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  1. Hello, I have sent a verification code to the email registered to the account. Once you have recieved the code, comment here with it.
  2. V iking

    donation transfer.

    Request completed
  3. V iking

    donation transfer.

    Can you post a photo of dragonite with the total amount donated please.
  4. Do u not remember previous dev charged $20 for a donator transfer that takes less time to do, this would take more time and effort to get everything switched over.
  5. I see nothing wrong with putting a price on it.
  6. Due to no response, this thread will now be closed.
  7. @Fe Guthy please respond within the next 24 hours please or this thread will be closed and you'll be required to create a new thread
  8. @Fe Guthy ok just let me know when your free
  9. We can do the donator transfer but unfortunately we will not do the items requested.
  10. im gunna go ahead and hold off and maybe @Gepanwill respond. i can do the donator transfer but as far as the items thats a no go, if it was like partyhats or something you donated for or got from giveaways by us then theres no issue with that. but almost all items are not ironman enabled in store . the void i can do but the rest, will most likely have to be earned on the account
  11. What are these untradeable? I can do this here very shortly.
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