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  2. Instead of disabling it for a skill you already have 99 in, give the ability to toggle it on or off, because once you're maxed it makes more sense to want those tasks back. Also have some type of point system which allows you to redeem cosmetics or skilling cosmetics/items, and have a streak system where if you consecutively keep it up it'll be more and more rewarding and worth while. If you really wanna bump it up a notch, you could introduce a sort of skilling "battle pass" where the rewards cycle and change each month.
  3. The staff and community interviews are an awesome initiative, definitely enjoyed reading those.
  4. If I recall correctly, the server gitlab had a huge compilation of missing diary rewards so it's something they're definitely aware of and have every intention of adding
  5. Happy bday hidey 😄

    1. Hide


      Thank you!

  6. 1945 as a forum mod is the dopest news of 2020, hands down. Huge congratulations to him and @HC Tuoppi!
  7. I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but it's super cool to see the next cycle of people move up in ranks and pick up the slack. Congratulations @Passion! All the best to those leaving, and I wish you the best in your respective futures
  8. Congratulations to @Leanedand @Yamato69, I hope you're both able to do the server some good in your new positions!
  9. Appreciate any kind words people had for me above, and a very belated but well deserved congratulations to @Hexaeand @V iking, I definitely had you both down as promotions I wanted to see happen so it's nice to see that it came to fruition!
  10. Welcome to the dark side! I was lurking and came about this post, and thought I'd extend my gratitude for your service to Zenyte and just overall being a cool dude. I hope you're keeping well.
  11. Excellent work here Information! Well done on the guide.
  12. Hey Hxrdcore, just wanted to offer my gratitude for this response, a lot resonates within me in this reply. I've always had a huge admiration and respect for your objectivity and levelheadedness when dealing with situations- you're amongst the best examples of an exceptional staff member. All anyone really wants to hear is that the feedback is being taken seriously and that it's being evaluated. You've offered that closure when other's failed to do so, and it certainly feels like the effort we put into chiming in with our feedback was worth something. I absolutely believe change doesn't happen overnight. To the people who think that way, just have a little patience. This is the first time in a long time some form of negative feedback and overwhelming support for said feedbacks has come into consideration and it's only natural to let the staff members in question to adapt and adjust. I don't know if I'll be sticking around much longer, but at least I can feel the satisfaction that my efforts may benefit future players and staff members. With attitudes like yours in positions of power, I definitely feel things will sharpen up after this situation. Also touching on this point really quick, that staff aren't limited in how many likes they can give whereas regular players are. If there weren't such limitations, I'm confident we'd see more likes from regular players, as I myself have been unable to like many posts that I wish I could have. On that note, likes are absolutely NOT a fair metric for determining what's valid and what's not, or what's quality and what's not. Well said here Hxrdcore. Thanks again!
  13. You can do much better than this. The issues have been addressed in different points on this thread, as well as what can be done to better the situation. So I'm not sure if you've read through the posts in this thread or you just refuse to take it into account. There's feedback in this thread that was constructed very carefully and seriously, and if it's not taken as such then I don't think the problem is with how the feedback was portrayed but rather by the contents of it. Once again, there were no insults, flames, or disrespectful comments in this thread, so I fail to see why this point keeps getting brought up. Echo's life is none of the community's concerns. The community's concerns are that it gets the service it needs via staff members who are capable of doing their job. If you can't do your job, then offer it to someone who can. Everyone has IRL issues and it's none of anyone's concerns what they are, and their IRL problems shouldn't become everyone ELSE'S problems as well. And as synystyr posted above, you failed to demonstrate this yourself by not asking him about his situation and where he's at, and jumping the gun to demoting him under the false pretense that he was inactive when he was actually still performing his roles. I hope I don't have to repeat this again, but we all genuinely want improvements. We don't care if that's in the form of demotions or internally handling the situation, but as long as something is done. Please do better. Edit: When confronted to about the feedback, Life had this to say about this very post I made. How do you expect drama not to unfold when you feed it by saying unnecessary things like this, how is this not toxic? I've been writing with good intentions and this is all I get back... makes you wonder why people are starting to bother less and less. As I mentioned before, please do better. You can't keep discrediting and dodging things when they make you feel uncomfortable.
  14. As I mentioned before, it's cool to see a level headed response here. That being said, once again, I do feel bringing up the idea of going through proper channels is just a way for you to deflect the points made in the thread and change the topic of discussion. It's not fair for you to say that we're trying to accomplish much more than what we're already saying. The literal point of this thread is for staffs in question to understand their shortcomings and for them to work on them- for the better of the community. Nothing more, nothing less. We want accountability, and we want change, not blindly hunting for demotions. We're putting the ball in your court so we know where you guys stand on it. Like I said above when it's good feedback it's all fine, but when it's poor feedback the excuse of going through proper channels/reports comes up. Just remove the whole section then, and PM staff members your feedback, good or bad. Thanks for clearing the other thing up as well
  15. Standard response to any sort of serious feedback which ends up excusing poor performance, nice. Proper channels have been visited in the past yet nothing has come of them, go figure. The feedback I've given here is constructive. It's fair, and it's understanding, because I know the staff member in question has received many chances yet hasn't done anything about it. I am therefore allowed to voice my opinion on the manner, this is MY feedback. Moreover, no one has attacked or insulted Echo or any staff member for that matter, yet here we are being painted as these toxic people who are throwing insults? We're giving feedback because we WANT the situation to get better, and for the community to get the service it deserves. As for Echo, the things you listed are hardly anything serious. Plus IIRC Hide and Hxrdcore did maybe 99% of the work on each of those accounts in terms of security breach resets/2FA resets/OSGP donations, it's "disappointing" to see you taking credit for stuff you're hardly involved in. Newsletters are once a month and are hardly any effort, mostly just copying and pasting pre-existing knowledge into a compilation. With all due respect, why does it matter if someone asks you where you've been. You're an administrator, it's a basic understanding that you should be active and doing your job (that you get paid for if I recall correctly). It's not OUR responsibility to know where you've been, that's on you to be transparent with your absences or whatever is going on with your IRL. But isn't this the proper approach? This is a staff feedback thread. Or am I mistaken in believing feedback is only proper when it's positive? Positive public feedback is fine because everyone can see what great jobs everyone's doing, but as soon as there's bad feedback it should've been a report. These are just poor excuses to cover up the feedback being given, and dodging the points made in the thread. This is the first bit of accountability I've seen from you since I joined in January, so clearly posting this thread DID go the way we thought. But I also can't help but feel that we're hearing from you just to save face rather than out of genuineness. And I genuinely have NOTHING against you Echo, all I want is for you to do better and for the community to be better off for it. If you can't fulfill that, then offer the position to someone who can, plain and simple.
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