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  1. Not a zesty update but;

    Trained some range last night, these are my current stats (almost halfway?)

    and my new fashionscape, bringing sexy back. 


    current stats.png


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    2. Benz


      Fashion pog

    3. MDT Terror

      MDT Terror

      What does pog mean?

      I'm old.

    4. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Basically a gaming term for "play of the game", but denotes anything cool. So basically your fashion is on point 😉

  2. Very simple and clean. Easy to use for helpful navigation to new threads I want and must try out. Aesthetics and all, terrific job.
  3. Patiently waiting for more status updates...

  4. *Loud booming crash*  Mission Failed; We'll get em' next time. 

    Thanks for the noob party @x x x & @Insanitii!!! 


    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      If you look over the edge of the pyramid, you'll most likely see my unathletic ass splattered on the ground!

    2. x x x

      x x x

      glad you had fun my dude


  5. Tonight, sleepy bank standing (sitting). Tomorrow, aiming for several more 99's. 

    Dwarven rock cake (to reduce health), Lunar spell book "dream", normal logs coated in firelighter.

    An old-school party trick.   Remembering to have a little fun along the way- 


    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      I think you might have had a bit too much fun. It seems to me you have a large bony mutated protrusion ripping out of your back, and it's making me a bit uncomfortable. Maybe you can slot in an appointment with surgeon general tafani over at the duel arena and maybe leave the hard work for another time 😉

    2. MDT Terror

      MDT Terror

      I really like that it shows the shield and weapon (it doesnt in main game), the dragon pickaxe looks even better when the camera rotates from other angles like i'm resting it over the shoulder.

  6. Forum Staff got me fixed up on some technical difficulties. Thank you very much @glitch& @Echofor the timely fix! 

    Here is a picture -unrelated to the prior issue- i've been wanting to put up.

    Every time I see someone put "imagine" to begin there sentences I cringe a little, 


    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Quite possibly the best thing I'll read all day. MDT Terror, king of status updates, can resume doing the thing he's best at. You sir are a national treasure, and together here today we've witnessed a piece of Zenyte history. Much obliged@glitch!

    2. MDT Terror

      MDT Terror

      You're too kind, thank Hassan you rock.

  7. Pole-vault or Magic Stick ride? 

    Either are probably equally sexy in khaki shorts.


    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Very sexy. But you have another problem on your "hands":


    2. MDT Terror

      MDT Terror

      hahaha firmly grasp it


  8. Saying its unavailable on my end
  9. You Vs. The Guy she tells you not to worry about. 

    - Tyvm @Muzzle

    the guy.png

    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Why do I hear boss music?

  10. Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, Someone's in the kitchen I know

    Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, Strumming on the old banjo, and singing -

    Fie, fi, fiddly I o Fie, fi, fiddly I o Fie, fi, fiddly I o Strumming on the old banjo.


    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Looking for a cure for the Coronavirus, 2020, colourised.

  11. Day 5 or so, Medium diaries and mid-level achieved. 


    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Hey where'd you get that mask? They were all sold out in the stores.

      Also, congrats my man 😀

  12. Wassup' my bwo-wannai. 

    Hanging out with my multi-cultural friends, sticking out like a sore thumb. 

    wassup my bwanna.png

    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Day 1 of quarantine in the foreground vs day 8 in the background.

  13. Just farming with my Gnomies'.


    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      l0l this is perfect

    2. MDT Terror

      MDT Terror

      Thanks haha 

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