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  1. Outstanding efforts 5x Fe. WIll be using this guide when and if need be. Thanks!
  2. Feel free. On the terms your thread doesn't replicate the exact lay out of what's displayed above, then by all means go for gold!
  3. Hi Baka, Thank you for taking the time out of your normal day-to-day schedule in hopes of providing some form of feedback as to how myself, and other members of the staff can improve in their own shape or form. You've done a remarkable job with pretty much every single critique that has been provided. We all have our own little niches we need to work on in order to improve and all it is really is just a matter of time! But with that being said I will take on board your suggestions and look for ways as to how I can grow as an "all rounded" Server Support. You have a lovely day. See you in-game!
  4. A basic, but much needed guide. This will serve a great purpose to those who require information, locations & obtainable methods or ways of how to come across beginner - master clue scrolls. Thanks for this @grian.
  5. Let's gooo Larry! Best of luck to all participants. Glad to see you're back in business with Zenyte YouTube videos. Thank you for the content brother.
  6. Thanks for the kind words Simon I really appreciate the feedback you have decided to provide today. I had a blast hosting our events with you last weekend. Let's try do it again sometime soon! See you around.
  7. INTRODUCTION Zenyte's Event team would like to present our first official Pet Hunt Mania Event! This weekend there will be a total of 1,000 store credits up for grabs! All essential information you may need to know can be found down below. GENERAL INFORMATION Players of Zenyte, commencing from this Friday night, 27th March, 11:59PM GMT (Server time) will be able to hunt the following Skilling/Bossing pets presented throughout this topic with the opportunity to receive rewards, should the requested pets still be available to hunt! When a required pet has been obtained from a player, the Event Team will immediately update this topic to reassure players or rid of any mis-confusion of what pets are still available for hunting. As in addition to this, there will be an extra 300 store credits up for grabs. How this works is very simple; The player who has obtained the highest AMOUNT of requested pets by the end of the provided time frame will be the crowned the winner. Bearing in mind the Administration team will be able to predominately track progression ensuring we are accurate with pet drops and also with when they were received in-game. Any attempts to plagiarize this event will be taken seriously also punishments will be given as deemed necessary provided by the Official rule guidelines we preserve here at Zenyte. Click here for statistics/information regarding pet drop ratios. REWARDS First player to obtain the "Beaver" pet Reward: 100 Store Credits Winner: @Lord Monett First player to obtain the "Heron" pet Reward: 100 Store Credits Winner: @F King First player to obtain "Chompy Chick" pet Reward: 100 Store Credits Winner: @Torkelson First player to obtain "Snakeling" pet Reward: 200 Store Credits Winner: @splasher First player to obtain "Baby Mole" pet Reward: 200 Store Credits Winner: First player to obtain all pets or the highest amount before the provided time-frame ends Reward: 300 Store Credits Winner: EVENT RULES - Start date Friday 27th March, 23:59 PM GMT (Server time) - Finish date Sunday 29th March, 23:59 PM GMT (Server time) - Players are requested to take a screen shot of their in-game username / game notice board displaying: 1) The given pet drop and 2) Game notice board, showcasing server time & date, failing to do so will result in said players submission counting as invalid/non sufficient - Submission entry's regarding the bonus 300 credits must be posted on this topic, showcasing total pet amounts and all the required screenshots to go with it - If there is a tie, staff discretion will be applied and a vote will be taken throughout the Staff-team to determine a winner (referring to the additional 300 store credit reward) - All game modes are free to participate - The Administration/Event team reserves the right to suspend any members as they deem necessary - Store credits will be provided once the event has concluded Best of luck to all participants! If you have questions regarding Zenyte's first Pet Hunt Mania Event, feel free to PM Distraction / Dragonic or myself. ~ Zenyte Event Team
  8. Enjoy your stay, it's a pleasure to have you here. See you around Charms.
  9. Wishing you the best of luck with your services. This is an awesome gesture for the community of Zenyte. I may participate at some point in time. Until then good luck Liquicity.
  10. Life - This is huge for Zenyte in itself. The Management/Dev team has elected the right person for the role & I'm very pleased to see you in the position that you've worked so hard for. Congratulations, hard work pays off. #UWUUU Hide - You my friend have been nothing but a asset to the community and as well as the staff-team throughout the 9 months you've been voluntary working for Zenyte. If anyone on the team deserved a promotion it was most defiantly you. I hope you enjoyed the multiple notifications this morning. Enjoy your well earned Administrator promotion. Look forward to continuing our path to hosting event's for the betterment of Zenyte. ConHamer - Congratulations my fellow prodigy. Look forward to working with you. Psyche - Congratulations, welcome to the team, for the 4th time.. Great Chaos - It's a pleasure to have you on the team. Welcome and best of luck. Rolex - Welcome back. Congratulations on your return back to the team. Listen - Hard work pays off, well done. & to those who are no longer with us, thank your time and I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your future endeavors.
  11. Outstanding efforts to all parties who assisted with the development and bug testing of this wonderful update. It took some time, but we got there in the end. Looking forward to the next batch of updates what ever that may be, hoping it's ToB / Construction. Once again, thanks to everyone involved. @Kris @Corey @Christopher @Tommeh @Noele @Life @Distraction @Hide @Hxrdcore & to member(s) apart of the Q/A team.
  12. Quite the achievement Nissan, first in-game to receive all Cosmetic pets, pog champ. Glad I convinced you.
  13. Welcome to the Hard core iron man lifesty... Nvm. Best of luck Panda. Look forward to following your progression, friend!
  14. Hi there Jett, I'm not going to lie... I had high hopes and expected a more detailed topic lay out from you but hey, I guess you could consider that an XP waste right? Nonetheless, I wish you the best of luck with your in-game goals. Don't die please.
  15. Thanks for the event, both Hide & Viking. I have decided to vote for number #7 due to the creativity behind their submission. I am also very fond of how said user has implemented an OSRS NPC as well as an emote into their design, which that there in a nut shell is the sole reasoning behind my vote for option number 7. Best of luck to the rest of the entrees & may the best scaper win!
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