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  1. Top lists reset. Start voting! 🧡

  2. Notes

    Congratz on achieving 1K posts! 🥳

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    2. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Gz no lifer 😉

      Edit: Gz on 400 reputation and christmas crackers as well, you're welcome ❤️

    3. Notes


      'Life' aka Postman Pat

    4. Life



  3. Maf1a

    That's okay it's just a pet I will consider that going forward with any votes or donations

  4. Hey life PowerKnife69 here I can't load zenyte. I type my password in and username and it says loading but then closes out of the app idk I have 2 accounts it will let me log into the other account and work perfect but when I try to load my main it closes the app idk what to do

  5. until
  6. I'd like a pony for Christmas, please Santa.

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    2. glitch
    3. Nympho



      If you ain’t vibing on Christmas you need to head out.

    4. Rolex


      Bruh its november, Im still hyping halloween.

  7. Will our stars ever align?

  8. Just call me Mod Weath.

    1. Jett


      Ok, Mod Weath.

  9. Big update info tomorrow! Stay tuned to Discord/Forums to get more information!

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