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  1. Interested to see how it turns out. Best of luck.
  2. I have opened a ticket for you, the Developers will get to it as soon as they can.
  3. I can support this! Would be pretty cool to have a few more randoms, even if it's just a Drunken Dwarf that wants to talk to you, and if you don't talk to him hell send ya somewhere! +1
  4. Nice video again! Thanks for the contribution!
  5. This isn't how you request 2FA removal. /Handled.
  6. Maf1a

    That's okay it's just a pet I will consider that going forward with any votes or donations

  7. Corey & Kris making big boy moves! Event was tons of fun, can't wait for next year to show off my Christmas Scythe to the young ones!
  8. No Respawns is knocking these services OUT! Great job completions.
  9. Informative video! Thanks for the contribution. =]
  10. That's just a QOL we have. We do not offer over-powered items in our store (which 99% other servers do), we do not have increased drop %'s (which 99% other servers do for donators/game modes). If you want something, work for it. - Is what I meant.
  11. Zenyte isn't easy-scape, plus the objects really aren't that hard to obtain to be fair. Like above said, you're literally taking GP from players because those "hard and annoying items to get", players can make bank on stocking up and selling. No support from me.
  12. Clue scrolls are more than just a dream now, they're the FUUUUTURE!
  13. The Master farmer holds these seeds from OSRS, with a few Zenyte-buffs. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Master_Farmer
  14. Staff patrols areas like this 24/7. Botters weren't the issue, Amethyst brought WAY too much gold into the game, and needed the nerf. Multiple options were proposed to our team on how to decrease the influx in gold from said ore, and this was the one that was fool proof, this wasn't a split decision by the developers, but a talking point that has been around for a bit. Although I'm not too keen on the nerf, something needed to happen.
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