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  1. These are nice. Thanks for the contribution
  2. Heres the winners for the Zenyte Holiday Event competitions. These players will be awarded. 3x 10$ Bond each. a Holiday Exclusive Badge on forums for 2019 (You will not be able to obtain this again) Best Zenyte related holiday meme goes to @Gpof Best Holiday Decoration goes to: @Ancient Mage Best Zenyte Themed photo goes to @Nympho Congratulations - Pm for further instructions on how to claim your reward.
  3. Why dont you stick to one signature or use spoilers? OT: Happy new years.
  4. Hey Zenyte Community. Its the end of 2019 and 2020 is right among us. So why don't we hit memory lane? Zenyte was released June 7th, 2019 by Noele, Kris, Tommeh, and Corey. They have worked hard to make sure that Zenyte is crafted to perfection to make it 1:1 with OSRS. So what makes this server any better? Additional content that was voted on, passed, and Developer surprise has came to Zenyte in the past six months. So here's the list of content that has been added since Server release. The Mage arena was one of the first big pieces of content Zenyte had added. This granted a brand new Best in slot cape for Magic. It was one of the most request pieces of content in the early stages of the game to be added. Motherload mine was the first major piece of skilling content that was brought to the game for the Mining skill. There's many places to train mining but this introduced a whole new outfit, Pickaxe cosmetics, and one of the best experience per hour in mining. The Mother lode mine was developed by Noele. Zenyte mobile was a big suprise to the community when it was released. It was kept secret by the developers until it went into beta testing via the staff team at the given time. Those with android devices were the first players to ever step foot into the mobile client. Zenyte was the very first RSPS to have a desktop client, mac client, linux client, & Mobile client. Birdhouses was another piece of content that was highly requested by the community during one of our earlier polls. This granted players the ability to stock up on raw resources and seeds at a much faster rate, which was mostly requested for the ironman game modes. The blast furnace was another piece of content for the smithing skill, developed by Noele. This gave players the ability to have cost-effective smithing experience. The Ice gloves & Enhanced ice gloves were put on the vote store during the time of release to help be more efficient while playing the mini game. it granted the use of a free inventory slot as you would not need a bucket of water to play the mini game. Wintertodt was a piece of content developed by Corey for the Fire making skill, This was a piece of mini game content to help push the skilling outfits as well as more content to aid the iron man game mode. This gave us a full skilling outfit, a brand new pet, and one of the best fire making experience gainers in the game to date. Grotesque Guardians was the first Slayer/Boss piece of content added post release, Developed by Tommeh. With the addition to gargoyles it gave us new tier combat items, and more boss pets. This was one of the first harder bosses introduced into Zenyte. Dusk & Dawn can only be killed on the slayer task, making gargoyles a much wanted slayer task during this time of release. The single most requested piece of content to date, The Chamber of Xerics, also known as COX or Raids 1. For many months, this was a piece of content that every player had asked for. For every piece of content that was released, for every game-update that was announced, players had hoped that this piece of content was going to be released. At long last, October 18th, 2019 came the day that Zenyte had released The Chamber of Xerics. Kebos Lowlands brought a lot into Zenyte, New slayer monsters, a brand new boss, new combat items, Achievement Diaries and new over world to wonder. This was another piece of Slayer content that was requested by the community via one of our many community polls. Kourend offered a lot and this was a piece of content we could not afford to not have. In only 6 Months..Zenyte has grown from the ground up, being one of the top leading OSRS Private servers still standing. From having low player counts, rising up into 400 Unique players online. From Endless content to minor QOL Changes. Zenyte had an amazing Year so far. 2019 gave the server life, and now, with 2020 right around the corner, we as a community are the ones who really are going to push this to the next level. Where the game development will be taken by polls, What you want to see, is what you're going to get. Good-bye 2019. and Hello Zenytes Future into 2020! The Zenyte Staff team wishes you all of the best into 2020 and hope you achieve amazing goals in the new years, and with many years to come, we will rise to the top and be #1.
  5. This has been taken into Concideration and may do a return in the future. This was paused due to most people having high end gear, not giving any of the new players a chance to be able to obtain anything from these events, splitting this up into "New people" and "veterans" of the community is a bit dumb, we're 1 big community. So Yes, we lack events this has not gone un noticed as it is brought up mutliple times, as we try to counter that with a large amount of events leading to the new year. Thank you for your feedback, Ziniy. It is very much appreciated, if you can follow up on anything that i, personally, can improve, fill free to let me know. Cheers!
  6. Christmas is a season of praise and being around those who you care for most & to give those special people gifts. Here at Zenyte, we wish to do the same thing. Over the course of Two weeks (December 23rd to January 5th) , we will be having various Competitions such as Best fashionscape, Best House decorations, and even have the chance to recreate the Zenyte logo for the holidays as well as a in-game Christmas event (By Corey & Kris). Heres a List of all the Events that will be held for the month of December: Bonus Experience from December 22nd to December 30th Limited-time Christmas-only items on the store including a season pet thats only here for the season. +25% Bonus credits for Paypal (even more than last time) +15% credits for OSRS Donations Zenyte Christmas Event Something special for you all by (Kris & Corey) You'll experience it first hand when it is released. No spoilers! Zenyte Fashion Scape Post your Best ingame Holiday Outfit ingame. Use Scenery, style(emotes), and anything you can think of to make your outfit stand out from the rest! https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/2864-holiday-fashion-scape-competition/ Real Life Christmas Decorations Contest Share your Real Life home decor for the holidays! Lights, Tree, and anything else you use to decorate! https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/2855-zenyte-irl-christmas-decorations-competition/ Zenyte PVP Event Feel like you got what it takes to take some lives in the Wilderness with snow on the ground? Prove it. https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/2868-wilderness-control/ Holiday Logo Competition A holiday inspired logo which will be used for the site for the holiday. Want to get your work out there? Lets see it! https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/2841-zenyte-holiday-logo-competition-50-paypal75-donation-credit/ Holiday Meme Compeition - (MUST FOLLOW RULES) Got a holiday meme thats too good not to share? Lets see who has some of the best memes of 2019. https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/2877-holiday-meme-competition-tbd-tbd/ Rewards All good events come with rewards for your time. Heres whats available for each category A Holiday Themed Badge Exclusive for 2019 Event winners, You will not be able to obtain this again. 3x 10$ Bonds Per Each competition. Happy Holidays! @Noele @Kris @Corey @Tommeh& The Zenyte staff team
  7. Its time to get Jolly, its time to get festive, and what a better way to show it than a Holiday-themed Fashion-scape event. As you guessed it, This fashion-scape theme is: CHRISTMAS. December 19th - December 31st ONLY POST PHOTOS RELEVANT TO THE EVENT. Rules & how to enter: #1: ONLY Post your Best photo, you have one entry #2: Keep the thread with ONLY photos, no comments of "Good luck with the competition" #3: Keep it festive and get creative with it. Add scenery, have a theme, throw some flare. TEMPLATE Discord Tag: Photo: Rewards for winning the event: A Holiday Themed Badge Exclusive for 2019 Event winners, You will not be able to obtain this again. 3x 10$ Bond Per Each competition. Tips and Ideas that can help you win: [] Use scenery as a backdrop [] Think outside the box [] Have a Color Scheme Winners will be decided through Likes on their photo on this thread. Happy Holidays ~ @[email protected] @Tommeh @Corey & The Staff Team
  8. Congrats. some things are worth the wait, mossy keys & black masks are 2 of those things.
  9. Best of luck. ive done 2 of these already in the past few months, not buying/selling stuff on the ge either, but through pure gameplay.
  10. Echo

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    https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/107-osrs/ Added.
  11. Thanks for your report. This will be passed on to our developers for further inspection.
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