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  1. Rookie numbers, I went 900+ KC dry of my K'top haha. Nevertheless, it's nice to see you finally obtained the item you desired, gz pleb.
  2. Respect brother

  3. Hey there Fawk, I've gone ahead & applied the requested forum award. Enjoy!
  4. [email protected] Welcome back, it's a pleasure to have you on board. Off to a great start I see. Nice 20m loot.
  5. Goat status. Hope to see you around from time to [email protected] Thank you for everything that you've done for Zenyte throughout the years it's been.
  6. It's been a very interesting week at the Chambers Of Xeric to say the least. Firstly, I managed to pull a Twisted Bow (2nd iron-man to receive a T bow drop) at only 224 KC! (Click here to see a live GIF recording) Now, as of an hour ago...Queue the drum roll please... *drum sticks start to gently bang* (Click here to see a live GIF recording) That's right fellas! Within 25 raids since the original Twisted Bow drop I have now acquired an Olmlet pet (which was given in a double rare drop which is also considered a rarity). A celebration is in order!
  7. Sick introduction. Welcome to Zenyte. It's a pleasure to have you on board, best of luck with your build.
  8. Best of luck with your new series. We appreciate the content! PS, Don't die.
  9. Welcome, Spooky. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
  10. Great content, thanks for sharing. That's a big stack there, sir!
  11. Hope all works out for the best, Rubez. Thank you for the memorable mention.
  12. Pure4Owner

    1. Nympho


      I will play Zenyte again if this man is nominated president of Zenyte

  13. Super late happy birthday! Hope you had an epic day 😎

  14. Content! POGGERS. Nice video Splasher, thanks for this.
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