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  1. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no one.. Cause I'm the baddest motherf#cker in the Valley!

    1. Fe Felix

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  2. OOOOOF!!!! F#UCK YEAH!!!!! Thank you man!! Looking forward for the Shooting Stars, the new activities & items!!! I know this is just an idea, but I prefer to wait until construction is fully coded at 100% regarding for the POH's, because I prefer to build mine from scratch and have the satisfaction to see the house evolve lol. The Mahogany Homes seems hella interesting.. I never knew such a thing existed & THAT I'd be supporting 100%!! But not for being able to purchase a maxed out POH; again thank you in advance for these sick f#cking add-ons !! I can't wait !!!!!!!
  3. & Thank YOU for everything you do here man & for reading my thread bro! I'm glad I've chosed the right words HAHA! No bro, YOU are very much appreciated, but thank you man I appreciate the humbling thought! Thank you bro! Je vais te laisser sur my favorite emojis pour bien finir cela.... , F#ck dude, Thank you.. I'm humbled as sh#t right now! You better know it's likewise man. & that's for the rest of you guys, hope y'all know how much we appreciate everything you guys do. Thank you bro, I wanna add a little something about this, I am guilty of this too when I was on the team. I'm sorry you feel that way bro & I feel you on your point but please don't hold them against it man, sometimes I've done the same thing too, cause I was like too concentrated in typing my text & stuff... Ya know.. Looking @ the keyboard whilst typing like an old fart No, but for real I, nor they didn't purposely ignore you or anything like that, like outta of pure selfishness or any of those means, sometimes they don't see everything right away until one of us re-scrolls or something, but I get your point man. Even if they didn't say thank you, don't sweat it because they already know in their hearts.. Pinky swear No good deeds doesn't go unnoticed homie! I swear too good deeds don't go unnoticed either bro, trust me *wink wink*
  4. Hey dudes & dudettes whom are reading this, hope you're all having a good day! I normally don't do these types of threads.. But I just had to voice my gaming experience, so far. My Gaming Experience, One year and Seven months later & I'm still having fun just like on day one. Maybe it's a little less crowded than before, but that's ok. It doesn't change the fact the game has a nice OSRS feel to it and that most of the community rocks. It's a cool little game to literally f#ck off from reality for a few seconds. Since day one, I've always dub this the OSRS Clone too be fair haha. Now, for what's the gaming experience as a Skiller, it feels just like RuneScape & I have nothing bad to say about it. Only positive, it's enjoyable being able to fletch magic short bows within the Varrock bank, with the little melody that goes along with the location just like in Rs/OSRS... It makes me feel like when I was a young noobling, fletching & grinding for 99 fletch every morning at the Varrock West Bank before I had to go take the bus for school hahaha, Good times. What I love the most about the game honestly is the Random Events & the fact you can almost examine everything... Now that's paying attention to detail, lol. A nice "custom" too that flows perfectly with the OSRS vibe & feel is the Offer Viewer, That's a nice touch & it doesn't look funky either, it's clean & fresh. That's how we like our games, hehe. Another few "customs" that I like are the Starter weapons, they don't look weird & it flows perfectly with the game, The Home as well I like it very much, it didn't took me long to know where pretty much everything was. Easy access & lots of open space. That's a nice plus in my book. Overall, all but good about the skilling aspect of the game.. I did a few tasks on my pure.. They were cool, it had the Rs/Osrs feel to it but I never was really a PvMer to begin with.. The Community, Too be fair if you compare this Community with the Grand Theft Auto V Online one... F#ck man we shouldn't be even comparing these two, lol. For an online game I was surprised when everyone was super f#cking cool & chill... Yeah there's few bad apples here & there but that's normal; you get those everywhere you go, whenever we're talking about the Real World or on an online game. So back to what I was saying, I was really surprised when everyone seem tight with each other & cool with one & another, & it's still is today. Thank you everyone whom I had a positive encounter with, with out y'all knowing you guys made my gaming experience even better day by day. So I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart & Bottoms up. Past & Present Management, From all the way from the Past & Current Management, I'm overall happy too be fair. I loved the Pyramid Plunder update, the Puro Puro & Especially the Creature Creations one & every QOL & Bug Fixes y'all did, skilling wise. As a skiller y'all know this shit makes me Happy. One thing I am not Happy with, is when the Old Management left... That was kind of a bummer but In Real always, ALWAYS comes first.. Something else I detested is when they polled asking us what we liked best to be worked on as a priority vs ToB or Con .. -> The poll comes to a conclusion & next thing you know it .. The towel's on the bench nearby.. But like I said IRL always comes first... Always... Anyways, yeah yeah, maybe there's less updates than under the other Management, yeah you're right. But you got to give credit where it is due; when the others left Matt got voted in & gladly didn't deny the opportunity to help keep the lights on. I know he's probably f#cking sick & tired of me saying thank you over & over again but I hope you guys thank him once in a while.. & that goes for the rest of the team too I hope you thank them especially; because none of these guys are obligated to do this shit.. Ya know.. It's just a hobby that we all love(ed) & enjoy(ed)! Pretty darn hyped too that Matt's doing some coding & reading his recent Dev blogs... We're on the right track & I'm F'ing glad we're getting these, it's better than nothing! This doesn't really affect me as a diehard skiller, but the new Jaw piece for the Helmet seems pretty sick.. I Might try my luck on the pure once I wanna chill out on the skiller for a minute.. haha. Crystal tools... Oof.. Now that's WTF I'm talking about HAHAHA!! I won't get too much into it... I won't stfu if I do... Lmao. So, many thanks for that in advance & I'm looking forward to it!! A few bummers, Only thing I wanna say that I was disappointed in were the mining gloves not being implemented properly .. (But that's ok!) There's worse in life, plus it's always fixable! & Besides, like I've stated above 4-5 lines ago, IRL always comes first. Plus the previous person who've added these gloves literally came in & took out that f#cking big ass branch from out of Zenyte's wheel and allowed us to keep on moving forward.. (He had two jobs btw while coding for Zenyte) So I'm very grateful for what he did previously regarding as for QOL & Bug Fixes. You know who you are & thank you very much for allowing my game to have kept on moving forward! From the looks of it on what's the attack plan is, it won't stop anytime soon. Another thing I am disappointed with (Myself) is regarding SKILLING Events... When I was on the team idfk why I didn't came up with a Skilling Event... So please guys do something that I lacked of doing.. SKILLING EVENTS!! It feels kind of hypocritical knowing I was on the team & didn't host no skilling events.. & now I'm asking y'all pretty please & shit for doing a said event.. (Please don't take it the way that I am currently overthinking it) Past & Present Staff Members, If you guys want to join their team & giveback to the Community.. I highly suggest you to join their Family, it's a good environment (When I was there) Also everyone was pretty cool & polite (sometimes we had potty mouths) But the overall experience there was good. I had a blast when I was there, & it really didn't felt like we didn't belong there or nothing, They make you feel belonged there. Once I've had a little task to log a few peeps on the forums and shit & the time flew by way fast. Next thing you know it, I was done lol. That's how time flies fast there hahaha, Thank you guys for everything you do here for the game! Also I would like to thank you for reading my Overall Community, Game & Staff Feedback. Thank you & have a wonderful day. See you in-game soon, f#ckers!!! From yours truly, ~1945
  5. F#ck yeah! I can't wait, cheers
  6. Welcome back my dude !!
  7. Die Schlacht ist verloren, aber nicht der Krieg 💭

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