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  1. Con for sure. Allows more people to do said content. As much as I am for ToB coming in I am more in favor of construction as mention more than just 3 people can do it makes more sense to put more dev time into it.
  2. Happy birthday mate 🙂 

  3. Don't think this will ever happen unfortunately. Way to much work would be required to even get it working properly as Corey as mentioned.
  4. Goodluck maybe Gepan will be the one who will bring out ToB or construction.
  5. This seems like its gonna be annoying to figure out a winner. You can only get so far with Herblore without farming/slayer. What is the "Limited" amount of XP? Seems kinda not worth it with the vague rules that have been put out.
  6. As exciting this is to me I don't think pushing "small" updates like this all the time would be good for the server. I'd like to see some sort of follow up written by Jakey on the state of the "Big" updates Zenyte needs. Sure these small updates are nice and cool but for Zenyte to grow and become the titan it once was it needs the needed updates not something as small as adding the abyssal bludgeon to abby demons.
  7. FeelsBadMan. I like ramen

    1. Hexae


      Did you eat too much?

    2. loltaven


      I eat too much of it yeah lol

  8. Atleast Gepan knows when to promote people 🙂

  9. Going to give this a hard no. As Hxrdcore mentioned you get double the runes. As osrs does not have this I don't think Zenyte should add custom items like this.
  10. That's pretty cringe.

  11. I personally like the idea of seeing this happen. But I don't see it happening with Zenyte as Zenyte has its own "League". I think this has been brought up before but I don't want say anything cause I'm not 100% sure on it.
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