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  1. Hi fella ight happy birthday yeah

  2. Happy Birthday @Corey

  3. Happy birthday bro! 😘

    1. Christopher


      Oh wow my internet is so bad, my post lagged by a whole day wtf

  4. Late happy birthday my man!

    1. Corey


      ur next for demotion

  5. Happy birthday man! Thanks for all you do. 

  6. Happy birthday fella

  7. Happy birthday! 🎂

  8. 1945

    Happy birthday.. TOO MEE! Happy Birthday too meeee! Happy birthday Happy brithday, HAAAPPYYYY Birthdaaayy toooooo meeeeeeee! (felt old saying that ol' saying, ahah) Happy birthday man !! 🍻

  9. Happy Birthday King 🥳

  10. Imps drop them too, as well as another npc or two I believe (you can check the drop viewer on this). It's the same as on OSRS - chef hat is used to get into the Cooking guild. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Fancy_Clothes_Store
  11. Hi there, try using an older version of Java such as Java 8.
  12. Just to add to this, you do not need java installed at all if you use the .exe launcher installer (for Windows, or .AppImage for Linux). The executable comes with its own Java and will always use that instead of your own. However, if you use the .jar launcher, then yes you will need Java installed on your computer. Furthermore, deleting the cache will very rarely, if ever, fix any sort of problem - they're usually network related. We're not a trash-tier 317 server which has a plethora of cache related issues. Common fixes for other servers simply don't apply to Zenyte - our client is OSRS based, and not a 2005 client which has been recycled by 20 different RSPS developers over the years (unlike the vast majority of private servers).
  13. There will be new plugins when we upgrade and switch to OpenOSRS. We will not, however, allow users to add any plugin they wish but we will be much more open to adding requested plugins, which we approve, to the plugin repository.
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