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  1. Not items, but clues completed for sure. Eventually it would be nice to have clue (and boss) hiscores as well.
  2. Dragonic is on leave which he notified us of before going inactive. Not going to go into any more detail, but we're aware of his inactivity and the reasons why. Tournaments need to be worked again and are going to be hosted on an entirely different world. Working on tournaments was not Tommeh's idea, it was discussed at our latest dev meeting and work was assigned to people. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hi, The vote buttons are back. Thanks for this guide while we were having problems!
  4. Nice to see people doing my content! Maybe I should increase the fail rate
  5. Your main account is only temp banned. Your ban expires at: Tue Mar 03 14:54:16 GMT 2020 In the future, don't bot
  6. Has already been added and is currently in beta. Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless!
  7. fyi, this already exists but for challenge mode. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Chambers_of_Xeric/Challenge_Mode#Rewards
  8. Hi all, The last time a developer joined the team was at the end of 2018, way before release, when I joined the team. I have hinted a little bit about a new developer joining the team, and today I'd like to [email protected] the development team. I have been trialing Chris for the last week or so, where he has been doing small bug fixes, content and quality of life to learn his way round the code base. Today Chris finishes his trial and becomes a fully fledged developer. I have worked with Chris and known him for the past 6-7 years, and consider him a close friend of mine in the internet world. Chris was the one who helped us get mobile kicked off the ground, back in the summer of last year. Since starting the trial he has already fixed numerous bugs and implemented much wanted content (which you can look out for soon), and has exceeded our expectations. With all that being said, please join me in giving @Christophera warm welcome.
  9. I recorded this on Mobile as another easy flex and to show how smooth mobile is. The event came out on December 24th and was removed January 6th. @Krisand I wrote this in the middle of December and took us around 2 weeks non-stop from start to finish. Kris ported the maps, objects, items, animations, sounds and npcs from a 2009 cache and packed them into OSRS. I did the majority of the actual quest writing and dialogues whilst Kris did the cutscenes. This was a direct copy of the Runescape 2009 Christmas Event. Skip to 22:30 to see the rewards. Credit [email protected] the map edit. Note: sound effects (from imp/scourge spells, etc) present in the original event (as can be seen on videos) were added too, but after the initial Land of Snow music the sound in the video was replaced entirely by Christmas music due to the poor sound quality.
  10. All these entries look great, but these are by far my favourite. Keep the entries coming!
  11. Already working on it, see the #dev-blogs channel on Discord. (Also they're cut dragonstones, not uncut)
  12. They will still be in the G.E just not visible in the offers viewer.
  13. We've discussed this further on Discord and come to the conclusion that having a single dye item would be better, where a dialogue is given to choose which colour to dye the item. We haven't, however, come up with a good idea to make the white graceful harder to get.
  14. We discussed this recently, and decided it would probably come out with the hunter rework and treasure trails (as implings are a great source of clue scrolls). This will be post-raids.
  15. Bug Fixes Thrown weapons have been fixed, including darts, knives, axes, and Chinchompas. Braziers should no longer be lit in Wintertodt before the round begins. Wintertodt cold damage immunity has been increased by a tick. Wintertodt timer desync should be fixed. Fixed an issue with Smithing items higher than your level. The "Last Teleport" option on the Fairy Rings will now save throughout login. Game filter now saves throughout logins, and will not reset through random button clicks. Increased API connection timers, which should decrease the amount of issues with donations/bonds not going through. Adamant and Runite Dragons drop table was reworked to be matched with OSRS. Crystal shield will no longer lose charges when a player gets hit a 0. KBD's ice attack has a max damage of 10 now. KBD's attack frequencies match OSRS now. Fixed the issue of losing Imbued items on death. Bottomless compost bucket now preserves it's charges when depositing/withdrawing from storage. Magic accuracy for the Toxic staff of the dead has been fixed. Lunar spell "Bake pie" has been fixed for diaries, and skilling challenges. Superior NPC's give 10x NPC's HP, worth of Slayer experience. Mutated bloodvelds max hit has been increased to 12. The fire imp spawns has been re-positioned in the Chasm of fire. Twisted banshees will now walk towards you, before attacking. Ranging cape now has Ava's Assembler effects. Infernal axes, and pickaxes are now dragon variations, when uncharged. Fixed an issue with K'ril dropping the wrong item ID for Steam battlestaff. Fixed an issue with Archaeologist and a few other wilderness bosses for the diary. Redemption and Protect from Magic are no longer able to be activated together. Creating teleport tablets now gives Magic experience. Casting Vengeance no longer cancels out combat. QOL Wintertodt teleport has been added to the Zenyte portal, under "Bosses". Discord will now broadcast all drops/achievements from in game. Ironmen are now able to give/accept specific items; this is currently limited to only donator teleport scrolls. Added ::Support, ::Guides, and ::report commands in game. Redirecting you to their respective categories on the forums. Added ::Market command in game, redirecting you to the Public Market on the website. Added ::Events command in game, redirecting you to the upcoming/present event. Added ::Youtube command in game, redirecting you to the Official Zenyte YouTube channel. Increased Olivias seed stock, in Draynor. Added Amelia's seed shop, in the Farming Guild. Bearhead has been added to the Melee armour shop. Scrolls of redirection have been added in Frank's shop. Imbued heart and Dragon limbs are now announced when obtained as a drop. Corporeal beast now has a Kill tracker. You can now view the Wilderness board. You can now cure Yak hides, by speaking to Thakkrad Sigmundson Thanks to @Lifefor writing today's update post Miscellaneous media that has been gathered over the course of a few days,
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