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Found 20 results

  1. If you're missing any of the medals below, please comment below and we will resolve the issue. In-game username: Medal(s): Proof for your Medal(s): Please post your media inside a spoiler!
  2. So, I'm trying to verify with the "AltDentifier" but the problem is I don't have any accounts with what they want me to identify with, so I create a reddit account and it says I'm not eligible to use that as a method. How can I get verified? TIA
  3. Ive been trying to setup 2FA for a few days now and I keep getting this message, any fix?
  4. My stats and my adventurers log seam to be broken and do not reflect my current in game achievements. I noticed this after i changed from ironman to regular player.
  5. I've read through the client sticky that's on the forum with no success. I was playing yesterday for a few hours, I wake up this morning and now it's just refusing to load. I checked through my processes in task manager and it's nowhere to be found. Not really sure what else to add, I've deleted the cache, even the entire .zenyte folder, redownloaded the client.. nothing seems to work. Not even the Launcher loads. So far the only thing that works is using the Windows installer but it seems to like freezing for 1 second at a time every 5-10 seconds. So I'd rather use the .jar if possible. EDIT: Not sure how to delete a post so in case anybody else has this issue since I just resolved it - I reinstalled Java after trying a few other private servers and that's fixed it.. for now lol.
  6. Anyone know what's going on here? Not able to get into the discord even though the people I was trying to raid with are having no issues.
  7. Hey so I want to buy some stuff in the shop but the buy credits button is missing on mobile and I am unable to do it on pc sadly.
  8. This thread is a work in progress, if you do not see your problem listed here RELATED to the game client. Feel free to leave a reply or DM me either me here or on the Zenyte Discord. ~ Eiree#4441 In this guide I will be going over common client questions/problems with regard to Windows, Mac and Linux. The layout of this thread will progressively improve over time. Table of Contents I - Common Issues II - Windows III - Mac IV - Linux (W.I.P) Locating your cache files; I - Common Issues II - Windows III - Mac IV - Linux (W.I.P)
  9. Can I haves it? Please and thank you ~
  10. Just putting up a thread to request forum medals! Maxed Donator Grand Maester - For Zulrah (?), Venenatis, Agility and Runecrafting Guide.
  11. Ziniy

    Website Forum badges

    Requesting donator and maxed badge on forums btw ign: Ziniy you all know me
  12. every time I try to open the website store this is what I see, I've tried deleting cookies cache everything of that sort with no help, here is what I see.
  13. Im having trouble accessing my account. I go to log in and it asks for a 6 digit pin from the authentication app, I go to the app and nothing is generated or anything. I then went to my account on the actual Zentye website and go to my settings to try and fix/remove my F2A but when i do go to the account settings, it asks for my password (i get through that part) but then it asks for me to enter a pin from the authentication app again so i can verify myself. Ive gotten a new phone since i origanlly set up the F2A and even made the account im trying to access. I dont know if that is the problem but its the only thing i can think of.
  14. There is no longer an "Edit" option to my threads anymore, and that goes for an post on any thread.
  15. Hello, I've sent in messages via the "contact us" option on the website for both this account and my alt "skunkbait" in regards to resetting the 2fa. Unfortunately I never received word back. Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, I didn't know what other medium to use though. appreciate any help. Thanks.
  16. Didn't know which sub-forum this topic would go under but would it be possible to add my in-game rank onto my forums account? Currently a ruby member in-game along with a nitro booster on the Discord
  17. Slime nose

    Website help

    ive downloaded the windows 64 bit and also the java client, neither of them will even begin to load, ive tried to delete and re download the cache and ive installed the latest java version, any ideas? - Slime nose
  18. I can download the jar launcher for my mac but when i click on it to open the game nothing happens :/ really wanna play, someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I am attempting to download the client through the following link: https://zenyte-launcher.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/ZenyteSetup.exe However when i click this link i get the message: and then after a minute or 2 i get an error screen. I'm not using a vpn. - or a proxy w.e that is I've disabled both antivirus and firewalls but the problem persists. Ive deleted and re-installed Java. Ive disabled extensions, deleted browsing data, deleted cookies, used incognito mode etc. I've tried using the win-32 and Jar clients instead - to no avail. Normally i use an ethernet connection however I've alse tried a wireless connection and a mobile hotspot - to no avail. Can anyone help me? EDIT: the same thing happens in other browsers.
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