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    Motherlode mine You can visit the Motherlode Mine by entering the cave underneath Falador's mining guild (also accessible from the Zenyte portal through skilling "Mining guild" teleport). Players can train their Mining within the mine by mining pay-dirt, which can be cleaned through the water channels. Players can then retrieve their ores from the sack at the end of the water channel. The ore which you get from mining pay-dirt is determined when you receive the pay-dirt, not when you deposit it in the hopper. There is a flat 2.74% chance of an ore to turn into golden nuggets which can be exchanged at Percy for mining outfit, coal bag and many other rewards. Players can also purchase two extensions - to increase the size of the sack which holds the ores, or to gain access to the upper part of the motherlode mine. The pay-dirt at the bottom level of the mine has a 1/3 chance of depleting whenever pay-dirt is received. The pay-dirt at the top will despawn 17-27 seconds after the first pay-dirt was mined, giving players a much larger window during which they can mine pay-dirt, giving much larger profits. The miners found within the mine do not actually affect pay-dirt and are only to create a more realistic scenery. They do occasionally however mine the rockfalls that are found on the ground - cleaning out the path for a small amount of time. Bugfixes The delay for Zulrah's rise timer has been readjusted for the last time - it has now been reset to what it was before the update. We have conclusive proof that the delay now matches our delay from one of the QA players. Random events now only occur for the players who have performed any sort of an action within the past 5 minutes when the random event is to be rolled on the user. This avoids large crowds being force-teleported to the random event island. Mage bank lever no longer sends the warning to use. Nail beast nails have been added to the tools shop at home - they are used for sanfew's serum potions. Super combat potions can now be created with all combinations that exists in OSRS, including unfinished torstol potions. Fixed a typo with Zahur's dialogues. Global moderator permission has been renamed to senior moderator. Tortured gorillas now work for "Monkeys" slayer assignments. Zombified spawn no longer drops supply caches. Kalphite lair crevice now requires elite desert diaries. Fixed Leprechaun Larry's Farming supplies shop where it showed invalid amounts for the second to last item in stock. Kraken instance cost halved for ironmen. Zamorak robes now have bonuses. Eternal slayer ring can now be crafted and the eternal gem now has functionality. Added some snape grass spawns across Zeah. Completed god books for bandos and armadyl now count as protective items within the Godwars dungeon. Sir Tiffy now sells proselyte skirts. Fixed an issue with clans nulling out.. hopefully. Cannons can no longer be placed within revenants area in Forinthry dungeon. Cannons can no longer be placed in Cerberus lair. Implemented a bunch of fixes for hunter traps glitching out, hopefully improving immensely. "Spawn Administrator" rank is now renamed to "Management". All mysterious emblems from tier 1 to tier 10 are now tradeable. When completing an assignment by Krystilia, if the player holds a mysterious emblem in their inventory when it happens, the mysterious emblem's tier will be upgraded. This only occurs for the first occurrence of a mysterious emblem in inventory, so whichever emblem you wish to upgrade, make sure it is before any other emblems. Cannons no longer create an endless loop of player trying to find a spot to go to for planting the cannon. Interacting with traps no longer forces the user to walk off of them. Recoils no longer reflect damage from other players' recoils. Corporeal beast no longer stomps while it performs the death animation. Infinity magic armour set requirements adjusted - they now require 50 magic and 25 defence to be equipped. Mining guild and edgeville dungeon center teleports implemented. Fixed the stats of the TzTok-Jad minions(Yt-HurKot), they can no longer hit above 14 and their bonuses have been nerfed by roughly 25% to match RS. Cleaning cloth is now available in the tools shop at home. Fixed an issue that prevented players from getting aviansie assignments. Marked two more tiles safe from Zulrah during the melee strike, next to the pillars. Mysterious emblems can no longer be destroyed in wilderness while the user is under attack.
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    Good evening Zenyte! I have some bad news that I never wanted to, or thought I would have to make: Due to some unforeseen relationship issues IRL and a few sudden life changes, I am having to spend a lot of extra time on IRL things and unfortunately, this is at the expense of my management position on Zenyte. So I have decided that for the future of the server, and myself, I need to step down as the acting manager to ensure that you all receive the best level of support possible. With that being said, Erza has accepted a position to work full time for Zenyte, something that I couldnt do, given my circumstance. This means that you will have an extremely active, hardworking manager taking my place and making sure Zenyte and the staff team prospers. I have 100% faith that Erza will be an amazing manager and leader, and I believe that he will do everything in his power to provide you guys with the best possible community and staff team. Although I wont have time to be your manager, I am not quitting the game completely. I will be stepping down to a Senior Moderator role to allow others, who will be more active than I would be, a chance at an administrator position. I will still have about ~10-15 hours of activity per week so unfortunately you wont be getting rid of me completely It has truly been an honor to work with all of you guys. The relationships I've built here will last beyond Zenyte and i'm super grateful to have met each and every one of you. I am also excited to meet some of you guys on a more personal level now that I will actually be a bit more involved in the "game aspect" of Zenyte. Thanks for being such an awesome community and I look forward to seeing you guys out there! All the best, Panda
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    Ectofuntus Players are able to go to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys to grind their bones into bonemeal and sacrifice it to the ectofuntus. Sacrificing bonemeal to the ectofuntus grants 4x the experience you would normally receive by burying the bones. Players can do this by bringing bones and some empty pots to the upstairs of the ectofuntus and putting the bones inside the hopper, then grinding them through the grinder and lastly taking the bonemeal by using an empty pot on the bin. In order to sacrifice the bonemeal to the ectofuntus, players must also obtain some slime. To do this, players have to go to the bottom of the ectofuntus and use empty buckets on the pool of slime. Each pot of bonemeal requires one bucket of slime. Every sacrifice performed at the ectofuntus grants the players 5 ecto-tokens. These tokens can be used to charge the bonecrusher at a rate of 25 charges per ecto-token. Players can claim the bonecrusher as well as ectotokens from the Ghost disciples found on the ground floor of the ectofuntus. To be able to claim the bonecrusher, players must have completed easy, medium and hard Morytania diaries. Players can also grind silver bars in the ectofuntus, giving them silver dust in exchange. Slayer-only Dagannoth kings lair Players who are on a slayer assignment from dagannoths, or the dagannoth kings boss-task will now be able to use the "Slayer" option on the ladder that brings them to the dagannoth kings to access a separate dungeon to fight them. The slayer-only area is not instanced, so you will still be able to see other players if they're also inside it. Players will not be able to attack the dagannoths when their assignment runs out. The lair is free to access and the only requirement is the aforementioned assignment. Evil Bob's Island As a mechanic to fight against bots, we have implemented the Evil Bob's random event. This is a forced event that the players must complete in order to get off the island. Players will only be teleported to the island if they're out of combat and aren't in a restricted area. The frequency of the event is currently set to on-average once every five hours per player, with a guaranteed hour limit between events to ensure this doesn't occur too frequently. Please note: If the event is still too common, administrators are able to decrease the frequency of it through commands. Players will occasionally be teleported to the island where they must feed Bob the correct fish in order to escape. To determine what the correct fish is, talk to the servant found on the island. They will explain and show you where you must catch the fish from. Beware: If you catch the fish from an incorrect side of the island, you will not be able to get off the island until correct fish is fed. You MUST feed Bob the correct fish. When you complete the event, you will be granted an antique xp lamp. The lamp provides 750 experience multiplied by your experience rate in any skill except for Construction. There is no level requirements to use the antique lamp - this allows skillers and other special builds to train skills they normally would not be able to. More random events will follow in the near future to add variety to the tasks players must complete. As for right now, only Evil Bob event is available. Bugfixes Adamant and rune dragons have had their dragonfire attacks weakened - they will both now be fully protected through super antifire potions. Implemented some improvements to player following under combat when using ranged and magic. Previously it was extremely easy to gap someone, that's no longer the case. When using ranged or magic to attack someone, you will not get gapped unless you get behind some trees or anything of sorts. Enchanted symbol can no longer be operated with outside of wilderness. Dwarf multicannon decay messages are no longer filtered. Fixed an issue with duel arena that would occasionally freeze one of the players within the area at 0 hitpoints, making them unable to do anything. Additionally made deaths within the arenas safe(if something goes wrong, that is), so if an issue similar to this were to ever happen again, you would not lose your items when dying inside it. Animated armours in warriors guild will no longer give players experience when attacked with magic or ranged. They will also despawn after a minute of being out of combat. Implemented some changes to kalphite queen, making her able to wander across the entire dungeon as well as not retreat when being attacked from a far. Fixed an issue with fight caves boss timers. Added a 5-tick delay to wiping instances. This means that when you leave an instance such as fight caves, you pet doesn't just vanish. The pet would previously be despawned(however you would still keep it, it just wouldn't be visible - relog would re-spawn it just fine) when leaving instances. Fixed an issue with stamina potions combining. Probita now checks for transmogrifiable pets when insuring your pet. Players can now teleport to the slime pit under ectofuntus using morytania legs 2 or better. Imbuing items no longer removes charges from them. Magma helm now counts as a serpentine helmet for its effects - had a typo in the item id previously. Applied some fixes to godwars dungeon - the monsters within chambers will now always be aggressive towards the players, regardless of how far they are. Reworked some core in regards to entity processing. NPCs are now processed before players. Bear in mind this was a huge update and could break a lot, however it was a necessary one. The main fix brought on by this is that NPCs that use melee will now hit you instantly as the animation starts, not with a 1-tick delay. Levers that teleport the user into wilderness now give a warning. Players can now walk up to 60 tiles when clicking afar from their location. This can mostly be felt when doing arceuus runecrafting - the long paths around objects were prematurely stopped previously. Dark wizards have their combat scripts implemented. Seed box now accepts tree seeds; In addition to this, players can now use the "fill" option to add the seeds that are already in the box. Spinolyps can now be attacked. Elidinis statuette now has its effects. Players no longer get extra tokkul when selling items to TzHaar shops while wielding the gloves; The reduced cost for buying items still preserves. Made some more mystery box cosmetics tradeable. Vorkath's head is now always dropped on the 50th killcount. Turael was removed from home to avoid confusion in new players who assume it is the only master we provide. Players who wish to train using Turael can still find him in Burthorpe - which can be accessed for free through Zenyte portal. Messages when killing a player have been introduced to indicate who you slaughtered. Swamp toad's can now be dissected to get their legs which are used in herblore training. Barrows items are now tracked by the collection log. All hits done on a player within one tick are now visible during that one tick - meaning if you use dragon dagger special on a player and the first hit of the two kills the user, the second hit will still be visible. Special attack orb is no longer clickable within wilderness. Fixed an issue with chaos elemental and fanatic disarm attack. Added a couple more red spider egg spawns in the edgeville dungeon and overall lowered all red spider egg spawn timers to once every 10 ticks as opposed to previous 30 ticks. Fixed an issue that allows players to eat karambwans too quickly. Another major update was done within player processing. Actions such as combat are now processed before movement. We had it incorrectly previously to my surprise, so I've swapped the order. This may have caused some potential pathfinding issues so if you find any, let me know. Fixed all I could find with it. Players can now empty their rune pouches directly inside bank. You can now get lizardmen as a slayer assignment. Health drain message from blood spells no longer shows if the spell splashes. Fixed a typo in observing the iron winch in Cerberus. Added some more warriors guild cyclops spawns and increased their respawn timer to 3x faster. Kalphite queen has been re-adjusted. Her attacks are now more accurate following the previous update which made them far too weak. Kalphite queen now also drops supply drops(same as in RS) every kill as a secondary drop. Fixed a typo that prevented Crazy Archaeologist assignment from working. Verac's set now pierces through kalphite queen's protect from melee prayer. Slayer helmet can now be used in place of the tier-5 shayzien armour to get protection from the lizardmen poison attack. Reworked aggression system with godwars generals, their aggression should now be more like OSRS, allowing tanking. Players can now use the Gricoller's can to water seedlings. Zulrah no longer has immunity delay when rising from the waters - players can attack it instantly as the rise animation starts. PID now swaps every 100-150 ticks, as opposed to previous 60-150 ticks. Priorities in PVP are now switched to the user you're attacking when you perform the attack on them. Implemented a new teleport to level 35 wilderness, directly north of chinchompa mountain.
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    Zenyte Mobile, the update you've all been waiting for and I'm proud to say that we are the very first RSPS to bring this out! Here are some teasers of what you can expect!
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    Mage arena II The mage arena II has finally arrived! Players can start the dangerous minigame by talking to Kolodion who can be found within the mage bank in deep wilderness. The minigame requires players to have at least level 75 magic, although higher levels are strongly advised. Magic level cannot be boosted to start the minigame early. After speaking to Kolodion, players are informed to go seek for three creatures, all representing different gods. Kolodion needs players to bring him the remains of the creatures to harness their power. After bringing him all three of the remains, players are able to imbue a god cape of their selection by showing it to Kolodion. All three creatures are able to deal high damage and combo the player out with ease! Beware before starting the minigame. Every single one of the creatures can hit upwards of 43 if the correct protection prayer is not used, besides that they are able to perform combo-attacks which can damage players even more than that. Finding the creatures is slightly different to how it works in OS: Each player is assigned a unique location where they will be able to find the creature. Multiple people can be killing creatures simultaneously regardless of the location. Every 30 minutes or after the spawning of a creature the unique location is reset and will be re-rolled for the next creature - it can be any of the 15 possible locations, including the same one as previous. The locations are more or less the same as in OS. Bugfixes Staff online counter will no longer include non-staff players as staff. Looting bag can no longer be bought from within the bounty hunter store if the user already has an open looting bag in inventory. An internal check for retrieval service has been added; Items that the user is not meant to be able to obtain multiple of - for example looting bags - will now check if the player's retrieval service contains them, to prevent them getting multiple. Players can now ask the gardeners to chop down trees while they are in the "regaining fruit" phase. Hunter daily challenges should now progress properly. Tortured gorillas, demonic gorillas, adamant dragons and rune dragons are all now being tracked on the slayer log. Rune dragons now have their death animations. Fixed ignore-list crashing players on login; This is a multi-part update. Ignore list will initially still remain non-functional until we push the client update alongside it sometime later. Barrows set effect no longer works when the barrows sets have degraded to completely broken phase. Completely broken phase no longer provides any bonuses either. Fixed dragon chainbody item id within dragon platebody smithing. Dragon armour lump is now broadcasted. Telegrabbing wine of zamorak in the upstairs area of the Asgarnian Chaos Temple no longer causes the monks to attack the user if they are wielding monk robes. Players now get proper discounts and increased prices when selling and buying items from TzHaar shops. Shop price messages are no longer filterable. Drinks now use drink sound rather than eating sound. Oziach can now smith players dragonfire shields if they bring him 1 million coins, a draconic visage and an anti-dragon shield. Fishing spots which are permanently locked to a specific location will now interrupt the players fishing at them at a 15-minute interval. Runite ores will now spawn at a rate of 1 every 90 seconds - previous timer was 120 seconds. Players should no longer be placed atop of forfeit trapdoors in the no-movement duel arena. Magic no longer has a custom 10% accuracy boost towards NPCs - this only applies to PvP. Magic shortbow (i) can now shoot broad arrows. Hopefully partially resolved the issue which caused the server to start lagging after being up for so long.
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    Hi! Welcome to my Diaries Guide. This will be a handy tool to have on the side, once you're finally ready to start grinding out diaries! It's a great idea to bang out the diaries on your way to max, as on a x25 account, these will give you over 4 million xp, and you can finish one or two of the harder/longer skills, like Farming, Herblore, Smithing and Slayer. Each diary will have a number, and each sub-diary will have a number. So if you'd want to go to Karamja medium diary tasks, for example, you should go to 7.2. Note: There will be some running, stamina potions or a high agility is recommended. Formatting of Tasks is like: TASK ASSIGNED - HOW TO COMPLETE IT example: Make Radi a happy guy - Get him good RNG at bosses. Enjoy -Radi Table of Content Before you start Ardougne Desert Falador Fremennik Kandarin Karamja Lumbridge & Draynor Morytania Varrock Western Provinces Wilderness Claiming your rewards Hope you will enjoy. 1. Before you start Before you begin your Diary journey, if you're like me, and wait untill you're nearly maxed to do them, this tip is gonna save you a lot of time. PLANT THESE SEEDS BEFORE YOU START THE DIARY. AND IF THEY DIE. USE REVIVE SPELL FROM THE ARCEUUS SPELLBOOK ON THE DEAD PLANT! ALSO MAKE SURE YOU USE FERTILE SOIL SPELL FROM LUNAR SPELLBOOK ON THESE PATCHES TO INCREASE THEIR CHANCE OF NOT DYING ! Palm Tree, Tree Gnome Village. Poison Ivy Bush, South of Ardougne by the Monastery Torstol Herb, North of Ardougne Limpwurt Flower, Catherby Dwarf Weed Herb, Catherby Palm Tree, Brimhaven, (Knocks off two diaries) Calquat tree, Tai Bwo Wannai. Belladonna patch, Draynor Manor. Bittercap Mushrooms, CKS Fairy ring, Canifis. Palm Tree, Lletya Jute Seed, North of McGrubor's Wood (Northwest of Camelot) 2. Ardougne 2.1 Ardougne Easy 2.1.1 Ardougne Easy requirements: 5 Thieving. Have wizard Cromperty teleport you to the Rune Essence mine. - Go to the north-east most house of ardougne, and teleport to the mine. http://prntscr.com/o4on37 Steal a cake from Ardougne market stalls. - Steal a cake from the cake stall in the north east centre. There's a baker by the stall. (Watch out the guards aggro.) Use the altar in East Ardougne's church. - Go to the only church in East Ardougne, and pray at it. (You must not be full prayer points) Enter the Combat Training Camp north of W. Ardougne. - Simply enter the Training Camp. Picture for path assistance: http://prntscr.com/o4oq18 Use the Ardougne Lever to teleport to the Wilderness. - NB: THIS IS THE WILDERNESS. YOU CAN DIE. BANK YOUR ITEMS IF YOU'RE UNWILLING TO RISK. - Use the lever located in the western end of East Ardougne behind the castle, to teleport yourself into the wilderness. View Aleck's Hunter Emporium in Yanille. - Minigame teleport to Nightmare Zone, and run into Yanille. Trade "Aleck" in the hunter shop, southwest of the Magic Guild to complete the task. Congratulations, Ardougne Easy diary, has been completed. 2.2 Ardougne Medium 2.2.1 Ardougne Medium requirements: 51 Magic, 38 Thieving. Enter the Unicorn pen in Ardougne zoo using Fairy rings. - Wield a dramen staff (purchaseable from the Magic shop at home) and use the Fairy ring located at home with the code "B I S" Cast the Ardougne Teleport spell - From the Normal spellbook, use the Ardougne Teleport spell. 2 Law + 2 Water. Pickpocket the master farmer north of Ardougne - Pickpocket him, he is located around this area: http://prntscr.com/o4ov08 Congratulations, Ardougne Medium diary, has been completed. 2.3 Ardougne Hard 2.3.1 Ardougne Hard requirements: 66 Magic, 59 Hunter, 70 Farming, 68 Smithing, 65 Runecrafting. Enter the Magic Guild - Enter the big round building in the middle of Yanille. (Once again, you can use the Nightmare Zone minigame teleport, to go to Yanille.) Teleport to the Watchtower - From the Normal spellbook, use the Watchtower Teleport spell. 2 Law + 2 Earth. Catch a Red Salamander - Use a Small Fishing Net and a Rope to catch a Red Salamander, with a Net Trap. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4oxug *Use Spirit Tree at home to Battlefield of Khazard, or use Ourania Teleport from the Lunar Spellbook. 6 Earth + 1 Law + 2 Astral Check the health of a Palm Tree near the Tree Gnome Village - Use the Spirit tree at home, to go to Tree Gnome Village (option 1) and run west, squeeze through the railing, and follow Elkoy, Run southwest and check health of your palm tree. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4oyxz Pick some Poison Ivy berries from the patch south of Ardougne - Pick some berries, off the Poison Ivy bush next to the monastery. (Thx Obby ) Smith a Mithril platebody near Ardougne - Use 5 Mithril bars and a hammer on the anvil located at either Port Khazard, Yanille or West Ardougne (use Arceuus Teleport, as the West Adrougne door doesn't work. 2x Soul, 2x Law) Smith a Dragon sq shield in West Ardougne. - Use a Shield Left Half, and a Shield Right Half ON THE ANVIL IN WEST ARDOUGNE (IMPORTANT)! In order to do this you will need a Shield Left Half, which as of the point of making this guide, is ultra rare to obtain. It's obtained by hitting the mega-rare drop table on pvm monsters. Many people do not know about GORAKS IN GORAK PLANE FAIRY CODE "DIR" These monsters with a Ring of Wealth equipped have a 1/250 roughly chance of dropping a shield left half. Grinding this out would be your best option at the moment, it takes 30-60mins. Buying from other players would be viable too. You can purchase the Right Shield Half from the Legends guild shop "Siegfried Erkle" at the top floor, of the main building for 750k.) - This will be the hardest diary to complete in all of the diaries. To get into West Ardougne. Use the West Ardougne Teleport on the Arceuus Spellbook. 2x Law + 2x Soul Craft some Death Runes. - Run through the abyss, into the Death Altar and Runecraft some Death Runes by using Pure Essence Congratulations, Ardougne Hard diary, has been completed. 2.4 Ardougne Elite 2.4.1 Ardougne Elite requirements: 80 Thieving, 10 Crafting, 91 Smithing, 69 Fletching, 85 Farming. Pickpocket a Hero - Pickpocket a hero in the centre of Ardougne. Make a rune crossbow yourself from scratch within Witchhaven or Yanille - Items Required: Yew Log, Runite Bar, Hammer, Knife, Sinew. Obtain Sinew by: Use Raw Meat (Obtained fom a Cow) on a cooking range (The one at home) and make Sinew. Proceed to make Rune Crossbow: 1: Smith Rune Limbs in Yanille using the Anvils. 2: Fletch a Yew Stock using your Yew Logs in Yanille. (option 4 on the log) 3: Teleport home and use the Teleport portal, to go to Ardougne 4: Go east into Witchaven and use your sinew on the spinning wheel to get a crossbow string. 5: Use the Yew Stock on the Runite Limbs 6: Use the Crossbow String on the Unstrung Rune Crossbow. Pick some Torstol from the patch north of Ardougne - Pick some Torstol herbs from the herb patch north of Ardougne. Congratulations, Ardougne Elite diary, has been completed. 3. Desert 3.1 Desert Easy 3.1.1 Desert Easy requirements: 5 Hunter, 5 Mining. 3.1.2 Desert easy Pro Tip: Kalphite Queen Boss Teleport is very useful. Catch a Golden Warbler - Use a Bird Snare to catch the Golden Warbler at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4s98c Mine 5 clay in the north-eastern desert - Use any Pickaxe to mine 5x Clay at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4saqc Enter the Kalphite Hive. - Teleport to Kalphite Queen using Boss Teleports at home, Bring a rope and attach to the entrance. Go down. Enter the desert with a set of Desert robes equipped - Teleport to Kalphite Queen using Boss Teleports at home, go into Al-Kharid, buy a shantay pass, full desert robes, and a couple of waterskins, you will need both filled and unfilled in the future, so buy some of each. Kill a vulture - NB CANT BE KILLED WITH MELEE, BRING RUNES/RANGED - Pro tip: Use Ice Barrage to unlock an Elite task aswell. Teleport to Nardah, and run to kill a Vulture at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4sf2l Congratulations, Desert Easy diary, has been completed. 3.2 Desert Medium 3.2.1 Desert Medium Requirements: 22 Slayer, 47 Hunter, 36 Herblore, 35 Woodcutting. Slay a Desert Lizard - NB YOU NEED AN ICE COOLER TO EXECUTE THIS MONSTER (Like you would use rock hammer on gargoyles) - Buy one in the Slayer Shop at Home! - Kill a Desert Lizard at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4sj0i Catch an Orange Salamander - Catch an Orange Salamander with a Net Trap. These are located just north of the Desert Lizards, use same picture for reference. (Rope & Small Fishing Net Required for Net Traps.) Pray at the Elidinis Statuette in Nardah - Teleport to Nardah from Home, and run north into the house there. You will find a statuette, pray at it. Create a combat potion in the desert - You need a Harralander and a Grounded Desert Goat Horn (pestle and mortar on Desert Goat Horn.) Teleport to Nardah, and run West to the Crevice. Mix the potion here. in order to 100% not fail this task. Chop some Teak Logs near Uzer - There's one tree here at Uzer, bring an Axe. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4sn2r Congratulations, Desert Medium diary, has been completed. 3.3 Desert Hard 3.3.1 Desert Hard Requirements: 68 Magic, 65 Slayer, 10 Defence, 55 Crafting, 60 Firemaking, 68 Smithing. Unlocked Slayer Helm from Slayer Shop (400pts) Desert Hard Recommenadtions: 90+ Range, 90+ Melees (To Kill KQ, as it's a task) Refill your waterskins in the Desert using Lunar magic - Use Humidify (1x Astral, 3x Water, 1x Fire) whilst you have an empty waterskin in your inventory, in the Desert. Kill the Kalphite Queen - Kill the KQ, bring a Rope for 2nd staircase. Find a KQ guide on youtube. Pro tip: Bring Veng/a recoil and step under boss. (Void right now has super high defences, use whilst you can) Slay a Dust Devil with a Slayer helmet equipped. - Can be done in the Kourend Catacombs (Dungeon Teleport) Burn some yew logs on the Nardah Mayor's balcony - Teleport to Nardah and run straight east into the building with the quest sign, go up the stairs, and light a fire with a Yew Log on the balcony. (The light sandy color) Picture for reference of where I lit my fire. http://prntscr.com/o4t3qc Create a Mithril Platebody in Nardah - Smith a Mithril platebody with 5 Mithril bars & a Hammer on the Anvil in the Northwestern Nardah. Congratulations, Desert Hard diary, has been completed. 3.4 Desert Elite 3.4.1 Desert Elite Requirements: 94 Magic, 95 Fletching, 85 Prayer. Cast Ice Barrage against a foe in the Desert. - Litterally just chuck an Ice Barrage (4x Death + 2x Blood + 6x Water) against any foe in the Desert. NB: MUST NOT SPLASH Fletch some Dragon darts at the Bedabin Camp - Buy 1 Dragon dart tip and 1 feather on G.E, teleport to KQ and run south west to the Bedabin Camp. Fletch the dart beside the big Tropical Tree with a Pond to complete the task. Restore at least 85 Prayer points when praying at the Altar in Sophanem - Drain your prayer to 0, and teleport to Sophanem, use the altar in the South western Sophanem, and recharge AT LEAST 85 Prayer Points. (1-84 Prayer points recharged will not complete the task.) Congratulations, Desert Elite diary, has been completed. 4 Falador 4.1 Falador Easy 4.1.1 Falador Easy Requirements: 5 Agility, 10 Mining, 13 Smithing 4.1.2 Falador Easy Recommendations: 25+ Hitpoints and Lobsters+ as you will run past ice giants & warriors. Climb over the western Falador wall - This is the wall heading to Taverley dungeon, go west past the bank and you will see it. Browse Sarah's Farm shop - Teleport to Draynor Village and run north, untill you reach the road going through a fence, go west along the road untill you get to the farm. Inside the farm is the npc "Sarah", Trade her. Get a Haircut from the Falador Hairdresser - Costs 1k, change hair style to litterally anything Fill a bucket from the pump north of Falador west bank - Get a bucket from south west home General Store, and head to falador, theres a pump north of the western bank, use your bucket on it. Kill a duck in Falador park - Bring ranged and kill a lvl 1 duck in the falador park, located east of teleport spot. Take the boat to Entrana - Can't have any armors/weapons equipped, go to the Monks located in Port Sarim, and take the boat to Entrana Smith some Blurite Limbs on Doric's Anvil - Bring a Pickaxe and a hammer, 25+ Hitpoints recommended and if you're lower than 40 hp, bring some food. Teleport to Asgarnian Ice Caves from Home under the category "Dungeons", and go through it, taking the first path to the east you see. Go along this path untill you see the wyvern entry, but don't go in. Instead, mine the blurite rocks that are by the entrance. They're a very standout blue color, and the only mineable object in the mine. Take 2 just in case. Next go home, and smelt them in the furnace. Next, teleport to Falador and head north, untill you reach Doric's Hut. Here you will make the Blurite Limbs. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4tw0p Congratulations, Falador Easy diary, has been completed. 4.2 Falador Medium 4.2.1 Falador Medium Requirements: 49 Firemaking, 37 Magic, 40 Thieving, 10 Prayer, 20 Defence, 30 Woodcutting, 40 Mining, 40 Crafting. Light a Bullseye lantern at the Chemist's in Rimmington - Use tinderbox on Bullseye lantern inside the house. http://prntscr.com/o4unkd Telegrab some Wine of Zamorak at the Chaos Temple by the Wilderness - Telegrab a wine of Zamorak from here, NB: MUST STILL BE INSIDE TEMPLE WHEN WINE GOES INTO INVENTORY, ELSE TASK DOESN'T UPDATE! Location: http://prntscr.com/o4ujyo Unlock the Crystal chest in Taverley - Use a Crystal Key on the Crystal Chest in Taverley. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4uj7l Pickpocket a Falador guard - Teleport to Falador and Pickpocket a Guard. Pray at the Altar of Guthix in Taverley whilst wearing full Initiate - Litterally just do what it says. Altar is where you normally start and finish the herblore skill. Buy the initiate (and for the future proselyte aswell) from Sir Amik Varze in Falador Park. Mine some Gold ore at the Crafting Guild - (Either a Brown Apron or a Crafting Skillcape is required to enter the Crafting Guild.) Mine a gold ore with your pickaxe. - Skillcape can directly teleport you to it, and allows bank access. Chop and burn some willow logs in Taverley - Willow trees are located south of the Taverley Teleport. Chop and Burn a lot. Teleport to Falador - Normal Spellbook Teleport to Falador. (1x Law, 3x Air, 1x Water) Congratulations, Falador Medium diary, has been completed. 4.3 Falador Hard 4.3.1 Falador Hard Requirements: 56 Runecrafting, 72 Slayer, 50 Agility, 30 Defence. A combined Atk&Str Level of aleast 130. (65 str + 65 atk for example) Falador Hard Recommendations: High (80+ Attack & Strength) for Giant Mole Kill. Dharoks is very good. Also 43+ Prayer would be decent for this. Craft 140 Mind runes simultaneously - Stock up an inventory of pure essence, and abyss runecraft mind runes. Kill the Giant Mole beneath Falador park - Bring a spade, light source, and combat gear & supplies to kill a Giant Mole. It's located on the Mole Hills in Falador Park BRING A STAMINA! Kill a Skeletal Wyvern in the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon - Kill a Skeletal Wyvern. Buy an elemental shield from the armour shop southeast of home. Teleport to Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. Kill with either combat style you prefer. Melee>Range>Mage. Complete a lap of the Falador rooftop agility course - Complete one lap. Course starts in south-east Falador. Recharge your prayer in the Port Sarim church while wearing full Proselyte - Litterally just do what it says. Go to Asgarnian Ice Dungeon and run to Port Sarim with Proselyte equipped. Pray at the altar. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4v023 Enter the Warriors' Guild - Teleport to Burthorpe and run west through the door with Ghommal guarding it. Congratulations, Falador Hard diary, has been completed. 4.4 Falador Elite 4.4.1 Falador Elite Requirements: 88 Runecrafting, any 99 stat & its skillcape, 81 Herblore. Craft 252 Air Runes simultaneously - Stock up an inventory with pure essence and run an abyss runecrafting run for air runes. Perform a skillcape or quest cape emote at the top of Falador Castle - Go into the Falador Castle south of the Teleport spot, and go up 3 sets of stairs on the western side, Perform a skillcape emote. Mix a Saradomin brew in Falador east bank - Toadflax potion (unf) + Crushed nest = Saradomin Brew. Mix it in East falador Bank. Congratulations, Falador Elite diary, has been completed. 5 Fremennik 5.1 Fremennik Easy 5.1.1 Fremenneik Easy Requirements: 11 Hunter, 23 Crafting, 20 Mining, 20 Smithing, 5 Thieving, 15 Woodcutting, 15 Firemaking. Catch a Cerulean twitch - Use a Bird Snare at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4vyx6 Use the fairy ring code "D K S" and run west then north, untill you are at the spot. Kill 5 Rock crabs - Everyone should know how to do this. In case you dont, Get a weapon and go with fairy rings to code "D K S" and run west. Kill 5. Craft a tiara from scratch in Rellekka - You need a pickaxe and a Tiara mould. Mine a silver ore in the mine, which is located in north east Rellekka. After this go to Southwest Rellekka and smith the Ore into a bar. Now use the Silver Bar on the Furnace once again, in order to smith a Tiara. Browse the Stonemasons shop - Trade the guy in this house, in Keldagrim. http://prntscr.com/o4wnbk Collect 5 Snape grass on Waterbirth Island - Go to waterbirth with the guy on the westernmost dock of Rellekka. Steal from the Keldagrim crafting or baker's stall - Minigame teleport to Blast furnace and steal from this stall: http://prntscr.com/o4w7f1 Fill a bucket with water at the Rellekka well - Use a bucket at the water mark of Rellekka, Southeast. Chop and burn some oak logs in the Fremennik Province - Go south of Rellekka to find some Oak Trees. Chop one log, and Light it. Congratulations, Western Provinces Easy diary, has been completed. 5.2 Fremennik Medium 5.2.1 Fremennik Medium Requirements: 30 Mining, 42 Thieving. Mine some coal in Rellekka - Mine one coal ore at the same spot, where you mined the silver ore. Steal from the Rellekka Fish stalls - Litterally just do what it says. Middle of Rellekka is a lot of fish stalls, steal from one of them. Travel to miscellania by Fairy ring - Fairy ring code: "C I P" Congratulations, Western Provinces Medium diary, has been completed. 5.3 Fremennik Hard 5.3.1 Fremennik Hard Requirements: 55 Hunter, 66 Herblore, 75 Thieving, 70 Mining, 72 Magic Teleport to Trollheim - Normal spellbook Trollheim Teleport. 2x Law + 2x Fire. Catch a Sabre-toothed Kyatt - Use Pitfall trap at the same place you hunted the bird in the first place. Fairy ring: "D K S" and run North-west. Mix a super defence potion in the Fremennik province - Teleport to Rellekka with a Cadantine Potion (unf) & a White Berry in your inventory, and make the defence potion in Rellekka. Steal from the Keldagrim Gem Stall - Steal from this stall, located the same place as the Baker's stall in the easy diary. Mine 5 Adamantite ores on Jatizo - Teleport To Rellekka, and go northeast along the shore untill you see Mord Gunnars, Right click him, and go to Jatizo. Now follow this road, into the cave, and mine 5 adamantite ores: http://prntscr.com/o4xnud Teleport to Waterbirth Island - Use the Waterbirth Teleport in your Lunar Spellbook. 1x Law. 2x Astral. 1x Water Congratulations, Western Provinces Hard diary, has been completed. 5.4 Fremennik Elite 5.4.1 Fremennik Elite Requirements: 82 Runecrafting, 80 Crafting, 83 Slayer, 70 Agility, 70 Strength, 70 Hitpoints, 70 Ranged Fremennik elite Recommendations: 90+ all combats (70+ prayer) & solid pvm gear. Kill each of the Dagannoth Kings. - Gear up and kill the DKS located on Waterbirth Island. For a more detailed guide on this, look up youtube. Craft 56 Astral runes at once - Full inventory of pure essence, do a run of Abyss Rcing for Astrals, or if you Don't want to go to wilderness, lunar home teleport to Lunar isle, and run from there. Create a Dragonstone amulet in the Neitiznot furnace - You need a Dragonstone, Gold bar and Amulet mould (No need to string it). Make the Dragonstone Amulet in the Furnace. Kill each of the Godwars Generals - Kill each of the godwars Generals located north of Trollheim, in God Wars Dungeon. For further guides on this, look up youtube. Slay a Spiritual mage within the Godwars Dungeon - Get this out of the way when doing killcount for Saradomin or Zamorak. Congratulations, Western Provinces Elite diary, has been completed. 6 Kandarin 6.1 Kandarin Easy 6.1.1 Kandarin Easy Requirements: 16 Fishing, 13 Farming Catch a Mackerel at Catherby - Big fishing net at Catherby Shore. Buy a candle from the Chandler in Catherby - Buy a candle from this store. Bring money. http://prntscr.com/o4z04h Collect five Flax from the Seers' flax fields - Do as said in the description, South of Seers village. Plant some jute seeds in the patch north of McGrubor's Wood - NB: fairy code doesnt work properly here, walk from Camelot. Congratulations, Kandarin Easy diary, has been completed. 6.2 Kandarin Medium 6.2.1 Kandarin Medium Requirements: 35 Agility, 48 Herblore, 46 Fishing, 43 Cooking, 45 Magic, 50 Fletching, 26 Farming, 30 Mining Complete a lap of the Barbarian Agility Course - Misc. Teleports -> Barbarian Outpost, teleports you into the agility area. Create a Super Antipoison potion from scratch in the Seers/Catherby Area - NB: You dont actually have to plant the seed. Just have a Vial of water, an Irit and a Unicorn horn dust in your inventory, to make it. Obviously be in the Seers/Catherby Area. Either bank will work fine. Catch and cook a Bass in Catherby - Catch it on the Catherby Shore and cook it on the range when running towards the bank. (BIG NET FISHING) String a Maple Shortbow in Seers' Village bank - Use a Bowstring and a Maple Shortbow (u) with eachother in the SEERS VILLAGE BANK (Not Catherby) Pick some Limpwurt Root from the Farming patch in Catherby - Do as the challenge says, you should have it pre-planted if you read this guide from start to finish. Travel to McGrubor's Wood by Fairy Ring - Fairy ring Code: "A L S" Mine some coal near the coal trucks - Mine some coal at this spot. Remember your pickaxe. http://prntscr.com/o4zdhd Congratulations, Kandarin Medium diary, has been completed. 6.3 Kandarin Hard 6.3.1 Kandarin Hard Requirements: 70 Fishing, 60 Agility, 45 Strength, 60 Woodcutting, 70 Fletching, 10 Crafting, 70 Prayer, 70 Defence, 56 Magic, 65 Firemaking. Catch a Leaping Sturgeon - Search under Otto's bed for a Barbarian fishing rod. Have feathers in your inventory to start barbarian fishing. Note you need to catch the Sturgeon, so bring more than one feather. Location of fishing rod: http://prntscr.com/o4zqrp Complete a lap of Seers' Village agility course - Starts in Seer's village bank, climb up the window. Create a Yew Longbow from Scratch around Seers' Village - You can use a Bowstring, without stringing the flax, however you need to chop the Yew Log yourself. 1: Chop Yew Log. 2: Make Yew Longbow (u). 3: Use bow string on Yew Longbow (u) Enter the Seers' Village Courthouse with Piety turned on - Go into this house, with piety turned on: http://prntscr.com/o4zsif Charge a Water Orb - Have an uncharged orb (You can get one from Molten glassblowing) in your inventory, make sure you are on normals, with runes for "Charge Water Orb" on you (3x Cosmic, 30x Water). Teleport to Taverley Dungeon, and run through it. Recommended is either 70 or 80 agility, so you dont have to run all the way around the dungeon. Once you reach the end, climb up the ladder, and use the spell on the obelisk. Burn some Maple Logs with a bow in Seers' Village - Use a bow on Maple logs, in order to light them. You can do this outside Seers' Village bank. Kill a Mithril Dragon - Arguably the hardest task in this diary. Get an anti-dragon shield, and kill it with your preferred attack style. Anything can work. Location of Mithril Dragons: http://prntscr.com/o4zw2x (DIRECTIONS: Run east down the stairs after the whirlpool jump, and go up another set of stairs past the Brutal Green Dragons, in order to get to Mithril Dragons. Smith an Adamant spear at Otto's Grotto - Yew Logs, Adamantite Bar and a Hammer is needed. Smith an Adamant spear on the anvil next to Otto's Grotto, where you found the Fishing rod in the first place. Congratulations, Kandarin Hard diary, has been completed. 6.4 Kandarin Elite 6.4.1 Kandarin Elite Requirements: 79 Farming, 90 Smithing, 87 Magic Pick some Dwarf weed from the herb patch at Catherby - You should've had this pre-planted and ready to harvest. Smith a Rune Hasta at Otto's Grotto - Items needed: Runite Bar, Magic logs & Hammer. Smith same place as Adamant Spear. Teleport to Catherby - Teleport to Catherby using the Lunar Spellbook. Runes: 3x Law + 3x Astral + 10x Water. Congratulations, Kandarin Elite diary, has been completed. 7. Karamja 7.1 Karamja Easy 7.1.1 Karamja Easy Requirements: 40 Mining Mine some gold ore from the rocks on the north-west peninsula of Karamja - Mine a gold ore from this 10 ore vein (Also a good spot for mining, if crafting guild is camped.) Location: http://prntscr.com/o51hh9 Travel to Port Sarim via the Dock, east of Musa Point. - Use this pay-fare to travel to Port Sarim, Costs 30gp. Location: http://prntscr.com/o51i0f Travel to Ardougne via the port near Brimhaven - Use this travel method to travel to Ardougne. Location: http://prntscr.com/o520xg Use the fishing spots north of the banana plantation - The good old days where F2P people fished lobsters here. http://prntscr.com/o52291 Attempt the Tzhaar Fight Pits or Fight Cave - Minigame teleport to Fight Pit and run to the cave. You don't have to complete it. Congratulations, Karamja Easy diary, has been completed. 7.2 Karamja Medium 7.2.1 Karamja Medium Requirements: 50 Woodcutting, 65 Fishing, 27 Farming, 41 Hunter, 12 Agility Cut a log from a teak tree - Buy a Machete from the Tai bwo wannai shops, and take your axe with you, and make yourself way into the Khazri jungle on the bottom of entrana, unless you want to get trading sticks. You can teleport to Shilo village, and go out. Here's the location of the trees. http://prntscr.com/o5aeuj Cut a log from a mahogany tree - Same as Teak tree guide. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5aeuj Catch a karambwam - Buy a Karamwan Vessel from here http://prntscr.com/o5afnf , Fish yourself 10-20 karambwanji's to be safe from here: http://prntscr.com/o5afxi , then go to fairy ring code "D K P", walk north and fish a karambwan. **Catch more than one, as you need to fully cook one, and burn rate is high on these, unless you have 99 cooking with skillcape perk. Grow a healthy fruit tree in the patch near Brimhaven - Should have it pre-planted. if you read full guide. Trap a horned graahk - With a teasing stick and some logs & a knife, use the teasing trapping method on the graahks located here: http://prntscr.com/o5agx7 Chop the vines to gain deeper access to Brimhaven Dungeon - Teleport to Brimhaven Dungeon, and cut the vines straight to the west. Remember an axe. Cross the lava using the stepping stones within Brimhaven Dungeon - West of the vines the path split in four, Take the northwestern most path, and spring across the stepping stones. This is the way: http://prntscr.com/o5aiez Climb the stairs within Brimhaven Dungeon - After you cross the stepping stones from the previous step. Climb up the stairs located here: http://prntscr.com/o5air4 Charter a ship from the shipyard in the far east of Karamja - Remember Coins. Use the fairy ring "D K P" and run along this path. Use a charter ship from here. http://prntscr.com/o5ajin Congratulations, Karamja Medium diary, has been completed. 7.3 Karamja Hard 7.3.1 Karamja Hard Requirements: 44 Runecrafitng, 30 Cooking, 100 Combat, 50 Slayer, 12 Agility, 34 Woodcutting. Successfully kill a Ket-Zek (Lvl 360 Mage) in the Fight Caves - Start the fight caves, and make your way to the magers, it should be fairly easy. If you're donator, you start at wave 31, and just have to kill one monster. Craft some Nature Runes - Fill your inventory up with nature runes and do a quick trip of abyss runecrafting, Cook a karambwan thoroughly - Cook a karambwan, so it's eatable. (the white option) Be assigned a Slayer task by Duradel north of Shilo Village - Teleport to Shilo village, and go to the norhtern house, up the ladder. Go north and get a Slayer assignment. Kill a metal dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon - Kill a metal dragon located in the southernmost end of the cave. Remember an axe. http://prntscr.com/o5bk8z Congratulations, Karamja Hard diary, has been completed. 7.4 Karamja Elite 7.4.1 Karamja Elite Requirements: 91 Runecrafting, 72 Farming, 87 Herblore Craft 56 Nature runes at once - Fill your inventory and make a trip to the abyss nature rift. Equip a Fire Cape or Infernal Cape in the Tzhaar city - Obtain a Fire Cape either by completing the caves, or donating for one, and equip it in the Tzhaar area. Check the health of a Palm Tree in Brimhaven - Should have had it pre-planted, and ready to check health of. Create an antivenom potion whilst standing in the horse shoe mine - This is the same area as you mined the gold ore. Create it by using Zulrah's scales and an Antidote++ Check the health of your Calquat Tree patch - Should have it pre-planted and ready to check health of. Congratulations, Karamja Elite diary, has been completed. 8 Lumbridge & Draynor 8.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Easy 8.1.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Easy Requirements: 10 Agility, 7 Slayer, 5 Runecrafting, 15 Fishing, 15 Mining Complete a lap of the Draynor Village Agility course - Teleport to Draynor Village and go East then North untill you see an Agility course, climb up the wall. Slay a Cave Bug beneath Lumbridge Swamp - Remember a Light source, and go down into the Lumbridge Swamp. Kill a cave bug down there. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5mf5p Have Seridor teleport you to the Essence Mine - Use the Teleport option on Wizard Seridor located in the basement of the Wizard's Tower, to teleport you to the Essence Mine. Craft some Water Runes - Fill up your inventory with Rune/Pure Essence, and make a run in the abyss. Learn your age from Hans in Lumbridge - Right click hans at Lumbridge Castle, and choose the "Age" option. Pickpocket a man or woman in Lumbridge - Find a man or a woman, and pickpocket the NPC. Chop and burn some oak logs in Lumbridge - Remember an Axe and a Tinderbox. Location of Oak Trees in Lumbridge: http://prntscr.com/o5mh7t Kill a Zombie in Draynor Sewers - To speed it up, bring a weapon. Location of Sewers: http://prntscr.com/o5mht3 Catch some Anchovies in Al Kharid - Use a small net here: http://prntscr.com/o5mkh6 Bake some Bread on the Lumbridge kitchen range - Have dough in your inventory (Made from a bucket of water, and a pot of flour), and use the Lumbridge cooking range to make Bread. Mine some Iron ore at the Al Kharid mine - Remember your pickaxe, Teleport to Al Kharid and run north to the mine. Mine an Iron ore. Enter tha H.A.M Hideout - Pick the lock of the trapdoor located here: http://prntscr.com/o5motu Congratulations, Lumbridge & Draynor Easy diary, has been completed. 8.2 Lumbridge & Draynor Medium 8.2.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Medium Requirements: 20 Agility, 31 Magic, 30 Fishing, 38 Crafting, 30 Woodcutting, 70 Combat, 23 Runecrafting Complete a lap of the Al Kharid agility course - Do what the challenge says. Teleport to Al Kharid and run Northeast to get to the Agility course. Travel to the Wizards' Tower by Fairy ring - Teleport with the "D I S" Fairy ring code, to the Wizards' Tower. Cast the Teleport to Lumbridge spell - From the Normal Spellbook, cast the "Teleport to Lumbridge" spell. 1x Law, 3x Air, 1x Earth. Catch some Salmon in Lumbridge - Remember a fishing rod and either bait or feathers, bring more than one, as theres a higher chance to catch a Trout. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5myek Craft a coif in the Lumbridge cow pen - Have soft leather, thread and needle in your inventory (Long method, kill a cow and go tan the hides into soft leather) Go to the Cow pit in Lumbridge and craft the Coif. Only one piece is needed. Chop some willow logs in Draynor Village - South of the bank, if you're a skiller or low-level in hp, watch out for the Dark Wizards. Get a task from Chaeldar - Go to Zanaris with the Fairy ring at home, and go to the Throne room, where Chaeldar is located. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5n03b Craft some Lava runes at the Fire Altar in Al Kharid - RECOMMENDED: BINDING NECKLACE ON YOU! - Have either runes for magic imbue or an earth talisman, and earth runes in your inventory. Go to the fire altar, use magic imbue and then earth runes on the fire altar. If using an earth talisman instead of Magic Imbue, use the talisman on the altar. **NOTE NOT WEARING A BINDING NECKLACE MIGHT FAIL YOU IN COMBINING THE RUNES AND YOU WONT GET THE DIARY. (obtain a binding necklace from the abyssal creatures in the abyss). Congratulations, Lumbridge & Draynor Medium diary, has been completed. 8.3 Lumbridge & Draynor Hard 8.3.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Hard Requirements: 60 Magic, 59 Runecrafting, 57 Woodcutting, 63 Farming, 52 Prayer, 70 Crafting Cast Bones to Peaches in Al Kharid palace - Learn bones to peaches from the Mage Training Arena (This might take a little time), and cast it in the Al Kharid Palace, in the middle of Al Kharid. Craft 56 Cosmic runes simultaneously - Stock up your inventory with pure essence and make a trip to the cosmic altar by the Abyss. Travel from Lumbridge to Edgeville on a Waka Canoe - Remember an axe, go to the goblins over the bridge from Lumbridge Castle. Purchase some Barrows gloves from the Lumbridge bank chest - Lumbridge basement, purchase Barrows gloves for 130k. Pick some Belladonna from the Farming patch at Draynor Manor - Should have this pre-planted, and ready to harvest. Recharge your prayer at Clan Wars with Smite activated - Do as the task says, here's how you get to the Location, either get a ring of Duelling, or run from Al Kharid. http://prntscr.com/o5os1c Craft, string and enchant an Amulet of Power in Lumbridge - You will need a Diamond, Ball of wool (Shear a sheep and use the spinning wheel in lumbridge castle, need a Shears). Gold bar an amulet mould, and runes to use Enchant Diamond Jewelry. (1x Cosmic, 10x Earth) - Use the Gold bar on the furnace in Lumbridge, Make unstrung Diamond Amulet. Use ball of wool on the Unstrung Amulet. Enchant it. Congratulations, Lumbridge & Draynor Hard diary, has been completed. 8.4 Lumbridge & Draynor Elite 8.4.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Requirements: 75 Woodcutting, 88 Smithing, 76 Runecrafting Chop some Magic Logs at the Mage Training Arena - Remember an axe. Chop them by the Mage Training Arena's entrance. Smith an Adamand Platebody down Draynor sewer - Remember 5 adamant bars and a hammer. Smith it at the Draynor Sewer Anvil (Where you killed the zombie) Craft 140 or more Water runes at once - Fill up inventory with Pure Essence, and make yourself way to the Abyss water rift. Congratulations, Lumbridge & Draynor Elite diary, has been completed. 9 Morytania (swampletics) 9.1 Morytania Easy 9.1.1 Morytania Easy Requirements: 20 Combat, 15 Slayer. Get a slayer task from Mazchna - Teleport to Canifis, run northeast and get a slayer task from Mazchna Kill a Banshee in the Slayer Tower - Teleport to the Slayer Tower with training teleports from home, and kill a Banshee. Remember Earmuffs/Slayer helm. Have Sbott in Canifis tan something for you - Have any tannable leather on you, his location is just north of canifis teleport. http://prntscr.com/o5ozra Enter Mort Myre Swamp - Teleport to Fairy ring code: "C K S". Run southwest and enter the swamp. Kill a Ghoul - Teleport to the Slayer Tower and run South, kill a Ghoul there. Congratulations, Morytania Easy diary, has been completed. 9.2 Morytania Medium 9.2.1 Morytania Medium Requirements 29 Hunter, 40 Agility, 35 Smithing, 22 Herblore. Catch a Swamp Lizard - Remember a Small fishing net and a Rope. Follow this path to the trap, and catch one. http://prntscr.com/o5p4z0 Complete a lap of the Canifis Agility course - Litterally just do what the task says. Teleport to Canifis, Run east, start the Agility Lap. Make a batch of Cannonballs at the Port Phasmatys furnace - Remember cannonball mould. Use a steel bar on the furnace there, and it has the option to make Cannonballs. Mix a Guthix Balance Potion while in Morytania - 1: Use a Steel Bar on the Grinder at Port Phasmatys (ectophial spot) you will get Silver Dust. Get a Restore Potion (4) (could be a restore potion 3 aswell, as im unsure which one to use, havn't done this step yet myself. Also not a Super Restore, just a Normal Restore.) And get a Garlic. Add Garlic to the Restore Potion, and AFTER THE GARLIC ADD THE SILVER DUST. This should make the Guthix Balance Potion. Congratulations, Morytania Medium diary, has been completed. 9.3 Morytania Hard 9.3.1 Morytania Hard Requirements: 71 Agility, 58 Slayer, 53 Farming. Climb the advanced spike chain within Slayer Tower - Remember a Nosepeg/instant teleport unless you want your stats drained to 0. You can of course use the heal box at home after this, if you mess up. Kill a Cave Horror - Remember Light source and Witchwood icon (buy at slayer master shop) - Use Minigame Teleport to Trouble Brewing, and run Southwest along the shore untill you reach the cave. Harvest some Bittercap Mushrooms from the patch in Canifis - Should have this pre-planted and ready to Harvest. Congratulations, Morytania Hard diary, has been completed. 9.4 Morytania Elite 9.4.1 Morytania Elite Requirements: 83 Magic, 84 Crafting, 85 Slayer, 70 Defence, 70 Attack, 70 (Strength/Ranged/Magic) (Barrows Set) Fertilize the Morytania herb patch using Lunar Magic - Go to the patch and use Fertile Soil on it. 15x Earth, 2x Nature, 3x Astral. Craft a Black dragonhide Body in Canifis Bank - Remember Thread, Needle, Tanned black dragon leather. You need 3 pieces. Craft it in the bank. Kill an Abyssal demon in the Slayer Tower - Remember nose peg to run through the aberrant spectres if you're not on task, if you're on task, go to the basement when you teleport to the Slayer Tower. Loot the Barrows chest while wearing any complete barrows set - Either do the full barrows run, or just find the brother that has crypt access. Work yourself to the chest in the middle, and open the chest WHILST WEARING 4 PIECES OF BARROWS GEAR FROM THE SAME BROTHER! (remember a spade) Congratulations, Morytania Elite diary, has been completed. 10 Varrock 10.1 Varrock Easy 10.1.1 Varrock Easy Requirements: 15 Mining, 13 Agility, 8 Crafting, 9 Runecrafting, 20 Fishing, 5 Thieving Browse Thessalia's Store. - Woman located at Varrock square clothes store. Have Aubury teleport you to the Essence mine - South of Varrock East Bank. Teleport to the Essence Mine. Mine some Iron in the south east mining patch near Varrock - Mine some Iron in the mine southeast of Varrock. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5pl4q Make a normal plank at the Sawmill - Have a Log in your inventory, and make planks at the Sawmill. Enter the Second level of the Stronghold of Security - Go down the first level of Stronghold security, and enter the portal, climb down the ladder. Jump over the fence south of Varrock - Jump over the fence here. http://prntscr.com/o5pphq Spin a bowl of the pottery wheel and fire it in the oven of Barb Village - Take a piece of Soft clay to the furnace and pottery wheel in Barbarian Village. Craft some Earth Runes - Fill your inventory with Earth Runes and take a trip to the Abyss Earth Rift. Catch some trout in the River Lum at Barbarian Village - Remember Fishing rod and Bait/Feathers, fish from this location: http://prntscr.com/o5psm0 Steal from the Tea satall in Varrock - Tea stall location: http://prntscr.com/o5pswj Congratulations, Varrock Easy diary, has been completed. 10.2 Varrock Medium 10.2.1 Varrock Medium Requirements: 25 Magic, 40 Combat, 30 Agility (50 Woodcutting not a req but needed atm of guide creation) Enter the Champion's Guild - Follow the path, and enter the building. http://prntscr.com/o5q5nm Use the spirit tree north of Varrock - Go from home to Ge and then from GE to home with spirit trees. Perform the 4 emotes from the Stronghold of Security - Search the middle chest/whatever it is for the emotes in stronghold security, and perform them. Teleport to the Digsite using a Digsite pendant - YOU DON'T NEED TO FIND IT AT MUSEUM! Get a digsite pendant (enchant ruby necklace) and teleport to Digsite. (1x Cosmic, 5x Fire) Cast the teleport to Varrock spell - Normal spellbook Varrock teleport. 1x Law. 3x Air. 1x Fire. Get a Slayer task from Vannaka - Edgeville Dungeon, enter by going down the ladder at home, behind the fairy ring/spirit tree. Make 20 Mahogany Planks in one go - This is what 50 woodcutting is recommended for, as there's not many in stock. Chop the logs yourself or buy on ge. Complete a lap of the Varrock Agility course - Start it on the east side of Varrock General Store Congratulations, Varrock Medium diary, has been completed. 10.3 Varrock Hard 10.3.1 Varrock Hard Requirements: 54 Magic, 60 Woodcutting, 60 Firemaking, 52 Prayer Make a Waka Canoe near Edgeville - Remember an axe, and make the Waka canoe at the shortcut to the GE. Teleport to Paddewwa - Ancient spellbook, teleport costs: 2x Law, 1x Fire, 1x Air. (Edge Dungeon Teleport) Teleport to the Barbarian Village with a skull sceptre - Arguably the hardest one here. Obtain a piece of the Skull scepter by killing NPC's in the Stronghold. The NPC's to kill are: Minotaurs, Flesh crawlers, Catablepons and Ankous. (Level respectively 1, 2, 3, 4.) Assemble skull pieces, then sceptre pieces, and then combine the sceptre fully. Teleport now. Chop some yew logs in Varrock and burn them at the top of the Varrock church - Yew logs found here: http://prntscr.com/o5qks4 . Chop the logs and light them at the top of the Varrock Church. http://prntscr.com/o5qlp4 Pray at the altar in Varrock palace with Smite active - Enter Varrock palace, go up the stairs, and furhter into the palace there should be an altar, put on smite and pray. Congratulations, Varrock Hard diary, has been completed. 10.4 Varrock Elite 10.4.1 Varrock Elite Requirements: 90 Herblore, 86 Magic, 95 Cooking, 89 Smithing, 81 Fletching, 78 Runecrafting. Create a Super Combat Potion in Varrock West Bank - You can only make Super Combat Potions by using (4) Dose potions and a clean torstol. Use the Torstol on the attack potion (only thing that works). Use Lunar Magic to make 20 mahogany planks at the Lumberyard - 20 Mahogany logs in inventory at the Lumberyard, EQUIP AN EARTH STAFF! - Runes for plank make on Lunar spellbook: 20x Nature, 40x Astral. Bake a summer pie in the Cooking Guild - Bake a raw summer pie inside cooking guild (Unsure if Bake pie on Lunar spellbook works as it has 100% cook rate.) Get a couple to be safe, unless you have 99 cooking, and the skillcape.) Smith and fletch ten rune drats within Varrock - You need a Hammer, 10 feathers and a runite bar. Smith rune dart tips at the varrock anvil, and attach the feathers. Craft 100 or more Earth runes simultaneously - Full inventory of Rune/pure essence, and make urself to the Earth rift in the Abyss. Congratulations, Varrock Elite diary, has been completed. 11 Western Provinces 11.1 Western Provinces Easy 11.1.1 Western Provinces Easy Requirements: 9 Hunter, 15 Mining, 20 Fletching Catch a Copper Longtail - Remember your birdsnare, and teleport to the fairy ring: "A K Q", run southeast as this path shows you: http://prntscr.com/o5qvaf Complete a novice game of Pest Control - Teleport to Pest Control and do a game in the novice boat (might have to coordinate with your team) Mine some Iron Ore near Piscatoris - Teleport using either "A K Q" Fairy ring, or teleport to piscatoris, fairy ring runs northeast, piscatoris goes a little south, there will be some iron ores. Mine 1. Complete a lap of the Gnome agility course - Spirit tree to Gnome Stronghold and use the agility course to the southeast. Teleport to Pest Control using the Minigame teleports - Read task <-- Collect a swamp toad at the Gnome Stronghold - Collect a Swamp toad in this enclosure: http://prntscr.com/o5qw4r Have Brimstail teleport you to the Essence mine - Teleport to Stronghold Slayer Cave, go out, go to the west, into the cave with the quest marker, and rightclick Brimstail in there, to teleport to the Essence mine. Fletch an Oak shortbow from the Gnome Stronghold - Use a bowstring on an Oak shortbow (u) within the Gnome Stronghold. Kill a Terrorbird in the Terrorbird enclosure - Kill a terrorbird in the enclosure located here: http://prntscr.com/o5qwwf Congratulations, Western Provinces Easy diary, has been completed. 11.2 Western Provinces Medium 11.2.1 Western Provinces Medium Requirements: 31 Hunter, 46 Fishing, 35 Woodcutting, 35 Firemaking. Travel to the Gnome Stronghold by Spirit Tree - Go to home and take spirit tree to Gnome Stronghold Trap a Spined Larupia - Pitfall trap the Hunter monster at this location: http://prntscr.com/o5qyl4 Fairy ring code "A K S" Fish some Bass on Ape Atoll - Get to ape atoll some way (recommending lvl 90 arceuus teleport to Ape atoll, 2x Law, 2x Soul, 2x Blood. (bring an antipoison) (do the next task on the list whilst taking care of this one) - Take a big net, an axe and a tinderbox with you. Here are the locations: http://prntscr.com/o5qzwe (make sure u do the mahogany one too) Chop and burn some teak logs on Ape Atoll - read previous task Complete an Intermediate game of Pest Control - You might have to convince your team to go with you on the Intermediate boat. Congratulations, Western Provinces Medium diary, has been completed. 11.3 Western Provinces Hard 11.3.1 Western Provinces Hard Requirements: 50 Woodcutting, 50 Firemaking, 68 Farming, 64 Magic, 75 Thieving 11.3.2 Western Provinces Hard Recommendations: High Magic, Ranged and Defence, with some good gear to kill Zulrah. Complete a Veteran game of Pest Control - Super easy, almost always vet boats running. Chop and Burn some Mahogany logs on Ape Atoll - Read medium diary. Check the health of your Palm tree in Lletya - Should've had this pre-planted and ready to check health. Kill Zulrah - Semi-difficult boss if you're not great at bossing. Make sure you're well prepared before you go in here. Nothing much to say. Closest teleport without cost is Fairy ring code "B J S" you will need an agility level of 76 to pass the obstacle though. Zul-andra teleports are the closest option, but does cost money. Teleport to Ape Atoll - cast the Ape Atoll teleport from the Normal spellbook. 2x Law, 2x Water, 2x Fire, 1x Banana (obtain from banana plantation on Karamja) Pickpocket a Gnome - Pickpocket a Gnome in the Gnome Stronghold. Congratulations, Western Provinces Hard diary, has been completed. 11.4 Western Provinces Elite 11.4.1 Western Provinces Elite Requirements: 85 Fletching, 93 Slayer, 85 Thieving. Fletch a Magic Longbow in the Eleven Lands - Use bowstring on a magic longbow (u) in Lletya. Kill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil (Does not require task for first kill) - Kill the Thermonuclear smoke devil where it's located. (Boss teleport -> Thermonuclear Smoke Devil) Pickpocket an Elf - Pickpocket an Elf NPC in Lletya Congratulations, Western Provinces Elite diary, has been completed. 12 Wilderness *Warning you will lose items in the Wilderness. Be careful and don't bring anything you're not willing to lose. 12.1 Wilderness Easy 12.1.1 Wilderness Easy Requirements: 21 Magic, 15 Agility, 15 Mining Cast Low Alchemy at the Fountain of Rune - Remember to bring an item to alch. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5r4pd Use annakarl or Obelisk teleports (obelisk tp to corp cave with games neck and go outside the cave and southeast. There's an obelisk there. Get lucky with tp. Would recommend lvl 90 annakarl teleport tablet though. (use tablet because u need to have normal spellbook) Enter the Wilderness from the Ardougne or Edgeville lever - Pull the lever in Ardougne, as there is no Edgeville lever. (this should be done with the ardougne diary) Pray at the Chaos Altar in Western Wilderness - Easy Task. Location of altar: http://prntscr.com/o5r5iz Teleport by either Ancient spellbook or Arceuus spellbook. Enter the Chaos Runecrafting Temple - Going through the Abyss Rift does NOT!! work. Acquire a Chaos Talisman. Go through the Abyss Chaos rift, Go out and then back in, you should have it completed. Kill a Mammoth in the Wilderness - Carrallanger teleport 2x Law, 2x Soul. Follow the Path to the Obelisk, where the Mammoths reside. http://prntscr.com/o5r658 Kill an Earth Warrior in the Wilderness beneath Edgeville - Climb down the trapdoor east of the spirit tree/fairy ring at home. Follow this path, and kill an Earth Warrior: http://prntscr.com/o5r6lm Enter the King Black Dragon's Lair - Go from the Ghorrock Teleport (2x Law, 8x Water) into this dungeon sign, pull the lever (BRING A ONE CLICK TELEPORT UNLESS YOU PLAN ON SUICIDING TO KBD!) teleport away or die. Collect 5 Red Spiders' eggs from the Wilderness - Collect 5 eggs from this location: http://prntscr.com/o5ral2 Mine some Iron ore in the Wilderness - Iron ores are north of the Zamorak mage sending you to the Abyss: http://prntscr.com/o5rb2v Have the Mage of Zamorak teleport you to the Abyss - Teleport to the Abyss. You should already have this done. Equip any team cape in the Wilderness - Buy a team cape from Richard standing near the Ditch. Buy a cape, go into wilderness, equip the cape. Congratulations, Wilderness Easy diary, has been completed. 12.2 Wilderness Medium 12.2.1 Wilderness Medium Requirements: 55 Mining, 52 Agility, 60 Magic. Mine some Mithril ore in the Wilderness - From the Edgevill canoe, go to the wilderness, and then southwest to the hobgoblin mine. Mine a mithril ore here: http://prntscr.com/o5rcjj Complete a lap of the Wilderness Agility course - Bring a slash weapon, or a knife. Teleport to Mage Bank, Follow the Path, and go back to Mage Bank after your lap: http://prntscr.com/o5rfza Kill a Green Dragon - Kill a green dragon in the wilderness. I would suggest the wests Wilderness location. There's a teleport under the "Wilderness" section at home portal. Kill an Ankou in the Wilderness - Teleport to the Cemetary with Arceuus spellbook 1x Law, 1x Soul, 1x Blood. Kill an ankou there. Charge an Earth Orb - BRING TWO ORBS, AND A CAST FOR CHARGE AIR ORB ASWELL FOR THIS ONE. - Bring: 2x Unpowered orbs (can be crafted from Molten Glass), 6x Cosmic runes, Staff of Air, Staff of Earth. Go to this location in Edgeville Dungeon: http://prntscr.com/o5re4x Congratulations, Wilderness Medium diary, has been completed. 12.3 Wilderness Hard 12.3.1 Wilderness Hard Requirements: 66 Magic, 67 Hunter, 75 Smithing. 12.3.2 Wilderness Hard Recommendations: 80+ Ranged, 43+ Prayer. Cast one of the 3 God spells against another player in the Wilderness - Unlock the spell first, by buying the staff, and casting it on npcs in there 100 times. Keep in mind you can splash these with a negative 65 mage bonus, so you dont have to worry about pkers for the casting bit. After that either use an Alt account, ask a friend nicely or simply yeet a runecrafter to make them upset. (Please dont hit me) (You will have to unlock all 3 spells for Mage Arena 2 cape, so I would suggest you do that) Charge an Air Orb - Should be done with the Earth Orb. Read in Medium Tasks. Catch a Black Salamander in the Wilderness - Teleport to corp with the home teleport or a games necklace, and follow the path. Remember your small net and rope. http://prntscr.com/o5rh2n Smith an Adamant Scimitar in the Resource Area - *Remember a Hammer, Pickaxe and 10k for entrance fee. Remember a slash weapon, and a good idea would be to bring brews, restores and a lockpick for safety of Pkers. Follow this path: http://prntscr.com/o5ri44 Kill a Lava Dragon & Bury the bones on Lava Dragon Isle - Bring some runes for a magic spell, to kill a lava dragon (100 casts of fire strike or something like that should be enough.) Make your way to the Lava Dragons by one of the many ways possible. Kill one and bury the bones. http://prntscr.com/o5rin9 Kill the Chaos Elemental - Kill the Chaos Elemental, Pro tip is to bring food that will still sit in your inventory, to counter its disarm attack. Here's the location of the Chaos Elemental. http://prntscr.com/o5rish Kill the Crazy Archeologis, Chaos Fanatic & Scorpia - Look up guides on youtube if you're insecure with these bosses. Kill all 3 without logging out to complete the task. Congratulations, Wilderness Hard diary, has been completed. 12.4 Wilderness Elite 12.4.1 Wilderness Elite Requirements: 96 Magic, 85 Fishing, 90 Cooking, 75 Woodcutting, 75 Firemaking 12.4.2 Wilderness Elite Recommendations: 95+ Attack, 95+ Strength, 95+ Defence, Knowledge of safespotting. Full Veracs Set/Viggoras Chainmace Kill Callisto, Venenatis & Vet'ion - High melees, Full Veracs/Viggoras Chainmace recommended. Find youtube guides on safespotting if you're not aware of those strategies. Kill all 3 without logging out for the task to complete. Teleport to Ghorrock - With the Ancient Spellbook, use Ghorrock Teleport. 2x Law, 8x Water. Fish and Cook a Dark Crab in the Resource Area - Bring a Lobster pot, Dark Fishing bait (10+ to catch more than one, incase of burn), Axe and Tinderbox. Complete this and the next task in the Resource Area. Cut and burn some Magic Logs in the Resource Area - Look at previous task. Congratulations, Wilderness Elite diary, has been completed. 13 Claiming your rewards 13.1 Ardougne Claim the Ardougne Rewards by Speaking to Two-pints in Ardougne Pub. 13.2 Desert Claim the Desert Rewards by Speaking to Jarr at Shantay Pass. 13.3 Falador Claim the Falador Rewards by Speaking to Sir Rebral at Falador Castle. 13.4 Fremennik Claim the Fremennik Rewards by Speaking to Thorodin just outside Rellekka. 13.5 Kandarin Claim the Kandarin Rewards by Speaking to The 'Wedge' outside Camelot Castle. 13.6 Karamja Claim the Karamja Rewards by Speaking to Pirate Jackie the Fruit in Brimhaven Agility Arena. 13.7 Lumbridge & Draynor Claim the Lumbridge & Draynor Rewards by Speaking to Hatius Cosaintus in Lumbridge. 13.8 Morytania Claim the Morytania Rewards by Speaking to Le-sabré just west of Canifis. 13.9 Varrock Claim the Varrock Rewards by Speaking to Toby in Varrock by the Agility Course. 13.10 Western Provinces Claim the Western Provinces Rewards by Speaking to the Elder Gnome child in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. 13.11 Wilderness Claim the Wilderness Rewards by Speaking to the Lesser Fanatic in Northeast Edgeville. I hope the guide was useful guys. This took about 13 hours to make, and it has over 9000 words in it. Radi #1.
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    Hello Zenyte! Today we have a quick update for you guys on our staff team. We have 2 promotions, 2 new supports, 1 step down, 2 resignations and 1 demotion. Very eventful week this week! All of these guys have done exceptional work as staff and regular players and I am happy to be promoting them. As always, if you believe you would make a great addition to our team, I would encourage you to apply here. We have updated the application style and now move all applications to a forum where we can review them as a team internally. If you have wondered where you application has gone, this is likely the case! Promotions @Noshas been promoted to Server Support @Win all dayhas been promoted to Server Support @Lifehas been promoted to Moderator @Tranquilityhas been promoted to Moderator @Erzahas been promoted to Manager Resignations/Demotions @Pandahas stepped down to Senior Moderator - you can read more about his decision here. @Rubyhas resigned from Server Support @Zoophas resigned from Server Support @Natumayihas been demoted from Server Support I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Panda for the hard work and dedication that he's given Zenyte while he's been a staff member (and still is staff.) I hope that I will measure up to the kind of Leader that Panda is and make you all proud. Thank you, Panda.
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    Just a quick little update, in preperation for our bigger upcoming update featuring Chambers of Xeric. Make sure to keep an eye out for the #dev-blogs channel in the discord for some spicy Chambers of Xeric content! Donator benefits Existing donator benefits will now scale up better with the tier that you got. Added a new benefit for Zahur's services. Price per unit will be less, and scales with the tier. Emerald+ will now get another favorite teleport slot and Dragonstone+ will get another one as well. Emerald+ will now get another daily challenge slot and Dragonstone+ will get another one as well. Bugfixes The hand fan has been implemented. Fixed an issue with the Gargoyle smasher perk that wouldn't trigger if the Gargoyle was at 9 hitpoints or less. Superior creature kills are now tracked in the slayer log. Cleaning poisoned weapons will no longer set the amount of the item to 1. Completing a wilderness slayer assignment will no longer give you a guaranteed upgrade. Instead, it will now be RnG-based. The higher the initial task amount, the better chance you get on getting the upgrade. Implemented a bunch of fixes for hunter traps glitching out, hopefully improving immensely. The invisible death timer for ultimate ironmen is no longer 10 hours. Instead, it's 1 hour now.
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    Reminder that you do not need to meet these requirements to join the cc/discord or apply. You may receive recruit rank and update your application within 2 weeks before being declined or accepted.
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    Hello Zenyte! Today we have a quick update for you guys on our staff team. We have 3 promotions and 3 new hires. All of these guys have done exceptional work as staff and regular players and I am happy to be promoting them. As always, if you believe you would make a great addition to our team, I would encourage you to apply here: https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/74-staff-application-form/ We have updated the application style and now move all applications to a forum where we can review them as a team internally. If you have wondered where you application has gone, this is likely the cause! Jop has been promoted to Global Moderator Harsh has been promoted to Moderator @Natumayihas been promoted to Server Support @Jetthas been promoted to Server Support @Party Hatzhas been promoted to Forum Moderator Congrats guys and welcome aboard!
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    Hello Zenyte! Welcome to the 5th edition of the monthly newsletter. @Panda has allowed me to run this month's edition since I have way to much free time on my hands. This newsletter was originated by Panda to keep the community up to date with important information like major content updates, active events, staff updates, and interviews with community members. If you have any recommendations for future content updates to the newsletters, please send me or Panda a PM as we love to get some more community driven content! As always, I hope you enjoy this months issue! Server News HELP NEEDED... Zenyte is currently looking for QA members to find any issues or quirks with new content that is set to release in order to prevent faulty errors on the live game. Bosses, skilling, items, tournaments, PvP, mini-games and so forth all need to be tested in detail to reach up to our standards. If you decide to reach out and become one of our QA Testers, you'll be one of many who shape our game into the best it can be — a very important position to hold. We're only looking for individuals who are extremely experienced with OSRS game mechanics, content and general knowledge. We need to know that you know what is right and what is not to save time which could be spent on other pieces of content. If you're someone who meets that criteria, this is a position for you and we urge you to get involved. If you do not have detailed knowledge of the game, you will be instantly denied and or removed from the team. Please fill out this format and send it to @Jopin a private message on the forums: TITLE: Quality Assurance — Forum Name OSRS account name(s): -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE Zenyte account name(s): -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE Zenyte Discord name(s): -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE Zenyte in-game time played: -PLACE-YOUR-SCREENSHOT-HERE Note: Applications will be closed on the 30th of June, 2019! Notable Server Updates Seeing as this is the first edition after the server released there are a lot of updates that were performed this month. Here are some of the most notable: 15/06/19 Achievement diary completions will now appear in your adventurers log Exp mode changes now appear in your adventurers log Barrows item drops now appear in your adventurers log Crystal items can now be imbued Bonds can now be given to other players 18/06/2019 Defence multiplier for PvP fights has been reset to 1.0 Untradeables are now kept in inventory on death in non-wilderness zones. Hespori flowers will now always die from a single hit. Krystilia no longer randomly sets your respawn location to Lumbridge when you talk to her. 500-total milestones are now submitted to the adventurer's log. Fixed an issue with bones-to-peaches spell. Fixed some problems with Cerberus. Fixed an issue which caused the Giant Mole from freezing stuck. Boss tasks are now functional. 23/06/2019 Mage arena II Players can start the dangerous minigame by talking to Kolodion who can be found within the mage bank in deep wilderness. The minigame requires players to have at least level 75 magic, although higher levels are strongly advised. Magic level cannot be boosted to start the minigame early. After speaking to Kolodion, players are informed to go seek for three creatures, all representing different gods. Kolodion needs players to bring him the remains of the creatures to harness their power. After bringing him all three of the remains, players are able to imbue a god cape of their selection by showing it to Kolodion. All three creatures are able to deal high damage and combo the player out with ease! Beware before starting the minigame. Every single one of the creatures can hit upwards of 43 if the correct protection prayer is not used, besides that they are able to perform combo-attacks which can damage players even more than that. Finding the creatures is slightly different to how it works in OS: Each player is assigned a unique location where they will be able to find the creature. Multiple people can be killing creatures simultaneously regardless of the location. Every 30 minutes or after the spawning of a creature the unique location is reset and will be re-rolled for the next creature - it can be any of the 15 possible locations, including the same one as previous. The locations are more or less the same as in OS. 26/06/2019 Ectofuntus - Players are able to go to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys to grind their bones into bonemeal and sacrifice it to the ectofuntus. Sacrificing bonemeal to the ectofuntus grants 4x the experience you would normally receive by burying the bones. Players can do this by bringing bones and some empty pots to the upstairs of the ectofuntus and putting the bones inside the hopper, then grinding them through the grinder and lastly taking the bonemeal by using an empty pot on the bin. In order to sacrifice the bonemeal to the ectofuntus, players must also obtain some slime. To do this, players have to go to the bottom of the ectofuntus and use empty buckets on the pool of slime. Each pot of bonemeal requires one bucket of slime. Every sacrifice performed at the ectofuntus grants the players 5 ecto-tokens. These tokens can be used to charge the bonecrusher at a rate of 25 charges per ecto-token. Evil Bob's Island - As a mechanic to fight against bots, we have implemented the Evil Bob's random event. This is a forced event that the players must complete in order to get off the island. Players will only be teleported to the island if they're out of combat and aren't in a restricted area. The frequency of the event is currently set to on-average once every five hours per player, with a guaranteed hour limit between events to ensure this doesn't occur too frequently. Please note: If the event is still too common, administrators are able to decrease the frequency of it through commands. Players will occasionally be teleported to the island where they must feed Bob the correct fish in order to escape. To determine what the correct fish is, talk to the servant found on the island. They will explain and show you where you must catch the fish from. Beware: If you catch the fish from an incorrect side of the island, you will not be able to get off the island until correct fish is fed. You MUST feed Bob the correct fish. When you complete the event, you will be granted an antique xp lamp. The lamp provides 750 experience multiplied by your experience rate in any skill except for Construction. There is no level requirements to use the antique lamp - this allows skillers and other special builds to train skills they normally would not be able to. You can find these and many more updates/bug fixes from this month here! Staff Updates We had multiple staff updates during this month of June. Here they are: 06/09/19 Erza has been promoted to Global Moderator Jop has been promoted to Moderator Stygian has been promoted to Moderator Hide has been promoted to Moderator @Hxrdcorehas been promoted to Server Support @Ferhas been promoted to Server Support @Zayhas been promoted to Server Support @Zoophas been promoted to Server Support @Destructionhas been promoted to Server Support @Tranquilityhas been welcomed back as a Server Support 06/18/19 Erza has been promoted to Administrator uTorrent has been promoted to Global Moderator Python has been promoted to Global Moderator Hxrdcore has been promoted to Moderator N has been promoted to Moderator @Rubyhas been promoted to Forum Moderator @Lifehas been promoted to Server Support @Harshhas been promoted to Server Support @Engagehas been promoted to Server Support @Adamhas resigned from his role as a Moderator @Ferhas resigned from his role as a Server Support 06/20/19 Destruction has been promoted to Moderator @Chophas been promoted to Server Support @Echohas been promoted to Server Support Rule Updates We had a few updates to the rules so it's best to make yourself familiar with them: 06/17/19 Refunds [Scams, Disconnects, etc.] We are NOT held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected, etc. while being located within the wilderness. Entering the wilderness is at people's own risk, however, we have but a few rules: Disconnections will not be refunded. Donations will ONLY be refunded if the player has NOT been given their items or position after 72 hours, otherwise, a refund is not required. Once items are claimed within the game, they will no longer be eligible for refunds. Reset of due to software functionality loss will be refunded if he or she has posted valid proof of their purchase in the relative board, otherwise, a refund is not required on our part. Scammed members will not be refunded because there are simple tactics to not be scammed, such as using a middleman (staff member or trusted ranks). Account sharing is not of our concern and is at the discretion of members to do so, however, members who do decide to do so and have had their accounts muted, banned, or otherwise “hacked” will be at their own fault. Hacking refunds will not be handed out, the reason for this is that we provide enough safety measures for this to be avoided. Glitch refunds will ONLY be refunded if the member has 100 percent proof, and has proof of the items prior to the glitch happening. Note that if a developer (or whoever has spawning abilities) does not see the proof to be enough, it can be declined and a refund is not required. Punishment for Scams & Hacks 1st Offence: Permanent Ban| 2nd Offence: IP Ban 06/17/19 Third Party Software Any software that is used to allow the member to have an unfair advantage in any way will result in punishment. We want to create a fair environment where all players have an equal chance of all of our features. Software includes automation tools, macros, bots, auto-typers, auto-clickers, and tools that circumvent any of our mechanisms designed to automatically log out inactive users. Punishment for Third Party Software 1st Offence: 24H Ban + Individual Stat Wipe | 2nd Offence: 1W Ban + All Stats Wiped | 3rd Offence: Perm. Ban You can find our rules here! Staff Interview So for this month of the newsletter I interviewed one of our recently promoted server supports. @Chop. The interview went as followed: That brings us to the end of the newsletter this month. Please let me know if you have any recommendations on things you would like to see added to these post in future months. I hope you enjoyed this issue and I also hope you all are just as excited for Zenyte's launch as I am. We are on the home stretch ladies and gentlemen!
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    Hello, Since the release of Zenyte, we've had a plethora of new ideas, issues to overcome and suggestions to pursue in order to ensure you, the player, are given the best experience possible when you're in-game. We want to guarantee our game play is perfected... but we can't do that without testing our content thoroughly, that's why we're making this post. We need QA Testers (Quality Assurance) to find any issues or quirks with new content that is set to release in order to prevent faulty errors on the live game. Bosses, skilling, items, tournaments, PvP, mini-games and so forth all need to be tested in detail to reach up to our standards. If you decide to reach out and become one of our QA Testers, you'll be one of many who shape our game into the best it can be — a very important position to hold. We're only looking for individuals who are extremely experienced with OSRS game mechanics, content and general knowledge. We need to know that you know what is right and what is not to save time which could be spent on other pieces of content. If you're someone who meets that criteria, this is a position for you and we urge you to get involved. If you do not have detailed knowledge of the game, you will be instantly denied and or removed from the team. Please fill out this format and send it to @Jopin a private message on the forums: TITLE: Quality Assurance — Forum Name OSRS account name(s): -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE Zenyte account name(s): -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE Zenyte Discord name(s): -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE Zenyte in-game time played: -PLACE-YOUR-SCREENSHOT-HERE QA Testers will receive a unique forum group that signifies their help to improving Zenyte and possible in-game rewards later in the future. Note: Applications will be closed on the 30th of June, 2019! Kind regards,
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    The long-awaited update is finally here! This time we bring you Zenyte Mobile, bird houses and a bunch of fixes. Zenyte Mobile Yes you heard that right, Zenyte Mobile. You will now be able to play Zenyte on your phone as well! Only Android phones are supported for now, as iOS requires a jailbroken device to play and to develop on, plus doing an iOS client is much more difficult in general. To play Zenyte on Android device, simply go to https://zenyte.com/play and download the .apk file! Birdhouses Birdhouses have been fully implemented. There are 4 birdhouse spaces around Fossil Island where you can setup your birdhouses. The timers are the same as OSRS (~50 minutes) but are lowered cumulatively starting as an Emerald Member. You will be able to find the exact timers on the donator benefits thread. Mycelium teleportation has also been implemented with this update. All the teleports are unlocked by default to easily travel through Fossil Island and the birdhouse spaces. To make birdhouses you will need clockworks. You can buy these from the Skilling shop at home. Bugfixes and small content additions To compliment birdhouses, extra seeds have been added to birdnests; these include redwoods, teak, mahogany and dragonfruit Added the requested custom pet for the discord contest winners (top 3). Added the custom pet for Zenyte Members. Added clockworks to the Skilling shop. Game noticeboard timers are no longer paused when you hide orbs. Daily challenges now show the right experience amount. Custom pets (from the store, discord contest or the zenyte member one) are no longer lost on death. Fixed the head appearance for the lederhosen hat. Morytania legs now give you the slayer xp boost whilst doing your slayer assignment in the Slayer Tower. Fixed the smelt 75 runite bars daily challenge. It will now progress properly. Random events will no longer occur for staff members. You can now turn your Zamorakian hasta back into a spear by using the hasta on Otto Godblessed. The auto-compost donator benefits now applies regular, super or ultra compost depending on the tier. The world switcher is here; available on both mobile and desktop this will allow you to switch to other worlds if they're available, as well as show the player count and activity of each world Boost potion share spell no longer removes more potions than necessary. Potential fix for npcs freezing out of the blue and becoming unkillable implemented. Fixed an issue with mithril dragon drops, where the drop would occasionally not appear. Dwarf multicannon restrictions applied to Zulrah's lair as well as Vorkath's island. Aviansies task now works for Kree'arra as well as its minions. Scorpia's attack range increased. Zulrah should no longer send an additional attack out to the player when they die. Players are no longer "cleared" so soon after logout - this caused a wide variety of problems, most of which weren't exactly visible but definitely were important. Rewrote area detection code to hopefully patch an issue where the player wouldn't be registered in the area they were within. Another patch for hunter, hopefully fixes the issues with player being unable to set up any traps. I've also added a fail-safe if this still persists after the update. Third-age druidic equipment can now be worn. Dragon knives have been given the level 60 Ranged requirement. Vet'ion can now be slain for the "Skeletons" assignment. Fixed the two ladders on Neitiznot islands which allowed players to noclip. Added some more vote rewards - more will come in the near future. Media Mobile world switcher: Desktop world switcher:
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    Rule Change - 7/11/2019 1. Common Player Courtesy and Inappropriate Content Added Minor/Major offences 5. Refunds (Scams, Disconnects, etc.) Added a rule reflecting our views on general scamming outside of item loaning/trust trading/drop splitting 2. Real World Trading Added that so if you even attempt to RWT your gold or account - you will be banned.
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    What you will need: Food & Energy Potions Mystic or Better Equipment and armour Glory or quick teleport from level 30 wilderness All three God Staffs (Can be purchaced via the chamber guardian after walking through the pool in Mage bank) In order to begin your three part Journy into getting The imbued God Capes, You will need to speak with Kolodion who is found in the Mage bank You may get to the mage bank by the Wilderness Teleports tab from home portal When talking to Kolodion, You will be prompted with two selections Are there any Challenges available? This is what you will select to start your miniquest, you will go through his dialoug and he will give you the Enchanted Symbol Now, you will be entering the wilderness, it is Recommended to set the Player 'Attack' option to 'Always right click' or 'Hidden' to avoid Skulling on accident. Each of the three gods will need to be slain with their respective staff And Spell. (Bloods, Airs, And Fire Runes needed) The Gods Porazdir (Zammy) can launch an energy ball at the player. The amount of damage it deals is dependent on your distance to him. The further you are, the less damage it deals. If you are extremely far away, it will deal no damage. Justiciar Zachariah (Saradomin) will occasionally swing his sword, resulting in a blue wave aimed at the player's current tile when it was used. If not avoided, players will be dragged next to him, where he will start attacking them with melee. Simply move one tile elsewhere from its target tile to avoid the attack. Derwen (Guthix) can launch energy balls on the ground. They heal him for 5 health every few seconds, and must be destroyed to stop him from healing. Each ball has 20 health. Locations This is a game of Hot & Cold. There are 15 Locations they could be at. Each location is different for each player. For each god to spawn, you need to be within a 5x5 tile radius Here is a resource you can use to track down all of the Gods Easier. https://explv.github.io/ You will enter the cords located as follows. These are the cords exactly where each god could spawn (X, Y, Z) (Thanks to Kris for this information) SPAWN_1(new Location(3023, 3834, 0)), SPAWN_2(new Location(3172, 3898, 0)), SPAWN_3(new Location(3147, 3881, 0)), SPAWN_4(new Location(3158, 3841, 0)), SPAWN_5(new Location(3168, 3796, 0)), SPAWN_6(new Location(3214, 3882, 0)), SPAWN_7(new Location(3230, 3872, 0)), SPAWN_8(new Location(3256, 3885, 0)), SPAWN_9(new Location(3296, 3876, 0)), SPAWN_10(new Location(3274, 3842, 0)), SPAWN_11(new Location(3246, 3830, 0)), SPAWN_12(new Location(3256, 3796, 0)), SPAWN_13(new Location(3334, 3899, 0)), SPAWN_14(new Location(3303, 3940, 0)), SPAWN_15(new Location(3231, 3906, 0));
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    Orion is an invite-only, drama-free, rank-free, skilling clan reserved for the best of the best and their close friends. Our current members include all winners of the first-to-max competition, as well as many of the top players from each game mode and XP rate. We function through a Discord server, so the "Orion" CC is currently open to everyone, feel free to come chill. If you are interested in joining and want to be considered, feel free to hit me up or post a reply! Requirements Current requirements include Max Cape + one 200M skill (25x), or top 5 rank or high skill XP in any other game mode or XP rate (10x/5x). These requirements are flexible to an extent, so if you think that you have considerable progress, feel free to hit me up or post a reply, and you will be considered. These requirements may increase in the future, but no member can lose their eligibility due to a requirements increase. There is no pressure to maintain a certain level of progress. Members Arekusei [Maxed (25x), 750M XP] Abdul [Rank 2 Hardcore Ironman (5x)] Chop [Maxed, Server Support, 450M XP] Clue [Hardcore Ironman (10x), 86M Mining, 125M XP] Dyoh [Rank 6 Regular (25x), Maxed, 750M XP, Rank 1 Farming (200M)] Fantasy [Rank 2 Ironman (25x), Maxed, 600M XP] Ghost [First-to-max (2nd), Rank 1 Ironman (25x), 1B XP] Iron CC [Rank 1 Hardcore Ironman (25x), Maxed, 1B XP] Iron Levi [Rank 1 Ironman (5x), 132M XP] Jxgilly [Rank 1 Regular (10x), 100M XP] Joke [Ultimate Ironman (25x)] Lars [Rank 1 Regular (5x) , 115M XP] Laura [First-to-max (3rd), Hardcore Ironwoman (25x), 700M XP] Martial God [Rank 1 Hardcore Ironman (5x) , 100M XP] Nacyto [First-to-max (4th), Rank 1 Ultimate Ironman (25x), 1.3B XP] Psyduck [Rank 4 Ultimate Ironman (25x), Maxed, 550M XP] Rewind [Rank 1 Hardcore Ironman (10x), 125M XP] Salient [Rank 3 Ultimate Ironman (25x), Maxed, 600M XP] Soul [Rank 1 Regular (25x), Maxed, 1.5B XP] Splasher / Ze [Rank 2 Regular (5x), 88M XP / Regular (25x), 200M Fishing (1st)] Vigfus [Ultimate Ironman (5x)] Y0m0pk [First-to-max (1st), Rank 2 Regular (25x), 800M XP]
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    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SilverNova's Staff Team Feedback - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Before you head into this topic, I want you to pay close attention to the fact that this is based on my own opinions and experience of seeing these staff members act in the game/forums/discord. Some of them may be a little bit negative, and some may be a little too positive, but it is once again, based on my own experience. This is honest staff feedback, so if you have been tagged or mentioned and feel like it doesn't evaluate your actions, judgements, thoughts, ideas or motives, then it may be due to the fact that I have not seen you as much as I have seen others. Remember that this is my own feedback. If you disagree or have anything negative to say, please make your own thread. You can do so by clicking here and creating a new topic. Cheers. Notation: This feedback is based on discord, forum & game activity. I have no clue of what each member does outside of Zenyte as that information is disclosed to the public. E.g. I have not included the forum moderators because I know that they have forum obligations as well, I am just not sure on what exactly they are. Founders: Noele Well, well, well if it isn't the one and only Noele. I have to say that ever since I joined Zenyte I haven't had a single negative experience with you, which is a big plus considering the fact that we have had a somewhat hostile relationship in the past. From what I can tell, you are great at what you are doing. I keep seeing you in the game, being active and assisting other players. I even met you while I was training Hunter which was really cool. Honestly, I didn't expect you to find the time to actually play and enjoy the game with such a big release. It is wonderful to know that we have at least one server founder that interacts with the community, because that is one of the most vital things of owning a server. As of now, I have literally nothing negative to say about you. There are always rumours, and I have been told that you have done terrible things in the rsps branch but from what I can tell they are nothing but smoke and fairy dust. Keep it up! Kris Probably my most favourite developer of all time. Hey there @Kris^^. You have been hard at work ever since the creation of the project. I know this and can tell without second guessing because I have played your servers before and man oh man do you deliver by quality. You, Tommeh and Corey make one hell of a team and I must say that I am very glad that you are a part of this server. Without you, it would be nothing. You have done a great work at coding additions to the game and I really look forward to seeing more of your content being added to the server. You are a marvellous developer, and I am glad that you have time to speak to the people in the Zenyte discord and login every now and then to check in on what is going on. So far, every single time I have contacted you about a Zenyte-related issue, question or discussion - You have always answered in less than a few hours. Now that is dedication. To be able to eat, sleep, code, interact, work and discuss or answer things in PMs. Well, lets just say not everyone in this world can even do 1/2 those things in a day. Tommeh Hey @Tommeh. I remember when you were still a somewhat odd noob at coding, and I was trying to compete with you at who is the most useful asset to Kris. Sad, pathetic and awful of me, I know. I am just crazy competitive. I must say it was really nice to see you being a part of the Zenyte development team. I believe that you and Kris are kind of like two parts of a body, where one performs much worse without the other. From what I can tell, you are a great addition to the development team. Developers: Corey Honestly, I have not had the chance to speak or meet you on Zenyte. I am not sure if you prefer to spend more time coding or if you do not have time to login and interact with the community, but I think it would be nice to see a little bit more of you. When it comes to the forums, updates, etc you are rarely seen and this also applies to the actual game. I know that not all developers are supposed to spend hours upon hours on being logged in and staying friendly, but it would be nice to see you every once in a while. Also, I know that it may be due to different time zones, so if you have been online lately then I beg your pardon. However, I am more than certain that you are a great developer considering the fact that you are part of Zenyte, which is a magnificent server. Managers: Erza Sup Erza? You have not been a Manager for a very long time but so far I have had a very positive experience with you. You are very professional, but at the same time very kind and humble which is what a manager should be. I know that you will do a good job with your somewhat newly aquired position because I have seen you on a few servers before and I think we even worked on the same one back in 2017 or 2018. Hopefully you will stay as a Manager for as long as possible, as I know that the community will be blessed to have you. Global Moderators: Jop Probably my most biased opinion on my favourite Global Moderator simply because he takes care of the forums. I am glad that you are taking advantage of the additional powers that you have been granted as a GMod to take care of the forums. Hopefully the current and future GMods will learn from this. I think you are doing great. You are active in the game and also on the forums. The only improvement would be to increase your discord activity. I don't think you are very active there, but then again I think that is fine as you compensate for that with your forum activity. You're everywhere you need to be and I believe that you are doing a great job. Well done! Python & Utorrent You two are doing great. I am like 99% sure that you do more BTS that I do not know of. However, you are both decently active everywhere. The game, the forums, the discord platform - All of them. I am personally not aware of the obligations that GMods have on Zenyte, but I personally think you guys are doing fine. Maybe not as much feedback as you would like to, but that is because you are honestly doing well. Just keep doing what you are up to now, and you two will do great. Keep going. Moderators: Harsh & Hide Both of you are doing well. I see both of you in the default clan chat very often, and most of the times you are answering the questions that you are asked. This includes questions in the default clan chat. I think that you guys could pick up your activity in discord and on the fourms. [email protected] It is good that you guys are positive and active, but I think that the only thing missing is some community interaction. That is just my opinion though. From a professional stand point, you guys are doing well. Keep up with being active and assisting players, and I think that both of you will eventually get far. Life Sup @Life. Nice to see you again. Pretty sure we stumble upon each other like almost all the time. I think you are doing a good job as a Moderator. You are active and help out in the clan chat when no one else is around or when no one knows the answer to a question. Especially in the discord channel. I see you answering questions there all the time. Pretty sure you are the only one that has and keeps answering in #support, haha. You have a lot of knowledge of the game and I think that being a Moderator is the perfect spot for you. Great job. N Hey @N. You are quite a chill and laid back Moderator, which is nice to have around. I see you online almost all the time. I think that is a good thing. Activity is very important. One thing I would like to see more of you is perhaps some discord activity, or maybe a yell every now and then. You doing good so far, but I think that you have a lot more potential that you haven't shown us yet. Hope to see more from you. Tranquility Hands down the best moderator as of now. Crazy high activity, and actually assists players as fast as they ask a question. I have also seen him help outside of the default clan chat which is always a big bonus. I think he is a perfect fit and will most likely become the next GMod unless there are reasons beyond his actions. I think you are doing a wonderful job and that you should keep going. I see you almost every single time I login, no matter if it is day or night. I know you were also part of the BETA team and have been in the Zenyte discord for a long time, so extra kudos for the dedication. You go @Tranquility! Hxrdcore & Destruction Have not seen much of either of you lately. I feel like you were very active during the launch and that your activity has exponentially decreased since then. I am not sure if you are going through something or if you simply do not have the time anymore. Perhaps we just have extremley different times? I do not know. However, I sure would like to see more of both of you. Server Supports: Chop Very active staff member. I see you online from time to time, but that is due to the change of our time zones. I have seen you online quite a lot though, and every single time you are on I always see you helping others. This is exactly what a staff member should be doing, and I think that it is great that you are part of the staff team. Especially when the europeans are sleeping :D. You are doing great, just keep at it! Win All Day One of the new server supports. Honestly, you are just as good as the day before you got promoted. You are such a natural at being a server support that I am honestly thankful to have you as a part of the team. I believe you are doing more than well, and will most likely be getting the next Moderator promotion alongside Nos. Nos Recently promoted, congratulations once again @Nos. You are probably one of the most active server supports right now and I think that if you keep up the good work then you will be a Moderator in no time. You are active, you are always alert and ready to answer and help and I believe that is exactly what a server support should be doing. Nothing but good stuff from you, keep at it! Zay When it comes to Zay, I have to zay that I haven't seen him that much and the few times he has been online I did not really catch him answering questions or do anything related to the community. I am not sure if he is MIA due to certain events or if he just has a different time zone, but personally I have no positive experience of him. Not saying I have had any negative encounters either, I just have not seen him at all. Jett Pretty much same as @Zay. Have not seen you online as much as I used to. Not sure what's up. Hopefully it'll get better.
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    Bugfixes Ultimate ironmen can now unpack item sets at grand exchange "Sets" option; They cannot however repack anything! Trading tier-5 mysterious emblems now works; T8 now gives proper amount of points too. Dust devils no longer deal damage when the user has left the area. Fixed the description messages of Keris and Wolfbane in slayer rewards shop. Game noticeboard interface no longer counts youtubers as staff-online. Ancient zygomites have been implemented in the Fossil Island; These can be slain as an alternative to the zygomites found on Zanaris. World broadcast is now always send if a hardcore ironman dies with total level 500+; Previously it was omitted if the "source" of the damage was unknown. Improved items-kept-on-death mechanics. Rewrote a lot of this; The items you keep should now be in synchronization with the items shown on the interface. There is a possibility that some mistakes may have been made in this process; If you find any, let us know ASAP. Also, before entering wilderness I suggest you view what items you actually might lose so you don't unknowingly risk something you don't intend on losing. Cave kraken and zygomite kills are now being tracked. Kraken instances now prioritize inventory before bank - if you have enough coins in your inventory, it will take them from there before checking bank. Damage calculations for Kalphite queen improved. Her attacks should no longer be anywhere near as accurate. Cerberus soul attacks improved in terms of calculations; Elysian spirit shield effect implemented for Cerberus. Soda ash creation via seaweed. Obstacles in Rellekka agility course have been adjusted in terms of delays. Fight capes can now be exchanged through TzHaarMejJal for a chance at the boss pet. Lovakite mining implemented. Some more shortcuts in troll stronghold patched. Filling, emptying and removing fruit from baskets implemented. Attack, strength, defence and hitpoints are no longer broadcasted when level 99 is achieved. ::wiki command available for all users; Usage is ::wiki term here; E.g. ::wiki armadyl godsword. Food, potions and any other type of edibles will no longer appear visible to players when dropped in wilderness. In addition to this, dying with food will never turn the food visible to other players besides the killer themself. All talismans can now be used to enter the ruins. Dragon scimitar special attack is now 25% more accurate; The accuracy boost that was meant to be there didn't exist prior. PJ timer has been set to 4.8 seconds(previously 6 seconds); After loads of testing it turns out OSRS has it set to the same value, even if it breaks dark-bow-only combat. Removed a random delay in combat caused by auto-retaliate. Teleblock spell will no longer show a hitsplat when it succeeds. Added world map/minimap icons for emblem trader, wilderness lever. Removed map icon for the old fairy ring at home. Toxic staff of the dead now has a 25% chance of venoming the target when using it to cast spells; This is buffed to 100% if the target is a NPC and the player is wearing a charged serpentine helm. Removed NPC spawns found in instance-map; Means you will no longer occasionally see random monsters inside your instance. Last player to hit something no longer gets the kill. Everything has been changed to most-damage-dealt. Rewrote dying sequence so it should always get called when the user's hitpoints reach 0. Zulrah's ranged attacks during magic phase occur less frequently now; Previously the odds of this were 3/7 for ranged attack. This has been lowered to 3/10 - based on a sample of attacks I reviewed earlier today on videos. Snakelings can no longer range from across the middle area at Zulrah. Yell command appearance slightly changed; Removed <col|shad|img> tags. Ring of recoil now sends a colourful unfiltered message as it shatters. Grand exchange +1 button now functions properly when there is only 1 item in the offer. Grand exchange price change buttons(+-5%) have been adjusted so they match what the client predicts. Fixed an issue with rings of suffering uncharging. Players' received damage is now cleared as they enter the wilderness. Received damage code rewritten to include timestamps - any damage that was dealt longer than 20 minutes ago is completely ignored. Fishing no longer randomly interrupts and stops the user. Players can now purchase the Tarn's diary from the slayer shop and use it to enchant the salve amulets. Crystal seed has been added to the bounty hunter shop for 540k bounty hunter points. Wilderness crevice in the deep-wilderness fire giants dungeon now adds combat delay to the user when it is being used. This effectively means players can no longer just use the shortcut and instantly log off when they reach the other end as enough time has passed by then for them to be able to directly log out. Pirates' hut and magic hut in deep wilderness now require lockpicks to enter which can be bought from the skilling shop at home. Implemented a 10% accuracy boost to magic as we had numerous complaints magic was too inaccurate. Vote 2FA dialogue updated to reflect on the recent changes. Port Piscarilius northern dock teleport implemented in the Zenyte portal. Battle mages in the mage arena in deep wilderness now drop infinity pieces, all wands and mages' book. They will also drop all kinds of runes, including wrath runes. Players can only damage these monsters using god spells found in the regular spellbook. NPC aggression distance lowered in wilderness by half. Diamond bolts (e) special effect now properly pierces the targets armour; Bear in mind it is still possible to hit a 0 with it! Just like it is possible to hit a 0 and catch a barrage. Administrators are no longer transmitted to the highscores. Fixed arclight charging.
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    Extensive Slayer Guide Slayer is a skill where the player is given a certain task by a slayer master. The player must then slay the assigned monster in order to gain experience in the skill. Once the task has been completed, the player is also awarded with slayer points based on what Slayer Master is chosen. Slayer Monsters To find Slayer Monsters, use the Wikipedia Orb. To use the Wiki Orb, insert the name of the NPC to find out where they are. You can also use the ::wiki command. E.g. ::wiki crawling hand Slayer Masters Turael: 0 Points Mazchna: 2 Points (⚔20) Vannaka: 4 Points (⚔40) Chaeldar: 10 Points (⚔70) Nieve: 12 Points (⚔85) Duradel: 15 Points (⚔100 + 50) Krystalia: 50 Points Slayer Monsters & Tasks
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    Hello Zenyte! Today we have a quick update for you guys on our staff team. We have 4 promotions and 5 resignations. All of these guys have done exceptional work as staff and regular players. As always, if you believe you would make a great addition to our team, I would encourage you to apply here. We have updated the application style and now move all applications to a forum where we can review them as a team internally. If you have wondered where you application has gone, this is likely the case! Promotions @Laxushas been promoted to Server Support @Destructionhas been promoted to Senior Moderator @Hxrdcorehas been promoted to Senior Moderator @Jophas been promoted to Administrator Resignations @uTorrenthas resigned from Senior Moderator @Stygianhas resigned from Moderator @Nhas resigned from Moderator @Win all dayhas resigned from Server Support @Zayhas resigned from Server Support Thank you for your hard work and contribution, even those who are leaving us. You will not be forgotten.
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    Community Interviews! Hello and welcome to Community Interviews where the players of Zenyte will be getting interviewed each week! This is very similar to the Monthly Newspost, but instead we will have interviews with players. You, the community, will be able to read the questions and the answers down below. If you have any additions to this idea, feel free to throw it down below. You're also allowed to nominate people for the next interview, just not yourself! Most Recent Interview Archive Juli, 2019 Her June, 2019 Keven
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    Ancient Cavern Ape Atoll Dungeon Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Brimhaven Dungeon Chasm Of Fire Corsair Cave Crash Site Cavern Dorgesh Kaan Dungeon Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Karamja Underground Kourend Catacombs Observatory Dungeon Smoke Dungeon Stronghold Slayer Cave Taverley Dungeon Waterfall Dungeon Wyvern Cave
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    Welcome to the Phereus clan topic! Phereus is an up-and-coming clan looking for fresh blood to share great experiences with on Zenyte. We're primarily a PVM community, focused on building excellent teams for upcoming Chambers of Xerics , Theatre of Blood, Corporeal Beast and all the other group bosses. Our members are very experienced, so you'll find yourself in the right place if you need help or advice on the many aspects of Zenyte's bossing. We also host frequent giveaways, PK trips, duo slayer tasks and skilling events, as well as Discord for a place to relax and enjoy some friendly banter. If you're looking for a close-knit group to hang out with and get those mega drops. Then you should probably fill out an application below. Recruitment: OPEN Rules - No toxicity - Respect all clan members - No spamming - No Pking other clan members - No Begging - No clan hopping - All drops are FFA unless everyone in the team agrees to split - Don't gamble clan members - Most importantly, Follow Zenyte's rules. Requirements Atleast 10 hours of playtime Discord is mandatory 85+ in combat stats Must be active *These requirements might change in the future Application If you're interested in joining our clan. Please fill out the format below: Username: Playtime: Timezone: Discord Tag: Do you agree to being non-toxic?: What are your goal(s) on Zenyte?: Reason for joining?: Owner(s) @Arkz @Three @Bongzilla Administrator(s) @908 Veteran(s) @Laxus @XoXo @Aritus @Sassafras @Hc AHK Whales @GO2SL3EP @diary @Endeavor @Joke @Maxx @SCORPIA PET @ZE/ @splasher @3rdeyeopener @AsuMain @BL4CKB0Y @Bojanna @Dyoh @genie @HC Raider @High Class @Joachim @L S D @Mine Rocks @Natural @Solo Elite @Xo/ @X5 @zulrah fan92 @Hallodu @Whoaz @Joey RS
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    Hey, since zenyte is online now for quite some time i feel we're missing out on some dope weekend events, Below i'll post some ideas that could benifits players in a amount of time without it becoming ''overpowered'' it'll be a couple of events for 1-4 hours during the weekend. some are really benefitial and some are not. - XP Rampage - XP rampage gives you 25% Bonus xp - Farming mass - Farming mass gives you a farming boost of 20% on herbs & flowers & bush - Slayer recipe - Slayer's recipe, Gives you 10% Extra slayer points upon completing a task there's also a more common rate of getting a superior ''if'' you have it unlocked. - Chef's disaster - Chef's distaster, will give you a more common chance of not burning your food upon cooking it. - Herblore fun - Herblore fun, gives you a 10% chance of saving a secondary. also gives you a 10% chance opun making unfinished potions saving the herb. - Black smith's life - Black smith's life, Smelting ores to bars is now faster by 25% - Miner's pith - Miner's pith, 10% Bonus XP on depositing a inventory of pay-dirt into the hopper & morelikely chance of receiving a golden nugget upon emptying the bag. - Skippy skip - Skippy skip, Skipping a slayer task will now cost 25% less slayer points. - Barrows package - Barrows package, Completing a barrows run will now grand you 15% extra amount of runes. (This does not affect the rare loot chance) - Ckey catcher - Ckey catcher, Receiving a ''loop half of a key & Tooth half of a key is more common during this event. - Knight's wraith - Knight's wraith, will grand everyone a x1.5 amount of pest control points - Works on top of a donator rank perk. However these are not official and just a concept all can still be changed - refused - adjusted. Feel free to post some of your cool ideas below!
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    Just wanted to let you know primarily DDoS Threats are not cool, also that you need an Elemental Shield for Skeletal Wyverns otherwise you might lose your HCIM status.
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    The server was released on June 7th, 2018. Below are the staff members who were here for the launch of Zenyte. They were responsible for the server having such a smooth release and their efforts do not go unnoticed. @Noele @Kris @Tommeh @Corey @Panda @Chris @Erza @uTorrent @Adam @Python Now onto the most recent staff updates: May 2019: June 2019: July 2019:
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    Hey guys, I started Zenyte roughly a week ago and figured i'd do a little progress log and see if people enjoy them, if so ill continue posting cause I like seeing how far i've come. This was my groups first PK that really got us started with able to upgrading our gear and moving on to barrows etc which really helped us, our banks were only about 1.6m at the time so this was huge for us. After that we moved onto barrows where i got torags legs and was able to upgrade to a whip to go to bandos and our tank bought a crystal shield, we ended up scoring big and getting a BCP! This was massive for our trio group and we all upgraded our gear tremendously and moved onto saradomin where we hit another huge drop which ended up being an ACB and ended up selling for 75M It feels so good seeing the progress you put in actually paying off and our group being to upgrade our gear. we've loved the server so far and it's been so fun for all of us. Here was the starting bank around ~ 3 days ago and this is what we've upgraded to from the splits etc Hope to see all you guys around in the server and if you enjoy little updates like this let me know i don't mind putting in time to uploading more
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    Hello my habibis! My suggestion is to make Amethyst spawn back faster. Why? My fellow zenytians may ask... Because we can't really hop worlds and it can get pretty packed at the mining spot!
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    Just an idea, when Ironman gets a drop can there be the icon next too the name? Also maybe another colour like red or something too let it look better.
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    After about 10days ingame time i've finally maxed and got my 200m farming. Still gonna farm to try and get pet tho haha, got plenty of seeds left to use.
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    Put a goood amount of time into this video. I hope it helps y'all with your grind~ HOW TO GET THERE: (70 or 80 agil recommended) Zenyte Teleporter -> Dungeons -> Taverly Dungeon -> follow this map: WEAPON TIER: Bludgeon > Zammy Hasta > Abyssal Dagger > Tent/Whip BASIC STRATEGY: 1. Unload specs early on 2. When "Arroo" phase starts - make sure prayer is around 70 points 3. Use RL Client to help you with pray flicking the Ghosts 4. When "Grrr" phase starts, move two tiles away (East or West) 5. Try and minimize eating MID kill, instead heal up in-between kills When to Sip a Prayer Pot: 1. 66+ Pray ->> Do nothing 2. 63-66 Pray ->> turn piety off for Arroo phase 3. < 63 Pray ->> sip a prayer pot OR tank a Ghost hit (off pray) *With a spectral ss all these numbers will be halved AVERAGE SUPPLIES USED: - 6 Anglers, and 5 doses of prayer *You don't profit too much with this boss unless you get a crystal. But you almost always break even. So don't be too stingy on supplies! __ GL!
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    Hello, This post will bring clarity and transparency to content currently not implemented and what our direction will be focused on post-launch. So, let's get down to it: The development team (post launch) will be working together to perfect end game content and mini games which are pertinent to progression and community interaction. We want to ensure you, the player, are getting the most enjoyable experience with no issues. We want smooth gameplay without interruptions. Green implies the content has been implemented successfully. Yellow implies the content has been worked on and needs perfecting. Chambers of Xeric Theatre of Blood Mage Arena 2 Wintertodt Construction Treasure Trails Quests (ties in with certain item unlocks down the path) Motherlode Mine Alchemical Hydra Karuulm Slayer Dungeon/Brimstone Keys/Chest/Larran's Key Inferno Forthos Dungeon Group Ironman Blast Furnace The Mimic Grotesque Guardians Skotizo The majority of content listed above has already been worked on and started, however, we're here for quality. We want to give you the best and the least issue-ridden content. We want you to have a fluid experience. These are only some of our plans and will be priority of the development team post-release. We'll be consistently updating this thread with our development road map for transparency.
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    I Think Its Time Ironmen Get Instanced Rune Shops, We Shouldn't Have To Compete With 10-20 Other Ironmen At Any Given Time To Buy Some Astral Runes, Also With Runecrafting Being A Money Maker For Ironmen When They Sell The Runes They Have Crafted To A Store We're Then Unable To Buy Runes Of That Type.
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    Ultimate Ironman Swap This suggestion has already been sent to and approved [email protected] I believe that he has already forgotten about it (If you have not, here is the reminder). The Ironman Swap allows Ultimate Ironmen to degrade their ironman rank into Hardcore Ironman & Casual Ironman Mode. The transition to HCIM will only be permitted if the user has never died. Pretty simple addition, and also allows players to transition to other modes if they have grown tired of playing without a bank (and technically, without a life too -wink-). Chat Tabs I am not sure in the community has noticed, but if you filter over to /Clan, type a message and press enter then it will send the message in /Public rather than in /Clan. Personally, I believe that it would be a great addition to allow users to transition between the different systems of the game by clicking on the tabs. As it is right now, the filtering of the tabs is fully functional. The only addition that is missing, is the ability to communicate by switching between them. High/Low Price (GE) In order to give the trades in the Grand Exchange more flow, I believe that it would be nice with an indicator that displays the highest or lowest offer based on if you are selling or buying. This will allow players to buy/sell much quicker and without any inconvenience. Apart from that, it would also make sure that the community has less confusion in regards to prices. As a result, there would be less chance of getting monopoly on items and disturbing the economy by selling or buying for prices that are off the roof. Here are two side by side comparisons of the buying and selling interfaces of the Grand Exchange:
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    Big congratulations to the head-hancho Erza, do well in your new profound position. Excited to see what you can bring to the table. Best of luck Life & Tranquility as S'mods, I'm sure you'll execute the job role with high-standards. Welcome to the team Nos & Win all day. Exciting times! Thank-you for your services and best of luck in the near future Ruby & Zoop, your work was greatly appreciated. Sucks to see Natumayi go out like that, he was one of the very few people who I talked/talk too. Last but not least, Panda. True hero. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. You've been nothing but an inspiration to myself and many others. I'm glad you've decided to still stick around
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    Suggested Stats 90+ Ranged 90+ Melee (Method) 90+ Strength (Method) 75+ Defence (85+ for Melee Method) 70+ Prayer (74+ with Ranged) NEEDED ITEMS Mage Pouch (Normal Spell book) 5K Air runes 10K Chaos 5K Earth runes BEST Optional Setup (With current equipment ingame) Void Helm (Range/Melee) Elite Void top Elite Void bottoms Void night gloves Ruby Dragon bolts (e) (Until 30-40% HP) + Diamond Dragon bolts (e) Avas Assembler max cape (Avas Assembler if not maxed) Dragon Crossbow | Rune Crossbow Dragonfire Ward | Dragonfire shield | Anti-Dragon fire shield Pegasian Boots | Rangers | Snakeskin Archer ring (i) | Archer ring Bandos godsword for special attack Second Optional Setup (No void, Main BP \ BGS Spec) Slayer Helm (i) (if on task) Otherwise Serp Helm Anguish Necklace Ring of Suffering (i) Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Chainskirt Ruby Dragon bolts (e) (Until 30-40% HP) + Diamond Dragon bolts (e) Avas Assembler max cape (Avas Assembler if not maxed) Dragon Crossbow | Rune Crossbow Dragonfire Ward | Dragonfire shield | Anti-Dragon fire shield Pegasian Boots | Rangers | Snakeskin Archer ring (i) | Archer ring Blowpipe or BGS for special attack subsitution for no Anti-venoms Serpitine Helm Karil's Top Karil's Skirt Ruby Dragon bolts (e) (Until 30-40% HP) + Diamond Dragon bolts (e) Avas Assembler max cape (Avas Assembler if not maxed) Dragon Crossbow | Rune Crossbow Dragonfire Ward | Dragonfire shield | Anti-Dragon fire shield Pegasian Boots | Rangers | Snakeskin Archer ring (i) | Archer ring Blowpipe or BGS for special attack To Go to Vorkath Go to the portal > Bosses > Vorkath And run over to the Small ice chunks Vorkath Has Plenty Of different attacks: Spike Ball Venom Fire Attack Anti-venom or Serp helm will take care of this Purple Fire Attack Will turn off your prayers, Set up your quick prayers to turn them back on quickly. Vorkaths Important Attacks Dragonfire Attack Vorkath will lean his head back and shoot a fire ball into the air, You will need to avoid this as quick as possible as it can be a 1 shot depending on how low your hitpoints are. In order to avoid his attack, Step 2 Tiles away in any direction White Fire Magic Attack This Blast will 100% Freeze you everytime. When Vorkath uses this attack he will summon a Zombified spawn. (38 HP). Theres two ways to kill it. Use Crumble Undead Spell (RECOMMENDED) As it will kill it in one shot to kill it everytime. Please note: Even if you use the spell, if it blows up 1 tile next to you, You will take the full 60 Damage. During this Phase, its best to not attack vorkath as it will need to finish Blowpipe animation before it casts the spell. Also, Depending on where it spawns will also dictate how long you have to re-act to it. Acid Pools & Dragonfire Barrage During this Phase, Vorkath will shoot up green acid pools and will hit tiles around the map at random. Every time you step on one, it will leach to Vorkath for the damage taken. During this phase, Vorkath will also shoot dragonfire barrage's at you, Dealing 30+ Damage Per shot, Which are rapid. The most optional way to do this is take a step back or forward into a strip of tiles without the acid pools, and walk back and forth (preferably 5+ Tiles) For you to not take any damage, you will want to walk to a tile, and 1 tile before you hit the Last tile and stop walking, Walk the other way, if you arent quick enough you can/will get double tapped for 60+ Damage. Death and Reclaim You will die several times learning Vorkath, But thats okay, getting your items back is easy and cheap. It will cost 100K Per death to retrieve your items. You Can teleport back to Vorkath and speak to Torfinn and unlock your lost items. Loot / Drop table (Important Rares) - Video Coming Soon -
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    Hey all, Just wanted to say hi, the name's Sass. I have a few friends who convinced me to give Zenyte a chance, and just from lurking around a bit I've seen plenty of familiar faces here! I'll be playing on a 5x UIM mainly because I love the grind, but also because I want to try out all of this exciting content. Hopefully I'll be ready for Raids sometime before Christmas See you in game, Sass
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    PRICE GUIDE USE keys "Ctrl + F" to quickly search the desired item Last update: 10th Juli, 2019-07-09 Bond (10$) - 4mil to 6mil Bond (50$) - 20mil to 30mil Bond (100$) - 50mil to 70mil Teleport Scrolls - 3mil to 6mil Raw Anglerfish - Around 900 Anglerfish - Around 1000 Dark Crab - ? Raw Dark Crab - ? Raw Shark - Around 500 to 600 Shark - Around 700 to 1000 Runite Ore - 7k to 10k Runite Bar - 10k to 15k Adamant Bar - 8k to 10k Steel Bar - Around 5k Redwood logs - Around 5k Magic logs - Around 3-4k Yew logs - Around 2k Guam - TBA Marrentill - TBA Tarromin - TBA Harralander - TBA Ranarr Weed - TBA Irit leaf - TBA Avantoe - TBA Kwuarm - TBA Snapdragon - TBA Lantadyme - Around 6k Dwarf weed - TBA Torstol - TBA Chaos runes - 50 to 80 Nature runes - 250 to 400 (High demand, crazy price changes) Nature runes - 110 to 150 Death runes - 300 to 400 Blood runes - 400 to 500 Ring of Recoil - 4k to 10k Ring of Wealth - 50k to 150k Crystal Key - Around 40k-100k Cannon Set - 1mil to 1,5mil Cannonball - ? Armadyl Godsword (Ags) - Around 80-100mil Saradomin Godsword (Sgs) - Bandos Godsword (Bgs) - Around 30-40mil Zamorak Godsword (Zgs) - Armadyl Set - Around 130mil - 150mil Armadyl Helm - Around 30mil Armadyl Chestplate - 40mil - 50mil Armadyl Legs - 40mil - 50mil Bandos Set - Around 60mil Bandos Chestplate - 25mil - 40mil Bandos Tassets - 25mil - 40mil Bandos Boots - 2mil Dragon Warhammer - 80mil to 100mil Holy Elixir - Blessed Spirit Shield - Spectral Spirit Shield - Arcane Spirit Shield - Elysian Spirit Shield - Master Wand - Mage's Book - Imbued Heart - Wizard Boots - Trident of the Seas - Kraken Tentacle - Around 1,5mil Zamorakian Spear - 10mil to 15mil Staff of the Dead - 20mil to 30mil Armadyl Crossbow - 50mil Saradomin's Light - 500k to 1mil Saradomin's Sword - Around 4-6mil Toxic Blowpipe - 25mil to 35mil Magic Fang - 10mil to 15mil Serpentine Helm - 8mil to 12mil Dragonfire Shield - 25mil to 30mil Dragonic Visage - Around 25mil Dragonfire Ward - Skeletal Visage - Ancient Wyvern Shield - Wyvern Visage - Dragonbone Necklace - Zenyte Shard - 13mil to 18mil Heavy Ballista - 10mil to 15mil Light Ballista - Warrior Ring - 750k to 1,5mil Seers Ring - 1,5mil to 2mil Berserker Ring - 2,5mil to 4mil Archers Ring - 2,5mil to 3,5mil Primordial Boots - Around 30-40mil Primordial Crystal - Around 30mil-35mil Dragon Boots - 500k to 1mil Pegasian Boots - 60mil to 80mil Pegasian Crystal - Around 20-30mil Ranger Boots - Varies Eternal Crystal/Boots - Around 10mil-12mil Eternal Crystal - 8mil to 10 mil Infinity Boots - Twisted Bow - Dragon Claws - Arcane Prayer Scroll - Dexterous Scroll - Dinh's Bulwark - Dragon Hunter Crossbow - Justiciar Set - Ancestral Set - Kodai Wand - Twisted Buckler - Twisted Buckler - Necklace of Anguish - 15mil to 20mil Amulet of Torture - 15mil to 20mil Tormented Bracelet - 15mil to 18mil Ring of Suffering - 10mil Occult Necklace - 5mil to 7mil Christmas Cracker - Blue Partyhat - Red Partyhat - White Partyhat - Yellow Partyhat - Green Partyhat - Purple Partyhat - Rainbow Partyhat - Black Partyhat - Black Santa Hat - Green H'ween Mask - Blue H'ween Mask - Red H'ween Mask - 3rd Age Melee Set - 3rd Age Mage Set - 3rd Age Range Set - 3rd Age Longsword - 3rd Age Wand - 3rd Age Bow - 3rd Age Cloak - Zulrah Scales - Around 750 to 1,5k Superior Dragon Bones - 13k to 15k Lava Dragon Bones - 8k to 11k Wyvern Bones - 5k to 8k Dragon Bones - 5k to 8k Revenant Ether - 400 to 600 Craw's Bow - 20mil - 25mil Thammaron's Sceptre - Unknown Viggora's Chainmace - 10mil - 15mil Malediction Ward - Odium Ward - Abyssal Whip - 2mil to 2,5mil Abyssal Bludgeon - 15mil to 25mil Abyssal Dagger - Unknown Dark Bow - Around 2mil Dragon Crossbow - 15mil to 25mil Dragon Metal Lump - Unknown Dragon Pickaxe - Around 7mil Dragon Harpoon - Around 10mil Dragon Axe - Around 1 to 2 mil Dragon Full Helm - Unknown Dragon Platebody - Unknown Dragon Chainbody - 500k to 700k Dragon Platelegs - 250k to 350k Dragon Plateskirt - 250k to 350k Dragon Sword - 2mil Dragon Thrownaxe - Amulet of Fury - Around 2mil Berserker Necklace - 2mil Black Mask - 1,5mil to 2mil Brine Sabre - 300k to 400k Leaf-bladed Sword - Leaf-bladed Battleaxe - Dharok's Set - 3mil to 5mil Ahrim's Set - 3mil to 4mil Guthan's Set - 3mil to 5mil Karil's Set - 3mil to 4mil Torag's Set - 3mil to 4mil Verac's Set - 3mil to 4mil Granite Hammer - Granite Helm - 150k Granite Body - 300k to 400k Granite Legs - 250k to 300k Granite Gloves - Granite Boots - Guardian Boots - Credits to @Monkfor the template!
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    Erza is nothing but helpful and really helps the community, I come from primarily playing spawn servers as I pk and I’ve brought to his attention a possible glitch and unjust mutes. Not only did he rectify the situations, he is simply kind and really cares about zenyte. @Erzayou really make my game play enjoyable and I do hope you look at the suggestions thread as I feel many players have great ideas.
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    current farming speed wanted farming speed Could this be added for farming patches?
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    Supply Drop Table Explanation/Formula As we know, supplies and everyday consumables can be hard to come by in the world of Zenyte. Rather it be so some nice potions, a few bolts, or a couple inventories of food, it can get expensive to carry out daily PvM activities! What we did for you guys was put in place a quite nice supply crate drop table. In this thread you can find a bit more about them, including the various items you may receive and how the drop is rolled. Note: Ironmen/Ironwomen accounts are NOT eligible for this extra drop table roll. ONLY NPC's combat level 50 and above can provide this extra drop, your chance of receiving it increasing anywhere in the wilderness. Formula: Wilderness chance being 1 if outside of wilderness, whereas inside wilderness it is 1.5 Multi-compound NPCs such as the Kraken Boss (which has 4 tentacles) will only roll for one supply drop a kill. When a player receives a supply drop, you receive a random amount/type of supplies from the below listed items, and 50,000-150,000 Gold Pieces. Potions: Super Combat Potion(4) (5-25) Prayer Potion(4) (10-30) Super Restore(4) (10-30) Saradomin Brew(4) (10-30) Super Antifire(4) (5-15) Stamina Potion(4) (5-30) Anti-venom+(4) (5-15) Sanfew Serum(4) (5-30) Thrown Ranged Equipment: Grey Chinchompa (50-200) Red Chinchompa (50-200) Black Chinchompa (50-200) Crossbow Bolts: Ruby Bolts (100-400) Diamond Bolts (100-400) Dragonstone Bolts (100-400) Herblore Secondaries Eye of Newt (25-200) Limpwurt Root (25-200) Swamp Tar (25-200) Snape Grass (25-200) Chocolate Dust (25-200) Jangerberries (25-200) Mort Myre Fungus (25-200) Potato Cactus (25-200) Red Spider Eggs(25-200) White Berries (25-200) Dragon Scale Dust (25-200) Goat Horn Dust (25-200) Unicorn Horn Dust (25-200) Misc: Crystal Keys (5-15) Food: Shark (100-300) Sea Turtle (100-300) Anglerfish (100-300) Dark Crab(100-300) Manta Ray (100-300) Tuna Potato (100-300) Uncut Gems: Opal (10-75) Jade (10-70) Red Topas (10-50) Sapphire (10-40) Emerald (10-30) Ruby (10-20) Diamond (5-10) Dragonstone (1-3)
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    Username: Sassafras Playtime: 10 hours Timezone: -4:00 GMT Discord Tag: you already know Do you agree to being non-toxic?: yes What are your goal(s) on Zenyte?: UIM Tbow Reason for joining?: I want to see Bongzilla and Hc AHK plank as much as humanly possible.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Endeavor. Some people who are familiar with me also know me as Wreckage in the rsps community. I joined Zenyte on August 2018 to keep up with the progress and due to loyalty to a server in which I came from, I decided the freedom was much too great to come transfer my free time here. I'm really glad I did. I have encountered so many players I have played/interacted in the past with and it's honestly a good feeling to see these people again. It's no surprise many gathered here at Zenyte as it makes the most goddamn sense. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to makin' some friends and enjoying my time. I created a standard iron man Wisdumb and my main focus will be on Endeavor. If you recognize me - or don't - feel free to say hello. I'm a people person and a great listener. Now let me stop here so I can make those gains. This won't be the last time you'll see me on here as I enjoy the forum playstyle as well. Take care all, Endeavor/Brandon Link to my previous intro from 2018:
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    Congratulations on the promotions guys! I'm sure you'll do well in your new found positions. Sad to see some go, might I ask about @Natumayi? What happened with him? I've said plenty in regards to Panda, but still best of luck my guy! I hope to see you come back one day in full force!
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    A Guide to Runecrafting by Song Runecrafting is by far one of the most profitable skills in Old School Runescape mostly due to the limitations of purchasing runes such as Astral, Death, Blood and Nature Runes which transitions usefulness to Lunar or Ancient Spells like Humidify, Fertile Soil, Barrages and even more! For Ironmen, these become more valuable in a sense of their usefulness --- more notably for the High Alchemy Spell. If you're looking for a great deal of self-sufficiency, I personally recommend working on this skill as soon as possible! ~ Table of Contents ~ 1xa : Starting Off: Obtaining Rune & Pure Essences 2xa : The Grind: Crafting Runes 3xa : Hot Hot Hot: Lava Runecrafting 4xa : The Long Run: Dense & Dark Essence Block, Blood Runecrafting 5xa : Almost There: Soul Runecrafting 6xa : A Small, Yet Effective Job: Astral Runecrafting 7xa : Big Explosions: Wrath Runecrafting The End of the Journey [ 1xa ] Starting Off: Obtaining Rune & Pure Essences There are a few ways to obtain Rune or Pure Essences for all of your Runecrafting needs, and just below, I'll explain various methods from simple mining to places to grind them out through PvM Combat! They'll be listed from easiest to hardest access. You'll require as much as your mental stability can handle to craft a decent amount of runes til Runecrafting Level 99. [ 2xa ] The Grind: Crafting Runes With your pouches filled and your lightweight combat or utility gear ready to go, it's about time to cover what you should be crafting! Just to be clear, this is not just a guide towards Runecrafting Level 99, but a shedding of light of what you should be crafting for yourself and the market to lessen the boredom. Below is a list of what I think you should be crafting and is of high value. For Ironman+, craft whatever you need at the time and simply skip the section since nearly all runes are practically valuable to you if you want. [ 3xa ] Hot Hot Hot: Lava Runecrafting ** Credit to Jett & Chop for suggesting to add this section. Lava Runes themselves don't have much particular use. In fact, they are useless in terms of Magic until you've run out of Fire or Earth Runes. However, crafting them does make it the fastest XP per hour! So if you're just aiming to zip right through Runecrafting, then craft these. They require Runecrafting Level 23 to create! How to Craft Lava Runes [ 4xa ] The Long Run: Dense & Dark Essence Block, Blood Runecrafting Due to the long, multi-step process that is required to make Blood Runes, this is mostly why this particular rune is the most valuable of them all. First off, it requires BOTH Mining and Crafting Level 38. Second, it requires having both a Pickaxe and a Chisel in your inventory in order to mine Dense Essence Block. It is ENTIRELY recommended to bring a Graceful Set for continuous runs. Once you have met these prerequisites, you're set to make your own Blood Runes! Your first step to get to Arceeus, this can be done by taking the Fairy Ring with the Code C I S ~ [ 5xa ] Almost There: Soul Runecrafting Soul Runes require Runecrafting Level 90 to create and it's a huge step forward from Blood Runes. Much like Blood Runes though, they require the same method to create them via Dark Essence Fragments and running to the Soul Altar. Since obtaining Dark Essence Fragments was covered in the previous section, I'll only cover on how to get there on foot if not banking and taking the Abyss Route. [ 6xa ] A Small, Yet Effective Job: Astral Runecrafting Astral Runes are worth a little bit of gold, but nothing comparable to Blood Runes, Death Runes or Nature Runes. Despite all of that, they do have their important uses such as being a staple supply for Vengeance when trying to dish out fast damage which results to longer trips. Above that, they're also used for utility spells like Supermake Glass, Fertile Soil, Tan Leather, String Jewelry and more! I suggest making these if you want to optimize your trips or production skills. Unlike other Altars and much like the Wrath Altar, they do not have their place in the Abyss and so you have to run there yourself. Just below, I'll guide you to reaching the Astral Altar. Your first step is to take a teleport to Lunar Isle. You can get here by using the Lunar Spellbook Spell: Moonclan Teleport or simply take the Zenyte Portal, scroll down to Miscellaneous and click on Lunar Isle. [ 7xa ] Big Explosions: Wrath Runecrafting The End of the Journey
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    On the contrary, people should be choosing to play specific game-modes out of a personal challenge or grind, not because the benefits provided. That's a commitment that should have already begun. Just my opinion though.
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    Lower xp rates should have higher drop rates. 50x-1%, 25x-3-5%, 5x-10% (my suggestions) also helps with crystal keys, barrow chest, raids, etc. - Making the game equal and fair for everyone is ideal, the harder the experience mode, the longer the grind, the more the achievement will be worth Lower xp rates should have a rank, either just 5x or 25x as well, but make separate from staff and donations so no confusion. Over head ranks could work as well. We want to show everyone how much we earned xp wise, atm you can only assume everyone is regular xp. - ive seen this happen before. and theres already enough ranks will donar and ironman stacking. adding more will make it cluttered Possible 5x xp rate zone for skilling and/or slayer/monsters. - Wont happen Possibly make a key and chest combo for 5x xp players exclusively, of course nothing too op. - Wont happen Exclusive items as in weapons/cape besides armor for ironman accounts. - Already have it with the ironman and HCIM armours Possible lower kc needed for GWD. - This is a donation incentive Name each xp rate class, Extreme, pro, etc. (idk) - This is over used and gross.
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