interests so anyone who is keen on that, feel free to pick my brain and visa versa. Anything I can do for you in-game, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I know a HCIM btw so I won’t risk my life, but I will help wherever I can!
  2. As mentioned to Cia, outside of the fact it has no relevence to me being a HCIM that doesn't enter the Wilderness. The idea is solid and I appriciate the effort that went into explaining the reasons both for the boss and for the community. I support
  3. Congrats of the drop, awesome to see!
  4. I agree with you in part. I literally see no point in grinding 85 hours (as stated above) for a cosmetic upgrade, but the outside rewards are a cool concept. More chest rewards mean more grinds that hold value, the other items such as the cosmetics are just fun to gather along the way.
  5. Great ideas, but I agree with the above that putting it in a shop would be too easy. WT or other random activities would be fair. I would like to see the pickaxe there too
  6. Agree, I see so much negativity currently in regards to slow development and such, having spoken to Carl regarding the reasons just in a pure friendly conversation, I appreciate the effort and the fact we still have somewhere to call home!
  7. I'm not against it, I can see the benefit, but I can also appriciate others views when it comes to waiting for Nightmare herself.
  8. The Efficient Barrows Guide by jerrypeter Introduction The Barrows minigame is an area-based combat minigame named after the six burial mounds in which the Barrows brothers were entombed after their deaths during the Third Age. During this minigame, players attempt to rob valuable items from the Barrows brothers' crypts. However, due to an ancient spell, the brothers' wights continued to dwell in the barrows, protecting these treasures. Barrows is a popular minigame due to the potential of receiving valuable rewards, including the unique Barrows equipment. The objective is to defeat the six Barrows brothers and open the rewards chest. Requirements + Gear To make your Barrows 'runs' as effective as possible, I would recommend having maxed combat (excluding prayer), but base 70's are more than acceptable. Most people ignore magic gear and opt for prayer bonus, I don't because I safespot every melee brother so I see no reason to drain prayer for no reason. Below is an image of my entire gear and inventory setup, placeholder slots for gold & runes are optional (ironmen accounts should copy this). Firecape can be swapped with a Skillcape, Mage Arena 1/2 cape, Mythical cape or Ardougne cloak. Amulet of Fury can be swapped with an Amulet of Glory or equivilent. Ring of Life can we swapped, I choose to keep it on as a hardcore ironman just incase. You might notice I don't use range in my setup, this is because Ahrims will die almost instantly (I currently max 43 without potions) so I would opt to ignore having an extra attack style. Preperation + Getting there The reason I say 'preperation' is because of a little trick I found whilst playing the minigame myself, the Dragon Battleaxe is a useful special ability but we can actually make it twice as powerful. Use your special ability to increase your strength to 118 (from 99), then click on the box of restoration to restore those broken stats from 90 back to 99. This also allows for you to bring another special attack weapon such as a Dragon Dagger, Mace or Warhammer etc. Next, you will click on the Home Portal, select Cities > Morton (I would save this as a favourite for future use) You will then run less than 20 seconds to the entrace of the Barrows minigame area. Brother Order and Why? Here is where personal preference, but calculated amazing skillful genius comes into play. Ahrim Karil Guthan Torag Verac Dharok Ahrim lowers your stats, hits like a truck and is the easiest to get rid of, therefore I always use the maximum melee advantage from the preperation to ensure I get him down in 3-4 hits. Karils is a pain within the tunnels, so always ensure you take him out before going down (unless you have no choice). Once Ahrim and Karil have been taken care of, depending on your prayer level, keep using protection prayer to ensure your saftey by following the path above, however once you've run out of prayer points simply check the crypt for the brother and if they pop out, run up the stairs and check the next in line until you find the brother that leads you into the tunnels. Tunnels + Safespots While inside of the tunnels, you're actually very safe. Below are the safespot locations you can use to ensure you won't take damage. Northeast: Northwest: Southwest: Southeast: You can also use the rocks shown in the first image, but be aware they only spawn in the room you entered from. Once you have defeated all of the brothers, it's time to get the perfect %. How you do this is by killing x2 Skeletons and a Bloodworm to bring your total to 87.4% After you've done this, head to any of the central doors surrounding the middle room and get ready to click your puzzle door. Puzzles The puzzles are very simple and if you don't know them, you can pick one of the images below and keep clicking the door until you find that one: Rewards Once you've got the %, all 6 brothers are slain and you're ready for another trip, simply run to the centre and open your chest for amazing loot! Obviously you can get more than just cash and runes, here's a list of everything you could recieve: Thank you for reading my guide, if you have any questions feel free to post below and i'll respond as soon as I see it Video Version:
  9. Here's hoping I win something in my life!
  10. Discord: Mouldy#3985 Portfolio of previous work (links preferred): Preferred method of pay (if accepted and work has been finalized for implementation): Zenyte Store Credits or PayPal GBP.
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