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  1. 1945

    Weird Flex

    Ooof Oh no she's mine, our grey ass hairs match and sheeeeit, we're the perfect match, LMAO!! Thanks my dude I appreciate it !
  2. 1945

    Weird Flex

    Thanks my dude ! I hope so too but Until someone has prove me otherwise they got the set before me.. Then I'm claiming that title
  3. 1945

    Weird Flex

    Day 9 after Treasure Trails update.. I hope I can safely say I'm the first player with a full iron (g) set Oh. & If you were wondering who this wonderful lad howling amongst the gushing geyser.. His name is Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän & Yes that's a real german word. Lmao
  4. R.I.P DJ Crazy Toones.
  5. People who say "gz" can't spell Congratjulashionz correctly imo.


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    2. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      We forgot the silent "t" at the beginning as well 😭

    3. 1945


      Ffs, Sh#t gets me every single time .. I swear🤪🤣

    4. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Lack of ejucayshun maybe?

  6. YASSSS, 420x YASSSSSS! I hope they'll add that ! & very nice tab you got there congratulations !
  7. LMAOO, Thank you very much glitch & I will most certainly will ! Thank you again & I hope you'll have a wonderful night !!
  8. SOOOOOOOOO #$^@ING SICKKK!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for the sick update !!!!
  9. 1945


    Af#$%ingmen. (sorry for the language lmao) It's because I couldn't of said better myself. I didn't think of it while typing this suggestion ..... But you're 100000% right, It will be a little head scratcher for those two possible scenarios that could frankly unfold .. (hopefully not if this becomes a thing) Just by taking your example when the CC Rules got too strict.. Or when they added the 1 item risking rule, "Ragging" it might cause some chit chat here and there for a few days like people asking; "what's considered toxic" what not & ECT. But I'm positively sure it will have a good impact on the community... I'm pretty sure this will be a good F'ing command / rule. Thank you very much for supporting this and even more for giving me your opinion on this ! Thanks for reading again ! Have an excellent morning to you now !
  10. 1945


    Amen, I couldn't of said better my self. When ever it's gaming, Life or on the Job, there's always that one douche bag whom seek pleasure via toxicity. I very much like your idea better than mine too be fair. I hope the balance for this suggestion tips more over to your side than it will for mine. I think I like your idea too man, they could like rearrange the yell filter a little bit and put it at the chat window as you said, but when you toogle it, it doesn't toogle off at 100%, idk if you're feeling me on this. But what I mean is when you toogle it, it turns off but the yell messages & they will still go through that window BUT YOU WILL NOT SEE THE TEXTS IF IT'S OFF & if you re toogle it back ON then you can scroll up and review what has been said previously when it was toogled off and what not. VS our current yell filter in which if you turn OFF. You will NOT see what has been said previously if you decide to re-enable the yells going through your chatbox. Thank you both for your time reading this and giving me your opinions on this !
  11. 1945


    It's not a question about not liking the person or not, it's more about cleaning up the yells unnecessary bullshit that can be said in PMs. I'm not pointing the finger at anyone at all, But it's just ........ Special.. Logging on, not being able to see "Welcome to Zenyte." without seeing 2-3 cretins flaming eachother in the yell, lmao. We gotta keep in mind what ever we say in the yell, there's always 2 .. 3, 4...5, 500 and sometimes 600 players that can see this shit, Yes I know the yell filter is there for a reason, but again It's always nice to see who's selling what, who's hosting what & where.. without using the yell filter to hide the yell all together. ::removeyell should be added tbh just to punish the toxic ones. People would more than think twice before typing some stupid shit in the yell with such a command & new rule that would follow. PRETTY sure the level of toxicness would very much decline within the yell.. Thank you for reading this and sharing your opinion !
  12. 1945


    Oh no I agree with you dude, 2 weeks is exaggerated as for the first punishment, but it's just a rough sketch .. Just throwing it out there on the possibilities what it could look like, thank you for your opinion dude it's greatly appreciated and even more for your time reading this, have a good one !
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