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  1. I dont think the developers would be to keen on removing instances as a whole because of a new method to do so. It defeats the purpose of our instances if some new game type was made for inferno alone.
  2. ideally its what the instances are for, to practice the waves that you are having difficulties doing. i do see the struggle in getting max gear and what not to do attempts and stuff, but as stated above, we can't have accounts in max gear / max stats roaming around confusing the economy. However, maybe we can lower the cost on instances? Will have to be brought up to developers and get their take.
  3. Hi Mew2, Could you tell us what your experience with the Theater of blood? Have you done any runs? Do you understand the mechanics & Patterns that each room hold?
  4. Hey Zenyte! Few changes have been made today to the site/ Forums! very minor and won't effect much but still wont go un noticed. Donation Benefit For Clubs Members & Sapphires Can make up to 1 Club Emerald can make up to 2 Clubs Ruby can make up to 3 Clubs Diamond can make up to 4 Clubs Dragonstone can make up to 5 Clubs Onyx can make up to 7 Clubs Zenyte can make up to 10 Clubs Club Sub Forums In addition with these clubs will be introducing the sub forums for clubs, With prerequisites. For clans & groups alike, they will need to have at least (15) Members in their club to be eligible to have one. and will grow from there. 20 Members will have one forum 40 Members will have Two 60 Members will have Three (MAX) When you meet the requirements for each, you'll be given the opportunity to make each club forum name. Example: General, Clan Events, Giveaways, Art Gallery. These will need to be sent to an Administrator to confirm that you have met each of the requirements, these will be granted to your club within 24 hours. As clubs grow it will take time to get to everybody, so this gives the Staff Team some leeway to get to everyone in a steady manner. Voter of the month We have given out rewards for those who consistently vote for us at the end of the month, the ones with the highest vote count. In addition to the in game rewards, you'll receive the forum rank "Voter of the month (VOTM)" for the entirety of the following month. Share your stride and have a unique rank that only 1 person may have at a time. Here is a preview: * please note that the icon is still subject to change, and is not a completed product Small Fixes When posting on sub forums in clubs, they will no longer show up in recently posted threads. Keeps the intended threads to be private. Fixed up a few donation rank permissions that had some troubles in the past visiting and posting on certain sections of the forums. The Benefits are not a major implementation, however, this is just one step of many in giving our donators perks as a way of saying thanks!
  5. Devs had nothing to do with this. Theyre still actively working on content and bug fixes. This was all my doing. Im no dev, so i got free time to implement things like this. As corey stated, these were already apart of ipb 4 and just needed to be configured. It took very minimal effort, and about 10 minutes at most to do.
  6. Welcome welcome. Let us know if you need anything.
  7. Yeah we've slowley gathered the community and had them give us a list of these that weren't filtered out but this helps with that. Thanks!
  8. Echo

    Wilderness #2

    Next time just attach them to your other thread. helps keep everything together.
  9. I like where you're going with this. i got some ideas in mind, don't worry ; )
  10. Zenyte Clubs Bringing the community closer together What is Zenyte Clubs? Zenyte Clubs is a forum attachment that allows Clan members and groups of friends to show off their clans, another way to engage with the community! Not only is this for clans, but this is also a way to make friends, and build up a team for your gameplay. May you want a group of people to have Godwars events with on a set date, a PVP club, where you scout the wilderness together, or just a club for you and your friends to enjoy. !IMPORTANT Types of Clubs that will not be permitted. If caught breaking these rules, you will be Banned from using the clubs services, and even use of our forums. Any NSFW Content, All clubs must follow Zenyte's TOS Any Botting or Cheating relating activities such as macros or AHK Any illegal Trading, selling, Buying of Zenyte GP, Accounts, or illegal Services. Any Club mentioning/leaking private information about other Community members Any Downloads of illegal Content (Sites for leaked / Cracked Content) Disclaimer We take these rules very seriously, with the addition of a sub-forum for each club, the Zenyte team will not hesitate to move to further legal actions may this occur, as well as removing you from our community if used for ill intentions or illegal actions. We want to give the community a free way to engage further with your clans in a private manner, These are a privilege, not a necessity and should be treated as such. How can i make one? Head on over to the Zenyte Clubs page, or Visit the War Room section on our forums. MEDIA Here is a preview of what Clubs will look like Full Page of all of the Clubs available to join We will soon hold a Club of the Month ordeal, More info on this at a later date The Club's Main Page
  11. Its here! Discord integration for Zenyte. You may now sync your forums account to your Discord account. It will keep your ranks up to date, sync your discord pfp with your Zenyte PFP (optional), and now log into Zenyte Forums using your discord account! Why is this useful? Our current system requires you to log in / out using Username/Password (Which in most cases, people may forget). With this, you'll be able to log into the forums and be able to send password resets directly to your email which will grant you access to the game, without any assistance! Isn't that neat? It also updates your donation forum ranks, as well as staff team ranks for future staff members. It also functions as a verification system to show that you are not a bot, which grants you access to talk in the discord. Prevents bots from flooding our beloved Discord. This will also give notifications for discord threads once theyre posted to the forums. The sections that will receive these updates are #updates, #dev-blogs, #community-polls, #announcements. so you never miss an update! How can I sync up? Simple! You'll need to register your forums account on our forums and verify via email request. Once verified you can move over to the Settings panel located at the top right of the forums main page. Then proceed with locating the Discord section under Signature. Click the "Login with Discord" and proceed to login with the Discord account you wish to sync your account with. Keep in mind you can only sync one Zenyte account to a single Discord. Once applied you'll be able to keep everything up to date all together. You'll be able to sync your email address when you update discord (We recommend turning this off) And be able to sync your Discord profile photo with our forums to keep everything sync'd up to locate your friends easier! Please be aware, signing out of Discord as shown on the picture about (unlinking Discord with your Zenyte account) will make you leave the Discord server. What does this mean for role syncing? Roles from the forums are now automatically synced the moment you link your Discord to your forum account. Roles that are updated (after you've already linked) such as a new donator rank will take up to 1 hour to update, but everything is automatic. No more ::sync or ::verify in Discord. We all hope you enjoy the new addition to the Zenyte Forums, feel free to leave feedback below and tell us what you think!
  12. Echo


    Texas hasnt gotten to to bad. Atleast where im at. Bordering cities have had a few week lockdown in the past, stores have all closed down, but...then theres me. Still working because im "essential"
  13. Hi @VideoJames6 I have manually accepted the most recent Email verifications and you should have full access to everything now.
  14. Im not 100% on board with pre-sets. feels more like an rs3 thing However if its what the players want, lets give it to them!
  15. These are very well thought out. hope some of these can get added in the future.
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