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  1. Seems like it's on your end, wait a few minutes/hours and try back again! Haven't gotten any reports since this was posted.
  2. You can buy things from the game store, just not our donator store on the website.
  3. Yes. If you get 200M in Mining first, you take first place. If I get 200M next, I take second place, etc etc.
  4. Cool services, best of luck on this!
  5. Looking better than my first 48 hours on the server! Excited to see your updates. I'll be back. =]
  6. Awesome, thanks for contributing mate. =]
  7. Was an issue with the servers API. It is fixed now.
  8. Whack! I’ve seen sub 500 KC with multiple rare drops. Not the best of luck, but you got the pet! Awesome mate, you think you’ll go past 1k?
  9. No worries boys, they’ll be plenty more in the future if you so decide to not partake in this event. I’d like to get the new year packed with events for the community. =]
  10. No, that defeats the purpose of the Start date. Accounts with "SOTW" in the name will be banned, and reset on high scores before the Event starts to prevent any cheating.
  11. Awesome and very helpful little guide that should assist our current, and future UIM! Thanks for contributing!
  12. until
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