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  1. From time to time I watch this video, just to realise that was the last time any Orion cc member tried going revs.
  2. I'll join just because I want some pvp activity and Zenyte deserves it.
  3. Valentine's was great. I got permanent muted ingame and fucked a bitch.
  4. I have no use to be on zenyte anymore because the entire staff team, aside from a very few select (you know who you are) is turning into a pile of snowflakes and meatheads. Have fun with the game, it's definitely the best RSPS that exists. Bye
  5. You're heading for your thread being closed if you're going to break tos. I am the best backseat mod in the game.
  6. Thank you for your feedback. Hope I get promoted soon. I agree with your opinion on V Iking and Distraction.
  7. Nice Kris I can tell you get lots of ladies at random night clubs in Siberia, just by this alpha male format and post you made.
  8. I refuse to call him Chris because Kris is Chris so I'll stick to Christopher. Welcome champ!
  10. Should risk fight me next time.
  11. Damn Larry, big reeeeeee right there... Hopefully they will adapt in a bit more humane way. Wait.... Zenyte staff, humane? XD
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