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  1. The first-to-max competition has now concluded; Well done to our winners @Y0m0pk, @Ghost, @Lauraand @Nacyto!
  2. Bugfixes Fixed an issue with making a mithril grapple The lizardman minions no longer spawn when you're too far away Removed some drop announcements and mole/dark core pets are now announced All tournament viewer entries should now be clickable Fixed an issue with sending level 99 notifications to the adventurer log Added dollar signs next to rank credit amounts dialogue when redeeming bonds Fixed an issue with demonic gorilla style switching Fixed an issue in the message when you don't have high enough woodcutting level to cut a tree Fixed an issue with Vorkath Fixed an issue with Barrows Brother spawns Fixed a rare issue where wearing full rogues outfit doesn't give you double loot Loyalty points are now correctly updated when you receive more Christmas crackers can now be pulled with another player Fixed an issue with items lost on death Fixed some combat issues with Elf Warriors Additions Achievement diary completions will now appear in your adventurers log Exp mode changes now appear in your adventurers log Barrows item drops now appear in your adventurers log Crystal items can now be imbued Bonds can now be given to other players Added ::rules Voting now gives you 75k gp per site if you have 2FA enabled; not having it enabled gives you 50k Read this guide on how to setup 2fa and secure your account Example adventurer log: Thanks, @Noele @Kris @Tommeh @Corey
  3. Corey

    Other Donate bug

    Your in-game spend only goes up when you claim items after talking to the Wise Old Man at home.
  4. ballin'

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    New Crowns

    They look hot; good job. Glad to have you on the team with us!
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