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  1. Welcome dude ! Hope you've enjoyed your gameplay so far, it's always a pleasure meeting other people whom appreciates the details here !
  2. Hey dude welcome to Zenyte, it's a pleasure to meet you & I can't wait to meet you ingame! Your hunch about the server is SPOT. ON by the way !! Glad you've chosen Zenyte and we hope you'll stay for a long time ! Welcome again man & can't wait to meet you ingame ! Enjoy your stay man & we hope you'll enjoy the server as much as the rest of us do ! Happy grinding dude !! If you need anything just join the Zenyte help chat by simply typing "Help" or "Zenyte" in the clan chat channel ingame ! Everyone's super nice ! & we don't bite Hehehe
  3. Yes & Yaaasss, I wouldn't say no to a buff since they're pretty relitively slow
  4. Thank you very much I appreciate it & It'd be my pleasure ! .. AFTER I get my Pheonix pet !! Hehehehe
  5. You're definitely making this look like a piece of cake on mobile ! Very nice dude!
  6. It's always sad to see a fellow Zenytian leave.. Hope you'll be back soon man ! Good luck man and we hope to see you around again very soon !
  7. Congratulations @Passion!! very well deserved indeed ! I'm sad to see Echo and Taven go though...
  8. Absolutely !! This is forever saved into my Zenyte Pictures file hehehe! Good thing I have a pure for my pvming needs; but it's not getting enough love like it's supposed to though! Ahaha
  9. Very nice man ! You should open 100 more Hards, Elites AND masters all in one video!? I'd find that very killer as f#%k !
  10. Cheers man I appreciate it !! Thank you Thank you ! Thank you!! I appreciate it a lot, @Fawk Thank you man I appreciate it a lot ! & I won't let the community down !! Hehehe
  11. Thank you dude :D!!
  12. Hey guys how are you, I don't post these type of stuff too often but I thought I'd share this with you guys! I may know a few things about the second world war but this, I didn't know it was actually good until my clan-mates told me otherwise, hope you enjoy the little screenshot from my pog experience! 2 tomes of fire and a pair of Pyro gloves in one crate Thanks for reading ! It's always greatly greatly appreciated! Yours Truly, ~1945
  13. 1945

    Happy birthday !

  14. Very sexy rng there dude, Congratulations !!
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