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  1. I'm actually looking forward to see how this series goes! Best of luck with the videos.
  2. Thank you for the opportunity once again to contribute in-game
  3. Hello and welcome back to this month's Fashionscape Competition! Last month, we had a lot of wonderful submissions and had a lot of participants. With that in mind, I hope this month's competition will be as active if not more. What's this month's theme? Player KIlling Show off your most impressive player killing (PKing) set up. If you're a hybrid, you can show off your gear as well as your entire inventory. There is no limit to what you can show off, however keep it very minimal what is submitted. The gear doesn't need to be the most expensive, but just needs to be what gear you prefer to use. How does this competition work? According to the month's theme, post or submit your most favorite PKing setup. Submissions will begin on October 5th, 2019 and will be closed on October 12th, 2019. Once the submissions close, all of the submissions will be added into a poll, where everyone will be allowed to vote on their most favorite ones. Whoever receives the most votes by the end of the voting stage, they will receive the prize. The Winner will recieve the following: $25 in store credit Hall of Fame Role on Discord ''Fashionscape Competition Winner'' medal on the forums. Good luck to everyone for this month!
  4. Sad to go see you go, Sabenza. I hope one day you will give the Zenyte another chance after the toxicity seems to disappear.
  5. Does no one want an interview from your favorite Forum Moderator, Jett? Alright, I have to admit that an interview from Kris would be awesome.
  6. It has finally become the time to announce the Community Award Winners for September. First, I would like to explain that due to numerous ties, multiple people have received an award for one category. This was in fact due to voting not being active this time around and there was no real competition between each category. Hopefully, in the near future, we can have a lot more community members participate and vote. Best Skiller @ZE Best PKer @Holsen Best PVMer @faggetman Most Active on Forums @Life Most Active In Game @Hide Best Guide Maker @Song and @SilverNova Best Ironman @Martial God and @Hide Best UIM @Rank 1 UIM Best HCIM @Laura Best 50x/25x Player @ZE Best 10x Player @Joshybby, @Ezg x01, and @Dxxgie Best 5x Player @splasher Most Helpful @Chop Most Wealthy @tingtak2
  7. Voting has been closed. Winners will be announced tonight.
  8. could you please fill out the whole ballot? If not, your votes will not be counted.
  9. Hello and welcome to Zenyte's Community Awards! For the month of September, players will be allowed to vote for community members in several different categories. The winners will be rewarded with items, GP, and a cool custom signature. However, for your vote to be counted, you must submit a complete ballot. If your ballot has any gaps or empty spaces, none of the votes will be submitted. In order to submit your ballot, please comment on this post and they will be counted at the end of the month. Voting ends October 1st and the results will be announced. Rules 1. You can not vote for yourself. 2. In order for your votes to be submitted, you must complete the ballot (no empty spaces). 3. You can not vote for the same member 5 times. 4. No buying and/or selling votes. 5. Do not bring attention to yourself and tell others to vote for you. Rewards 1. 5M Zenyte GP 2. Custom Signature 3. Forum Medal Awards Best Skiller Best PKer Best PvMer Most Active on Forums Most Active In Game Best Guide Maker Best Ironman Best UIM Best HCIM Best 50X/25X Player Best 10X Player Best 5X Player Most Helpful Most Wealthy
  10. Given all besides Game Junkie as there isn’t a way to prove this.
  11. Congratulations to @Songfor winning our very first Fashionscape Competition. Based on the votes, Song has received 18 votes! Message Destruction regarding your in-game prizes!
  12. Noele, I know that you are going through your own hardships. Life is quite a shitty place, but there are quite amazing people in this world that can help make your everyday life so much better. Whether it's family or a significant other, those around you are there for you and will continue to be there. The staff team will always be here for whenever you get better and will continue to be there for you and the server. Personally, i think I can consider this staff team a family and will continue to act like one. We are always there for each other and help with anything that any of us need. Don't hesitate to ask to hop in VC and just vent about the shit that goes on. We love you Noele and can't wait for your return. Happy Birthday, Queen
  13. Amazing work to both Tommeh and the QA team. Keep it up guys!
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