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    News Blog: August 2021 Hello Community Members, The month of September will be a big month for us on the development side of things. We have decided to focus on a mixture of both combat and skilling content. I have highlighted some of our proposed changes below so please take a few minutes to read over these and if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reply! I would also like to apologize for my inactivity over the last two week to three weeks. I recently took a promotion with my employer and had a limited amount of time to learn the duties and responsibilities from my predecessor. I am also in the process of closing on our house (August 25th) that we bought earlier this month. If you are not able to contact me directly remember @Itzcnote100 and @Yamato69 are available as well and would love to assist you! Tithe Farm I have added some final touches to the Tithe Farm minigame and it will be pushed to the beta testing phase by this weekend. We are extremely excited for this release and with this update you will be able to obtain a full farmer's outfit, grape seeds, and the Bologa's blessings to make Zamarok grapes. We will adjust the reward(s) including amounts to reflect this being a RSPS so for example you will be able to use the blessings to obtain multiple Zamarok grapes per. Demonic Ashes We will be releasing all 5 tiers of the ashes including Fiendish ashes, Vile ashes, Malicious ashes, Abyssal ashes, and Infernal ashes. Each of these tiers will give a certain amount of xp when scattered and will also provide a certain amount of xp when you offer them at a altar similar to the method we use for bones. (this will be a alternative method then OSRS as we do not have the spell) We will also be releasing the ectopalsmator which will automatically scatter ashes upon drop. Here is a list of NPCs that will drop ashes including the XP you will be provided. All ash drops will be a 100% drop rate. Fiendish Ashes (10 XP scattered, 30 xp offered on a altar) - Imps - Death spawns - Flaming pyrelord - Ice Demon - Infernal Pyrelord - Pyrefiend - Pyrelord - Scion - Spawn -Waterfiend Vile Ashes (25 XP scattered, 75 XP offered on a altar) - Agrith Naar - Bloodvelds - Chronozon - Doomion - Greater demons - Hellhounds - Holthion - Lesser demons Malicious Ashes (65 XP scattered, 195 XP offered on a altar) - Balfrug Kreeyath - Black demons - Demonic gorilla - Greater nechryael - Nechryael - Nechryarch - Tstanon Karlak - Zakl'n Gritch Abyssal Ashes (85 XP scattered, 255 XP offered on a altar) - Abyssal demons - Greater abyssal demons Infernal Ashes (110 XP scattered, 330 XP offered on a altar) - Cerberus - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Skortizo Vyrewatch Changes & Blood Shard We plan to release the Vyrewatch Sentinels in the second half of September will the ability to drop the blood shard. This will allow for the ability to make a blood fury amulet giving a similar effect of OSRS. You can read more about this here. We do not plan to handicap which weapon you can kill these NPCs with. (Example is no need for the flail) Donator Benefits We will be reviewing some of the donator benefits and perks during September 2021. We have a list of suggestions that we will polling this month. Here is a few examples: You would be able to obtain a teleport from the Events Shop or Donator Shop giving you access to a specific area with Dominic gorillas, Vyrewatch sentinels, Abyssal demons and cave horrors which would have a 20% increased drop chance on their uniques. We would add a cannon available to higher level donator tiers giving them the ability to load 90 cannonballs instead of 30. Combat Achievements and Slayer Helmets We do plan to release our own version of Combat Achievements which may not reflect OSRS however our plan currently is we will add a unique drop to the following bosses: Tzkal-Zuk and Tztok-Jad and after you obtain that drop and complete a list of challenges that will be located on the forums unique to Zenyte we will provide you with the two variants of the slayer helmet(s). The third one will not be available until the release of Theatre of Blood. Server Suggestions and Bug Reports We are currently in the process of reviewing the suggestions and bug reports from June, July and August of 2021. Our Management Team currently has a list of compiled change(s) which need to be addressed as soon as possible. Your reports and suggestions have not fallen on deaf errors. If you would like to know if your suggestion or bug report has reached the September update plan please contact Carl. Sincerely,
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    September 2021 - Patch #1 Tithe Farm Tithe Farm The Tithe Farm is a farming minigame located in Kourend you can get there by using the Zenyte Teleport Portal located at home! If you would like additional information you can visit this wiki page. Future Update(s) Theatre of Blood The Management Team is extremely pleased with the performance of our Head of QA (Grant) and have asked him to become a full-time developer for the server. He has accepted the position and will be the face of content development. He has already laid a foundation plan and analyzed a realistic timeline for the Theatre of Blood. We are looking forward to all of the content he will bring to the table and as expressed in his introduction he is really driven by the amount of influence he has on the players and their ability to enjoy their game play.
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    Hello everyone that I haven't had the chance to meet yet! Happy to have the opportunity to be able to help Zenyte reach it's true potential! We can't do that without all of you guys, of course! Have met some awesome people here and there are a lot of people that are super friendly, and always willing to lend a helping hand. If anyone has any issues in-game, I'm always happy to help as well. I'll try to be as active in the CC as possible when I'm online. If not I'm always reachable via Discord for any immediate needs! My official discord name is DRN_Lucid#3417 (Grant is my server nickname and IRL name). Be cautious of anyone claiming to be me. I'll try to make a habit of talking to you in-game before ever trying to reach you on discord, unless you message me first. Please do so by selecting my name in the server list so you can be sure you're messaging the real me.
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    September: Loot Extravaganza Good Morning, The Events Team would like to introduce the "September Loot Extravaganza" it will start on September 19th at 21:00 and run to September 31st. Each day for the entire day or a set time you will be provided with double loot if you provide a screenshot and post it in this thread. It is important and required to take a picture of the Server Information Tab or the #broadcast channel on discord. Note: Double loot will not be provided to players with a Ironman status. However you may accept the loot on a alternative account. Sunday September 19th Starting Time: 19:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Spectral Sigil, Arcane Sigil, Elysian Sigil Monday September 20th Starting Time: 18:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Archers Ring, Berserker Ring, Seers Ring, Warrior Ring Tuesday September 21st Starting Time: 18:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Abyssal Whips, Black Mask (10), Dragon Boots, Dragon Harpoon, Dragon Sword, Dragon Warhammer, Zamorakian Spear Spear, Armadyl Crossbow Wednesday September 22nd Starting Time: 15:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Armadyl Helmet, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Chainskirt, Armadyl Hilt, Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, Bandos Boots, Bandos Hilt, Saradomin Sword, Armadyl Crossbow, Staff of the Dead, Steam Battlestaff, Zamorakian Spear, Zamorak Hilt Thursday September 23rd Starting Time: 18:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Dexterous Prayer Scroll, Arcane Prayer Scroll, Twisted Buckler, Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Dinh's Bulwark, Ancestral Hat, Ancestral Robe Top, Ancestral Robe Bottom, Dragon Claws, Friday September 24th Starting Time: 15:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Twisted Bow, Kodai Wand, Elder Maul, PVP weapons (excluding throwing weapons) Saturday September 25th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: All of the drops featured Monday-Saturday! Sunday September 26th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Unique loots from Cerberus, Alchemical Hydra, Demonic Gorillas, Wilderness Bosses (PVP Weapons ONLY), King Black Dragon and Zulrah. Monday September 27th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Abyssal Whip Kraken tentacle Smoke Battlestaff Occult Necklace Black Mask (10) Granite Maul Leaf Bladed Battleaxe Dragon Boots Granite Boots Granite Longsword Wyvern Visage Dragonic Visage Trident of the Seas Granite Ring Dragon Sword Dragon Harpoon Dragon Chainbody Leaf Bladed Sword Abyssal Dagger Dark Bow Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Smouldering Stone Tuesday September 28th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Abyssal Whip Kraken tentacle Smoke Battlestaff Occult Necklace Black Mask (10) Granite Maul Leaf Bladed Battleaxe Dragon Boots Granite Boots Granite Longsword Wyvern Visage Dragonic Visage Trident of the Seas Granite Ring Dragon Sword Dragon Harpoon Dragon Chainbody Leaf Bladed Sword Abyssal Dagger Dark Bow Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Smouldering Stone Wednesday September 29th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Abyssal Whip Kraken tentacle Smoke Battlestaff Occult Necklace Black Mask (10) Granite Maul Leaf Bladed Battleaxe Dragon Boots Granite Boots Granite Longsword Wyvern Visage Dragonic Visage Trident of the Seas Granite Ring Dragon Sword Dragon Harpoon Dragon Chainbody Leaf Bladed Sword Abyssal Dagger Dark Bow Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Smouldering Stone Thursday September 30th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: N/A Note: As our server continues to grow the Staff Team is dedicated toward providing a growing economy suited toward all our players. We have decided to push more items into the game that may have a significant higher demand then supply. We ask that you do your part by selling your duplicates to buyers to keep a flowing economy. If can successfully do that then these types of events may be more frequent.
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    Grant Memo Hello Community, I would like to take a minute to introduce @Grantwho will be joining the Staff Team as the Head of Quality Assurance (QA). I have been working with Grant on laying a foundation for Zenyte and kind of what what we as a community would like to see. He will not be starting off a full fledged developer but instead taking on the role of Head of Quality Assurance to see how we operate and build that trusting relationship. Grant is more then qualified and has certificates and background in Java, Kotlin, C#, C++, Python along with completion of a Andriod developer certification. He was also a Purdue Boilermaker and graduated with a degree in the field of computer engineering in 2014. In total he has combined over 16 years of experience and education. We do need to remember like all the members of the Management Team and Administration Team he also has a full-time job outside of his pass time life. (Zenyte for example) This means he may not be responsive 24/7 however rest assured he will be reviewing all bug reports, and submissions. Thank you,
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    Hey guys, I've been wanting to make this thread for a long time but i've been facing some motivational issues, now that those issues are no longer in the way, i figured my plan was going to change, and now that I have a new plan for the account, I wanted to share that with you guys , so the first part of this thread will Be the 6 month plan., second half will consit of a goals list, pictures. ect, September, 1-14th Complete 50,000,000 experience in thieving Obtain 99 Farming Complete 100,000,000 experience in thieving September 14-30th Complete 200,000,000 experience in thieving. October 1-31 Complete 50,000,000 experience in agility obtain 99 Hunter. November 1-30 Complete 100,000,000 experience In Crafting. Reach at least 95 Herblore. December 1-31 Complete 50,000,000 Experience in Rune crafting Obtain 99 Herblore January 1-31 Complete 50,000,000 experience in fishing Febuary 1-28th Complete 50,000,000 experience in Farming Red= 1-99 Orange = 100+ green = completed goal ---------------------------------------- Obtain all the skilling outfits missing prospector XD Obtain all the skilling pets 6/8 Skill capes obtained Master Skill capes obtained. Account stats (virtual total/levels)
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    Just know I am aware with issues our more experienced players may have when trying to do Tithe Farm efficiently. This will be addressed in the next update!
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    Community Poll - Construction or Theatre of Blood Hello Community, I hate to title this thread as Construction or Theatre of Blood because after after code review with @Grantit has become clear that both of these will be possible however it is important to note as a solo developer working on two large projects of this caliber it will take some time. We both have received a lot of feedback from the community in the last 24 to 48 hours and the opinion from person to person differs so we would like to open up a poll to the community about which update they would like to see come first as a larger piece of content will it be Construction or Theatre of Blood? Grant has also started working on the bug fixes to date there is currently about 200 and we took out a nice chunk in the last couple of days. We will continue to dig toward the bottom of this barrel and hopefully that will eliminate a lot of the repeat bug issues inside of the bug report sections! Thank you,
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    I can add those commands in quite easily. Thanks for the suggestions! I will consult with @Gepanto make sure it's okay, but I don't see why they wouldn't be. You have my support. I'm sorry I haven't seen this sooner, I don't visit the forums often, I'm mainly either in-game or on discord. I do the best I can to keep up with bugs/content suggestions as much as possible, but if I happen to miss you (or you feel your suggestion is being ignored) feel free to DM me on Discord. I'd like to also add, for @CoX ProdigyI understand your concern that your suggestions aren't being heard. I appreciate your passion for the server, and I can promise you those suggestions ARE being addressed! I may not always have the time to update you, but I have went through a good 200+ bugs/content suggestions in the past two days and have read every single one. We take your suggestions seriously, and hope you can understand that I'm still getting settled in, but when I start putting out updates, they will be on a consistent basis. So if you don't see your suggestion in an update, just ask and I'll let you know what I can tell you about the status of it. Hang in there, we are all listening to your suggestions. We'll get back on track shortly! P.S. Don't give up on suggestions!
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    This is absolutely awesome!!!!! CANNOT WAIT to see what @Grantand Matt can do to this server, props to the kings
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    So happy for this! farmers outfit its my favorite xp boosting set happy im gonna get it
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    Hello all! So as most of you probably know by now, I have created a new account to challenge my patience and possible insanity. So here's the journey/story so far including plans, how I've done skills to hopefully help and inspire other players new and old! The Beginning: So to begin with, the most obvious skill to begin with was Thieving! There's not much really to explain here but I started with men/women at home next to the range, this was my only option as a Level 1 but it also gave me a chance to collect the Rogue Outfit pieces. So that's exactly what I did! By the time I reach Level 55 thieving I had received all pieces of the outfit! Now what? Well the next step was to get to "end game" content to get myself to the big goal of 200m Experience. So I thieved the stalls in Ardougne, specifically the food stall. I collected the food thinking I would need every healing food under the sun to get to 200m. Oh how I was wrong! So I grinded the stalls until I reached 85 thieving, now it was time to take on the Elves of Lletya. Well I wish I could say nothing interesting happened on the way to 99 and beyond but in honesty I got very lucky, I received the beloved Rocky at Level 95 (9,327,562 XP). So after discussing the food situation, I very quickly discovered I didn't need all that food from the stalls earlier in the grind. In fact, Elves provide their fine wines in a jug for my enjoyment. So here's a typical inventory setup I would run whilst mindlessly dELVING into their pockets! (get it?) I would collect all the runes (Death and Natures), Crystal Shards (because why not?) and ofcourse the stash of riches, turns out Arvel is loaded with gp! With the rest of the inventory I would stash 8 wines as quick and easily replenished healing and the rest would be diamonds which would be sold to the General Store just steps away! So with all that in mind, here came the big goal, the first huge step of them all, I present to you my first 200m on the account! Thieving is complete! A huge thank you to everyone that came and say their "gz", I honestly didn't expect a turn out to happen in short notice! Here's the prestigious 200m cape in all it's glory! So what's next?! Well after the rush of achieving my first 200m was over, I needed another skill to focus on! After all that's the point in this account right? Well my next choice was Mining, any reason? Not at all I just wanted something a little more AFK than thieving was, so here goes nothing! So I started as most do, with copper and tin mining, only an inventory because anymore would be XP waste (and nobody likes XP waste). After this, I went to Iron and went to town until I got to Motherlode Mine at Level 30, banking all ores along the way. So.. Motherlode Mine you hear me say.. well yes, I wanted a nice range of ores for smithing later down the line but also the Prospector Outfit for extra gains and fashion-scape! One small issue I came across was the Struts that need repair that grants smithing XP (that's a no-no in my books). Fortunately a few players were around when I was online to fix these pesky struts meaning I didn't have to struggle whatsoever (very lucky!). Speaking of very lucky.. again I'm sorry for my RNG so far, but yes I got another pet far too early into the grind at just Level 75 (1,244,718 XP). This was then followed by the normal 99 achievement! Onto mining Amethyst for the rest of my grind! aaaaand then I got a second pet drop at 75,952,864 XP... and that my Zenytists, is my story so far! Appreciate all that cheer me on, support me and took the time to read this!
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    Dear Felix, in my opinion the following would be the best changes; Option A Decreasing tool seed to 1/100 and armour seed to 1/150 (as Ashihama suggested), while having all other things as we do have right now. Option B Holding the droprates same, increasing the mounts of shards that we obtain from bosses appr. by 25%, hosting double shard events, and having a 10% chance to keep the key after using it. What you have Suggested as destroy an unwanted crystal seed type is a PERFECT idea, however i would suggest atleast 2k crystal shards for obtaining it, other than that it would be very lowballing in my opinion. @Fe [email protected] [email protected]@Worst hc lul
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    Event Ticket Balances *Minimum of 125 Event Tickets required for a redeem request* *Create an admin-ticket in the Zenyte Discord to request a redemption* 22 - 15 2fab4you - 75 3acesofsugar - 30 5x The Chill - 15 5x nerd - 30 Aleks1337 - 15 Alliyah29 - 15 Azul - 20 Because - 135 Big Qanso - 100 Burninlove - 30 Carter 44 - 15 Ch4zz - 15 Chames - 15 Confuzzled - 15 Cox Prodigy - 95 Cresnikel - 20 Donger - 15 Doreamon - 15 Earkfire - 15 Gargon92 - 15 Gritty - 20 Hc tick eat - 10 Hc Zai - 15 H e a t - 15 iiKnight - 15 Iron arm - 45 Iron jbro - 15 Iron lung - 30 itsbigwong - 15 Jablesxo - 20 Jarf - 15 Jonaroy - 15 Lava Zone - 15 Kal33m1 - 20 Kickeenim - 15 Koira - 15 Kz5 - 20 Mrbrandon727 - 15 Nikke996 - 30 Omenofstorms - 15 Polo - 20 Pinkpanther - 15 Shogii - 30 Sir Dratron - 35 Sister13 - 60 Tedgeico - 15 Theclaptrap - 75 Themenace - 30 Tosh - 15 Vx - 15 Winh - 20 Wyamean - 15 Xbambamx - 15 Yassir - 140 Zeenyr - 20 Zekx - 20
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    Labor Day Celebration Hello Community, The Management Team will be offering bonus XP from Friday to Tuesday for Labor Day Weekend! We are also planning to spice the weekend up with a handful of events please check out this thread. There will also be random events conducted throughout the weekend that may not be listed in the thread mentioned so make sure you keep an eye out for announcements. The Administration Team and Management Team will also be hosting a double donation event throughout this weekend so please contact a member of these team(s) prior to donating to make sure all the evidence/screenshots are in order. In other news... I would like to apologize first hand for my inactivity for the last two to two and a half weeks. I have recently purchased a house and did a transition with my career. However we should still expect a release on some new content by the 2nd to 3rd weekend of September. We are also looking into a mimic of combat achievement(s) that may simply require you to post the evidence on the forums however once that is concluded you will be rewarded with a unique item. There will only be two brackets of combat achievement(s) at this time. We are also actively seeking a second hand in development so if you are interested or know someone who is interested please have them send a email resume or information inquiry to [email protected] Sincerely, Matt Thank you,
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    Hydra double drop 1/103,680
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    Lol. TOB in the lead cause someone made a bunch of accounts to vote with. Smh
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    was the first one to vote tob just for the memes, now is closer than I expected lmao. both updates will be great
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    @CoX Prodigy Something that needs to be realized is that there are a number of things on the table that are now planned to be completed. I've noticed in the past few days (after the announcement of grant joining the team) that everyone has seemed to be hounding their idea's, that, have already been suggested and documented. We need to realize that now, with another new dev, updates will start to roll out at a more consistent and impressive rate, but overwhelming grant with almost everything that has been on the agenda up-to-date is not on. He needs time to not only settle into the role, but go through 100's of suggestions and some bugs as well as sort them into timeframes / how difficult they might be. We need to cut a bit of slack here. I'm not saying that the suggestions and feedback are unwanted, but at this point in time, it's just a matter of time. Grant has been keeping a number of the staff team up-to date with how he's going, what he's up to and what his current goals are. As the community you've just got to watch out and see what sort of QoL/content updates will be coming out in the following months with the dev/update posts and continue to provide feedback so we can better every aspect of the game!
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    We appreciate your feedback but those past 3 months Matt has been our only Dev & he's busy IRL as well with work & family. That doesn't mean that he doesn't care or want to give us updates which is why he wanted to find someone like Grant although he does have a life as well but having two developers with a life is better than just having one with a life. Updates are coming and there has been quite a few lately but Matt has to prioritize which ones to do first and in which order. I think the future of Zenyte is starting to look more bright each day and the best thing we can do to support Matt is by being patient, playing the game, helping other players, voting & simply try to build up this community. Considering the small resources Matt has been working with I think he has done more than a fantastic job and obviously that doesn't mean that you can't expect more but you should still be realistic about your expectations although the fact that Grant has joined us has changed things so we will just have to wait and see. Slow & steady wins the race!
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    CHEERS TO THIS! Really happy to be apart of this server, super stoked for the coming content guys!
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    We believe in you guys, keep it up
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    Thank you so much guys !!! I appreciate it a lot!!
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    Combat Challenges (September 6th through September 20th) Community Members, The Management and Administration Team would like to challenge our players with some unique combat challenges. Each column will offer a reward and the higher the column the higher the reward. There will also be some rewards only obtainable by this event and will be worth billions. However there is a catch you must complete the challenges listed in each column before moving onto the next column. You must also provide screenshots of the completion displaying your game noticeboard with a date/time stamp. You also will be able to auto-complete these challenges once you arrive to that challenge if you have completed it and able to show proof for example completion log. You will want to show you collection log after you complete a entire column to a member of the Management Team or post it in this thread. Column 1: Kill at least 15 Bryophytas Kill 100 King Black Dragons Complete at least 100 Barrows Chests Kill 50 Chaos Elementals Kill 125 Giant Moles Kill 50 Crazy Archeologist Kill 30 Scorpia Kill 5 Skotizo Kill 5 Hespori Complete two rounds of the Fight Caves Column 2: Remember kill count from above counts toward this column (kill counts column) Kill 120 Alchemical Hydra Kill 120 Callistos Kill 120 Cerberus Kill 120 Chaos Elementals Kill 120 Chaos Fanatics Kill 120 Commander Zilyanas Kill 50 Corporal Beasts Kill 120 Crazy Archaeologists Kill 120 General Graardors Kill 120 Giant Moles Kill 6 Hesporis Kill 100 Kalphite Queens Kill 150 King Black Dragons Complete at least 100 Barrows Chests Kill 50 Chaos Elementals Kill 225 Giant Moles Kill 100 Crazy Archeologist Kill 30 Scorpia Kill 10 Skotizo Kill 10 Hespori Complete 30 Chambers of Xeric (Team or Solo) Kill 120 Zulrah Kill 120 Vorakth Kill 120 Venetanis Kill 120 Scorpia Kill 50 K'ril Tsutsaroth Kill 50 Kree'arra Column 3: Speed Challenges Kill Zulrah in less than 60 seconds. Kill Vorkath in less than 60 seconds. Kill Hespori in less than 40 seconds. Complete a fight cave in less than 28 minutes. Complete a Chambers of Xeric - Challenge Mode (SOLO) in less than 60 minutes. Complete a Chambers of Xeric (SOLO) in less than 24 minutes. Kill the Alchemical Hydra in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Kill the Grotesque Guardians in less than 1 minute and 20 seconds. Rewards: Rewards may includes items such as but not limited to: Event Ecumenical Key (25 Charges) Cosmetic Items (Slayer Helmets) Statue in-game Event Tickets POST YOUR COLLECTION LOGS INTO THIS THREAD AS PROOF FOR COLUMNS 1 AND COLUMN 2 OR A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR KILL TIMES FOR COLUMN 3.
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    Hello dear zenyte lovers, As an IRONMAN (50x/25x) account i would like to share the following experience ; 86M thiefing experience (obtained around 70m from thiefing elves) 186M mining experience (obtained 170m from mining crystalized ores) 26M woodcutting experience (obtained 13m from cutting crystal trees) amound of opened elven chests : 160 obtained rare crystal seeds (weapon/tool/armour) : 1 x weapon seed @ 60th chest i STRONGLY suggest to increase the droprates of crystal armour seeds by atleast 20% of its current droprate, tool seeds 20% since the tools are very usefull but doesnt make sense to obtain a tool seed after i achieve 200m woodcutting and mining. We have to considder that we are playing a private server since we dont like to spend hours and hours into the real game grinding stuff (atleast me). It will clearly take over a month of skilling (10 hours a day) with average RNG to obtain a full set of crystal armour as an ironman. Not because i am lucky to pull an early weapon seed, but i suggest to have the crystal seed rarety stable since the weapon(s) we do obtain from it are quite powerfull.
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    What's up guys? Hope you're all doing well! Recently joined up, really looking forward to playing and creating content for you guys. Zenyte is definitely going to be a challenge for me and I'm excited man. My IGN is "Idiot YT Guy" feel free to say hi! Next post will hopefully be my first video, the future is exciting!
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    Items received: (already had the full Dragonstone armour set) 1700 Ranarr weed 2888 Uncut ruby 6144 Adamantite ore 1650 Snapdragon 3685 Uncut diamond 1289 Runite ore 1700 Torstol 19131 Steel bar 7 Infinity boots 76 Ranarr seed 2 Crystal armour seed 89 Palm tree seed 54 Snapdragon seed 3 Crystal weapon seed 16 Redwood tree seed 103 Torstol seed 4 Dragonstone gauntlets 40 Magic seed 10593 Dragon dart tip 2 Dragonstone full helm 71 Dragonfruit tree seed 10920 Dragon arrow 6 Dragonstone platelegs 55 Celastrus seed 9179 Dragon bolts 32443 Coal 5550 Magic logs 2768 Uncut emerald 9581 Gold ore 816 Raw tuna 935 Raw lobster 813 Raw swordfish 2347 Raw monkfish 1098 Raw shark 1734 Raw sea turtle 933 Raw manta ray
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    I wonder if dismantling unwanted seeds for X amount of shards would be something smiled upon? As mentioned above, changing the shard rate will effect the amount of crystal key grinding we would have to do and could just cause another issue similar to this one. Another thing that could be pretty dope is if a slight chance was added that you keep the enhanced key after using it, meaning every now and then one of your keys can be used twice? Doesn't seem like a lot, but in the long run (opening 600 chests in worst HC's case) could add up to quite the extra amount of keys, which means more chances at a crystal seed. @CoX [email protected] hc [email protected] [email protected]
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    Welcome champ! And let me comfort you - there is no such thing as an unhealthy love for cars. Might be the carsalesman in me, but hey we love what we love right!
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    Hello @CoX Prodigy, thank you for making this post and if you dont mind I will reply with my own personal experince. As an IRONMAN (50x/25x) account I would like to share the following experience ; 77M thieving experience (obtained around 70m from thieving elves) 370M mining experience (obtained 360m from mining crystalized ores) 220~M woodcutting experience (obtained 210m from cutting crystal trees) amount of opened elven chests : 600 obtained rare crystal seeds (weapon/tool/armour) : 1 x weapon seed, 3 tool seeds. Indeed the supplies are amazing as @HC Tuoppi and @Fe Felixmentioned in their reply in this thread, BUT, they are almost of no use (except dragon darts) to a maxed account such as mine. Sure, they could be sold for profit but as we know, the market has it's ups and downs and sometimes they just gather dust in the bank. Now, as someone searching only for the crystal set, getting 3 tool seeds falls around the droprate @Ashihama mentioned but I would much prefer them to be other kind. I understand my case is not everyones case, there are people opening the chest who are not maxed and the supplies that come out of it are very useful to progress their account but after, I would say, 200 (might be a bit less, I honestly dont know) hours of shard and key gathering I dont feel rewarded to keep doing it. What if instead of increasing the drop rate of the seeds, the cost of making the keys was halved? I honestly think that is a better solution, because it would reward people who actively grind this chest and want to grab the new items without devaluing the items themselves that would start to appear due to the increased drop rate. Anyhow, these are my two cents that I have been holding on for quite some time. If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss any opinions, feel free to pm me ingame or on Discord @WEZZED. Worst Hc Lul
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    Completionist is : Maxed & All achievements
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    Love all the update but can we talk about mbox in the next one they need a severe buff I literally got 10 seeds thats 5 papaya seed 5 palms for 50 credits other than that everything been amazing keep up the great work
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    If that's the case I'm sure staff will look into it and count only the votes of active/legit accounts. I want TOB but without cheating, the whole community should be happy with the update
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    Well, well well... Youu liiittle son of a... Don't say I didn't warn you. The Imperial Japanese Army when they occupied parts of China, they used Chinese babies, for bayonet practice ..
  37. 1 point
    also id like to point out that its been 2 years since zenyte last had a pvm update
  38. 1 point
    @Gepan @[email protected]@HC [email protected] [email protected] Staff management/developers. It has been 3months since we have such a good suggestion from Qanso, I wonder why the staff team is not on it? It actually indicates that we and our ideas are not valued (it has been already 1 week on my crystal seed suggestion aswell, yes ofcourse i did had positive feedback from the staff team,BUT its still not agreed by management which means it can take 3 months to get in progress) . Either positive or negative the staff team supposed to move suggestions forward to APPROVE or DECLINED suggestions because this makes us as players dissmotivated. I wouldnt suggest anything further if its gonna take 3 months to decide to agree it or decline it. Sincerely CoX Prodigy/Godzilla
  39. 1 point
    Keep them coming! Great update guys
  40. 1 point
  41. 1 point
    Super happy to have you join us on the team & alongside Matt to bring us some content! Thank you & I'll see you around!
  42. 1 point
    Hi & happy to see what you can bring to the team
  43. 1 point
    Always a pleasure to see everyone's goals! Best of luck to you!
  44. 1 point
    Am i the only person wondering why theres 0 inferno challenges when we compete for the zuk slay helm ( may the best cheesecaper win....) Also the raid times are stupidly ez to get, doubt anyone ever done a 1 hour + solo cm or 24 min+ no prep.... I love the idea and the effort but next time please have a word with the high end pvm playerbase.
  45. 1 point
    PROMOTION Name: Jaden410 Current Position: Game Moderator New Position: Global Moderator
  46. 1 point
    That's crazy, best of luck with your goals! It will be interesting to follow the progress
  47. 1 point
    August 2021: Patch #2 200m Skillcapes 200m Skillcapes 200m Skillcapes are finally here and you can obtain one by using your skillcape trimmed version on the 200m Cape Monument located on the top of the achievement hall. The 200m variant of your skillcape will have the same perks as a standard version of the skillcape however we do plan to adjust this in the future if we can come up with reasonable and fair perks. The 200m skillcape inventory icon is currently upside down and after a lot of failed manipulation I have decided to move forward with this update despite the appearance. I would also like to apologize for the visual aspect on some of the 200m skillcapes these are actually provided to us by a 3rd party however the general concept of being able to display something for 200m in a skill was our main reason for release. 200m skillcapes.mp4 Future Update(s) Demonic Ashes (Prayer) The recent ashes update that came with the new prayer book on Old School Runescape has been brought to the table in discussion(s) and we are planning to move forward with this update. It will also include the item used to automatically scatter the ashes similar to the bone crusher. You can find additional information about this here. Tithe Farm The Tithe Farm update is on the horizon and has been completed on the back end. We are planning to get this merged together with the current stage of the game and start the quality assurance (QA) testing. This update will be extremely beneficial to those players who do not like the traditional farming methods. New Slayer Helmets The new Slayer Helmets released recently on Old School Runescape has drawn a lot of attention and we are looking into obtaining these models. Thank you to @Coreyfor providing that resource. We have not started on this project but a proposed release date is set to be in August. Update Log for August 2021 Patch 2: Added enhanced weapon seed drops to global broadcasts Added crystal armour seed drops to global broadcasts Added crystal tool seed drops to global broadcasts Adjusted tree stump for crystal trees to prevent no-clip issues Added the ability to make cadentine (unf) with the vials of blood dropped from Vyrewatch Increased the amount of shards obtained by pickpocketing elves Added a teleport to the Crystal Mines inside of the Zenyte Teleport Portal Added the ability to make twisted slayer helm (i) by adding a twisted kit to imbued slayer hlmet Added 200m skillcapes with their 99 variant perks
  48. 1 point
    Event Dates- Commencement date/time: Sunday, July 25thth 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) - Concluded date/time: Sunday, August 8th 23:59 GMT (SERVER TIME) Hello Community Members, The Staff Team and Management Team will be doing another Dragonstone Giveaway this will be similar to the giveaway that was introduced in February. The role of Dragonstone Donator is valued at $1000.00 and as a Dragonstone donator you will have access to the following perks (there is additional perks not listed below for a full list check here) 25 less kills needed for God Wars Dungeon 4 extra pest control points 20% chance to save tokens in Warrior's Guild 20% chance to get double rewards from Crystal Chest 6 minute death time extension 2 minute restoration box cool down 1.5x bonus vote points 15 second yell cooldown timer 10% boosted superior spawn 2 extra favorite spots at home teleport 2 extra rolls with a Wintertodt Reward box 25 minute birdhouse time 15 total preset slots Dragonstone+ Teleport: You can become eligible for this drawing by doing or being one of the following: You are a new member of the community with no alternative accounts and a join date after June 1st 2021. You are a returning member of the community and have not been a active member of the community in the last 180 days. (Will be monitored for activity and consistency) How much is a Dragonstone Donator worth?: Dragonstone Donator is currently worth $1000.00 USD Will I obtain the credits? This will be for the rank only the credits will be wiped from the account What if I already am a Dragonstone donator? $1000.00 will be applied to your account so you may be able to boost up! Who can I contact if I have any questions? Gepan
  49. 1 point
    Haha, should have seen my bank before I organized it lol. Naah not yet, gonna collect 100 or maybe 200 and run them all at once.
  50. 1 point
    Developer Gepan Grant Community Manager Yamato69 Itzcnote100 Administrator V Iking HC Tuoppi Fe Felix Global Moderator Jaden410 Moderators Burninlove Junior Moderator Ashihama Justice Because
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