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  1. Started grinding Corp this week. About 110 kc I noticed that I am not getting any crystal shards like on other bosses. Checked drop viewer- sure enough no crystal shards. Could you add the shards to the drop table please. It is very time consuming to kill the beast, I believe the shards would be appropriate. Thanks.
  2. Appreciate the response, tob. I do not mind risk, however, risk means there is chance of success and failure. When someone parks their scouts at Forinthry dungeon entries and kills everyone, thats not risk. That is abuse of limitations of this server.
  3. First I would like to point out why the suggestion. We only have one world in Zenyte and world hopping is not an option. I do not PVP, but I enjoy the wildy PVM and the associated risk with it. The problem currently is that small group of friends are always killing me and other peaceful PVMers in the wildy makin pvm impossible. In my timezone lately, I can not do any wilderness slayer tasks, due to constant patrols of PKERS. I am ok with dying here and there, and loosing my embems and belongings, but having this constant lockdown of the wilderness is just bad for the game. Not to mention weird abilities of some players to remove their skulls during the fight , since we are limited to one world, there must be made a fair provision that would make pvming somewhat possible. My suggestion is PVM time frames in the wildernes, but I am open to any other ideas as well. But currently its a major turnoff for me. Thanks.
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