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  1. Just call me Mod Weath.

  2. I 100% support Wilderness challenges, although if they were to be boosted to 500k for each challenge, then I'd like to see a larger number of NPC's you'd have to kill, or resources you'd have to obtain. At the moment, the challenges are EZ as.
  3. I don't agree on an icon, you choose x5 so you can have the grind you want, it's not really worth extra clutter in the chat. However, I do know that mode benefits are on the list to get added, and we're open to more suggestions.
  4. Looks dope, I actually really like this!
  5. Good luck everyone, may the best outfit win!
  6. Support. Although it raises it 3 levels, it's 30+ levels lower than making Magic potions, which raises Magic by 4. More of QOL, but I will add this to our Git. Thanks for the thread. =]
  7. When the CC gets out of control, we encourage players to kindly ask them to stay on topic. If a Staff Member asks that they refrain from conversation irrelevant to Zenyte, or their conversation has no correlation with in-game help/issues, and they do not stop, we simply issue 1 hour CC bans. This should be the case, but I do agree it needs enforced more. It's easier for new comers to automatically join a Clan chat that is designated to help them, than creating a whole new CC, just for them to ask questions in a "General banter and talking CC", where they are less likely to get the answers they need. Your suggestion is a good idea, but in practice I don't think it would work too well.
  8. I support if there was a value on name changes, once a month, and for a bond or 10-15m coins.
  9. Thanks for the contribution! You'd be surprised how many people aren't aware of this. =] I've added the iOS way as well, feel free to add it into your guide if you so wish. iOS voting:
  10. insta tele even when in combat - for onyx + (not in pvp) I do not support this, home teleport tabs are already a thing. - increased bank space for certain donor lvls??? The developers already stated this isn't possible. - new dragonstone armour - colour it orange and make it custom zenyte armour! Would be cool, but idk about all Orange, plus we have Zenyte beta armour. - add kdr Support. - cant use wrath runes on rune pouch This is a bug, rather than a suggestion. It's been added to our system. - add xp drops for post 200m xpS QOL, support. - "decant" jewlery ( i hate using up so many bank spaces for all my games necks) Support. - ability to block certain daily challenges If you're talking about not getting challenges for skills that are 99, I believe we're already tracking that. - get more gp from daily challenges Support. - show if bonus xp is active Y/N Support. - show time left for bonus xp in game noticeboard Support. - code daily free alchemy on explorers ring Support, its in OSRS. - add bones to peaches tablets somewhere (donor store, skilling shop, vote shop) We just rolled out tab creation, so I don't think we need this. - highscores (maybe viewable ingame) of top boss kill counts and kill times Support 100%.
  11. Another great update, can't wait to grab some scrolls and finally track my Corp kills!
  12. Best of luck to everyone who participates, I'm hoping to at least get 3rd place in SOMETHING this time.
  13. Heck yeah bro! Awesome job with those stats my guy!
  14. Great idea, definitely support this!
  15. Cool guide, I would have done it a bit differently, but still appreciate the contribution! =] I would have sorted it by NPC's, and where they could be killed, rather than sorting it by dungeons, and what NPC's are inside of them. Either way, looks good!
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