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  1. Happy birthday dude ! 🍻

  2. Hello ! Welcome to the server!
  3. Just joined server few hours ago and already like this... all I can say is yikes lmao. Cc is for helping others not possibly slandering someones name for 'scamming'. If a player was scammed you have to follow the rules. No scam will be looked upon without video evidence. If you dont have video evidence of the scam then you're shit out of luck. As for the first kick. Talking about an inactive server, uncalled for kick. Has been given the ok by an sr mod in past to talk about old inactive servers to a point.
  4. Hello everyone! It's time for the poll to choose your favorite picture from the Photography Contest! Down below in the comments will be a numbered pictures sent in by fellow players. The numbers will be what you use to vote for. Images in original quality: https://imgur.com/a/IjIo5cR GOOD LUCK TO ALL PARTICIPANTS! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  5. Welcome! Enjoy your stay and when you log in remember to check out our ::rules here on zenyte!
  6. pandas the man! or woman not assuming gender here
  7. op please get your facts straight before throwing out false information like that. thanks! much appreciated
  8. starlight, they are able to do that, i mean yea its kinda rude but with 1 world and depending on slayer master if u get nechs in catacombs thats only spot to go to, going to have to share
  9. you can pk all you want, its the camping at certain spots with a single item attacking anyone that teles there trying to do slayer or pvm or whatever it may be. theres a difference between pking and ragging
  10. Not bad. But the 250k min risk to open chest? Noone will do that due to the fact the will be a pker/pkers camped there 24/7 just to take that 250k.
  11. Can also turn your phone sideways and itll all appear. Thsts what I have to do when I use the store
  12. Kandarian hard 6.3 make yew longbow from scratch. You may have to pick the flex from the field and turn into a bowstring in order to complete the diary. I just helped someone trying to do it that had a bowstring prior to doing it and it would not complete. Then I had him go to flax field pick flax and turn it into bowstring then use it on the bow and it worked.
  13. There have been times I've killed a boss or an npc from full health and didnt recieve loot, and or slayer exp
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