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  1. Pretty neat update! Sucks going to have to withdraw everything from the chest once construction comes out . Other than that pretty solid keep up the good work!
  2. Reasoning: I listed to this song a lot back in my freshman year of highschool. Kinda was the peak of my life. I was happy. Had an amazing gf. Life was just like a dream I guess everything was just perfect back then. Rest easy mac thank you for your music helped me through a lot.
  3. Well hopefully we will see the resource pack plugin get added soon then amazing job!
  4. Welcome to the server I hope you enjoy your stay
  5. You're always welcome to hmu on discord! I'm always on it.
  6. I honestly don't really want to write this but I feel like I need to. I honestly don't have the same drive to log in much anymore. Not really having much fun. With my recent departure from the staff team I knew in the back of my mind this will follow suit. I just wanna say thank you to the people who were always real with me you know who you are. This community is the best community I have ever been apart of. I just wish I can see change but I sadly don't think we will ever see it. I probably will hop on from time to time but you wont see me seriously playing. I wish everyone here the best of luck. Met so many cool people here.But for the time being this is goodbye. Thank you for everything.
  7. I'm open to the idea honestly. I don't see it hurting the game.
  8. Given that lobsters are faster then they should be at the moment I am sure this has been looked into. I like the suggestion however!
  9. Take care man! Sad to see another player go. Hopefully things change
  10. I just wanna thank you for taking time to go over my feedback. Like I mentioned before I love everyone on the staff team. I just don't see myself going anywhere as a staff member at this time. I hope all of everything I said made some sense. Thank you for everything sorry I was such a let down. I believe in zenyte and the staff I'm sure you guys will make the correct choices going forward!
  11. Dab on them haters

  12. I personally enjoyed my time as staff, I have no bad blood with anyone on the team. But longer I stayed on the staff team the more I noticed how things weren't really that great to begin with. Server Supports: First off let me start off with the Server Support role (this part isn't going to include the people just the role in general) I find it very.... weird. As a Server Support the role is to: Provide Support in the Zenyte CC nothing more nothing less. I'd like to point out and ask why does the Server Support role have access to commands that I think only mods should have? Good example would be muting. It was brought to my attention that I have to ASK to provide a mute. Why give the ability to mute when you have to ask permission to mute people? If we're going with that logic mods shouldn't issue bans without asking a Senior Mod before hand. I personally think the mute commands for server supports should be revoked. Regarding a server supportI have in question and again no hard feelings I wasn't perfect as well: Mrclawz: I have only seen him answer maybe 4-5 questions since he has became staff. When he is online I only see him afking at home or doing pvm content and not really providing much support in the help cc. I have also been told that he has sent rude messages to people prior to becoming staff which in my opinion isn't a good thing. (Pretty sure that can be verified in logs). Moderators: The moderation team I feel like is a 50/50 on caring and not caring. A recent event where a player threatened another players life at home where everyone can see wasn't handled right away and was "being looked into" and "waiting on life's response for it". I find that very concerning since the role as a moderator is to enforce the rules not bend them and wait for someone else to handle the issue. Personally I would like to see more moderators in the US timezone. I also would like to add that I would like to see the moderation team show a bit more effort. Show that they care. The fact that I'd have to reach out to a moderator when they're online on discord and not in game is a bad feeling. I know people have lives and can't play 24/7 but I would rather have mods that play the game then some that dont play a lot. Lastly I'd like to mention WE NEED MORE MODS. I cant stress that enough. Now the only moderator I wanna mention would be Gepan but for good reason. He mainly is on the forums and doing a great job at it if anything instead of being a mod I want to see him be a forum admin since he doesn't play a whole lot. Senior Moderators: As for our own Senior Moderator again like I mentioned above I'd like to see more people be added to the Senior Moderator list, maybe one more person. Since Conhamer is our only Senior moderator I wanna just say thank you for starting to be active in game again. The more staff we have in game actively chatting with the community the better. I don't really have any complaints for Conhamer I think hes doing just fine. Administrators: To our two admins. I first wanna say thank you for what you have done for the community so far. My only complaint with the Admin role is that I'd like to see at least one admin active in the US timezones. I know this was addressed when I suggested we need a better way to handle 2fa requests so people don't need to wait for hours. But I personally think we need more then just that. In the future I'd like to see an admin that can be on around US Timezones to handle admin stuff when people need it. Manager: As for our manager I have no hard feelings for you Life you gave me my Support role and I wanna start off by thanking you for giving me the chance. But I do have some complaints for you. I personally think you should try to be more active with the community and playing more. Your the team leader you look over everyone on the staff team. I personally think if you tried to be a bit more active in game besides sitting there I think that'd help with community growth. Being a manager you're the face of the staff team. I only really had like one good conversation with you as my time as a staff member. I'd like to see you be more active in the staff channels. As for promoting people I think you should go about it in a different way (I could be wrong about this so feel free to correct me). I personally think you should promote people who put in the time and effort and people who really care about the server and not promote base on time being there. Idk I could be wrong on that but again feel free to let me know. Overall thoughts: As for the server as a whole I love it here and I'd hate to see it die. I want to see the staff team put in the effort to chat with the community open up a bit. Maybe do more polls and ask what people would like to see happen differently. I think Zenyte can be so much better if we have a staff team that either doesn't want to put in the effort for change or doesn't care we as a server will die and we're already experiencing that. I wish everyone on the staff team the best of luck and I don't have any bad blood with anyone there. You guys are great but could be better I know you all can be. Anyways I hope my feedback made some sense I didn't want to single anyone out I tried to type this all out without being biased at all. I hope we as a community can see improvement in the staff team as a whole. A healthy and strong staff team is what I'd love to see and ill maybe reconsider and reapply. Thank you for your time sorry if this seemed all over the place.
  13. Ingame name: Loltaven Time Zone: PST Team you apply for: Casual Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: Past experience pvm/skilling: have like 11 raids kc just focusing on slayer atm but would like to get into GWD Do you Accept the rules?: Yes
  14. Happy birthday !! 🍻🍻

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