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  1. It's all about that Gin and Juice, baby.

  2. You should update/add into your Zenyte bio to "& slides into people's dms."
  3. These are some f#%*ing beautiful QOL changes and perks though !! Thank you so much !! I am THRILLED to be able to buy tomes of exp with my Loyalty points as well!! I love this update !! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!
  4. Best of luck homies, may the best man win !
  5. Welcome fam! Hope you're gonna enjoy your stay here
  6. For number 3, I voted no because I would like it to keep it to it's true roots... What I mean by that, it's kinda dangerous for a Hardcore to go at Ape Atoll and navigate his way throughout the island without getting shot at a few times by the Apes and Monkeys.. it's the sole reason why I am voting no, I want it to still be dangerous for them !! (Sounds douchey as fuck when I re-read this) But I believe it'd take away the risk factor and the fun behind getting their dragon scimitars if we were to add the greegree in the Loyalty Shop!! Cheers dude for the poll !!
  7. I forgot to mention something regarding within number 10 as well, "Examine" texts too please !! I would very love it if we could add a few examine texts that're currently missing, mostly just the new add-ons that have been implemented like the new pets, It might seem dumb for some.. But I love the little details like that! Thanks for re-reading my comment again!
  8. Regarding my vote for number ten, I'd would like it if we could have the Regen Bracelet adjusted please so it would double the healing effect & if we could increase the fail rates a little bit more when we do some Agility, I believe the only course I ever failed was at Pyramid Plunder, Thank you you guys for polling these types of stuff & thank you for the time each and every single one of you beautiful f#$!ers do dedicate around here !!!
  9. GUYS. I've been thinking about it and I had an idea for one of your poll questions, IF those tools you guys mentioned would be named ZENYTE tools and that we'd get rid of the creating the whole bars thing... THEN I would 420% support that suggestion & be willing to change my vote if it were possible !!!! How can those Zenyte tools be created?.... Same way as you create your zenyte jewlry and shit... Use a Zenyte shard, but instead on an Dragon Axe/Pick/Harpoon .. to create Zenyte tools..... Still custom ... I know.. BUT it would currently flow very well with the zenyte starting weapons and the Zenyte beta armour.... What do you guys say??
  10. I agree 420% !! It'll make perfect sense if gambling would be moved into the Burthrope's games room !!
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