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  1. Nothing more really needs to be said. but I'm now gone. Add my discord
  2. Echo

    Hide and Seak

    @MrClawzwill be hosting a Hide and Seek Event for September 18th. The event will work similar to previous Hide and Seek Events he will hide in a specific location and provide clues over a period of time. The first player to find him will receive a reward. Additional information for this event can be found in this
  3. Echo


    The Events Team will be hosting a Bingo Event for the month of September it will start on September 14th and go through September 30th. The current arrangement of the event will be two teams battling against each other in order to fill majority of their bingo card first. We will be releasing additional information on this event and a thread as we get closer to September 14th! Here is a small overview thread located here!
  4. Echo

    Pet Capture! Event

    @Gepanwill be hosting a Pet Capture! Event for September 12th through 13th. The event will work similar to previous Pet Thirst Events. There will be 4 pets listed and if a player obtains one of these pets throughout the two day period they will be rewarded! Additional information for this event can be found in this thread.
  5. Echo

    Item Thirst Event

    @Fawkwill be hosting a Item Thirst Event during the first week of September. This event will be similar to those that have taken place in the past. There will be a list of items listed in the thread and the first player to receive that drop during the weekend will be rewarded. It is important to read over the information and rules located in this thread.
  6. Big pog. This is a doozy of an update. I'm not a fan of TLDR but this was a long read. Worth the wait with the stupid amount of bug fixes that have been done. Swell job, dev team
  7. Thanks for participating - Rewards have been given out.
  8. Echo

    Want to reset my 2fa

    Your 2FA has been reset. Welcome back! Please be sure to set a new one and change your password at your earliest convenience
  9. Echo

    Want to reset my 2fa

    Hi @Kurima I have sent a code to the email on file, Please relay that code here or direct message me on Discord with it.
  10. Organize that mess. the thumbnail got me :notlikethis: but some solid ironman progress. hopefully mine will eventually get there.
  11. Hi Iron Gang Ga, I have sent an email to the requested account needing to have 2fa removed. please relay that code here and an administrator (or myself) will verify and remove the auth for you. Hi @Iron gang ga Has this been sorted?
  12. Gpof

    Happy birthday my guy

  13. 2e, happy birthday!

    1. 1945


      NOU! I was second:D 😉❤️ 

  14. 1945

    Happy brithday dude !!  🍻🍻🍻

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