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    Before getting to the log itself, I'd like to say a few things. Starting now, we're going to try to switch over to a different schedule of one smaller update every two weeks, instead of one large update every month or two. The new schedule will be looking in lines of 3-4 days spent on smaller updates, 10-11 days spent on larger updates. There is a poll ongoing until August 20, 2020, which will determine which large update we work on going forward. You can vote on the poll in this topic: https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/5721-future-updates/ Update log Hunter changes Birdhouses, bird snaring, box trapping, deadfall trapping, net trapping, and pitfall trapping have been rewritten fully. All the animations have been matched to the OS ones, none of the traps will now use invalid animations. Hunter now comes with sound effects. Upon logging out of the game, all of your traps will fully collapse immediately. Any traps placed in instances will collapse when the instance is destroyed. Traps can now be set up using alternative methods. Example in case of pitfalls and deadfalls, you can just use the knife or the logs on the trap to begin setting this up. The issue with having phantom traps, limiting you to less and less traps has been patched. The way your Hunter traps attract creatures has been reworked to a different entity-based system. If a player dismantles a trap before the prey manages to get caught in something, the prey will not glitch out. A more detailed log on the changes found in Hunter can be found here: https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/5419-development-blog-hunter-skill/ PvP, Wilderness & Player Combat Grey chinchompas' attack speed has been matched to OSRS. The Kitchen knife is now a dagger-type weapon. The Infernal pickaxe now has the proper attack animations. One of the ents by the corporeal beast entrance will no longer spawn partially inside the tree. Guard dog in Ardougne no longer spawns inside the wall. Magic hut and pirate's hideout door interaction has been replicated to better match RS - it now has a fail chance to enter it, and no longer requires a lockpick to leave from the inside. Added the remainder of the max capes to be safe upon death in under level 21 Wilderness. God capes can be imbued by bringing the respective body part, after having imbuing a cape for the first time. Anyone who has imbued a cape before this update will need to do it once more, to take advantage of this. You no longer need all 3 for 1 cape. Items from a Looting bag will drop on the ground with the same timers as they normally would, so dropping food becomes visible after some minutes, and other items become visible instantaneously. Magic attacks no longer trigger the block animation. Fixed a projectile delay for barrage spells. Animations such as Vengeance, weapon attacks, and range attacks now correctly stall in accordance with OSRS inside of PvP areas. The unarmed attack speed has been boosted by one tick, it took 3 seconds between each kick/punch before, this has been changed to 2.4 seconds. Salve amulet (ei) now has a protection value of 220K. Karambwan eating now works by eating the food item first, then drinking the option and finishing off with the karambwan. (Any other method will block the tick eating effect) Pizzas now have the game messages when eaten. Pizzas can be combo-eaten in accordance with OSRS. If you're not in combat(and combat delay is 0), eating and then attacking starts combat with no delay whatsoever. Previously, eating at any given time would add 3 ticks to your combat delay. Salamanders can now attack diagonally and the magic option on salamanders can now be selected without it redirecting to a different style. Damage received is now reset upon leaving Wilderness areas, thus ensuring that any death you have after leaving Wilderness doesn't count as a PvP death. Your defence roll against another player's attacks has now been multiplied by 0.825. This reduces the overall defence of every player in a PvP scenario by 17.5%, which I've found to be a sweet spot. This change does not affect attacks from monsters, only players. The dragon bolts (e) special attack 'Dragons breath' now checks if the target has drank super antifire - previously, only normal antifire would provide protection against it. Fake experience drops should no longer glitch out and display invalid icons/amounts when receiving large sums of experience at once. Specials attacks now always trigger the skull when used against a player, assuming it was the first hit. Edgeville dungeon boundaries improved so the first two tiles after going through the gate aren't wilderness. Wilderness obelisk will no longer force-teleport people once the teleport has begun, if the user happens to leave by other means during it. Wilderness ditch jump speed has been adjusted to allow quicker passing. Slightly altered the formula for dragon claws. Previously, it would run through the four hit schemes of dragon claws and stop at the first one that 'rolled' successful damage against the target, regardless of what the damage was. I've now changed it to go through all four possible options and pick the one which is going to deal the highest amount of damage at the target. Any hits that are executed on a player or NPC upon its death will now display for the first tick of the death. So for example, if you run a dragon dagger special at another player and the first hit was enough to kill them, previously, the second hit would not show up altogether. It will now show up. However any hits that are delayed further than that will be fully discarded - therefore if you run a dragon claws special and the very first of the four hits kills the target, only the first two hits will show up as they both appear on the first tick, and the two other hits will not display. Rewrote the way freezing and stunning worked. Instead of relying on epoch time(how many milliseconds have passed since January 1st, 1970), it now relies on game process cycles(each cycle being 600ms). This helps create more precise freeze durations. I also re-adjusted a lot of the freezes overall with this change - Ice barrage for example was defined at 20,000 milliseconds which comes down to 34 ticks. I've changed it to match OS at 32 ticks. Granite maul has been revamped, I'll write how it works now(some of these worked before too, but had problems with the functionality): The combo from granite maul special to another weapon(e.g. a godsword) no longer adds an unnecessary extra tick of delay to when the hit can actually land. The mechanic where clicking the special attack after having recently hit the target but being no longer in combat with them has been rewritten to match the conditions available in RS. Players can pre-load granite maul special while being completely out of combat by double-clicking the special attack button and clicking on a player within two game ticks frame, any longer than that, the pre-load will not function. After having hit a player, if the player is still within a one tile radius of the target(so physically next-to them, includes diagonal tiles), and the player is still under existing "combat delay" from the previous weapon attack(if the delay expires, this mechanic does not trigger), clicking the special attack an odd number of times within one game tick will re-initiate combat towards your last target and run the special attack(s) at them. So a short example is whacking a player with a godsword, switching to granite maul, and clicking the special attack bar either one or three times within one game tick. If you click just once, it'll retaliate against them and run one special attack at them. If you click three times, it'll retaliate and hit them twice. If you happen to click an even amount of times within the tick, it will not trigger the auto-attack at the last target and you must click them yourself. This mechanic might sound complicated but it has been replicated from RS. PvM Changes The dagannoth king boss assignment has been merged together into one task, which covers all three kings. Anyone who has a specific dagannoth king assignment prior to this update will have it changed to this new assignment. Zulrah, Alchemical hydra and Vet'ion no longer reset their stats during the transformation phases. Dwarf multicannon can now be used at the appropriate places in the Mount Karuulm Dungeon. Blue and black dragons located in the Taverley dungeon within the assignment-only area can no longer be killed off-task. The quantity of the dragon thrownaxes and knives dropped by Drakes has been changed to 100-200. Black dragon bones in Wilderness are now dropped in noted form if the elite Wilderness diary is completed. Ogress warrior and shaman now count towards the ogre assignment. Repositioned a stuck cave horror. One of the nechryaels in the slayer tower basement has been moved outside of a wall. Arclight's drain special now stacks additively. Superiors will no longer spawn if you're on an assignment but not within the area that you've been assigned to. Kalphite queen stats have been updated, and it no longer resets its stats upon transformation. Spiritual mage combat definitions updated using Wikia. Troll generals now count towards Troll task. Lizardmen west of the canyon now have definitions and drops. Infernal mage max hit has been changed from one to eight. Hespori's vines no longer damage the player post-death. Zulrah resurrection now restores prayer points and removes toxins. Grotesque guardian rare drops have finally been fixed and can now be obtained. The grotesque guardians slayer assignment can no longer be obtained without first having unlocked the rooftop access. TzTok-Jad should no longer be able to get healed past the point of death, thus allowing players to obtain two killcount sometimes. Inferno pillars no longer regenerate stats or hitpoints. Superiors are now only aggressive to the player they spawned for. Jar drops from bosses are now announced like other rare drops. The drops received by Hespori upon killing it are now announced in your chatbox. Cave kraken can no longer be harmed by melee damage. The trident of the seas drop from Kraken will no longer be untradeable when first received. Ankous located outside of the Wilderness will no longer drop dark fishing bait. Wyrms no longer do an animation glitch when transforming back from the active form to the inactive one. If you are assigned a hellhound task from Konar you will only be able to kill Cerberus if the task is defined inside of Taverley Dungeon. This mechanic applies to other bosses as well that may have been missed in the past. Slayer-boosting items will no longer work on tasks from Konar if the task is being "completed" at an invalid location - previously it'd effectively give infinite slayer helmet boost for faster experience if that was used. The slayer skillcape perk of 1/10 chance of receiving the same task back to back now works with Konar however keep in mind the location may vary. In additional to this it is also important to note that cancelled tasks may also be considered the "last task assigned". Lizardman Shaman's purple spawns will no longer spawn if the user is out of view from the Shaman. You will also no longer be damaged if your out of sight of the Lizardman Shaman upon the explosion effect. The bonecrusher necklace in your inventory will now restore your prayer if you are within the Catacombs of Kourend when you receive a bones drop. Jar of dirt drop rate has been changed from 1/1100 to 1/1000. Kalphite queen drops now display the jar of sand in the drop viewer. The lizardman caves are now a slayer assignment-only area. If zulrah dies during the melee attack, the melee attack is cancelled. Vorkath has had a little bit of polishing: Sound effects introduced. The hitsplat for walking on the acid splats on the ground is now red. Vorkath's ranged max hit lowered from 35 to 32. Using crumble undead on the zombified spawn now provides correct amount of experience. Vorkath no longer drops amethyst bolt tips. Vorkath's loot is now dropped at the correct locations, relative to where the player is standing on Vorkath's death. This ensures that the loot tracker plugin can always recognize Vorkath's drops. Vorkath now resets its attack counter upon death, and randomizes the current special attack type. Demonic gorillas have been rewritten, old code has completely been scrapped: Alongside the demonic gorillas, tortured gorillas now better resemble OS in terms of mechanics and come with a proper combat script. Drops revised to more or less match OS. Sound effects included. Multi area introduced to the crash site cavern. Cerberus has been completely rewritten from scratch: It now comes with the combo attack that was previously missing. The combat script now properly follows the patterns that exist in RS and isn't randomized. The ghosts' attacks now register when the animation starts, not when it lands on you, so the according prayer must be up on the start of the animation. Sound effects included, and certain animations have been corrected. Alchemical hydra has had some bugs fixed, although not all yet, further fixes will come in the future: The alchemical hydra now resets its attack counter after death. In addition to the above, the attack style with which the hydra begins the next kill is now randomized. During the transition from the third phase to the last one, if the last hit that hydra did was the third hit in the sequence, it will no longer swap the attack style twice, thus resulting in it continuing with the same style that was in the third phase. The fire phase no longer causes players to get teleported back into the fire if they die through the fire upon death. The hydra can no longer be poisoned or venomed. The hydra's poison attack no longer applies poison to you once you've respawned at home after death, if the timing was luck enough. Orrvor Quo Maten now asks the players if they wish to enter the Hydra's lair when they already have items sitting in his collection chest from the previous death. The stun caused by the lightning attack by hydra no longer resets the player's current action(which would usually be combat). The "You're stunned!" message sent by hydra and kree'arra is now filterable. Players can now enter the Hydra's lair even without a slayer assignment to unlock the "Alchemical Attack!" music track. Chambers of Xeric Changes The Mountain Guide now transports players between Mount Quidamortem and Shayzien's Wall. The obstacles found in the scavenger room should no longer rarely glitch your client out to where it'd appear as if you got teleported into the void. The rare drops are now broadcasted with killcounts, and whether or not the user was in a challenge mode raid at the time. The portal swap attack by the Great Olm has had some miniscule changes to the delay of it, and it will now do the teleportation one tick earlier. The damage by the life siphon attack will now occur one game tick earlier. The Humidify spell now shoots out a projectile when used against the fire wall. Vasa Nistirio's teleport attack now longer locks the player, but rather stuns them, which allows the player to eat, change equipment etc. When logging into a raid, you're not placed at the respawn location, not the start of it(unless the respawn location is the start of the raid, of course). Energy focus is no longer allowed to turn more than once within a tick. The small muttadile will now use the melee attack more frequently when within attack radius. The abyssal portal no longer hits people away from the two-tile mouth. Players can no longer switch to a pickaxe to gain its damage-boost benefits against the guardians, the hit must be launched using the pickaxe. Dinh's bulwark no longer plays the emote if you try to equip it with both hands full, and no inventory space. Improved the code which loaded the blossom objects in the Vespula room - there was a rare case where the blossoms would not spawn as the code was looking for them in the wrong location and could not locate them. A hammer will now be found at the entrance of the crabs room in the Chambers of Xeric. The creature keeper room has the following changes: You will no longer receive 2 points for finding grubs instead you can now receive up to 3 grubs and this will be scaled depending on your thieving level for example: If you have 95+ thieving you will have a 11% chance of finding 3 and a 39% chance of finding 2 however if your only for example 74-94 thieving You no longer receive two points for finding the grubs. The thieving experience gained for finding cavern grubs is 40 for 1 grub, 60 for 2 grubs and 73 for 3 grubs. Players can now receive up to three grubs per chest, depending on their personal Thieving level. The scaling for the grubs is as follows: - If your thieving level is 95+, you have a 11% chance of finding 3 grubs and a 39% chance of finding 2 grubs. - If your thieving level is 75-94, you have a 11% chance of finding 3 grubs, a 13% chance of finding 2 grubs and a 26% chance of finding just 1 grub. - If your thieving level is 50-74, you have a 17% chance of finding 2 grubs and a 33% chance of finding just 1 grub. - At 49 thieving or under, you have a 50% chance of finding just 1 grub. There is always a 50% chance of finding no grubs - this value prior used to be around 40%, but has now been increased to 50% to match RS. Scouting for raids on a mobile device has been implemented in terms of game messages upon entering the raid, mimicing the exact messages provided by Runelite, and the same level of uncertainty, as it cannot always detect all the rooms within the raid. You can now disable up to ten layouts within the Chambers of Xeric by speaking to Captain Rimor. This comes at a fee of 2.5m gold per one layout slot. Once you unlock a slot, you can add or remove any layout to that slot for free indefinitely. Captain Rimor will explain in depth how this works when you right-click and choose the layouts option on him. The large muttadile will no longer trigger your recoil effects(ring of recoil, vengeance etc) while submerged. It can no longer be damaged while submerged either. Bugfixes The gap in abyss will no longer unlock you prematurely, thus allowing you to re-run the sequence before it has even ended. Pets can now be insured at Probita by using the item on her. Explorer's Ring 4 now recharges run energy by 100%, instead of the previous 50%. Explorer's Ring 4 now has 3 recharges, instead of 4. The ladder of one of the eastern houses in Falador no longer takes you outside of the building. Bracelet of clay effect has been implemented. Guthix rests can now be decanted. The anvils at the blast furnace area now require a Smithing level of 60 to be used. Potato cactus spawns have been added to Kalphite lair. The super antipoison item spawn by Castle-Wars has had its respawn time lowered to 6 seconds. A broken fence south-east of Barrows is now functional. Players can now put potatoes, onions and cabbages into sacks. Limestone brick crafting implemented. The uncharged version of the infernal axe can now be used for the clue which requires you to bring an infernal axe to him. Shifted the position of the dancing chair in the Draynor Manor mansions. Motherlode mine exit no longer requires you to be level 60 Mining to use. A fishing spot in Mor Ul Rek can no longer go to an unreachable location. Graceful is now allowed on Entrana. The "Locate" option on talismans now inform the user which way the ruins are. The following five shortcuts have been given the respective achievement diary requirements: Stepping stones in Brimhaven dungeon. Crevice in Heroes' guild dungeon. The stepping stone between Lumbridge swamp and Kharidian desert. The stepping stone at Mos Le'Harmless. The narrow crevice in the deep wilderness dungeon. The location of the mining guild teleport on the Zenyte portal has now been matched to that of the Skills necklace. Angler's outfit can now be found while fishing, at a rate of one in 1000 five on average(through random rolls still, so you could get it on your first catch!). The rate does not change for different types of fish, so it doesn't matter whether you catch anchovies or sharks. The Wizard in Wizard's Guild will now create Splitbark. Jackie at home now sells fine cloth. Ancient Wyvern shortcut patched in the slayer-assignment-only dungeon. The killcounts of the boss versions of certain creatures are now added on-top of the killcounts of the weaker versions, so if you have five Kraken boss slain and only two normal cave kraken, the Kraken boss will display five killcount and cave kraken will display seven. Implemented the access point between the Karamja volcano and Crandor. A miscellaneous teleport to Crandor has been added to the Zenyte portal. Dashing and spotted kebbit furs have been added to Jackie's skilling shop. Zul-andra bank deposit box has been implemented. Players can now navigate through the dense Kharazi jungle with a machete. Placeholders have been introduced for further items which lacked them, these include max capes, tridents, ibans staves and more. The dwarf cannon pieces are now sold by Nulodion for 375,000 gold per piece, for a total of 1,500,000 gold for the full cannon. The cannon in the slayer shop has not been changed - this was only introduced as an alternative to aid people who wish to train ranged but keep their hitpoints level low. Upon disconnection, the game will now kick you out of the game once 15 seconds have passed, unless you're within Wilderness. The delay was previously at 60 seconds, making death by disconnections a much likely cause. Graceful hoods no longer show your facial hair. Pirate's bandanas now properly hide the hair. Mount Karuulm weapon shop introduced. Blessings no longer automatically go into the quiver when the setting to automatically pick up ammunition is enabled. Brother Tranquility now offers transport to Harmony Island. Players can no longer purchase a rune pouch if they already own one. Some new item broadcasts have been introduced and fixed - items like visages, imbued heart etc will now broadcast. Using the peek option on the Dagannoth kings lair ladder now tells you the number of people in the slayer-only lair as well, not just the regular lair. Desert heat can only damage you for 1-10 damage now, instead of the previous 6-12. If a drop is received in the noted form, it will still count towards the unnoted version tracked by the collection log. Fertile soil spell no longer locks the player in place for six game ticks after casting. Players can now rake in raids without needing free space, assuming they have at least one of each of the three seeds with them. The game settings interface no longer opens as a temporary interface which closes immediately as you walk away - it will now remain open for as long as you wish, replacing the game management tab until it has been closed. Elidinis statuette in Nardah now boosts the players' health to hitpoints level + 7 if their current hitpoints are below that. Dragonfire protection messages are now fully filtered. 'Enter chaos rift' wilderness diary now works through the Abyss. Lit bug lantern no longer counts as a light source. Kegs can no longer be taken of the keg balance room. Molten glass can now be made by left-clicking a furnace when you have the items in your inventory. The slayer tower doors to aberrant spectres now force-walk you through them, immediately closing them behind you. The right click spellbook option on Tyss now switches you from the regular spellbook to Arceuus. Mosol Rei no longer walks around the entrance of Shilo Village. Bruma torch can now be used to light a Wintertodt brazier. Coordinate clues will now properly display coordinates that lead with a 0 for example instead of 3 degrees, it will show 03 degrees. Robin's name at home has been changed to Robin Hood to avoid conflicts with the Robin at Port Phasmatys. Runelite clue loot tracker now adds the entries when the clue opens. Previously, you would have to open two clues in order to get the first one to display. Alan at the farming guild will now be able to look after the bush, the cactus and the allotment patches for a fee. The rune pouch now costs 750 slayer points instead of the previous 1,250 slayer points. The slayer helmet and salve amulets now display the respective slayer and undead bonuses on the bonuses interface. The Wyrmy pet is no longer tradeable. Fixed a problem with certain clan names crashing clients. Items that are noted can now be sold to the shops which accept stock only, but provide the unnoted version of said item. Fixed a bug in the loot pile timer upon death which wouldn't properly register donator boosts. However to combat this, I have lowered the timer for "items being visible on the ground for all", which was oddly high at 5 minutes. That time is now at 2 minutes. Players can now deposit the contents of a looting bag that they're carrying by clicking the deposit-looting-bag button on the bank deposit box interface. Red dragonhide chaps (t) & (g) no longer require level 40 defence to wear. The rubber mushroom on Fossil Island now teleports players deep into the swap - however keep in mind you'll be hit for a hefty amount of damage if you don't fill the landing place with some mushroom! Calquat payment no longer requires the 8 poison ivy berries twice. Claiming donations and votes now informs the user if the API call failed, telling players to contract an administrator for manual help. This rarely happens but it does happen. Catherby teleport on the Zenyte portal has now had the location changed to match the Lunar spellbook teleport. Upon claiming votes, the player is now informed of how many coins they received for voting. Hard clue scrolls no longer give extended antifires when you land on the rare potions loot - instead, they now give regular antifires. The following lunar spells no longer require a defence level to be used: Bake pie, Boost potion share, Cure plant, Dream, Fertile soil, Geomancy, Humidify(Still need defence when using it to douse a fire wall in Chambers of Xeric), Hunter kit, Magic imbue, Monster examine, NPC Contact, Plank make, Recharge dragonstone, Spin flax, Stat restore pot share, Stat spy, String jewellery, Superglass make, Tan leather, All lunar teleports. Staff of the dead now requires level 75 attack to equip. Yell filter now also filters staff yells. If shields are disabled in a duel, two-handed weapons will now be unequipped when the duel begins. Master scroll book now turns to the empty version when all the scrolls are removed from it. Barrows prayer drain timer now resets if the player leaves the room. 1/100 drops no longer display as 1/1 on the drop viewer. Bloated toads can now be placed in both swamp areas around feldip hills. Zulrah item retrieval service must now be emptied before the user is allowed to go to zulrah. Emotes which are unlocked now remain unlocked throughout logouts.
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    New Items Sherlock's notes Sherlock's notes are a tradeable item which can be used on any clue scroll to advance one stage, regardless of whether you have the requirements or items needed to complete that stage. Sherlock's notes can be bought from our vote store for 1 vote point each, or from the donator store on our website in two different packages - one being 10 notes for 35 credits, and the other being 100 notes for 300 credits. Tome of experience Tome of experience is an untradeable item which allows the user to gain 5 minutes of 50% bonus experience per tome. The tomes will stack by the time duration, so if you redeem two of them, you'll have 10 minutes of 50% bonus experience. The bonus experience will not stack with the global bonus experience that we enable from time to time. If you have active bonus experience from the tome when we enable the global bonus experience, your private bonus experience will freeze at that time. The timer will tick down whenever you're online, and global bonus experience isn't enabled. The timer cannot be manually stopped by the user, so only redeem as many as you really need to avoid the experience waste. Tome of experience can be bought from our vote store for 1 vote point each. Creature Creation Creature Creation is a minigame that involves creating unique hybrid monsters and killing them for their drops. It can be found in the basement of the Tower of Life. Some of the monsters drop multiples of items that are otherwise hard to get or expensive to purchase, such as Unicorn horns, which are used to make Unicorn horn dust for Herblore. Players who have completed tiers of the Ardougne diary will receive these drops in noted form. Some of the monsters are dangerous, so bringing food may be advised. Sandstorm The Sandstorm is a grinder found west of the quarry, operated by Drew, which grinds sandstone into buckets of sand. To use this machine, players must deposit empty buckets (notes are accepted) with Drew, and must load the machine with sandstone, with heavier pieces of sandstone resulting in more buckets being filled with sand. They can then claim noted buckets of sand from Drew for 50 coins each. Drew can hold up to 25,000 empty buckets for a player and the machine can store up to 25,000 buckets worth of sand. Donator benefits Sapphire members+ will now see a "Remove-skull" option on the restoration box at home. This allows them to remove their PvP skull at any given time. There is no cooldown to using this feature. Sapphire members+ will now be able to automatically collect any marks of grace they find during rooftop agility if they have a ring of wealth worn with the currency collection option enabled. Emerald members+ will now have a 25% chance of getting the option to be sent directly to the center room of Barrows when finding the hidden passage on a sarcophagus. When this occurs, they will be met with a three-option dialogue, instead of the default two options one. The option to take you directly to the chest room will be first in the dialogue; the other two have been shifted down. Dragonstone members+ will be able to insure their pets for free at Probita after they've insured at least two pets with her. Onyx members+ will be able to freely enter the Wilderness resource area even if they do not have the elite Wilderness diary completed. Bugfixes Players can now use grimy herbs on a vial with herblore cape equipped to create the corresponding unfinished potion. Coal bag empty option now functions as intended with bank deposit interface open. Crafting jewellery speed has been increased by two ticks. Creating stamina potions now shows correct potion on creation dialogue. Ranging guild turret ladder no longer causes no-clipping. Sophanem temple ladders now take you to correct destination. Iron dragons at the Catacombs of Kourend now have an attack speed of 4 ticks instead of 6 ticks. Players can now ask Guildmaster Jane how much contracts they've completed (this won't include any contracts completed prior to update). Rubber chicken whack option as well as emote now functioning. Creating anti-venom+ is now only possible with 4 dose potions. Players can now search sack near mage arena for a knife. Rune pouch empty option while bank open no longer deposits runes into bank but into inventory. Fairy Ring to leave Zanaris now checks for Elite Diary completion. 10 warrior guild tokens are now removed on entering a cyclops area as well as 10 per minute inside. Chopping trees with a boost will now check for players level every iteration versus one time on start. Players can no longer harvest multiple scarecrow by using rakes. Falador shield now has proper messages for checking charges left. Harmony island can now be found in Skilling category in the portal at home. Explorer's ring alchemy function no longer lets you use alchemy for free with no charges left. Toktz-xil-ek and Tzhaar-ket-em now have proper attack styles as well as animations. Meat cleaver now has correct attack style and animations. Wilderness course plank works again, after having accidentally broken it with the last update. The shortcut on troll stronghold mountain that requires 47 agility now gives 8 xp. Helemos and his store now implemented on the second floor of Heroes guild. Martin Thwait's lost and found shop implemented - players can sell items to him at the high alchemy prices. Ghorrock teleport location updated on the ancient spellbook. Shops are now duplicated across the game. Instead of there being one stock of regular and ironman shop each, there are now five different versions of each of these. Each player has access to a unique slot out of these five variations - the slot will never change for an account. This helps better spread out the stock amongst our player base due to the lack of extra worlds. Dragon hasta's special attack implemented. 'Reptile freezer' slayer unlock now only works if the user is carrying an ice cooler - and deletes it in the process of use through automation. Removed all the "suspicious water" creature spawns across the dagannoth king islands. Creatures can no longer damage you as walk you towards them but behind an obstacle. This glitch was specific to walking behind an obstacle that was one game tile away from the creature(for some reason, code added +1 tile to maximum distance if the target was moving). Players can now place a cannon in the waterbirth dungeon - just not in the areas filled with dagannoth kings. Uri can no longer spawn outside of the clue scroll's polygon boundaries. Players can now read a daily board on the northern wall of the general store at home, which lets them see how long until the next daily limits reset occurs, and what limits they have at any given time. This board includes things like Zulrah resurrections, spellbook swaps, many of the achievement diary teleports and more. Daily limits are now synchronized to server clock. In addition to this, as soon as the clock hits 00:00, everyone online will receive a message about their daily limits having reset. You no longer need to relog to get them reset. Cerberus should no longer glitch out upon death and not give you loot from certain points of the area. Bush patches will now regain fruit over time if left alone, assuming it's not at full capacity. If you have a bush patch available right now and it is completely empty, you will need to clear the patch out and re-plant it. It'll only work if you remove some berries off the patch after this update. Dark essence block chiseling is now an automated process if one wishes to AFK. Simply craft one block, and you'll continue to do so every few game ticks until you run out of blocks, or are at full capacity in the fragments. You can interrupt this simply by walking away. Infernal tools rewritten: The tool creation was rewritten so that you can now also charge infernal equipment that's ran out of charges. The dialogues and sound effects were all replicated. When the infernal tool incinerates something, a local sound effect is now sent. On top of incinerating logs, the smoke graphics is now also sent for incinerating fish and ore. The experience received for incinerating logs has been halved, to match RS. The experience received for incinerating bars has been hard-coded with specific values, to match RS. Incinerating ore no longer gives you a full bar back. The check-charges messages for infernal tools made to replicate RS. Media
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    Also got a Torture ornament kit, no picture tho... Edit: I guess this DKS task was okay also even though I didn't get a Seers ring... Edit: still lucky, also got a Smouldering stone from the same task. Looking for Pegasian...
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    Zenyte Community, We would like to update you on the staff change(s) including but not limited to promotions and demotions since our last Staff Update on 8/09/20. The Zenyte Staff and Development Team are working diligently both in-game and behind the scenes if you would like to take a look at our recent update Update log 19/08/2020 - Hunter, Cerberus & Demonic gorillas rework! We would also like to remind the community that our applications for Server Support are available here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the position of Server Support or requirements in general please do not hesitate to ask! Staff updates for 08-29-20 are as followed: Promotions @Leanedas been promoted to Server Support @MrClawzhas been promoted to Server Support @Yamato69has been promoted to Server Support
  5. 6 points
    Hey everyone! This thread is currently under construction! Please check back soon. So far I just have Outfits, About, Stats and Sets (almost) done! Updated: 08/22/2020 7:31pm (CST) So, for starters, I'm making this progression thread for my HCIM journey so I can highlight the accomplishments I'll achieve throughout my adventure. I needed a new incentive to play, so this will help immensely with that.
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    QA Team Members Klank Ruler Mew2 Jakey Splasher Heavenly Vx Ziniy Paepay Cicada If you're interested in testing our content before it reaches the live game, just as the above list of our members do, then click here to apply. Please remember to use the template provided, failure to do so will mean that your application is automatically denied.
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    [email protected] First & foremost thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to provide us (the community & Zenytes staff-team) with an overall basis of what you experienced throughout the duration or your time as a member of staff. Nowadays, we don't receive as much feedback as we'd like or hoped too, but when we do, we like to show our appreciation by taking the given feedback into severe & heavy consideration. Without feedback being publicly or privately presented to the team, there is a common struggle at hand and that being we're unable to identify issues (hypothetically speaking if there is any of course). With that being said, I'd like to touch base on a few of your genuine concerns that you have distinguished and/or identified in this topic today. Server Supports have access to commands that will serve as a purpose to sustain and assist with maintaining a clean, toxic free, enjoyable environment in the event that a Moderator+ is not available. It's favorable that a role has access to commands as apposed to no access/permissions. Yes, it may cause confusion upon viewing what commands a Server Support have access too, how ever, that's why there are Moderators/Senior Moderators & Administrators. We're here to guide & assist. As you're aware it is a Server Support's primary duty to maintain the Zenyte clanchat & assist in any other possible shape or form. Reports, mutes, bans, bot busting etc are handled by our discretion. What you have to take into slight consideration is that the Server Support role is viewed as a "trial rank" - It would be highly unfair or even somewhat unprofessional to allow those who are on trial to determine the outcome of a players future. Sometimes & I say this from past experience... At times judgments can be clouded by frustration or anger. We do not wish for our Server Support individuals to become discouraged from using the commands that they are given, it's just it's in best intentions to leave the majority of the work that revolves around the use of commands to a Moderator or higher. In most cases, yes, this is the correct procedure. As Moderators we have access to a wide-range of sensitive information, commonly known as Punishment logs. When issuing a punishment we need to ensure that the correct punishment is being issued, and the duration of the punishment is 100% accurate. Once again, as you're aware, this is why Server Supports are asked to double check with a Moderator+ in the event that a mute is needing to be issued. We can check prior punishments, inform of the duration, and so forth. How ever, this is NOT always the case. A Server Support can apply discretion & critical thinking if a tedious situation has presented it self. Let's say there is a member of the community advertising another RSPS; A situation as such would not require double-checking. We would rather the situation be handled and adjusted accordingly (if need be) as apposed to allowing x individual to continuously spam until a Moderator+ is available or present. You're right, the situation that occurred today could've possibly been handled more appropriately by all of us, not by just the one individual who you are quoting in the above message. We will use this moment as a learning opportunity and hope to do better next time. Promotions are always a tricky one to assess. What most people fail to realize is that this game is a business & a means of living to some. Promotions can't be handed out nilly-willy, they have to be thoroughly thought out. As we all know, Life is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the staff-team, which ties in with promotions and demotions. Whilst you may be correct that promotions do not happen as frequently as they should, it always comes down to trust in the end of the day. Some people have been promoted earlier than anticipated, some have been promoted later than anticipated. It's all about how willing you are to go the extra mile to prove that a promotion should be granted or given. Like you stated Taven, I could also be wrong. I'm just stating it for how I see it as I've been apart of the staff team for well over 7 months now so I'd hope to have a fair understanding as to how things operate around here. In conclusion, I appreciate the topic, your time as a staff-member, and everything else you offered in hopes of making Zenyte a better place for everyone. Hope to still see you around.
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    It would be nice to be able to mine this object (needing 50 mining & a pick axe) to be able to access killing these ice warriors. It's a very small update but would have a huge impact on my Burthorpe area locked UIM. Additionally, if you added the entirety of Ice Queen's Lair (going down the ladder) that would be nice. It would have more Ice warriors, Ice spiders, and you could maybe add the Ice Queen as a demi boss with interesting drops. Though, on OSRS she only drops Ice gloves, so making her drop table different than that could be up for debate. I'm not suggesting anything crazy though, maybe a similar drop table to Ice Warriors/Ice Giants, with better drop rates of certain items. Ice Queen's Lair wiki: https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Ice_Queen%27s_lair
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    Hey guys how are you, I tried to go in the Abandonded Mine and I couldn't, may we have this little mine please? I was looking for a decent location to mine lots of adamantite rocks and this popped up on the list.. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Abandoned_Mine, it's a little dangerous though to lower levels I think but it seems overall a fun little place tbh. There's a few aggressive npcs, animated pickaxes & booby-traps lmao.. There is also a little fee whenever you bank, 100 gp when you do so. I don't know about you guys but I like this place & if I read it correctly (OK I read it fast lol) it's not even rocks that are in there It's ore veins like in the MLM, I hope you will support this idea honestly, seems like a really fun place and an interesting mining location! Thank you for your time reading this, it's greatly appreciate & have a wonderful morning! Yours Truly, ~1945.
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    A few suggestions about Burthorpe area that would be very easy to implement and make it more of a 1:1 to OSRS. Also, since I'm a Burthorpe locked UIM account, these updates seem small but are very critical to my account. So I'd appreciate them being added! 1. Add Helemos' Shop to the Heroes Guild (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Helemos) 2. According to Wiki, the level 47 agility shortcut on Trollheim is supposed to give 8xp. I don't know if this is true since none of the other shortcuts on Trollheim give experience. But if it's true, please consider adding this! That's all I've found or can think of for now
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    So as a non-iron, I see con as pretty much useless for mains. With the heal box at home, the altar to change books at home, chaos altar being superior, and the tele portal pretty much all things that con provide are covered. So when con actually does come out, the one big thing I'm not looking forward too is training it up for the heal fountain, building a tele room and all that, and still needing to tele back home to use the portal (since it has more teleport options than the nexus portal in player owned houses do.) Solutions: 1. Best solution imo, would be to add the zenyte portal to be buildable inside the house. in the same room of an exit portal, add an option to build a orange (zenyte) portal in the garden space. 2. Bit harder of a solution, would be to add all zenyte portal options to the nexus (idk if this is even possible with the interface) 3. Weakest solution but still not bad and easiest to implement, would be to make mounted glories edge tele in the POH teleport you directly to the zenyte portal (or inbetween the portal and the bank) at home PLEASE don't make me tele back home and run to the portal when teleports, heals and all that should be self contained within construction since we're spending mills on the skill. If you can't use the portal teles easily from the POH that completely makes the POH pointless for me, I would have to train con up and then not use the house cause the portal is infinitely more useful than the city teles the nexus allows. tl;dr please make the zenyte portal easily accessible from the POH in some shape or form since easy teleports is one of the big attractions to con on osrs
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    Welcome back Newgate, I appreciate the warm feedback in reference to what you have noticed from the Staff Team - As you may of heard Kris has actually started to aim more toward smaller updates more often while at the same time working on bigger projects this may be something you can look forward to in the future! Hopefully when you light up your flame, we will be able to see more video content! I also wanted to touch base on you regarding the Events and the Events Team - We have recently started to advertise for community members to join the team so if you would like to become a member feel free to submit an application here. We have actually been super active on the Events side of things for August and September I will share some of the events with you if you would like: Events: Hide n Seek! Item Thirst Mania Weekend Event Pet Capture Event Kill The King Event [August 16th] Zenyte League Hide and Seek Event [September 2020] Item Thirst Event [September 2020] [CONCLUDED] Bingo Event - September 2020 Highlighted Event! Pet Capture Event [September 2020] Memos in reference to events: September Events [September 2020] August 2020 Events! Memo for September 2020 Events Zenyte League Poll We have also hosted 38 Pest Control and Wintertodt events for the end of July, August and up to this point in September! The problem isn't the issue of events being concluded or created its comes down to participation and out of curiosity I took a look at "Who viewed" the threads that I had listed above and unfortunately as you already know you didn't get an opportunity to view 90 percent of them. You should take a glance if you get some free time! Hopefully once you read through them you will see that there is actually community events being planned, and concluded - We are actually hosting a Bingo Event with about 30 participant at the moment!
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    Hello everyone, As you can see from the title that i'm hosting a small giveaway Information To join the event, you need to: 1) Choose a number between 1-100 2) Write your in-game name There will be 2 winners Rewards 4x Mystery Boxes Each winner will gets 2x Mystery Boxes I will choose the winners this Friday, 18:00 GMT server time Unavailable Numbers - 24 - 69 - 68 - 31 - 13 - 73 - 23 - 75 - 8 - 32 - 16 - 88 - 37 - 19 - 55 - 21 - 26 - 7 - 17 - 52 - 33 - 42 - 96 - 97 - 27 - 25 - 98 - 44 - 40
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    September Events Memo The Events Team has been hard at work since the announcement of the September Events and would like to be transparent with some revisions since the initial topic release located here. The first line of business was a generous donations given by @Kris in the amount of 500m OSRS GP and a donation from @Mew2 of about 400m (Zenyte GP) in items for events in the month of September. This would not include the store credits already authorized by community management. This allowed us to offer more rewards for Pet Capture Event [September 2020], Item Thirst Event [September 2020], Hide and Seek Event [September 2020] and the Bingo Event [September 2020]. The threads currently established for Pet Capture Event [September 2020], Hide and Seek Event [September 2020] and the Bingo Event [September 2020] will be updated and re-released over the period of the next 7 days. However the Item Thirst Event [September 2020] planned to start on Saturday, September 5th 00:00 GMT has already been updated and additional rewards will be offered. We encourage members of our community to get involved and partake in this event! The Bingo Event is our highlighted event for the month of September with a reward potential of and after obtaining feedback from over 60 different members of our community ranging from all different clans, PVM skill sets, online availability, owned(obtained) gear, account statuses we would like to make transparent to some of the changes made since initial announcement of the event. You will see these all located in the updated thread but they are as followed: REWARD INCREASED TO 350M OSRS + POTENTIAL OF 4000 CREDITS! The teams will be made of 4 players. The first team to get 4 lines will receive 175m - the second team 105m and the third team 70m if we don’t end up with a second or third team that winning amount is also given to the first place team. You will receive an additional 250 credits after the 4th line with a max potential of 6 lines. The team who completes or has obtained the most boxes will receive 1500 store credits. The team who has obtained or completed the most PVM drop boxes will receive 500 store credits. The team who has obtained or completed the most skilling boxes will receive 500 store credits. The grid will be a 6x6 and include some skilling content or pets Clue scroll rewards will not be included due to potential of being assisted by donations store item. Team balancing will be done by a factor of PVM skill / online time / gear obtained Members of the Events Team will be participating so bingo card and teams will be released prior to start of event. If you would like to take part in this event or planning of this event please join the Events Team discord at the following invitation link: https://discord.gg/3xfDCJw The Events Team is also actively seeking community members to join our team! If you are interested in creating, planning and conducting events for the community of Zenyte feel free to create a topic in this section and show us your interested!
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    I believe the server would benefit from the addition of the 'Deranged archaeologist' who is naturally located on Fossil Island. I am particularly interested in this demi boss because since I started in May crystal keys have been in a awkward place. The price seems to vary and they are not sold/bought all that often in the ge. Additionally there's no 'simple' source, making them difficult to obtain for newer-moderate users. Looking at the list of the crystal key source:(https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Crystal_key) Source Level Quantity Rarity Alchemical Hydra 426 1 1/101 Deranged archaeologist 276 1 7/128 Elven Crystal Chest N/A 1 24/256 Grotesque Guardians 1 2 × 5/137 Grubby Chest N/A 1 3/50 Kraken 291 1 1/128 Kree'arra 580 1 1/127 Reward casket (elite) N/A 1 1/28,750 Sarachnis 318 1 1/100 Thermonuclear smoke devil 301 1 1/128 It can be seen that the keys are quite hard to obtain in zenyte. The Elven Crystal Chest, Grubby Chest, Grotesque Guardians and Deranged archaeologist have the best chance of dropping the crystal key. The two mentioned chests aren't accessible and the Grotesque Guardians can be challenging/time consuming. Leaving the Deranged archaeologist, which seems more reasonable than asking for prifddinas or Forthos dungeon. The rest of the drop sources include difficult bosses with low drop rate. Also, being able to defeat kree'arra or Thermy would suggest you probably wouldn't be too excited for a crystal key drop anyway. The deranged archaeologist, who is "Exactly the same as the Crazy archaeologist in terms of combat and attack" source:(https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Deranged_archaeologist) could bring more simplicity and activity in regards to crystal keys. Other mentionable drops include- source:(https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Deranged_archaeologist) rune sword rune 2h cannonball dragon arrows mud/water runes valuable materials (runite limbs, onyx bolt tips, gold ore, black d hide) While nothing he drops will make your bank, some players (including myself), will find a lot of value in farming this boss for skilling supplies/xp grinding. I personally find his drop list very rewarding while not overpowered or game changing. This is a great boss for newer-medium level players or anyone looking for another source of some of his specific drops (noted black d'hide; onyx bolt tips -less monotonous than eels- ; dragon arrows -limited sources in game-; and of course crystal keys!) Thanks for reading through and Let me know what you think! -Duky
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    It is such an honour joining the staff team, i am extremely grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to seeing what the future holds here on Zenyte! Over the past week you guys have welcomed me with open arms and i really appreciate that, it’s been great speaking to the staff team and getting to know you guys so far, also a big congratulations to @Yamato69& @MrClawzon there promotions too you guys earned it for sure.
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    Just a quick video of my hcim at Grotesque Guardians, will do more videos soon.
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    I'd like this to be added. I would also prefer Ice Gloves to come from killing the Ice Queen rather than the current setup with them being bought from the vote store & them only having a certain amount of charges...I was never really a fan of that system. However, it would be a difficult thing to change at this point with people investing GP/vote points into the enhanced version of the gloves. +1 for the dungeon being added as a whole though.
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    Events for September 2020 Calendar Pest Control and Wintertodt Events The Events Team will be hosting weekly static events for Pest Control and Wintertodt they will be hosted on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the month of August. The schedule for these events can be found in this thread or on the community calendar located here. Item Thirst Event September 5th - September 6th @Fawkwill be hosting a Item Thirst Event during the first week of September. This event will be similar to those that have taken place in the past. There will be a list of items listed in the thread and the first player to receive that drop during the weekend will be rewarded. It is important to read over the information and rules located in this thread. Pet Capture! Event September 12th - September 13th @Gepanwill be hosting a Pet Capture! Event for September 12th through 13th. The event will work similar to previous Pet Thirst Events. There will be 4 pets listed and if a player obtains one of these pets throughout the two day period they will be rewarded! Additional information for this event can be found in this thread. Bingo Event September 14th - September 30th The Events Team will be hosting a Bingo Event for the month of September it will start on September 14th and go through September 30th. The current arrangement of the event will be two teams battling against each other in order to fill majority of their bingo card first. We will be releasing additional information on this event and a thread as we get closer to September 14th! Here is a small overview thread located here! Hide and Seek Event September 18th @MrClawzwill be hosting a Hide and Seek Event for September 18th. The event will work similar to previous Hide and Seek Events he will hide in a specific location and provide clues over a period of time. The first player to find him will receive a reward. Additional information for this event can be found in this thread.
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    Hey guys! Finally after many days of the worst skill ever.. (Runecrafting) I'm happy to see all my non-combat related stats are 99! https://zenyte.com/hiscores/search/Little_Bear - Currently, I'm sitting at 352 million exp overall but obviousy looking to be the first skiller to 200m! I won't do a bank reveal or anything at the moment, I have big plans on when and how to reveal, I hope you guys are looking forward to it. Much love - Bear (Ps. if anyone can pass me some tips on how to do herblore in a profitable way or not much loss, hit me up, it's been a while since I did herblore )
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    Hey guys, So I've been playing Runescape for around 15 years, starting around 12 years old. After recently losing my account I decided that a private server would be a better option. I've tried a few others, but I'm happy I finally landed on Zenyte, this is honestly the best private server I've ever played, I can tell from the start that it's real quality. I'm not a fan of ridiculous exp rates, though I can see the benefits of getting to endgame content quicker, for me I'm used to 99s feeling like a real achievement when you work towards em, so I'm happy that you can choose your exp rate here. Plus the option of being able to play on my phone sometimes is pretty cool. The Runelite client is also a nice touch, I actually never tried it before this server. So yeah, good job to the developers for making it feel like legit osrs, and I look forward to spending more time here. Some things I like: Metal, Rpgs, some Anime, Dragonlance, Art & guitar, and being able to level the same character for years (only really found in runescape), other mmos professions just don't cut it in comparison.
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    Hope you guys like it. And sorry I feel like spamming the PvM section lol.
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    On osrs minnows were released as a method to get sharks faster than actually fishing sharks. However, on here the collection rate for resources is buffed (trees, fish, etc all collect faster). This actually makes minnows not as good in many instances as plain fishing the sharks thus making minnows nearly obsolete. I did some testing, (See attachment) I compared how long it took to get 27 sharks, and then 1080 minnows (same amount worth for sharks). I tested it at level 82 on my ironman, and level 99 on my main to get a feel for both the highest and lowest levels. I found that at level 82, minnows get sharks 30% slower than fishing sharks outright. At level 99 minnows are only 16% faster than fishing sharks, highly not worth the amount of focus they take compared to fishing sharks and nowhere near the hourly increase of sharks as osrs. Suggestion: As with many other things being buffed on the server (runes being doubled, cannon balls being doubled) I think that minnows fished could do with a 50-75% increase. A 50% increase would make minnows 6% faster than sharks at 82, and 75% faster at 99. A 75% increase would make minnows 24% faster than sharks at 82, and about twice as fast at 99. Either one would make minnows viable. As it stands, they really aren't worth doing even with it 16% faster sharks at 99.
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    I personally enjoyed my time as staff, I have no bad blood with anyone on the team. But longer I stayed on the staff team the more I noticed how things weren't really that great to begin with. Server Supports: First off let me start off with the Server Support role (this part isn't going to include the people just the role in general) I find it very.... weird. As a Server Support the role is to: Provide Support in the Zenyte CC nothing more nothing less. I'd like to point out and ask why does the Server Support role have access to commands that I think only mods should have? Good example would be muting. It was brought to my attention that I have to ASK to provide a mute. Why give the ability to mute when you have to ask permission to mute people? If we're going with that logic mods shouldn't issue bans without asking a Senior Mod before hand. I personally think the mute commands for server supports should be revoked. Regarding a server supportI have in question and again no hard feelings I wasn't perfect as well: Mrclawz: I have only seen him answer maybe 4-5 questions since he has became staff. When he is online I only see him afking at home or doing pvm content and not really providing much support in the help cc. I have also been told that he has sent rude messages to people prior to becoming staff which in my opinion isn't a good thing. (Pretty sure that can be verified in logs). Moderators: The moderation team I feel like is a 50/50 on caring and not caring. A recent event where a player threatened another players life at home where everyone can see wasn't handled right away and was "being looked into" and "waiting on life's response for it". I find that very concerning since the role as a moderator is to enforce the rules not bend them and wait for someone else to handle the issue. Personally I would like to see more moderators in the US timezone. I also would like to add that I would like to see the moderation team show a bit more effort. Show that they care. The fact that I'd have to reach out to a moderator when they're online on discord and not in game is a bad feeling. I know people have lives and can't play 24/7 but I would rather have mods that play the game then some that dont play a lot. Lastly I'd like to mention WE NEED MORE MODS. I cant stress that enough. Now the only moderator I wanna mention would be Gepan but for good reason. He mainly is on the forums and doing a great job at it if anything instead of being a mod I want to see him be a forum admin since he doesn't play a whole lot. Senior Moderators: As for our own Senior Moderator again like I mentioned above I'd like to see more people be added to the Senior Moderator list, maybe one more person. Since Conhamer is our only Senior moderator I wanna just say thank you for starting to be active in game again. The more staff we have in game actively chatting with the community the better. I don't really have any complaints for Conhamer I think hes doing just fine. Administrators: To our two admins. I first wanna say thank you for what you have done for the community so far. My only complaint with the Admin role is that I'd like to see at least one admin active in the US timezones. I know this was addressed when I suggested we need a better way to handle 2fa requests so people don't need to wait for hours. But I personally think we need more then just that. In the future I'd like to see an admin that can be on around US Timezones to handle admin stuff when people need it. Manager: As for our manager I have no hard feelings for you Life you gave me my Support role and I wanna start off by thanking you for giving me the chance. But I do have some complaints for you. I personally think you should try to be more active with the community and playing more. Your the team leader you look over everyone on the staff team. I personally think if you tried to be a bit more active in game besides sitting there I think that'd help with community growth. Being a manager you're the face of the staff team. I only really had like one good conversation with you as my time as a staff member. I'd like to see you be more active in the staff channels. As for promoting people I think you should go about it in a different way (I could be wrong about this so feel free to correct me). I personally think you should promote people who put in the time and effort and people who really care about the server and not promote base on time being there. Idk I could be wrong on that but again feel free to let me know. Overall thoughts: As for the server as a whole I love it here and I'd hate to see it die. I want to see the staff team put in the effort to chat with the community open up a bit. Maybe do more polls and ask what people would like to see happen differently. I think Zenyte can be so much better if we have a staff team that either doesn't want to put in the effort for change or doesn't care we as a server will die and we're already experiencing that. I wish everyone on the staff team the best of luck and I don't have any bad blood with anyone there. You guys are great but could be better I know you all can be. Anyways I hope my feedback made some sense I didn't want to single anyone out I tried to type this all out without being biased at all. I hope we as a community can see improvement in the staff team as a whole. A healthy and strong staff team is what I'd love to see and ill maybe reconsider and reapply. Thank you for your time sorry if this seemed all over the place.
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    September 2020 - Pet Capture Event The Events Team is asking members of Zenyte to capture the following pets! They are considered the most wanted in all the land of Gielinor! Happy Hunting! Remember: You must provide a screenshot of the pet being obtained including the game notification (timestamp) of the broadcast message. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact a member of the Events Team. There may only be 1 winner per pet drop. - Commencement date/time: Saturday, September 12th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME)- Concluded date/time: Monday, September 14th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME)- All game modes are free to participate bearing in mind usual Iron man restrictions/Hardcore deaths will still apply - Official Zenyte rules must be followed at all times- Store credits will be provided once the event has concluded- Any screen captures MUST be posted on this exact topic (no screen capture no reward)- - The Event/Administration team reserve the rights to suspend any members as they deem necessary
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    Aware, I have goals set each month for the Team, and wouldn't ask them to do anything I am not willing to do myself. I speak openly to all Staff in our staff-chat, but I'm not going to create a circle of favoritism by creating a stronger friendship with individuals, and not others. I trust my team to perform to a certain standard, as they trust me to perform to the same standard, if not higher.
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    There is already an object (the original zenyte portal) made for this. It is destiny and has been suggested since server release. Zenyte portal is a must in the house.
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    Bingo Event for September 2020 Event Schedule - Commencement date/time: Monday, September 14th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME)- Concluded date/time: Wednesday, September 30th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) Event Rules Teams will be made up of 4 players (This may be altered depending on circumstances). A winning team will be required to obtain 4 lines on their bingo card. The first three teams to get 4 lines will receive a prize of OSRS GP. After you receive 4 lines you will be eligible for 250 store credits for lines 5, and lines 6 each. The team who completes or has obtained the most boxes will receive 1500 store credits. The team who has obtained or completed the most PVM drop boxes will receive 500 store credits. You will only be able to submit proof of a drop on the account in which you registered on. (An example is if Iron Gepan got a Elysian drop it wouldn't count toward my bingo as I am playing on Gepan) Mystery Box rewards are not considered a "drop" and will not be accepted during this event. Events Team Discord: The Events Team Discord is used for majority of our "big" events that are held monthly. This will also be the discord hosting the Bingo Event so if you wish to participate please join and follow the instructions below. https://discord.gg/3xfDCJw Signing Up: If you wish to sign up for the September 2020 Bingo Event and require instructions on signing up please follow this video after you have joined the Events Team Discord listed above! The Bingo Card **Notes: The Mystery Box is a random set of items that were generated to hold value for the middle tile of the Bingo Board. You can complete this tile by obtaining one of the following items: - Tanzanite Mutagen - Magma Mutagen - Skeletal visage - Wyvern visage - Eternal gem - Dragon full helm - Craw's Bow - Thammaron's sceptre - Viggora's Chainmace Bingo Card FAQs: You may only obtain 1 drop per tile so an item you choose for the mystery box may not be utilized for another tile! If you get a skill pet you must decide which tile it goes on and this may not be changed in the future. The Zulrah unique doesn't include the onyx Cerberus uniques must be three different ones, however the pet and smouldering stone does count. Godsword shards do not need to come from the same boss or minions as the hilt. The Phoenix pet does not count as a skilling pet, but instead a bossing one! Credits also toward Mew2, Danny, Woo, Splasher and the other members of Irons CC, Convulsion for giving us previous cards to glance over! Rewards OSRS GP Rewards The first team to get four lines in a row will receive the following reward: 175M OSRS GP (This will be divided by all team members) The second team to get four lines in a row will receive the following reward: 105M OSRS GP (This will be divided by all team members) The third team to get four lines in a row will receive the following reward: 70M OSRS GP (This will be divided by all team members) Store Credit Rewards The team that completes the most boxes will receive 1500 store credits (This will be divided by all team members) The team that completes the most PVM boxes will receive 500 store credits (This will be divided by all team members) The team that completes the most skilling boxes will receive 500 store credits (This will be divided by all team members) If a teach gets 4 lines they will receive an additional 250 credits on top of any other reward for lines 5, and lines 6. Winners The following players were have won the 175M OSRS GP by being the first team to get four lines in a row: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 105M OSRS GP by being the second team to get four lines in a row: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 75M OSRS GP by being the third team to get four lines in a row: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 1500 store credits by achieving the most boxes during this Bingo Event: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 500 store credits by achieving the most PVM boxes during this Bingo Event: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 500 store credits by achieving the most skilling boxes during this Bingo Event: Name Name Name Name
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    This is something we're looking into. It may not be a direct pull from the PoH costume room, but we're wanting to introduce a place that you guys can store your clue items so that they're not clogging up your bank space. Since we added Sherlock's notes this issue has come to the forefront of our plans, hopefully we see it in-game soon. Suggestion accepted.
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    Hello, I have three suggestions for the server I would love to see implemented. These include the pearl fishing rod, mining gloves, and an update to the scythe. 1. Pearl fishing rod - With the latest addition of the anglers outfit it only seems right to bring this item next. It's a functional and equippable fishing rod which allows the fashionscapers to finish their outfit and skillers to save an inventory space. ***If considering the pearl fishing rod please don't forget about the oily variant for infernal eels!!!*** 2. Mining Gloves - There are three pairs which are 'Mining Gloves', 'Superior mining gloves' and 'Expert mining gloves'. While equipped, these gloves decrease the chance of certain ore depletion while mining. non-depletion bonuses regular- silver, coal and gold superior - mithril, adamantite, runite Expert - silver, coal, gold, mithril, adamantite, runite and amethyst As someone who plays on mobile almost all day grinding xp (a lot of afk) this could increase my rates substantially. They are obtained through 'unidentified minerals' which are mined randomly at the mining guild but could be obtainable through other means to avoid adding the minerals. 3. Scythe update - At 1000 store credits this item is completely underwhelming. I've seen them go for 3-6m and even at that they don't always sell. I understand that this is purely a cosmetic item which offers no real benefit other than looks, but it even lacks in that department. I would really love to see the proper (or unique) attack animations along with the proper (or unique) wielding animation. As of right now when wielding the scythe it's as if my character isn't wielding anything while attacking (punch/kicks) and holds it in a similar way (while not attacking/idle)
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    Top tier Pvmers @Great Chaos @Last Zombie @Mew2 @J Y N X @Gerard @Distraction @Nissan @Sh0ckzy @Ziniy @splasher @Gim Francis Pm any of these cool ppl if you want to learn some great pvm tips etc, some are also great skillers.
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    I have made some new goals for me in forums and in-game! In-Game 1) 500 slayer tasks (200 tasks atm) 2) 20 days time online+ (9 days and 15 hours atm) 3) Killing 10k npc (4k atm) 4) #1 voter Forums Goals 1) 20 days time online 2) 200 reputations 3) 500 posts 4) Getting more medals
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    See you in Verdansk
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    Winners 1 - Fawk 2 - Megatron 3 - Fawk
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    Welcome in the team & congratulations on the promotions @[email protected]@Yamato69, well deserved! I have no doubt you guys are going to be great Server Supports.
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    1. Herb sack - Make it so you can choose which herbs to take out. OSRS doesn't have this, so there is no proper interface, but even chatbox dialogue would suffice. This is extremely helpful, especially for UIM who cannot just deposit all into a bank. Currently we have to empty, drop, and repeat - until we get to the herb we want. 2. Daily Skill Challenges - On each challenges interface add a "time remaining" since they eventually disappear. This would be helpful to keep track when players have multiple challenges and do them out of order of when they were assigned. Thanks for reading
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    Has been patched and will come out with tomorrow's update, enjoy!
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    A burthore locked UIM, thats new
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    I'll implement both of these for you, the update will be out at the end of this month. Enjoy!
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    So i'm currently trying to get really professional with my video editing but i'd like to cut out the part of my own recording and work with someone else's footage. This is completely free (as i'm still newer at this) and my goal here is to really do some nice editing so if you're an RSPS youtuber or just someone who needs a video edited (or know someone) feel free to message me on here or also you can message me on discord! Whiprealgood#5856 No requirements for the footage you provide, if you have a face cam recording it separately from the footage is nice to have but not at all required. Just remember footage quality is only as good as what I would receive. I'm just putting out feelers to see if I could at some point edit for money so good or bad feedback is very much wanted! Here's a video for reference on what I am capable of, I just have a long way to go.
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    I can mess around and see what I can come up with.
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    This topic looks familiar to me, I wonder if I am losing my mind? @CynideTwistAll jokes aside, wait no. More jokes. 1+1=7/11. Gl with everything Cyn
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