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  1. Ty for staff feedback and I don't blame u about being mad over krunker we're still friends
  2. Another good update from our awesome team, good work Corey.
  3. I can confirm I will be modifying this and adding a secondary pump to allow users to get strength xp. I wasn't sure if users would care about this, but a user requested it so I will add it for them. Cheers @Sweet Tea
  4. Blast Furnace The Blast Furnace is a minigame situated in Keldagrim for smelting bars which require coal. The furnace here only requires half as much coal when smelting, so it's beneficial for higher-tier bars like mithril, adamantite, and runite, which are a pain to smelt on most private servers. We've matched OSRS features on the minigame, aside from the non-dwarf functionality (pedals, pump, and coke stove temperature control). The ore and bar storage is up to par with how it works on OSRS; tin and coal both have 254 as their maximum amount of ores as they are "secondary" ores. You can use tricks like the water bucket and ice gloves to cool down the bar dispenser faster. We even added support for delayed xp drops, as on OSRS, the bar dispenser does not start making bars again until you end the previous dialogue; we've matched this behavior and it allows you to use OSRS tricks like ice gloves -> goldsmith gauntlets to finish your cooling quickly and get bonus gold smelting xp. A few customization's we've made to the minigame are: On OSRS Blast Furnace worlds, the dwarves run the furnace instead of players, and you pay via the coffer, this is by far the most preferred method for the majority of players, and since both cannot be supported on the same world, we opted to support the dwarf-run system. We've modified Ice gloves and made them degradable, you can buy them from the vote shop for 15 points each, and they will last for 150 "early cools" from Blast Furnace. Custom functionality, and September vote incentive We've also added a new custom item with slightly modified color, called Enhanced Ice Gloves, which are non-degradable, as well as tradeable. These will be on the vote store for 60 points for a limited time (the month of September); afterwards there will be a way that is considerably harder/grindier than 60 vote points to acquire the enhanced ice gloves. This is to both boost player economy with a relevant skilling item and offer players something meaningful and potentially worthwhile to vote for during September. Don't worry - we will still be adding other items to our monthly vote store rotation with the other upcoming updates. Some important details/how to use about blast furnace include: Ice gloves or Bucket of water (optional), used at the bar dispenser to cool the heated bars as they come out. If you do not have either, you must wait for the bars to cool before taking them out. Coins to be able to use the blast furnace And obviously the designated ore to put into the furnace Bug Fixes/Additions Fixed Paladin coin pouch amount Fixed Malediction Ward upgrading/reverting (can now upgrade and revert properly) Fixed misc spelling mistakes Ring of Wealth's can now be imbued with a "Ring of Wealth" scroll from the Bounty Hunter store and 50k GP Disabled Abyssal Sire Boss task Moderators can now view who's on Mobile Kalphite Queen killcount is now tracked and announced after kills Attacking Kraken without tentacles now cancels combat and gives miniscule experience drops Development Notes Going forward, we are striving to communicate more efficiently as a team to you guys, the players. It's hard to convey the reasons for delays as well as delays in general and the team has been working on a variety of projects the last month. The good news is, that all of these updates are coming to an end, and we can look forward to Blast Furnace, Wintertodt, Grotesque Gargoyles, and Chambers of Xeric in the coming weeks. We will do our best to remain transparent in letting you know what our development schedule looks like, as well as more accurate timeframes for when updates can be expected. Feel free to get involved by applying to become a QA tester here Shoutout to @Ghostand @Chopfor their assitance during the QA phase.
  5. Pending the release of our new Grand Exchange features, I've taken the liberty of adding a market page that can be used in the meantime to see what items have been traded for. Visit market area Features: - Built using Ajax, meaning that all searches are done within the context of the page, no refresh/page reload required! - Indexes all of our trade logs on the backend to ensure you're getting the full picture. - Filters out trades with empty results. - Loading system to provide tool experience feedback (tldr it lets you know when its loading) In the future: - Add working pagination so you can see all of the results. - Add integration / API-based logging to the Grand Exchange, and add the data here. - Add more advanced filter options to allow you to search both sides for a specific item, as well as other functionality. I've also added a new backend system for senior moderators that will allow them to credit OSGP donations. This has been a long time coming and was only postponed to deal with upcoming content, as well as design a system that limits abuse of the system, which required proper integraton of ALL roles, whereas before we just dealt with role subgroups, like player, mod, admin. I'm pleased to say that it has every feature we anticipated to ensure Zenyte's asset integrity. Please use this thread to provide feedback on the market area.
  6. I named my cat 0day 🙂 

    1. Korex


      Really? Mine are called. Herman, Pedro, Luna and Clive XD

    2. Rolex


      Should get a cat and name it Elysian such an cool name for a cat imo lmao

  7. I'm sorry but I thought you opened this topic to give proper criticism about "why Zenyte is suffering now", but all you've done is shown us that you earned a mute and that "that's a really shitty response [to me breaking the rules]" There's a staff feedback section for a reason, where you can literally post these topics with relevant feedback, but if you literally don't have anything to say at all, other than that a moderator muted you and you don't like that he said it was justified, then I don't know what you're expecting in response.
  8. Noele

    Izad's Recent Work #1

    I have edited the topic and unfortunately we don't allow external advertisments of any sort, I understand you're showing off your portfolio, but unfortunately it directly advertises other RSPS as well as gambling sites by-name, including web address.
  9. Time isn't free, has to have backend.
  10. If we were to offer this it would come with 0 bonus credits as the amount of bonus credits does not scale linearly. This is obviously less ideal for some people and the store is setup intentionally like plenty of other games that only offer currency bundles.
  11. Credits to @Monk, this is our discord invite splash, I find it makes a decent background even on my 4k.
  12. Hello everyone, this announcement should have been made directly after the update, and we truly apologize about that. I was up until 6am testing everything we put together (correct total donation, bonds, store functionality, ranks, etc) so that we could push out something quality to our users. Synopsis This update was intended to fix a few different issues on the game, many people had very nice ingame stats, but no way to get store items that may be very important, like teleport scrolls or even donator ranks themselves. We sought to alleviate this by creating bonds, so that non-donators could use what they've earned ingame to get access to store items. This has been a model on previous servers we've run as well, in the form of "buying donations"; this honestly allows even veterans who are non-donators to become $500-1000 donator ranks (as these benefits are useful for any player), just from playing the game. I have previously heard arguments about this being "pay-to-win", but on the contrary, as always, it is "play-to-win". Without offering bonds, we would be completely sealing off players who can't donate from the store, which isn't great for anyone. Total donated changes Previously, we designed the store and vote integration for the game (i.e the part that lets you claim your store purchases and votes) pretty close to the release. We didn't anticipate the amount of last-minute work we'd need to take care of, even after all of our time spent previously, and we were not able to implement total donated amounts before launch. Instead, we were only able to use what we had available, which was the amount of credits given, which unfortunately led to people with a lot of bonus credits having donation totals of $500+ what their actual rank should have been. We never intended for this to be how the system works and unfortunately it took us some time to implement the changes ingame alongwith the bonds system. Once implemented, however, it grabbed the accurate numbers for total donated, which left some feeling wronged -- we are truly sorry for the indiscretion and I wish we would have put this announcement up sooner. Your total donated amount currently (and was intended) to work in these ways: The $USD amount you spend on credits on the store creates a payment, which adds to your donation total. Claiming a bond ingame will add to your total donated amount, as well as give you the cost of the bond in store credits. This means the original credit buyer does get to keep the bonus credits for themselves. Donating with OSRS gp is now being logged through our admin panel and creates store payments, which will add to your donation total in the amount of (0.6 * 100) for 100M. If you are missing donation credit from an OSRS gp payment, please contact an admin+ and we will check our logs and sort the issue for you! Buying a bond on the store will remove $ from your total donated amount, as another player will be receiving that when they claim the bond. Our primary focus going forward, with the store, is to fill out the rest of our rank-based benefits, as well as provide a potential handful of zones for higher-ranks; above all we are on the fence somewhat about zones as we're still deciding what features would not be overpowered to offer in them, as we do not plan to offer any sort of skilling directly next to a bank. If anything, we will likely add zones for less saturated resources at different ranks, to increase availability to people at different rank milestones. Above all, I feel that announcements like this are paramount, and of the highest important. I apologize that this announcement was missed earlier in the day, but in the future I will ensure that notices and update information are put out at a much higher frequency to ensure transparency and satisfication from you guys. I'd like to have a development blog up this weekend / Monday about our plans for the month as well as what we've been up to behind the scenes, fixing content and addressing issues as we find them. Thanks guys, @Noele
  13. We can likely send data to the interface that signifies the lowest sell price for an item on the GE. We did this on a previous server as well, and it was very useful, as you could determine whether the item you were buying was actually selling, and what prices people are looking for.
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