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  1. Another great one good luck everyone sadly i wont be here
  2. Welcome guys, glad to have you here
  3. Nothing but great content keep it up guys
  4. Hey HydroMudkip welcome to Zenyte, i hope you will enjoy the stay and if you need anything feel free to pm me
  5. Not much other to be said than support i do not see a reason why not
  6. Hello Wonder Jim and welcome to Zenyte, if you need any help feel free to pm me or a staff member
  7. antivenom + and range pot and restores
  8. This is for sure wrong especially since the boots is on the table twice
  9. Hello Naranja and welcome to Zenyte, if you need any help feel free to ask me or some of the other members of this community, they most likely will be very helpfull
  10. Accepted, welcome to convulsion please pm Ziniy#3187 on discord
  11. i deff support this
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