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  1. I haven't had this much fun since the War ! 

  2. The Holidays are around the corner & I'm feeling jolly & cheerful ! I hope you are too ! I would like to present to you a new sort of event, it'll be a lil different than the previous ones that we've hosted on Zenyte, Bounty Hunter, Event Explained. Wanted Dead or Alive. It'll work similar as the Item Thirst event but regarding kills & with their respectable pets, should you obtain one of course. You'll need to screenshot me your current KC from where you'll start off, then for your last KC & the pet if you obtain one. For Example if you have already 500 Rune Dragon kills in your KC log, you'll need to screenshot me the current KC & your final KC, Let's say there's 50 Runite Dragons as a task that I'm giving to you. You'll need to screenshot me your 500kc & your 550 kc at the end. The Bounties I'll be giving out will be from 4 different categories, Legendary Bounties, Hard Bounties, Wildy Bounties & Intermediate Bounties. Each category's prizes will vary due to their difficulties. For an example, if one should bring home a pet, say from Vet'ion Bounty. You'll get a bonus prize for bringing the pet home with you & upon completion of your Vet'ion task, you'll get another prize for completing the Vet'ion Bounty. Reward's Legend Completing a Legendary Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing a Hard Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing a Wildy Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing an Intermediate Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Bringing home a pet from your Bounty contract will also give you 75 store credits Legendary Bounty, Tztok-Jad 50 Kills required to claim your reward. Hard Bounty, General Graardor 225 kills to claim your reward. Hard Bounty, Commander Zilyana 225 kills to claim your reward. WARNING, these bounties are DANGEROUS. Players can kill you if you're seeking to complete these Wildy Bounties. Wildy Bounty, King Black Dragon. 200 kills to claim your reward. Wildy Bounty, Chaos Elemental 185 Kills required to claim your reward. Wildy Bounty, Crazy Archeology 220 kills to claim your reward. Intermediate Bounty, Giant Mole. 275 kills to claim your reward. Intermediate Bounty, The Mimic 260 kills to claim your reward. Remember fellow Bounty Hunters, Don't forget to post your screenshot from the starting KC & on your final KC on this thread! You will not be eligible to claim your prizes if you fail to screenshot me your KC from start to finish, nor if you fail to screenshot me your pet you've obtain from one of my bounty contracts. Happy Hunting fellow Zenytians! Happy Holidays, I'll wish you a very wonderful day & a dope-ass gameplay!! From yours truly, ~The Zenyte Events Team.
  3. PROMOTION Name: Kaiko Current Position: Regular Player New Position: Server Support
  4. Helloooo!! Welcome to Zenyte man, hope you'll come out of your shell a little bit more and introduce yourself to us further more !! I'm just kidding, take you're time brother !! I'm that kind of lad as well, whenever you're ready do not hesitate to introduce yourself brother!! Have a wonderful gameplay, happy grinding & have an awesome day/night/evening my dude !! See you in-game soon !
  5. Hey there Soapy, Whenever I read one's having a swell time & enjoying themselves, It always gives me some lil goose bumps ! (Yes I'm an f'ing weirdo I know. LMAO) But jokes aside, I'm very pleased you seem to enjoy Zenyte! Hope you'll enjoy your stay with us dude, Happy grinding & Happy belated Thanksgiving !! See you in-game soo homie !!
  6. You're totally right, I'll forward this to the developer so it'll get fixed, in the mean time you can look under our drop viewer for what drops the Nature talisman, some drops are kinda different though from osrs regarding their drop tables, so maybe it was intended this way but I'm not sure. I'll forward this either how ! Thank you for sharing this with us brother !
  7. Hey there sista, glad to read you're having fun on Zenyte dudette, we hope you're enjoying your stay with us so far!! Highkey glad you love skilling, MEE TOO! Hehehe, see you in-game soon!!
  8. Hey dude, welcome to Zenyte ! Seems like you're having fun here so far from the way I'm seeing it, that's the shit I always love to see !!
  9. Thank you very much for the Thanksgiving giveaway, for the 25 days of giveaways in December & for everything else that you've got planned in store for us !! Happy thanksgiving Gepan & to everyone else whom shall read this !! Stay safe out there, I love you all my brothers & sisters !!
  10. Hey dude, how are you? I've personally never had this issue but I'm willing to say maybe it's a graphical bug?.. I'll log in shortly & I'll go try and re-enact that shiznit to see if it's related to the game or what not! Thanks for posting man, I'll edit my current reply with the outcome !! EDIT https://gyazo.com/08df15cfef468c7959674633e82beb9a I've tried to reduplicate the graphical glitch & it didn't do it for me, maybe it was a one shot deal for you aye?.. If it re-does the same thing in the future, you can report the bug, Here.
  11. Great questions brother & I understand your point of view, We won't ask for the player to hold their horses until a certain piece of content is released just so they can grind for the Harmony Medal, no we understand we don't have all music tracks & we will most likely just rely on the music tracks that are already currently accessible / unlockable to the players in-game ! It'll be hard to keep track, but It'll be feasible!
  12. Happy Birthday bro, miss ya ! 

  13. You may read more about it, literally on the top of the thread. Or you may read it from my Gyzo screenshot my brother. https://gyazo.com/[email protected] Dancing
  14. Fantastic !! I'm so f#$&ing pleased to read this !! I CAN NOT wait till this goes live !! POGGERS !!!!!
  15. https://gyazo.com/20c3592759e8c2b6536ec2f709d83b6a Posting [email protected] to technical difficulties.
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