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  1. I recorded this on Mobile as another easy flex and to show how smooth mobile is. The event came out on December 24th and was removed January 6th. @Krisand I wrote this in the middle of December and took us around 2 weeks non-stop from start to finish. Kris ported the maps, objects, items, animations, sounds and npcs from a 2009 cache and packed them into OSRS. I did the majority of the actual quest writing and dialogues whilst Kris did the cutscenes. This was a direct copy of the Runescape 2009 Christmas Event. Skip to 22:30 to see the rewards. Credit [email protected] the map edit. Note: sound effects (from imp/scourge spells, etc) present in the original event (as can be seen on videos) were added too, but after the initial Land of Snow music the sound in the video was replaced entirely by Christmas music due to the poor sound quality.
  2. All these entries look great, but these are by far my favourite. Keep the entries coming!
  3. Already working on it, see the #dev-blogs channel on Discord. (Also they're cut dragonstones, not uncut)
  4. They will still be in the G.E just not visible in the offers viewer.
  5. We've discussed this further on Discord and come to the conclusion that having a single dye item would be better, where a dialogue is given to choose which colour to dye the item. We haven't, however, come up with a good idea to make the white graceful harder to get.
  6. We discussed this recently, and decided it would probably come out with the hunter rework and treasure trails (as implings are a great source of clue scrolls). This will be post-raids.
  7. Bug Fixes Thrown weapons have been fixed, including darts, knives, axes, and Chinchompas. Braziers should no longer be lit in Wintertodt before the round begins. Wintertodt cold damage immunity has been increased by a tick. Wintertodt timer desync should be fixed. Fixed an issue with Smithing items higher than your level. The "Last Teleport" option on the Fairy Rings will now save throughout login. Game filter now saves throughout logins, and will not reset through random button clicks. Increased API connection timers, which should decrease the amount of issues with donations/bonds not going through. Adamant and Runite Dragons drop table was reworked to be matched with OSRS. Crystal shield will no longer lose charges when a player gets hit a 0. KBD's ice attack has a max damage of 10 now. KBD's attack frequencies match OSRS now. Fixed the issue of losing Imbued items on death. Bottomless compost bucket now preserves it's charges when depositing/withdrawing from storage. Magic accuracy for the Toxic staff of the dead has been fixed. Lunar spell "Bake pie" has been fixed for diaries, and skilling challenges. Superior NPC's give 10x NPC's HP, worth of Slayer experience. Mutated bloodvelds max hit has been increased to 12. The fire imp spawns has been re-positioned in the Chasm of fire. Twisted banshees will now walk towards you, before attacking. Ranging cape now has Ava's Assembler effects. Infernal axes, and pickaxes are now dragon variations, when uncharged. Fixed an issue with K'ril dropping the wrong item ID for Steam battlestaff. Fixed an issue with Archaeologist and a few other wilderness bosses for the diary. Redemption and Protect from Magic are no longer able to be activated together. Creating teleport tablets now gives Magic experience. Casting Vengeance no longer cancels out combat. QOL Wintertodt teleport has been added to the Zenyte portal, under "Bosses". Discord will now broadcast all drops/achievements from in game. Ironmen are now able to give/accept specific items; this is currently limited to only donator teleport scrolls. Added ::Support, ::Guides, and ::report commands in game. Redirecting you to their respective categories on the forums. Added ::Market command in game, redirecting you to the Public Market on the website. Added ::Events command in game, redirecting you to the upcoming/present event. Added ::Youtube command in game, redirecting you to the Official Zenyte YouTube channel. Increased Olivias seed stock, in Draynor. Added Amelia's seed shop, in the Farming Guild. Bearhead has been added to the Melee armour shop. Scrolls of redirection have been added in Frank's shop. Imbued heart and Dragon limbs are now announced when obtained as a drop. Corporeal beast now has a Kill tracker. You can now view the Wilderness board. You can now cure Yak hides, by speaking to Thakkrad Sigmundson Thanks to @Lifefor writing today's update post Miscellaneous media that has been gathered over the course of a few days,
  8. Wintertodt Source: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Wintertodt Wintertodt is here! After a few weeks of development (with it being put on hold for some other fixes and quality-of-life) it's finally ready! It was written to be 1:1 with the original with a few minor changes to rewards. All rewards are the same as on OSRS with a few changes: All quantities are buffed by 40-50% Pure essence has been increased even more Higher tier items i.e. dragonstones and anglerfish have also been added The base roll-amount is 3 (for 500 points) rather than 2 Emerald+ users get an extra roll Dragonstone+ users get another extra roll These both also apply to trading in unique items to Ignisia Herblore secondaries have been added too, they are rarer than most other tables If you hit the 'OTHER_SEEDS' table you have a 1/20 chance of receiving 1-2 spirit tree seeds If you receive a bruma torch but already have at least 3 of them you will receive 2 torstal seeds instead If you receive a pair of warm gloves but already own at least 3 pairs you will receive 2 magic seeds instead Dragon axe chance is 1/7500 rolls Phoenix pet chance is 1/3750 rolls Tome of fire chance is 1/750 rolls Bruma torch / warm gloves chances are 1/65 rolls Pyromancer outfit piece chances are 1/75 rolls You can get there by using a Games necklace or using the fairy ring code CIS and running north. As construction is not yet released, fixing braziers will not grant construction experience. Here's some random Wintertodt media to get you hyped up: Other Bug Fixes/Additions Spells now properly cancel actions Wine stock has been increased from 5 to 50 in Fortunato's Fine Wine Enchanted bolt special attacks have been rewritten to match osrs, including proc chances Can properly kill kraken boss assignment within instances Lithkren vault barriers no longer noclip the player Inverted santa hat is now tradable Can now sell items to Trader Stan's shop Monster aggressiveness has been fixed in the wilderness Monster reanimation spell fixes Chicken now equips in the shield slot Advanced spikey chain in the Slayer Tower now requires level 71 agility to climb Bank quantity selector no longer prompts for a new value when left clicking it Can directly empty the seed box into bank using the 'Empty' option Bunny ears no longer require ranged and defence levels Farming shops now sell the correct filled plant pots Coloured versions of slayer helmets now work for lizardman shamans Mysterious emblems are no longer placed in looting bags when picking them up Added extra cyclopses on the warrior's guild top floor Forum moderators now have a yell tag again 99 combat skill notifications now only show for x5 and x10 gamemodes Planting saplings now requires a spade instead of a seed dibber String jewellery spell now gives crafting exp as well instead of double magic Burying bones on Lava Dragon Isle now gives four times experience Rune pouch can no longer be alchemised Poison spiders now count as valid spiders Added combat script to nuclear smoke devil Using scales on antidote++ will now give appropriate experience, scaling with number of doses Lecterns: A lectern has been added at home to let players craft teleport tablets! It has replaced the old decorative lectern in front of the prayer altar at home. The Arceuus lectern in the magic store in the Arceuus region has also been added. You can use this lectern along with dark essence to create Arceuus teleport tablets. Motherlode mine golden nugget changes: All golden nugget prices have been reduced by 2.5x. This includes access to the upper level. If you had previously purchased things using golden nuggets you will be refunded the difference. However this does not include gem or coal bags as they could be bought from the vote store.
  9. Hi Sudo! I'm glad you're enjoying the Linux client. My primary workstations are also Linux (one Arch, one Manjaro) so I was pretty biased when it came to making the launchers (it was I who made them!). Hope you continue to enjoy the game!
  10. Make private servers great again!

  11. With large content like the Chambers of Xeric, Wintertodt and Grotesque Guardians just round the corner, we've done some small bug fixes and much needed QOL updates to keep you guys updated. Updates: Uncut gems can no longer be used on each other to be added to a gem bag House teleports are now completely disabled while construction is unreleased Lunar group teleports now require the correct magic level and runes to cast at all The caster now also no longer receives the teleport prompt interface Smelting bars (including superheating) now takes coal from coal bags if there is none left in your inventory Coin pouches will now be received from pickpocketing instead of coins You can hold up to 28 coin pouches before they must be opened Coin pouches cannot be banked or traded Pouches turn into coins on death A move-home command has been added for moderators to move stuck players back home Desert Amulet 4 now correctly protects you from the desert heat The Desert Amulet teleport now teleports you to the Kalphite Cave, rather than the Kalphite Lair You can now kill a single Thermonuclear Smoke Devil off-task in order to complete the diary Sandpits in Zanaris, Entrana, Rellekka and Dorgesh-Kaan now work Buying graceful now adds it to your collection log Any untradables which are not already in your collection log will now be added on log-in Proselyte skirt counts as legs when wearing the full set for the Falador Diary Fire max capes can now be used to enter the deeper regions of Mor Ul Rek Slayer partner fixes Pineapple trees now require watermelons instead of tomato seeds for protection Stackable items no longer glitch out when cleaning them with a cleaning cloth Cleaning clothes are no longer used up when cleaning weapons You must be using melee when finishing off a demon with the Silverlight to count towards a demon kill Ardougne Max Cape now acts like an Ardougne Cloak 4 Vote shop changes Coal bag has been added Guthix Dragonhide Boots have been added Guthix Blessing has been added Dwarven helmet has been added (you cannot claim this back if you lose it) Useless cosmetics have been removed Some useful items have had their prices increased Status of upcoming updates: Chambers of Xeric: Raids are @Kris' project. Raids are currently in heavy testing by the QA Team, and larger group raids consisting of multiple experienced raiders are planned very soon. All rooms have been written and they just need a few tweaks to make them 100% accurate to OSRS. Wintertodt: Wintertodt is my project. I haven't been working on Wintertodt for a few days as I've been busy irl and with other development duties. I'd say Wintertodt is about 85% of the way there, with the biggest thing left being the rewards. We need to decide what exactly the rewards will be (sticking closely to OSRS'), and after that just fine tuning to get it true to Old School. I have around 700 Wintertodt kills on OSRS myself so I've been able to test it well and know how things are supposed to function. Grotesque Guardians: Grotesque Guardians are @Tommeh's project. Dusk and Dawn are the closest to completion of the three main projects, and they are just on the horizon. They have been going through QA recently and just need some minor adjustments. Grand Exchange/market changes: There are a couple of Grand Exchange changes coming shortly which we've all been working on. The first being automatic updating of prices based on successful transactions. These will update periodically and allow for up to a 5% change per day. As prices update, the prices on RuneLite will be updated too (including examining items). When this update comes out all existing prices will be updated to be much more accurate rather than using OSRS prices. The second change is being able to see recent trades (not GE trades) online. It's still being developed, and will include a search bar and automatic updating; here's a preview: The final change is being able to see current item offers, which I'm sure you've all been wanting. Without needing to say much more than this, I'll just leave you with a gif of the current proposed interface; note, still WIP. Thanks, the Zenyte staff team
  12. Added priff and updated items to show current development stages.
  13. Does OSRS Mobile work for you? If not, there's not much we can do.
  14. Hopefully releasing tomorrow if all goes well.
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