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      Hello @Panda @CoreyI couldn't find a way to say hi to you on your wall Panda.


  2. I appreciate the shade being thrown my way The reason for the '''''cost''''' (it wasn't really a cost, you still got the entire $20 donation just like normal) was so that users would not request a transfer every other day as they switch accounts and get bored, as it took me (I was the only one, minus Noele, who had access) time to do the transfer and make sure it was all correct. It was not a simple command, I had to manually go into the database and write a query to transfer data. Regardless of how much time it did or didn't take, my primary job was to develop for the server, not to spend my valuable time transferring donations every day. Another reason for the ''''cost'''' was so that the server actually got something out of it, and kept people donating which is good for many reasons. As far as the proposed '''''''''name changes''''''''', I completely agree with @Jakey's stance. It is a horrible hack, and is more of a stat/item transfer than a name transfer. All sorts of things could go wrong, as nothing was written with these sorts of actions in mind.
  3. We've always planned to do this eventually. It'll be a difficult task, as a lot can go wrong. We're not currently in a position to offer this, but eventually we'd like to be. The idea I had is to handle it like OSRS: charge a bond ($10) per name change request - names will be reserved for 30 days just like OSRS, so you can change back at any time without someone else yoinking it.
  4. We will not be moving forward with your suggestion. Sorry!
  5. Super late happy birthday! Hope you had an epic day 😎

  6. We will not be moving forward with your suggestion. Sorry!
  7. Thanks for your suggestion!
  8. Thanks for your suggestion! Added via cox point boost scroll.
  9. Thanks for your suggestion!
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