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    November 2020 - Newsletter Welcome to the November 2020 edition of the monthly Newsletter. We are starting to head into the Holiday session and based upon past experience we would expect a slight increase in players due to school and work related holiday events however bare in mind that this year has a lot of uncertainty with COVID-19. We have dedicated the month of October toward laying our foundation for the future of Zenyte. Due to this we have not been able to release an update for October however I will briefly re-cap some of the things that you may have read or noticed: Corey, Kris and Chris have stepped down from their position(s) in the Development Team. Life will be taking a lateral change to Administrator and Developer and I will be taking over as Server Manager. Jakey will be joining the team as a Zenyte Developer. There is currently a new discord for Zenyte the old one is no longer used and has been purged. (Additional information can be found here.) Dragonic has reinstated into his previous position as a Senior Moderator to oversee the Moderation Team. 1945 will be stepping up into the role of Forum Moderator to ensure forums support in US and EU timezones. These are only a few changes that we have made behind the scenes to ensure that we are pathing the way for a bright future for Zenyte. On a final note I would like to reassure members of our community that even though the official Zenyte discord had been hijacked and other obstacles have come in our way, we will preserve. We as a Staff Team will continue to serve the community that have stuck by our side throughout some of our hardest times. We are truly looking forward to being here for you! Sincerely, If you have read the Happy Halloween thread located here that was posted in the Announcements you would of noticed that I had mentioned that we are currently onboarding two developers! I would like to officially say that one of those developers has completed the onboarding process and has started to work toward providing us production. We appreciate the patience the community has shown! If you would like to assist with the development of the server we are currently accepting applications for our QA Team located here. Promotions @Gepanhas been promoted to Manager @Dragonichas promoted to Senior Moderator @Leanedhas been promoted to Moderator @Iron Glennhas been promoted to Server Support @With A Slicehas been promoted to Server Support @Listenhas been promoted to Server Support Resignations @Hidehas resigned from Administrator @Hxrdcorehas resigned from Administrator @Explorerhas resigned from Senior Moderator The Voter of the Month is awarded to the player who has reached the tip top of our monthly voting board. They will be provided with a Forums Medal, a Discord Role and a Forums Usergroup for their dedication and commitment to Zenyte. The Winner for October 2020 was: @Yamato69 Hello, Welcome to Zenyte's Official Events for the month of November! Please note that the Events Team is working very diligently & consistently in hopes of being able to present new events, and enjoyable content to our community. We look forward to the month of November and we hope to see each and everyone of you at our official events! November 1st - 30th Skyshard Event Hosted [email protected] November 1st - 30th Forum Voting Event Hosted [email protected] Dancing November 1st - 30th Forum Lottery Event Hosted [email protected] [email protected] November 7th Bronze Army Event Hosted [email protected] November 15th Hide and Seek Event Hosted [email protected] November 21st Boss Mass Event Hosted [email protected] November 26th COX Mass Event Hosted [email protected] Dancing November 26th - 30th Forum Events Hosted [email protected] All information/topics regarding the Official Events will be posted one week prior to the given event commencing (server time). November 2nd, 00:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] November 7th, 18:00 Server Time Wintertodt Event Hosted [email protected] November 9th, 18:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] November 16th, 00:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] November 21st, 18:00 Server Time Wintertodt Event Hosted [email protected] November 23rd, 18:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] November 28th, 00:00 Server Time Wintertodt Event Hosted [email protected] November 30th, 00:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] Gepan: Hey Listen! What is one interesting fact you would want to share about yourself? Listen: One interesting fact about me is that I have served in the United States Army for a total of 8 years. It's been an amazing journey with them and all we have accomplished after this time together. in the military, I served as a 91E which is an Allied Trades Specialist. Most people know this job as a Welder/Machinist. I worked on equipment such as tanks, all the way to aircraft. Gepan: You have recently reinstated into the Staff Team what made you decide to do that and are you enjoying it so far? Listen: As some may or may not know, I was a Moderator here. When you put a lot of hard work and dedication into something and for whatever the reason may be that you have to depart from it, you always find yourself still there and connect to it, wanting to see how things are. When I saw Zenyte was going through some rough phases, I immediately offered my assistance back into the Staff Team. I enjoy what I do here and all the hard work everyone has been putting in! Gepan: There is a couple of people announced for developers are you excited to see what they will bring to the table? Listen: There is no way for me to describe how much these two can bring to the table. They have the vision and determination to do all they can do to progress the server. Congratulations to you both! Gepan: What kind of things spark your interest outside of Zenyte? Listen: Outside of Zenyte, my two dogs are my happy place. Beyond that I have a great group of friends that I player games with from all over the world! Gepan: What part of the world are you from? Listen: I am from North America, Eastern Standard Time! Gepan: Do you have a favorite food? Listen: Pizza. Duh????? Hahaha. Gepan: Hey Fawk! I hope you are doing well how are things going for you? Fawk: Things are going good I have somethings that came up in real life, but that is life you know? Aside from that I am doing great! Gepan: You a member of the News Team so your in charge of helping write bulletins for the community do you enjoy your role? Fawk: Good question Gepan, Yes I do enjoy helping out and my favorite part is when all we all work as a team on a piece and it comes out perfect! Gepan: I also see that you are a member of the Events Team too do you enjoy your role there as well? Fawk: I love being part of the Events Team I do have have more responsibility there but it allows me to get out of my comfort zone and truly display my colors to the community that I am passionate for! Gepan: What would you tell someone who may want to join the Events Team or News Team? Fawk: Be involved with the community by being active and engage in events when they are held! Most importantly make members of the Staff Team such as Dragonic or Gepan aware you want to join! Gepan: What do you do outside of Zenyte? Fawk: I really enjoy hanging with friends! However *sigh* it's mostly work. Gepan: Where in the world are you from? Fawk: I am actually from israel! 2020 Halloween Event video0.mp4 Mobile Cerberus by HC Tuoppi Lone Grizzly's 650+ Barrows Count Duplication Series Future of Zenyte New Discord 10-24-20 Staff Updates Happy Halloween
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    Forum Updates 11/23/20 (Updates will be live in 3 hours) Hello Community, I would like to first off start this topic by making it clear that this update is not a cover up for the lack of in-game updates. I was informed at the end of last week that the plan is still to release the content Jakey has been working on over the last month sometime this week or this weekend if everything goes as planned. I believe despite the update not being as jam packed as the ones we may of had in the past you will be pleased. However behind the scenes on the forums side of things - Hexae and other members Staff Team have been working on some forums updates we would like to introduce today! Forum Medals The following medals will now be available and can be requested in the "Missing Forums Medal?" thread located here. Achievement Completionist "Awarded to those that have completed all of the Achievement Diaries" Act of Kindness "A special medal only handed out by members of Management when someone goes above and beyond to help someone else!" Zenytian "Awarded to players that have been playing for over one year." Harmony "Awarded to players who've succeeded in unlocking all music tracks in Zenyte." Emote Guru "Awarded to players who have unlocked all possible emotes!" Treasure Hunter "Awarded to players who have completed a combination of 350 clues!" Rules Section The Official Zenyte Rules are currently compacted into one thread located here inside the knowledge base. The Forums Team has recently been working on organization and making the forums more user friendly so the rules will have their official area located on the main forums index. This should create ease of access. We strongly recommend that you take a few minutes to read over the introduction thread to this new section located here. An example of the new forum section on the forum index is as followed: Staff Update Section The Staff Update Section has also undergone a restructure the way the current system a "Staff Update" topic is created after there has been at least 3-4 changes in the Staff Team this means as it currently stands someone could be promoted on the 4th of July and not be announced in a Staff Update until the 29th of July. The restructure will now have individual topics for promotions, demotions, resignations as they are concluded to keep the community up to date with staff changes. An example of this can be found below: Christmas Store Update The following items will be added into the donator store for the month of December effective in 1 hour! We will be also discounting other Christmas items throughout the month! Forum Administrator This individual has went above and beyond when it comes to work behind the scenes and for Zenyte in general. They are currently employed in this field as a career and have displayed a tremendous work ethic. They have brought a lot to the table and are currently working on all sorts of exciting updates such as but not limited to a entire theme restructure. They are what I would consider a Admin Control Panel Guru. I believe whole heartily that this person can be trusted to make decisions on a Administrative Level without jeopardizing the integrity of the community we serve. I would like to say congratulations to @Hexaeon becoming the Forum Administrator This is a little sneak peak of the theme that Hexae has brought to the table as one of our options!
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    HAPPY HALLOWEEN The Events Team and Staff Team would like to wish you a Happy Halloween! Unfortunately due to COVID-19 a lot of of social activities have ceased to exist but we still want to celebrate the spooky spirit so feel free to reply to this thread with anything related to Halloween such as cosplay costumes, haunted attractions, Halloween memes or anything else you find interesting or exciting! The Server Management Team will also be passing out a treat as a token of our appreciation. Gepan will be online throughout the day to hand out the "Banshee Outfit" Fashionscape Contest The Events Team and Staff Team would like to see your best Fashionscape! If you believe you have one of the most unique outfits then feel free to reply to this thread. We will be selecting three winners 24 hours from the date of this post and they will each receive 200 store credits. You will only be allowed one entry for this event so think carefully! Trick or Treat The Events Team and Staff Team will be hosting a Trick or Treat Event at 17:00 GMT you can find additional information about that here. Halloween Masks Halloween Masks have been discounted to 50% off in the store! Head over there and take advantage of this for the next 24 hours. In other news.. The Server Management Team has heard your voice recently and I would like to update you on the status of our Development Team we are currently in the onboarding process of two Developers and once that onboarding process has been completed they along with members of the Staff Team and QA Team will be putting together a agenda or set of tasks that should be completed in a timely manner. I will try to keep the community in the loop with our plans for development as soon as all onboarding processes and meetings have been concluded. The Forums Team would also like to announce that they are in the process of working on a new list of additional medals that should be released by the first half of November. If you have any questions or concerns on the current state of the server feel free to reach out to me on discord or in-game! I will be as transparent as I possibly can! Anyway I hope you have a great Halloween! Sincerely,
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    HAPPY THANKGIVING! Thanksgiving is a Holiday not celebrated by all cultures and countries however I do believe that there is no better time for us (the world) to come together and share thanks for the things we do have in our life. COVID-19 has struck again and tore us from our normal traditions however from our families (The Staff Team) to yours we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. The Server Management Team will also be passing out a treat as a token of our thanks because you (the community) make this server possible. We have decided to pass out the Chicken Outfit despite the fact it was a limited edition item in the voting shop. Since then many other items have been added making it pretty irrelevant. (there is very minimal amount of them in-game) How do you obtain the Costume? - Zenyte, Gepan, Senior Mod, Hexae will be available from time to time to hand them out in-game! #Thanksgiving-plates giveaway! There is currently a channel located on discord called "Thanksgiving-plates" please feel free to post anything related to your Thanksgiving dinner or traditions! I am looking forward to seeing a lot of wonderful meals and deserts! We will do some random giveaways for people who submit an entry! (If you are not from a country or culture that has Thanksgiving then simply comment on someone else's submission for your entry!) Note: This channel can be used for general Thanksgiving discussions as well! Bonus XP! There will be bonus XP enabled until Monday November 30th 2020. This will end our bonus XP every weekend of November! Christmas Giveaway and Store Items The Christmas giveaway will be starting in 5 days if you are not familiar with this feel free to take a look at this thread. We will be giving away over $1000+ worth of items. We will also have the following items for a limited time in our store under the Christmas Sale 2020. November Q&A Thread There is an active Q&A thread for transparency located on this thread. If you have any questions that you wish to ask regarding the past, current or future plans of the server feel free to do so in a respectful manner! I wish each and every one of you the best Thanksgiving 2020 you can have! Sincerely,
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    Hello X X X, Thank you for taking the time to ask this question! Our current developer "Jakey" has not up until this point been a coder for a RSPS server. However he is a developer and is very fluent in the language that a RSPS is written in. He has been working on new content and bug fixes and after reviewing some of the issues (similar to tickets) on our developing site I can confidently say he seems to have the hang of things. He does work two other jobs outside of Zenyte so his time is limited but he has shown some dedication as recent as 2 hours ago toward the community with his efforts. The only example I believe that would make sense to show visually without giving away to much of this first update he will be releasing is the clue hunter outfit that I posted in the update-snippets channel on discord. I would like to take a minute to address developers in general and your question may be the perfect opportunity. We had two developers after Chris, Kris, and Corey and unfortunately due to some obligations Life had he had to pass on the torch but the main reason these two were added so quickly after the departure of Chris, Kris and Corey is they both held previous positions as Senior Moderators, and Manager/Admin on Zenyte. This means they could be trusted without a doubt and in terms of seeking a new developer one of the struggles it's hard for some people to grasp is this gives them access to the entire Zenyte source which I will refer to as a "database" and this database is a compilation of 4 years of 3-5 people's work. It is the brain that makes Zenyte different then any other RSPS and with that being said we have to make sure any future plans of hiring a developer is done thoroughly. Hello Leaned, Thank you for taking the time to respond to the thread! I believe given the plate I was dished that I was able to take control of a lot of avenues that we may of been slipping from. I believe my overall performance is fair. I wouldn't say that I have gone above and beyond quite yet because majority of the things that have been addressed from a management perspective recently is things I believe had been well over due. I am a strong believer that in order to be successful you need a strong foundation. I know there are people who do not agree with some of the choices I have made, and people who unfortunately have parted ways however statically speaking we are on a small uphill climb from a few weeks ago. Here is a graph for a visual: (Red is the week I took the promotion) Now as far as where I believe the server will be in 6 months from now. I know that I have said this to many people in voice-chats but perhaps not enough in a visual chat so I will make the statement again. As I am writing out this response I took a brief moment to switch to one of the "Server Status / Top List" pages and scrolled down to the 21st server on the list and it showed 30 active players. This means there are 30 players who are dedicated to the server at rank 21. The reason I give this example is people have made it clear they worry that another server may pass us up for the "Best OSRS RSPS" and that will crush our player count. Yes it may do some damage however we also have a very strong player base who I personally believe would stick by our side no matter what our current position on a top page may be. We (the Staff Team) are all volunteers and we have one goal in mind and that is to make this one if not the best player experience someone wishing to play a RSPS can have! I do believe in the near future we may have additional developers but as I mentioned to X X X we need to make sure the trust factor is there. So as a summary I believe in 6 months from now we may not hold our rank 1 position as the top OSRS RSPS but we will still have a strong player base, and if all goes as it should potentially at least two of these big updates pushed out. Adolf, I believe all my staff members (currently) are also donators so I personally do not feel that it would be a abuse of a staff command to yell for a non-donator. The same way a player can yell for a non-donator.
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    Skyshard Quest - November 2020 Event Schedule - Commencement date/time: Sunday, November 1st 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME)- Concluded date/time: Friday, December 1st 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) THIS EVENT WILL REQUIRE YOU TO JOIN THE "EVENT TEAM DISCORD" PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING INVITATION https://discord.gg/25TVb8ej2u Quest Introduction Shortly after the war of the gods ended, many followers of Zamarok, Guthix, Saradomin, Bandos, Armadyl, Zaros, and Seren came together to freeze up the cavern that held the war of the gods however due to tectonic movement the area would start to unfreeze and became known today as the Wilderness Godwars Dungeon. The ritual was conducted by each follower holding a shard referred to as a Skyshard however as time passed these shards started being passed down generation to generation and have since lost their significance. However the Wise Old Man of Zenyte understands that if one of the shards disappear it could mean that any future rituals required at the already unfreezing cavern would be impossible. He has requested your assistance in obtaining all 10 shards for he can cast a protection spell of safe keeping on them. Introduction (Part X) Krystilia (Part I) The Keymaster (Part II) Priestess-Zul-Gwenwyrg (Part III) Torfinn (Part IV) Torfinn (Part V) Lieve McCraken (Part VI) Breive (Part VII) This part will be added on November 2nd 2020 Mage of Zamarok (Part VIII) Captain Rimor (Part IX) Probita (Part X) Question Completion
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    This is the drama that I’m talking about, if the comment someone posts doesn’t promote a healthy vibe then why post it? Being toxic and silly will not progress this server, working together and discussing said issues will help so much more, we’re all here because we enjoy this game so work together as a community and it will thrive, this server has so much potential and I won’t give up on it.
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    So I'm going to preface this by saying that this suggestion would take a lot of effort to implement, but I'm going to suggest it nonetheless. This content would be a huge boost for the server, as Zenyte would be the only OSRS private server to have it as re-playable content. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Old_School_RuneScape_Leagues In addition to our current selection of modes (regular, ironman, HC iron, etc), I suggest that Zenyte offer Twisted and Trailblazer modes. These modes would be linked to your main account, so the rewards would be redeemable on your main. At the start of the league, you would type in the name of your main account so all of your point rewards will register with that account only. Only one league account can be linked to each main account to prevent players accruing easy points with alts. Each league would only last for 2 months and would repeat in cycles. At the end of the league's 2 month duration, all the points earned from that league will transfer to your main account, and you can purchase rewards from a league-specific NPC at home. League accounts will be deleted after the league period ends, but your previous progress will be tracked on your main account's Game Noticeboard. The leagues would include all the content available in leagues, including all of their respective limitations and buffs. There would also be a league hiscores for points earned as well as for levels. The top 10 players in each league would receive Zenyte store credit / OSRS gp / other prizes. Twisted League Rewards: Twisted League Trophies Cosmetic Outfits Twisted Banner Twisted Teleport Scroll Twisted Blueprints (redeemable when construction releases) Twisted Horns Trailblazer League Rewards: Trailblazer League Trophies Trailblazer Graceful Set Ornament Kit Trailblazer Relic Hunter Outfit Trailblazer Rug (available with construction) Trailblazer Dragon Skilling Tools Ornament Kit Trailblazer Player Owned House Globe Statue (available with construction) Trailblazer Themed Banner Trailblazer Home Teleport Animation Player Owned House League Room (available with construction)
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    The Zenyte Events Team and Staff Team would like to introduce the 25 days of giveaways for the month of December leading up to Christmas Day! The rules are simple you should respond to this forum post with anything that reminds you of the Holiday season this can include but not limited to a song, a story or a picture! However keep in mind you may only have 1 entry per day, per person this means replying on multiple accounts may result in a disqualification! The thread will unlock on December 1st at 00:00 to start processing your entries! We are looking forward to your stories, and Christmas shares! We will be picking 1 winner per day to win the following item(s): (Note: You may only win once during this event) 1st of December (Tri Jester Scarf & Hat) 2nd of December: (Jester Scarf & Hat) 3rd of December: (Bobble Scarf & Hat) 4th of December: (Woolly Scarf & Hat) 5th of December: (Candy Cane) 6th of December: (Christmas Cracker) 7th of December: (Black Party Hat) 8th of December: (Purple Party Hat) 9th of December: (Yellow Party Hat) 10th of December: (White Party Hat) 11th of December: (Green Party Hat) 12th of December: (Red Party Hat) 13th of December: (Blue Party Hat) 14th of December: (Rainbow Party Hat) 15th of December: (Pet Mystery Box) 16th of December: ($10 Bond) 17th of December: ($50 Bond) 18th of December: ($100 Bond) 19th of December: (50M OSGP) 20th of December: (50M OSGP) 21st of December: (50M OSGP) 22nd of December: (Santa Hat) 23rd of December: (Inverted Santa Hat) 24th of December: (Black Santa Hat) 25th of December: (Server Special - All Players)
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    The person did not say anything about spawning items. Granted he did edit his message so he may have before and I am unaware. However, taking the condescending approach to player feedback like you have done for the past 4+ months is likely a factor to your economic analysis of "The less players we have, the harder the economy." Like I have been saying for months, instead of citing symptoms, maybe look at the actual root cause of why we are at this stage. Do better, look introspectively. It isnt hard. My blood boils seeing how this server has been completely destroyed by a lack of management, not saying just you but the whole team.
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    First player to obtain "Bandos Chestplate" drop General Graardor - 1/288 Sergeant Grimspike - 1/12,150 Sergeant Strongstack - 1/12,150 Sergeant Steelwill - 1/12,150 Reward: 150 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Bandos Tassets" drop General Graardor - 1/288 Sergeant Grimspike - 1/12,150 Sergeant Strongstack - 1/12,150 Sergeant Steelwill - 1/12,150 Reward: 150 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Tanzanite Fang" drop Zulrah - 1/384 Reward: 150 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Magic Fang" drop Zulrah - 1/384 Reward: 150 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Serpentine Visage" drop Zulrah - 1/384 Reward: 150 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Tanzanite Mutagen" drop Zulrah - 1/9,830 Reward: 300 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Magma Mutagen" drop Zulrah - 1/9,830 Reward: 300 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Ancestral Hat" drop Obtained by: Chambers of Xeric Reward: 200 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Ancestral Hat" drop Obtained by: Chambers of Xeric Reward: 200 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Ancestral Hat" drop Obtained by: Chambers of Xeric Reward: 200 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Rift Guardian (Runecrafting Pet)" Obtained by: Training Runecrafting Reward: 150 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Giant Squirrel (Agility Pet)" Obtained by: Training Agility Reward: 150 store credits Winner: First player to obtain "Rock Golem (Mining Pet)" Obtained by: Training Mining Reward: 150 store credits Winner: Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules which can be found at the bottom of this thread. To view which items The Event Team may select from in the near future click hereWhat is an "Item Thirst" event & what will this consist of? The Zenyte Event Team will broadcast a list of items that players must obtain or hunt in order to win an undetermined amount of store credits, which can be exchanged for in-game armory/weapons, supplies, cosmetic items and so on & so forth! Please visit the down below link if you'd like to know what store credits can be exchanged for. To view Zenyte's online Donator store click hereWhat are the rules/regulations?- Commencement date/time: Saturday, November 7th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME)- Concluded date/time: Monday, November 9th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME)- All game modes are free to participate bearing in mind usual Iron man restrictions/HC deaths will still apply - Official Zenyte rules must be followed at all times- Store credits will be provided once the event has concluded- Any screen captures MUST be posted on this exact topic (no screen capture no reward)- The Event/Administration team reserve the rights to suspend any members as they deem necessaryHappy hunting, Zenyte Event Team
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    Hello, Welcome to Zenyte's Official Events for the month of November! Please note that the Events Team is working very diligently & consistently in hopes of being able to present new events, and enjoyable content to our community. We look forward to the month of November and we hope to see each and everyone of you at our official events! November 1st - 30th Skyshard Event Hosted [email protected] November 1st - 30th Forum Voting Event Hosted [email protected] November 1st - 30th Forum Lottery Event Hosted [email protected] November 7th Bronze Army Event Hosted [email protected] November 15th Hide and Seek Event Hosted [email protected] November 21st Boss Mass Event Hosted [email protected] November 26th COX Mass Event Hosted [email protected] Dancing November 26th - 30th Forum Events Hosted [email protected] All information/topics regarding the Official Events will be posted one week prior to the given event commencing (server time). November 2nd, 00:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] November 7th, 18:00 Server Time Wintertodt Event Hosted [email protected] November 9th, 18:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] November 16th, 00:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] November 21st, 18:00 Server Time Wintertodt Event Hosted [email protected] November 23rd, 18:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected]&@Hexae November 28th, 00:00 Server Time Wintertodt Event Hosted [email protected] November 30th, 00:00 Server Time PC Event Hosted [email protected] &@Hexae
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    Good evening @Gepan My question is a simple one to start things of, since your promotion to Manager me and im sure many others are curious to how you think you are doing overall and how you are enjoying your time since you received your new position as the Manager?, Also where do you see Zenyte in 6 months time from now and how do you think the server will benefit in terms of development. Best of luck.
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    Hey, I haven't created a topic in the "Goals & achievements" yet and just decided to share the latest achievement under my name. In my opinion the longest grind was trying to get atleast one complete Barrows set and it took me a total of 468 chests (467 if we do not include the chest required for the diary...)
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    As I don't have much choice as a UIM Skiller, this is the best I can come up with atm. A bit of fashion in a green theme. Unfortunately the gnome scarf can't be green and the only green bow is a magic short bow, so this will have to do.
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    Hello guys and gals! Name's matthu, I joined 8th november and I'm trying to max on Ironman 10x! I have also never played OSRS so everything is new for me. Thanks to all the people providing valuable information on forum and ingame! Also i'm lazy so dont expect anything well designed. I have added a pic of my current situation with stats of 2 days progress. ACHIEVEMENTS Graceful set Rogue set Mining set Barrow gloves Ardougne cape 2 General knowledge of locations and teleports GOALS of right now LEARN THE GAME Get important skills 99 to provide resources to sustain myself VOID set Start PVM Also You can comment suggestions on what should be done to progress faster overall. BONK PIC will follow later.
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    Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a ton of drama with the staff or whatever and it’s in turn hurting the game which I enjoy a lot! I don’t want to see Zenyte close, this server plays very well compared to a lot of other servers, it just has a very clean feel to it. I guess what I’m saying is just keep any drama aside from zenyte, hopefully the game can get some regular updates again too, many people were riding on construction and tob, but honestly I just like updates, as it gives me new stuff to dive into and defeats that stagnancy that sometimes happens when you repeat the same stuff. Take it easy guys.
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    5:45 P.M. Server Time (GMT) Soldiers, are you ready for a challenge? The event consist on a PvM tour around Zenyte to face bosses...in bronze armor. Yes you heard me soldiers. But wait, how can I join The Bronze Army? Simple! The only requirement to join the team is by having a bronze armor equipped like this: You can have anything in the free slots, the inventory is also free of what you want to use! But here's the catch: YOU CAN'T BANK WHILE THE ARMY IS FACING A BOSS. If you run out of supplies, you've got 3 options: 1- Flee like a fool for your life 2- Ask a trusty partner for food and/or potions 3- Die with honor The Bronze Army will face all these bosses. Yes, but, how do we change boss? -Until we get a rare/unique drop -Until everyone runs out of supplies -Until everyone dies Also, the drop is given to the player who loots it!
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    Great work @Gepan Love to see this much effort going into Zenyte. Keep it up
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    The Holidays are around the corner & I'm feeling jolly & cheerful ! I hope you are too ! I would like to present to you a new sort of event, it'll be a lil different than the previous ones that we've hosted on Zenyte, Bounty Hunter, Event Explained. Wanted Dead or Alive. It'll work similar as the Item Thirst event but regarding kills & with their respectable pets, should you obtain one of course. You'll need to screenshot me your current KC from where you'll start off, then for your last KC & the pet if you obtain one. For Example if you have already 500 Rune Dragon kills in your KC log, you'll need to screenshot me the current KC & your final KC, Let's say there's 50 Runite Dragons as a task that I'm giving to you. You'll need to screenshot me your 500kc & your 550 kc at the end. The Bounties I'll be giving out will be from 4 different categories, Legendary Bounties, Hard Bounties, Wildy Bounties & Intermediate Bounties. Each category's prizes will vary due to their difficulties. For an example, if one should bring home a pet, say from Vet'ion Bounty. You'll get a bonus prize for bringing the pet home with you & upon completion of your Vet'ion task, you'll get another prize for completing the Vet'ion Bounty. Reward's Legend Completing a Legendary Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing a Hard Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing a Wildy Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Completing an Intermediate Bounty, player will receive 75 store credits Bringing home a pet from your Bounty contract will also give you 75 store credits Legendary Bounty, Tztok-Jad 50 Kills required to claim your reward. Hard Bounty, General Graardor 225 kills to claim your reward. Hard Bounty, Commander Zilyana 225 kills to claim your reward. WARNING, these bounties are DANGEROUS. Players can kill you if you're seeking to complete these Wildy Bounties. Wildy Bounty, King Black Dragon. 200 kills to claim your reward. Wildy Bounty, Chaos Elemental 185 Kills required to claim your reward. Wildy Bounty, Crazy Archeology 220 kills to claim your reward. Intermediate Bounty, Giant Mole. 275 kills to claim your reward. Intermediate Bounty, The Mimic 260 kills to claim your reward. Remember fellow Bounty Hunters, Don't forget to post your screenshot from the starting KC & on your final KC on this thread! You will not be eligible to claim your prizes if you fail to screenshot me your KC from start to finish, nor if you fail to screenshot me your pet you've obtain from one of my bounty contracts. Happy Hunting fellow Zenytians! Happy Holidays, I'll wish you a very wonderful day & a dope-ass gameplay!! From yours truly, ~The Zenyte Events Team.
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    Hey brotha i can speak for the community on this one Rumors about our current dev(s) I've heard he can't code to save his life I've heard he can code better than previous devs. What is your take on all this and are you able to show any proof to us, <the community> that he is capable of coding to reassure everyone that we DO have devs at work
  22. 3 points
    Wooo! After grinding out farming with tree runs, and conquering Zulrah after dreading it I finally got myself elite void so happy
  23. 3 points
    Lord Bucket Head for supreme leader
  24. 3 points
    Congratulations to our winners for this Octobers Voting event ! Coming to a draw in 1st Place [email protected]&@Godimus 2nd place goes to @H0ax 3rd place goes [email protected] Tripp Congratulations guys on your winnings, you will receive your winnings as soon as possible.
  25. 2 points
    Community Q&A - November 2020 Welcome to the first edition of a community to manager Q&A session. The purpose of this thread will be to provide accurate and detailed responses to any questions or concerns that you may have. This can range from clarifying rumors or asking about the current status of the server and or future plans regarding any specific suggestions. The only thing that I would like to make clear is the replies/questions need to be in a respectful manner. I would also like the questions to be asked by current members of the community instead of people who join in on discord or forum discussions without even logging in for months. Please feel free to ask away!
  26. 2 points
    Don't you just love some FashionScape once in a while? As a skiller, I sure do ! Even if you're not a skiller, Well why don't you share your favorite outfit with us anyways & have a chance to win 250 store credits to spend in our store!? What's you favorite bossing gear? Why do you prefer a certain outfit from others? What's your go to skilling outfit?? Or, what's your favorite raiding setup? Let us know what's your favorite outfit & why you like your outfit/gear setup! How can I participate? Simply post a photo & only ONE photo on this thread to be eligible to win. Are there any rules? Yes; you cannot edit your thread once you've posted your outfit, it's a one shot deal - Choose wisely! Next rule is simply have fun dudes & dudettes, enjoy yourselves my fellow gamers! & of course our Server & Forum rules still do apply for this contest. - Commencement date/time: After you're done reading this post. - Concluded date/time November 31st 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) Top 5 photos with the most "likes" will get polled & voted by YOU, the community on who shall be the sole winner! Best of luck, & may the sickest outfit win! Yours Truly, ~ The Zenyte Events Team.
  27. 2 points
  28. 2 points
    So afew hours after killing Zulrah and achieving my Elite Void earlier with some hype from the the homies in the Zenyte CC I went back to jad for my 5th time, I wasn't losing this time I could feel it. (ironically I died to jad with like 2hp left and before teleing out he died to toxin) after a long tough battle, I left those caves, with lava flowing down my back. LETS GO!
  29. 2 points
  30. 2 points
    I always love these progression threads, Can't wait to see what's next in stores !!! Keep em coming dude !
  31. 2 points
    Well then, I think I know a few dudes & dudettes who will be slightly jealous of your sexy RNG there bro, well done !
  32. 2 points
    Here is my favorite outfit Best of luck to everyone
  33. 2 points
    Welcome to Zenyte fellow UIM! I decided to go with x5 UIM Skiller, i'm a skiller by heart and its the one thing I enjoy most. I didn't really set goals for myself, this was more like a side project whilst I was working on my normal skiller. However I grew to love the grind and the challenge as a UIM skiller. I might have started with the wrong skills since inventory space is verry limited, but I've managed to gather quite the skills and progression over time. My current goals though are: - 99 Agility - 99 Herblore - Agility and Farming pet. (May the RNG gods be with me!) Here are my current stats, inventory and looting bag: And ofcourse, what I look like in-game, cus nothing goes above some fashionscape. Keep on scaping!
  34. 2 points
  35. 2 points
    Hello everyone,, As you can see from the title, i just got 20 days time online on forums, i will be hosting a small forums giveaway/event! to join the giveaway, you have to post down below your: 1) Name 2) Mode Also you have to choose a number between 1-100 P.s You can only choose 1 number Rewards 4x Mystery Boxes There will be 2 winners, each winner will get 2x mystery boxes! I'm going to choose the winners this Friday 18:00 GMT [Server Time] Taken Numbers -13 -21 -23 -33 -45 -69 -99 -8 -50 -41 -74 -7 -47 -91 -1 -84 -22 -3 -26 -66 -88 -11 -27 -59 -55 Regards @Fawk
  36. 2 points
    Dear whoever still plays this server, I've been banned for giving some criticism on the project and laughing at how Gepan, the current project's manager, handles situations. Clearly he prefers the easy way out, choosing to censor whatever comes up instead of addressing the issues. EDIT: I have since been unbanned on the Discord, but I hope @Gepan starts handling situations with professionalism instead of lashing out at the people who are standing and watching on the sidelines. Gepan, I get that it is your first project that you've taken up a higher title and it comes with a learning curve but get your staff in line as well. I still have 2 outstanding infractions on my account that are unjustified. It is your job to ensure smooth operation of the server, and informing the public where the server stands; there is still no clear message. To give some perspective, I understand that the server is dealing with a rough spot, but silencing people will only damage you in the end. It is better to temporarily become the server that crashed and had fires run rampant while still letting on-watchers than instead getting rid of them. Everyone in the space knows where Zenyte is, if the discussions don't happen on your Discord they'll happen some place else. At least if they happen on your Discord you can control the narrative, if you go ahead and ban people and start removing threads you give up control and eventually you'll come out behind. To your two devs, Life & Jacky, I don't know how much experience you two have with code. But acting like you know it all is not a good look, for starters it is your first time with the code and proposing big updates that are going to be matching Kris, Chris, & Corey's quality is a little arrogant. It's better to underpromise and overdeliver than the other way around. To the staff team, learn to take and handle criticism instead of cry and moan. Everyone knows where the server is, instead of blaming people about highlighting the problems and trying to silence them. Admit to some incompetence, or to put it more nicely that you have a lot to work on to improve. You are not getting anywhere by silencing and punishing people who are still watching and curious to see how the project will end up; by punishing the on-lookers you just lessen the people who were previously part of the community and polarize them. Net result; you might have a server, but where are your players? Yours truly, Python. See you soon x
  37. 2 points
    This would be a ton of fun. And it would be a nice boost to tide the server over for a bit until ToB gets back on track. I do have a few concerns, but just as how it would impact the server if implemented poorly. • Due to the numerous buffs the league offers, it would need to be isolated from the core server as far as items and other progression goes. • Depending on how often its available, as is or with new alterations, would determine if it was worth consuming server resources for a extra world. • If it was an ongoing option, I would heavily lean in the direction of not isolated game worlds. • I think it would be neat to have cross world friend's list and pm capabilities. Just so it doesn't negatively impact the core game. • That being said, if it were to be an ongoing availability for players, I would think forcing the boosted characters into instances is more than fair. These instances being off limits to non-participants. • If it were done that way, their items should not have the opportunity to make it to the normal economy, in any way. Balancing that with Wilderness implications would be difficult. But worth it for the longevity of Zenyte's economy. • As an offshoot, but seeming even easier to implement with other game mode changes, group IM would be nice. ♥ • Community polls for new additions/redactions would be really sweet. • Its something the Events Team could go buck wild with making new events, challenges and unique competitive scenarios. • If anyone has ever play Path of Exile, a cycling league calendar would be a huge bonus. (At least for an avid PoE addict ♥) • Implementations for tweaking and specifically restricting players to a new playstyle, whilst competing with one another, would be something to seriously consider sorting out. Especially if its something that can be setup without server downtime, developer time away from their current goals or noticeable negative side effects is something no other server has anything close to. Its been done, years and years back on differing revisions, but I've not seen any comparable system in a long while. Overall, the idea would be a blast. Full blown game mode modifying systems or just a separate world to go all out on every so often, yes.
  38. 2 points
    We have had a discussion a few days ago about Leagues. I haven't get confirmation, but it has been strongly noted! I am definitely supporting the suggestion.
  39. 2 points
    This game is amazing, I truely love Zenyte and it's my favorite server by far. Staff drama is hard to avoid, as someone who has moderated on other servers it just happens. I think the staff of this server handled the unfortunate series of events as professionally as possible. They gave us the general information and did not over explain why these events happened as it really is none of our business how they handle their financial back end. Positive Vibes my man I'm 100% with you
  40. 2 points
    Another awesome newsletter. A huge thank you to Gepan and all the other staff members that helped attribute. I'd like to point out some things about voting. I understand my donator status gives me more vote credits, but even without it, I still used to get hefty stacks like this every month. I've heard some players express that the vote shop needs to be updated for more incentive to vote. I'm not against that, but I'd like to point out how lucrative voting can be just the way it is. Especially with the introduction of sherlock notes. So aside from the cash stack, I've got 18 master clues I can make just from voting if I farm the easy clue scrolls by simply pickpocketing HAM members. And since I have plenty of vote points, I don't have to do a single master clue step myself. I just buy sherlock notes. So in summary, I get a nice cash stack, enough clues to make a nice amount of masters clues which I don't even have to do manually, and an abundance of medium clues which are arguably more lucrative than hard and even elite clue scrolls depending on your RNG getting ranger boots.
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