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  1. Not sure what's going on here but it's beautiful and gave me a good laugh. "Whom is in not my words "A Douche") among discussions in chat it seems like he isn't very people friendly and some of you arnt a fan of his shenanigans." LMAOO
  2. Hi y'all, was randomly checking out the forums and I thought I'd see how many OGs are still around. Toss me a PM and I'll send my discord over and we can chat more, would love to catch up with some of you guys!
  3. For some reason, even though they cost 0 credits, it doesn't work if you have no credits. I had 150 and I was able to get them, but after I spent the 150 on mboxes I was no longer able to claim them.
  4. Agreed with @Hxrdcore, I think Ironmen shouldn't have access to any p2w through the store. The rest of the changes sound pretty good to me, nice work
  5. Yeah absolutely. But in turn it made me go back to the main game for the first time in a couple years as well!
  6. Right now I'm really into Sekiro and Monster Hunter World. Also started my second playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2! Would consider all 3 to be some of the best games I've ever played hands down
  7. I think it was awesome. I grinded it out really hard the first 2-3 weeks, and then dropped off a bit after that. Once you hit the end game and can get 20 kills of the same boss in the same inventory, and get most of the easier tasks out of the way, I feel like the fun drops off a lot. I just got past 20k pts and now I have a hard time finding the motivation to play it, but it's introduced me back into the main game at the same time. What I'm trying to say is that, overall, the earlier stages and building your character up was some of the most fun I've ever had with runescape period, but that faded away fairly quickly.
  8. Seems like you guys are working pretty hard and it shows, well done! and I'm excited to see how these polled ideas pan out
  9. Thanks for checking out my thread bro:)

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