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  1. Like how simple it is and the images are clean. Nice work buddy
  2. Nice huge update. Great job guys
  3. Shoot nice intro! Also welcome to Zenyte, Hope to run into you in-game soon
  4. Awesome guide Skiller. Very simple to follow
  5. Ayy Baka! Thank you my dude. Soon when I am an higher level we will fight bosses lol
  6. I miss those days . I did compete on and off since Halo CE; Stopped around Halo 4 and ended up coaching for a bit and now just play here and there
  7. Same here. Xbox Live wise at the time and still now is Halo 2 Classic. Halo CE for XBC for me; Where I started
  8. For me it was Halo 4 that I started not feeling the same. I stopped playing mid way of Halo 3 and came back to Reach; I didn't mind Reach. Also I am playing on regular mode so 50x CB / 25x Skilling. Thank you for welcoming me to the community My family and I are holding in there; We have our days. I am actually also trying to save up to move to North Carolina (I am doing alot lol) but um the suburbs around Chicago isn't bad actually but I'll be honest the cost of living here is kinda high due to taxes and crap like that; If you do move in Illinois really I would say move into the DuPage or Lake County areas. Also thank you for your kind words
  9. I'll keep this in mind. Mind if I add you?
  10. I am never good at introductions but here we go. Hey everyone, my name is Nick. I am from Chicago and love cars, tech and of course gaming. Love playing Halo as that game is my main squeeze lol and been trying to save up for an 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra (Gonna mod that out a bit), I recently inherited my Dad's 2 motorcycles recently as he passed away about 4 months ago. Anyways also trying to get my CompTIAs so I can advance up for my IT career. That's about it really lol if you have any questions or want to play in-game feel free to message away Thank you
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