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  1. Can you take a second, or even minute if you're feeling froggy and stop being a complete dickhead constantly? I did not take a condescending approach to my reply, get off your high horse. Maybe if you weren't a baby because you weren't promoted when you wanted, you'd may still have been on the team. I am a direct person, so I'm very sorry if you get offended by what I say. I spent the majority of a year putting up with your bullshit, and passive aggressiveness. All you did while you were on the team was cry about a promotion, and when you were off the team all you did was cry about joining back. Go tell the Manager to do better, oh wait.. he CAN'T. When will you realize that the Manager role does NOT have the power to bring Zenyte back, it never has had that power. Gepan is doing his best and it's still not enough because you know why..? There's no updates, which again.. Managers can do nothing about. So keep your shit ego and keep blaming me.
  2. The economy is 100% player driven. The less players we have, the harder the economy; the more players, the better the economy. We do not, and will not, inflate the economy with any spawned items.
  3. Thanks for your feedback, we will take your points into serious consideration, and revisit this thread in the near future to address any necessary talking points to move forward.
  4. Moved your topic to General Discussion.
  5. Just adjust all the stats to the screenshot he provided.
  6. All stats have been restored.
  7. Total Pot in just over 24 hours: 124M | October 2 Total Pot: 166M | October 3
  8. If we get a decent amount of entries, and good feedback then yes, it may be (until an update that automates it).
  9. Thanks to all the QA Testers that participated and went through these changes to help the team push out this update! Heads high for the future of fast, and steady updates!
  10. Some really good songs, and even better stories on this thread. Looking forward to seeing tons more
  11. Reason: I found this artist at the beginning of my Military career, and at the time leaving my family, my girlfriend at the time, and all my friends really got to me while in a foreign country, and I was at my lowest point in life, and actually reached out to the Artist and to my surprise we actually had a conversation (and still talk to this day). I actually got a tattoo of the lyrics "The lonelier the highway, the prettier the view" on the back of my arm, which made me dedicate my left arm to music that's close to me. He's a super down to earth guy, and puts out great music if you like the genre he sings.
  12. 1. This is not a one off, similar situations have happened multiple times, you might not be aware due to your unwillingness to ask the simple questions when people decide to leave the staff team. People volunteer here, they're free to go if they please, NONE of his issues were ever brought to me, so please tell me how I should address issues that I'm unaware about because he failed to speak the matter to his team leader or anyone above. 2. Taven didn't leave for the given reason, that was maybe 5% of the problem, once again this shows a lack of insight due to an unwillingness to ask the simple questions. Refer to 1. I lack insight on issues that were not brought to me. Okay. 3. Using words like "begging" has a lot of presuppositions attached to it. If you believe leaving the staff team over a simple misunderstanding cannot be rectified it makes total sense as to why you wouldn't care as to the reason they want to leave. He left the staff team due to a simple misunderstanding, again I'm not sure how I could negotiate that. If someone wants to resign, I let them. If he would have said "hey man, there's some issues and I was thinking about resigning." Then i would have approached the issue(s) and been all ears. 4. You claim people can approach you about internal issues but people in your current staff team say you are not approachable. This is just conjecture but I assume this is due to staff being encouraged to always contact your team lead with issues and going weeks without getting a single message from you. Everyone on the Staff team has no issues with me, as I asked even when this was relevant. I have a system set up for a reason. I'm not approachable? That seems more like a personal issue the user is having, literally just DM me and I drop what I'm doing 95% of the time to talk over any suggestions, issues, or anything. That's a bad excuse that I'm not approachable. Please inform me on who DM'd me and never got a response for weeks, I'm genuinely curious on this. This is literally a he-said/she-said situation that you'd not be familiar with due to not being on the Staff Team. I digress though, you are correct on this part "but I assume this is due to staff being encouraged to always contact your team lead with issues." That is why I have this system. Do I want Supports coming to me every day "Hey life I was wondering how 2FA resets work" etc etc. That is a simple question to ask your Team leader because they'd know. Since you mentioned you have Management experience IRL, think of it like this, if you're a new hire at a job, and you had a question; are you going to contact your corporate management to ask how to perform a task, or if you have an issue with someone you work with you're going to write them a message telling the "top" boss about it? No, you're going to go to your first line boss (IE: Team leader), if it doesn't get solved there then it gets escalated higher. Since you stated you'd rather not go on, let's not. I've said this day 1, and I'll say it again. I'm not here to babysit anyone, and if someone has an issue and does DM me, I answer regardless. However, this was not the case with Taven, as I stated before.
  13. Taven left on his own, although I'm open to talking to Staff about what is bothering them, he, nor did anyone else come to me about his issues, and I'm not one for begging someone to stay on the team. That only leads to "ok ok ill stay", and then either A: their performance has negative effects on the team and/or self, or B: it lasts for a few days and they resign. You simply cannot throw blame on everyone if no issues were brought up, ever. His issue was with Supports having the 'mute' command, but he said they weren't to ever use it; which is wrong, so I'm not sure why this was even an issue, as I addressed it while he was Staff. I can't possibly fix issues that don't make their way to me.
  14. Aware, I have goals set each month for the Team, and wouldn't ask them to do anything I am not willing to do myself. I speak openly to all Staff in our staff-chat, but I'm not going to create a circle of favoritism by creating a stronger friendship with individuals, and not others. I trust my team to perform to a certain standard, as they trust me to perform to the same standard, if not higher.
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