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  1. Welcome! As you mentioned, the developers have done an amazing job developing Zenyte. A lot of the tiny details is one thing that what makes this server feel so authentic. We strive to be very close to OSRS so the OSRS Wiki is always a great source for information. If you need any additional help just reach out to staff or in the help clan chat. See you around on the PVM grind!
  2. Welcome man! I'm super glad to hear you're already enjoying server. From what you've said, Zenyte seems to be the perfect choice for you. Don't hesitate or reach out to any staff in-game with any questions or just ask away in the help clan chat. See you around!
  3. You'll be missed man. You helped a lot of people and they won't forget that. Thanks for your hard work .
  4. Howdy. We already spoke a little in the discord general chat, but welcome back again! If you have any questions, any of the staff are just a PM away or always in the help clan chat. Happy grinding!
  5. Oooo, I just finished some Vorkath but it looks like I'm about head back and try my luck! What's funny is I was just looking last night at solo armadyl videos too haha. Awesome event! Pet captures are always one of my favorite events.
  6. I definitely support this idea. As @Hexaementioned, I'd also like to see it taken even further, maybe even beyond just more teleports. I know there's a lot of people who could care less about construction and I definitely understand and agree with their point of view. With our custom home, there's not really much left on the table for construction to provide that's worth the investment; especially when there's other things to work on that are more of a priority. With that said, I definitely want it it to be added to Zenyte eventually. We're known for providing a very close, authentic OSRS experience. Construction is part of that and is essential for the server to be more complete, but I think some extra perks and tweaks will be necessary to make it worth implementing. Thanks for your voicing your suggestion!
  7. I was in-game for a couple of these. Insane >_>. Congrats!!
  8. Welcome! I'm very happy you're enjoying the server! I personally feel like our server supports have been killing it in the help chat lately so it's good to hear it's been noticed! There's a ton of great, helpful players on Zenyte that it sounds like you've already been interacting with. You're obviously already very experienced, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out! See you in-game. P.S. I really need to start raiding >_>
  9. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the server! I myself have been playing Runescape for a long time, but only recently found Zenyte. The combination of being very close to OSRS and offering xp rates appropriate for anyone's lives has made it so easy to get back into it with a great sense of fulfillment. If you need any help in-game don't hesitate to message any of our staff members or just ask in the cc help chat. OSRS wiki is also your friend. See you in-game!
  10. Sad to see you go, but I wish you well on your future endeavors! Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into Zenyte.
  11. Great events just got even better! I'm pumped! Thank you to @Krisand @Mew2for the generous donations!
  12. Happy birthday man! Thanks for all you do. 

  13. Yamato69


    Hello. What message are you getting when you try to log in?
  14. The sherlock notes are a gift from god LOL. With the vote points I accumulate, I don't see myself ever doing a single master clue step ever again. Big thanks to the developers and QA team!
  15. No more videos unfortunately but I have some pictures I could upload later. Man I used to have some super super old pictures that I lost on my first computer that got fried. I'm talking like KBD was the strongest monster old, looking like a basic three-headed black dragon haha. But yeah, I've still got some decently old ones floating around. When I get home from work I'll look through them.
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