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    Hello Zenyte! Today we have a quick update for you guys on our staff team. We have 7 promotions, 3 resignations and 2 demotions over the course of this month. All of these guys have done exceptional work as staff and regular players. As always, if you believe you would make a great addition to our team, I would encourage you to apply here. We have reverted the application process to where players can now review the comments made by staff on their applications but they may not respond to the comments until their application has been concluded. Promotions @Destructionhas been promoted to Administrator @Chophas been promoted to Senior Moderator @distractionhas been promoted to Moderator @Psychehas been promoted to Moderator @gzehas been promoted to Server Support @Onehas been promoted to Server Support @Tiggerhas been promoted to Server Support Resignations/Demotions @Jophas been demoted from Administrator to Forum Moderator @Noshas resigned from Moderator @Dantehas resigned from Forum Moderator @SirRealhas been demoted from Server Support @Nodehas resigned from Server Support Thank you for your hard work and contribution, even those who are leaving us. You will not be forgotten.
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    As requested by many players, I am bringing to you a King of The Skill event! The way this works is pretty simple, whoever has the highest total levels at the end of the given time, wins! This will be done on a Ironman account, ensuring no materials or gear is transferred in aid of leveling the account. PRIZES 1st Place - $100 in Bonds Kots Ditto (1915 Total) 2nd Place - $50 in Bonds Kots Pog (1879 Total) 3rd Place - $50 In Bonds Kots Say (1685 Total) START/END TIME Start: Tuesday August 20th 10PM GMT (22:00 Server Time) End: Sunday August 25th 10PM GMT (22:00 Server Time) SIGN UP Sign up is simple, all you must do is create a new x50 Ironman account with the prefix "kots" once the event starts, and grind away. A screenshot of your account playtime will be required either once you reach 48 hour playtime, or as the event ends. All accounts with the prefix will be banned only until the winners are determined. RULES - MUST Be an x50 Ironman or Hardcore Ironman account. - MUST contain the prefix "kots". - Only ONE entry per person, per IP. - NO redeeming of donation store items allowed until AFTER the event. - Highest TOTAL LEVEL wins. If there is a tie resulting from same total level, player with highest total EXP will win. - NO account sharing will be tolerated, we WILL be checking. - NO more than 48 Hours of account playtime. ANYTHING over will be a disqualification (Stop a few minutes from 48 hours playtime to be safe). - You MUST take a full client screenshot of account playtime with username visible to be considered for the rewards. This will need to be done either once you reach right under 48 hours playtime, or at the time the event ends. Make sure you take a screenshot before you log off if you will not be online as the event ends. You can either post the screenshot on this thread or send it to me via Discord/Forums PM. Screenshot Example: Regards, Zenyte Staff Team
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    Hello all to those who are reading this right now! As a staff team we hope you're enjoying the events we're putting on at the moment, We are currently trying to get more events out and enabled for you to achieve a more pleasurable experience all round. To kick off I would personally like to introduce the Masses of the following god wars bosses. Alongside these extra foes I would like to bring into play by having some extra special masses with an added hint of danger sprinkled on top of them! Now all of these boss mass events will likely be hosted in exactly the same way, we're all striving to get some stuff in-game and have a good laugh together. So what better way to do this with a community fueled mass. I alongside the other staff members will be hosting these whenever possible. These will be hosted in staff's personal clan chats. Just for a general view of who comes to what, and what's preferred over which. Each individual attending such events will have the chance of obtaining something, be it a drop from the boss or a prize for participating. I personally will be looking to host these events potentially on a bi/tri-daily basis, It gives us all something to look forward to whilst getting some important items into the game while we're waiting for some content! Keeping new content in mind once more stuff has been released I will be adding them to this list, but for now it'll be mainly aimed at general pvm. I am trying my hardest to keep up a regime of daily/bi-daily Pest control events for those who need their diaries doing or just enjoy it for the fun of getting free money and experience in a mass-like atmosphere. All those who wish to participate will be teleported to waiting rooms or actual NPC spawn locations. ~Credit to Life for the Images! BANDOS #1 EVENT CORPORAL BEAST #2 EVENT COMMANDER ZILYANA #3 EVENT
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    Song's Safezone Survival Guide: Zulrah Zulrah is a benchmark for newer players to see if you're ready for any harder content in the future, such as Chambers of Xeric or even Theater of Blood. That being said, Zulrah is --- or was also often marked as the 2nd hardest boss in Old School Runescape right underneath Corporeal Beast if we're excluding Raid Bosses and Minigames such as The Inferno, The Gauntlet and possibly other recent inclusions. This is usually due to the fact that Zulrah has 3 forms, 4 spots, 4 different rotations and a Jad Phase in each rotation. To those who have already learned most of Zulrah, he ( or she... ) is mostly farmed for the covenant Tanzanite Fang, Magic Fang, Serpentine Visage and the Pet Snakeling. Killing Zulrah for the first time will also advance your step towards obtaining your Elite Void Set, provided that you have another 80 Pest Control Commendation Points. Zulrah Combat Details Minimum Requirements 80+ Hitpoints 75+ Magic 80+ Range 45+ Prayer * Note: 45 Prayer will allow you to use Protection to Missiles & Magic, Eagle Eye and Mystic Might. Defense is technically not needed as Zulrah is highly possible with just 1 Defense. Of course, higher defense means the fight will be easier. Runelite Tile Marker Setup * Note: This image is facing North, all rotation images will be facing South. Zulrah's Rotation Cheat Sheet
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    well Since everyone else is posting pics i will too here is my progress in king of the skill ty for the run bois
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    The Zenyte Team is looking for skilled individuals that are familiar with the following platforms, and programs. You directly represent the Zenyte community, what you do in your videos effects the community as a whole. Interested in becoming an Official Zenyte YouTuber? Contact anyone on the Media QA Team, and we'll be glad to speak to you. @Life Requirements At least 50+ Subscribers on your platform, and at least 25 views per video or stream YouTube knowledge OBS / Streamlabs knowledge Sony Vegas/Adobe After Effects / Other Video Editing software Content we're looking for Series (Ironman, Rags to riches, etc) Player Killing in Wilderness (Clips, pure builds, clans, farming, etc) QA Test server sneak peaks for upcoming content Available Positions Zenyte Affiliate Program Zenyte Partnership Program Affiliate Program Partnership Program Terms of Service All videos for submission will go through the Media QA Team, ensuring the quality of the content we're uploading on our channel. You will abide by all Zenyte rules, on and off stream, no exceptions. Rewards will be based off the quality of video, and how many you upload per week. a $10 bond per week is the cap. You are free to upload your videos to your channel, 24 hours after, the video is uploaded onto the Zenyte YouTube. You will not upload any other server videos while in an agreement with Zenyte. The Media QA Team reserves all rights to deny your video for upload on the Zenyte channel, if this happens we will simply tell you to revise it, or whatever the case may be. In order to be eligible for the incentives, your video must be longer than 8 minutes, after render time. Any items given to our Partnered YouTubers for giveaways or events that are not used, will be given back to an Administrator, or your account will be terminated indefinably.
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    The Revenant Caves are a great source of income, as it drops Ancient drops, which are worth anywhere from 500k-40M. The Caves are located in the Wilderness, so beware you may catch yourself getting poked once in a while! Revenants use all three styles of attack, but using a Bracelet of Etherum negates all damage from the Revenants, as long as it's charged with Ether. I. Gear Setup II. How to get there III. Drops IV. Mechanics & Tips/Tricks I. Gear Setup This is what I use with my team Welfare gear (or without a team) II. How to get there Option 1 Use the Portal, and teleport to Wilderness -> Wilderness Canoe Pond. Option 2 Use a Revenant Cave Teleport to go straight to the Cavern From here, you'll want to run north to the Cavern. Once inside, follow the pathing South East, until you reach Revenants. South of the Gold squares indicate Wilderness level 30, where you can use your Royal Seed Pod to teleport away. I recommend turning Auto Retaliate off. This will prevent you from running to an NPC you're attacking while trying to loot your last drop, and if you're in a clan it will prevent you from attacking you clan-mates who need to skull on you. III. Drops Revenants drop tons of skilling supplies, and alchables. If you want a full list, checkout the Official Wiki here. Some notable drops are listed below. Craws Bow Viggora's Mace Thammaron's Sceptre Amulet of Avarice Ancient Crystal - Ancient Emblems - Ancient Relics IV. Mechanics & Tips/Tricks Revenants are capable of healing themselves randomly when their health falls below 50%, thus making them longer kills. If you're new, I'd suggest the Greater Demon, Hellhound, and Ork, as they're a middle combat level that are pretty easy, and still have decent drop percentages. If you are not using a Revenant weapon, Viggora's, Craws, or Thammarons Sceptre, I'd advise not attacking the Knight, or Dragon. These two NPC's are the two tanks, and you with an Abyssal whip/Rune C'bow, you'll be engaged for a long time. Revenants are weak to the Salve amulet, so I suggest you use Salve (ei). Tarns Scroll is used to enchant (Purchase from Slayer Masters), and an Imbue Scroll to imbue (Purchase from Loyalty Shop) You receive NO DAMAGE if you have a charged Bracelet of Ethereum equipped. Always carry an Amulet of Glory, or a Seed pod for quick teleports in case of PKers. Teleports can only be used at Level 30 Wildy, and under. Magic Shortbow (i) can be made buy using a Magic Shortbow on a Magic Shortbow Scroll purchased from the Bounty shop.
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    We have a automatic event system Noele wants to work on soon, so this would go great hand in hand. It would be nice to be able to display a months worth of events, ranging from competitions to just daily boosts here and there.
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    This post may just string from my own RNG, but i think the ancient shard/arclight charges need looking at maybe? Either up the drop rate slightly for shards, or maybe when you get enough shards to fully charge the arclight to10k it doesn't use charges? or maybe even use an imbue scroll on it to prevent using charges? There may be other ways around this but these are just my suggestions. just think it would make tasks like demonic gorillas more enjoyable. Currently at 94 slayer and been doing all the tasks i possibly can in catacombs. Again, this may be my bad RNG but would be interested to see what other people think of this?
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    If the topic title was confusing, don't worry! I put it like that to (hopefully) grab the attention of the developers so I can thank them for their undoubtedly hard work. Hey Zenyte! I'm Sudo! I'm a new player here, playing primarily from my Arch Linux computer, and my phone. I'm very impressed with this server for having a Linux AppImage, that is incredibly unique! I know I know, mobile is impressive too, but Jagex actually offers mobile on OSRS, they do NOT, however, offer an AppImage, so, major hats off to the developers here. That said I would also like to report that as of right now, the appimage is working extremely smooth! That's on Arch Linux with the latest vanilla LTS kernel, x86 and XFCE. Technical shit out of the way, I'm a long time player of both RS3 and OSRS, taking a break from the official games for a while so as not to eat up too much of my time, as I've recently launched an ecommerce business and need the extra time to focus on optimizing that. As such, to fend off the RuneScape urges, I've come to Zenyte for the time being! If I stay as enthused about the server as I am now, then I'll be here for quite a long time P.S. Check out this highly sexual photo of Zenyte running on Arch
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    Support, different types of challenges is needed. Also another reward besides xp would be good.
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    Hello, Due to a lot of internal changes and complications, the Fashionscape Competition Voting stage has been passed down to me. Over the past week, we have had a lot of wonderful submissions. Using the poll above, please vote for the best Fashionscape images to vote for your favorite one. In order to discourage favoritism, I have removed the voting submissions' thread and names of the people participate will not be shown. If you see your submission in the poll, please do not vote for yourself. If you do so, you will be disqualified from the competition. Now, without further ado, here are the submissions for the month of September! Theme: Creativity The voting will close on September 21st, 2019. The winner will receive: $25 Store Credit Hall of Fame Role on Discord Fashionscape Competition Winner Medal
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    Back on the grind with this account. Going to try to get ~75 base stats by starting with Mining and Smithing because I hate those skills the most. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - We did it lads. Mission Alpha Charlie Bravo has been accomplished!
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    Others solutions are to either not play in full screen, play in fixed client size with stretched fixed enables in RuneLite settings or to reduce your monitors resolution.
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    Ancient Cavern Ape Atoll Dungeon Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Brimhaven Dungeon Chasm Of Fire Corsair Cave Crash Site Cavern Dorgesh Kaan Dungeon Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Karamja Underground Kourend Catacombs Observatory Dungeon Smoke Dungeon Stronghold Slayer Cave Taverley Dungeon Waterfall Dungeon Wyvern Cave
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    Hey! My name is Damian, on the RSPS stage I am recognized as Cael, Caelum and Guardian. My interests actually is graphics design, web development, and programming in the Kotlin environment. Every day I ride an electric scooter around my city, the music I listen to is mainly Deep & Future House. I love tattoos and money, I hope to meet new friends here. Personally, I like servers with revision higher than 600+, due to the fact that I'm not well versed in 317, and I'm playing OSRS, I decided to hook my leg here and try People say it's the best server to play and chill out, so far it works, really I hope to stay here long if I have enough time. If you have any questions, don't be afraid and ask, I will definitely answer.
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    Welcome to Zenyte, Astaroth. I hope you enjoy your stay
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    Massive support. This would be a very useful addition for all types of players.
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    Of course. I know there is an already established herblore guide showing how to do runs etc. I will drop a link for that in there. I wanted to focus on what that didn’t. Specifically which potions to make, where to get secondary items etc. that I had to figure out on my own.
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    ingame name Robin Hood. Let me know if i'm missing anything https://gyazo.com/956175b1b53951ae35ce787ffb3e0bd3 https://gyazo.com/c1c650faed9c596832964a146f60d989 https://gyazo.com/f4687c86e73c8607d6eebcdceed60f89 https://gyazo.com/e9ba1655c9d02af487827d72ce4689d4
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    Here are some of my vids & unfinishes projects Enjoy PM me on discord: BALLIN#5450 These are projects from diffrent RSPS's. But I'm only showcasing my video editing & will only edit Zenyte videos from now on
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    Very nice introductory thread. Welcome to Zenyte, Cael. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
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    Glad to see that you actually put a lot of effort to the introduction thread, the first impression mostly determines the way that people will think of you so a big plus from this. And ofcourse who doesnt love money Welcome Cael!
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    Welcome to Zenyte, make yourself at home. =]
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    Welcome on over to Zenyte! What a well-rounded member, glad to see some new people coming around. Very interesting back story - and cute bears! I know they can be monsters but I'm sure when they're babies they're great. Other than that, hope to see ya in-game
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    Welcome to Zenyte, Tommy! Nice to see a fellow Brit!
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    Thank you Noele! This is definitely one that many have been waiting for. Great job as always team! This will strictly be an additional pump to gain a small amount of strength experience an hour while avoiding HP experience.
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    It's great to see more people making content for Zenyte. Best of luck with the series Jager!
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    WNice bud gif :(), Welcome sudo, and enjoy your stay!
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    Thank you! It sure is, but I'm feeling confident I'm not sure how to feel about this... XD :') Thanks everbody, hope to see you all around!
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    Hahaha!! Nice tanking there mate, maybe they should brush up on their coordination a bit
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    Requirements MINIMUM 5 Crafting and 5 Hunter. 4 x clockworks ( only need these the first time you're setting up birdhouses, rest of the runs simply bring logs and seeds) You can buy these from Jackie west of the altar at home. 1 x Hammer, 1 x Chisel 40 x Hop seeds, you can use all different types not just one specific one. Example 10 barely and 30 hammerstone will still work as you're putting 10 hop seeds in EACH birdhouse. You can pick these up at master farmers, or from Olivia in Draynor. 4 logs of your choice ( see birdhouse reqs below ) Regular Logs - Level 5 Crafting / Hunter Oaks - Level 15 Crafting / Level 14 Hunter Willow - Level 25 Crafting / Level 24 Hunter Teaks - Level 35 Crafting / Level 34 Hunter Maple - Level 45 Crafting / Level 44 Hunter Mahogany - Level 50 Crafting / Level 49 Hunter Yew - Level 60 Crafting / Level 59 Hunter Magic - Level 75 Crafting / Level 74 Hunter Redwoods - Level 90 Crafting / Level 89 Hunter Getting There From home, Take the teleporter to Ammonite Crabs. You will end up here. The blue line marks the route to the mushrooms tree which will take you to the two other bird house locations, the red circles indicate where the first two bird house's are. ( What i like to do is teleport here, do to the first birdhouse on the north of the path, then use the mushroom tree do the 2 birdhouse there and then teleport back using the mushroom tree and do the final one south which is shown in this image) At the mushroom tree you'll want to select this location to teleport to Which will take you to the last two as shown here; Depending on your Donator level will depend on when they're ready to be re-set up. Sapphire - 45 Min Emerald - 40 min Ruby - 35 Min Diamond - 30 Min Dragonstone - 25 Min Onyx/Zenyte - 20 Min any errors or mistakes please point them out! Thanks
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    The prayer flicking has been fixed and will be updated in main game soon. Kris might look into tic manipulation eg 3 tic fishing in the future but it is not a priority at the moment due to not knowing exactly how it works so the amount of guess work and time just doesn't seem to be worth it at this time. Both Zenyte and Osrs drain prayer at the same rate when you have 0 prayer bonus. However, when I tested with +27 prayer bonus on both accounts Zenyte did drain ~25% faster. I will be looking into this and will get back with an update. If you feel like I missed something post below or message me on discord, we strive to give our players an authentic old school experience. Here is the 0 prayer bonus test I did.
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    A Guide to Agility by Song Agility is one of the most painful skills to level in Old School Runescape but also provides you a sufficient amount of utility that transitions through almost all aspects of the game, especially certain skills such as Runecrafting. Not only that, but it also has other perks such as Faster Run Energy Restoration or providing access to shortcuts across the world of Runescape. During your training to Agility 99, you'll also be given the chance to obtain the covenant Graceful Outfit from Grace's Graceful Clothing in the Rogue's Den located underneath Burthrope's Bar. For others who prefer not to go to Agility 99, the ideal level is Agility 89 for those interested in Revenant Farming and Agility 88 if you're only interested in non-wilderness content. ~ Table of Contents ~ 1.a : Starting Off: Going Light 2.a : SPEED, MOMENTUM: The Training 3.a : Crash Course: The Courses The End of the Journey * Note: Use Ctrl + F to quickly jump to sections! [ 1.a ] Starting Off: Going Light It is almost highly recommended that you train your agility with as little weight as possible, which is measured in kg via Kilograms. Kilograms is measured by what you're wearing and what you also have in your inventory and will have an effect on how fast you drain your Run Energy. However, the rate of how fast your drain your energy is only determined between 0 kg to 64 kg, so being anything outside of the weight range will not effect the drain rate any further. Should you hit 64 kg or higher in weight, you will lose Run Energy at TWO TIMES the rate. Unfortunately, there are no weight reduction gear before a Graceful Outfit or Agility Cape as of right now. So your best bet is to just go naked, wear lightweight gear, or just chug down Stamina Potions to reduce downtime. Here's also some fun facts about the weight system in Old School Runescape! [ 2.a ] SPEED, MOMENTUM: The Training Training Agility is pretty straight forward, it's just a matter of attentive clicking on all the green highlighted objects that RuneLite does for you. However, you'll start off with the basic Agility Courses and quickly ( or slowly... ) transition into Rooftop Courses after Agility 10. Once you're doing Rooftop Courses, you'll eventually run into Marks of Grace that appear randomly on the rooftops that you're running. RuneLite will notify you when a Mark of Grace has appeared on your Rooftop Course by changing the green highlighted objects to red. [ 3.a ] Crash Course: The Courses All courses below are set in order by progression and level requirement, some will be highlighted a different color as alternatives! Courses will also be marked with a to indicate that these courses drop Marks of Grace at a reliable rate! Some courses will also have some additional notes! Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility Course - Agility Level 1 - 10 Draynor Village Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 10 - 30 Al Kharid Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 20 - 30 Varrock Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 30 - 40 Barbarian Outpost Agility Course - Agility Level 35 - 45 Canifis Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 40 - 60 Wilderness Agility Course - Agility Level 47 - 60 Falador Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 50 - 62 Seers Village Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 60 - 80 Rellekka Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 80 - 90 Ardougne Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 90 - 99 The End of the Journey
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    As much as we don't get along I love this idea! Support from me
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    This is the benifit of having the best devs of the RSPS community here. 10 weeks on STILL NO SERVER GOT MOBILE LOL.
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    Thanks for your suggestion mate. Puro will be added at some point for sure. Moving this to accepted suggestions.
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    This guy is right, and also needs to use grammarly
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    Donator Skin colors, can be switched via makeover mage, allows you to choose whatever Donation Tier you're on, and set your skin to that color. Something cosmetic and I think people would enjoy. Rough draft of what they'd look like
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