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  1. Hey Sturm, glad you stumbled upon Zenyte. Welcome and best of luck with your stay.
  2. Welcome to Zenyte Vayne, it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
  3. Welcome back, it's a pleasure to have you on board.
  4. Farewell to Echo & Taven; thank you for your time. Congratulations Passion - Welcome to the Mod team.
  5. [email protected] First & foremost thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to provide us (the community & Zenytes staff-team) with an overall basis of what you experienced throughout the duration or your time as a member of staff. Nowadays, we don't receive as much feedback as we'd like or hoped too, but when we do, we like to show our appreciation by taking the given feedback into severe & heavy consideration. Without feedback being publicly or privately presented to the team, there is a common struggle at hand and that being we're unable to identify issues (hypothetically speaking if there is any of course). With that being said, I'd like to touch base on a few of your genuine concerns that you have distinguished and/or identified in this topic today. Server Supports have access to commands that will serve as a purpose to sustain and assist with maintaining a clean, toxic free, enjoyable environment in the event that a Moderator+ is not available. It's favorable that a role has access to commands as apposed to no access/permissions. Yes, it may cause confusion upon viewing what commands a Server Support have access too, how ever, that's why there are Moderators/Senior Moderators & Administrators. We're here to guide & assist. As you're aware it is a Server Support's primary duty to maintain the Zenyte clanchat & assist in any other possible shape or form. Reports, mutes, bans, bot busting etc are handled by our discretion. What you have to take into slight consideration is that the Server Support role is viewed as a "trial rank" - It would be highly unfair or even somewhat unprofessional to allow those who are on trial to determine the outcome of a players future. Sometimes & I say this from past experience... At times judgments can be clouded by frustration or anger. We do not wish for our Server Support individuals to become discouraged from using the commands that they are given, it's just it's in best intentions to leave the majority of the work that revolves around the use of commands to a Moderator or higher. In most cases, yes, this is the correct procedure. As Moderators we have access to a wide-range of sensitive information, commonly known as Punishment logs. When issuing a punishment we need to ensure that the correct punishment is being issued, and the duration of the punishment is 100% accurate. Once again, as you're aware, this is why Server Supports are asked to double check with a Moderator+ in the event that a mute is needing to be issued. We can check prior punishments, inform of the duration, and so forth. How ever, this is NOT always the case. A Server Support can apply discretion & critical thinking if a tedious situation has presented it self. Let's say there is a member of the community advertising another RSPS; A situation as such would not require double-checking. We would rather the situation be handled and adjusted accordingly (if need be) as apposed to allowing x individual to continuously spam until a Moderator+ is available or present. You're right, the situation that occurred today could've possibly been handled more appropriately by all of us, not by just the one individual who you are quoting in the above message. We will use this moment as a learning opportunity and hope to do better next time. Promotions are always a tricky one to assess. What most people fail to realize is that this game is a business & a means of living to some. Promotions can't be handed out nilly-willy, they have to be thoroughly thought out. As we all know, Life is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the staff-team, which ties in with promotions and demotions. Whilst you may be correct that promotions do not happen as frequently as they should, it always comes down to trust in the end of the day. Some people have been promoted earlier than anticipated, some have been promoted later than anticipated. It's all about how willing you are to go the extra mile to prove that a promotion should be granted or given. Like you stated Taven, I could also be wrong. I'm just stating it for how I see it as I've been apart of the staff team for well over 7 months now so I'd hope to have a fair understanding as to how things operate around here. In conclusion, I appreciate the topic, your time as a staff-member, and everything else you offered in hopes of making Zenyte a better place for everyone. Hope to still see you around.
  6. Item thirst event has now concluded. Winners will be paid their rewards within 24 hours. @Psyke- Please send me a PM on Discord regarding the Osrs gp reward.
  7. Welcome to Zenyte. It's a pleasure to have you on board.
  8. Very appreciative of the guide. Thanks Fawk & GL to all participants!
  9. Hi fella ight happy birthday yeah

  10. Hate to see it. Gl with the clue grind.
  11. What XP rate are you? Congratulations on the achievement, buddy. Very impressive.
  12. Hiscores are in the works of being rewritten. ETA unknown at this point but with what you're asking/requesting should be apart of the website rewrite.
  13. 100% support - More Mining veins the better right Not only that, but Mining guild can be quiet overcrowded at times. Thanks for your suggestion 1945.
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