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  1. If he doesn't know what happened, no. Yell isn't an argument-starting place. If he has issues with a staff member or player, he should just man up and pm them (there are plenty of ways, simply not in yell, that's all...)
  2. https://gyazo.com/6acd20cd7c8c0f23307e1677959c0c99 'Hashinshin' giving Lucifer a bad rep/name for no reason (false statements). Stuff like that is what you mean right @CIA?
  3. Honestly, they should all follow the Simon Reform Coaching sessions that I can host.
  4. Awesome to see you join us through mobile. Welcome dude!
  5. I think you should personally talk to Life about this as he's probably your best shot when it comes to a full understanding of what your view is on this suggestion. Don't get me wrong, posting it here first was your best bet, but if you want to pursue this, then I would shoot him a DM on Discord if I were you!
  6. I think the hardest part for staff members is to know when it's pure banter or actual their intention of putting a fake/bad reputation on certain players/clans. So if they can find an actual solid rule, I support this.
  7. You have bad rng but uno reversed it. Good job.
  8. Video not available. Pay for your music!
  9. I like the token system. Not a fan of the rank.
  10. I really love the skilling part, the farmer's outfit looks dope! Could possibly add the angler outfit to your suggestion post too @Zini? The pvp is kinda "meh" for me. Don't get me wrong pal, I'm in a really steady PvP/overall based clan with a lot of great players that wouldn't hesitate to do those events. I just think it will be a bit out of balance since we would literally "win" every event because the PvP community on Zenyte is quite small overall. Nice stuff bro!
  11. Congrats @200M Dancingdeserved. Sad to see you go @Great Chaos
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