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  1. Good evening @Gepan My question is a simple one to start things of, since your promotion to Manager me and im sure many others are curious to how you think you are doing overall and how you are enjoying your time since you received your new position as the Manager?, Also where do you see Zenyte in 6 months time from now and how do you think the server will benefit in terms of development. Best of luck.
  2. Some amazing work there! @Sir Hassan You really are talented when it comes to graphic design, i will be sure to give you a message should i ever need any work commissioning
  3. I think a big congratulations are in order, well done fella finally some luck on your end, hopefully you can get a 2nd bow who knows.
  4. Hello @blazedxboss Welcome to Zenyte! Very impressive RNG there for your early barrow's chests, glad to hear your enjoying the server, if you need any assistance don't hesitate to send any of the staff members a message via the forums, in-game our via our discord.
  5. Leaned

    New Friend

    Well done in achieving the 7500 loyalty point's @Fawk I am actually saving up for the monkey myself.
  6. Hello there @HC Spooky Very well made video, i am glad you did decide on creating some videos for Zenyte, and i will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more uploads from you!
  7. Hello there @HC Spooky Its a pleasure to welcome you back to Zenyte!, its nice to see more content creators looking to make videos for us as a server, i definitely look forward to seeing some uploads from you, if you ever need anything please don't hesitate to send me or any of the other staff members a message via on the forums, discord or in-game.
  8. Another very well put-together guide i must say. I do hope you will keep the guide's coming @Fawk, we as a community are very grateful for you taking your time out of your day to inform other players on how to achieve the defenders.
  9. Very nice & simple to follow to guide, im sure this will help the newer players who are curious regarding the barrows gloves.
  10. Leaned

    Warriors Guild

    Very impressive @Fawk Personally i stopped at the first, but very nice in obtaining 6 there!
  11. Some pretty decent loot there, I always enjoy seeing how other people get on with there clue rewards, i do hope to see more of these posts from you in the future
  12. Hello there @BrezzarsHD Thanks for taking time out of your day to get in touch regarding spell filters, this is something that is actually possible on the PC client, I will go ahead and leave a GIF below showing you how to do so.
  13. Very impressive i must say @Little Bear I agree with you in terms of the bonus exp book, they saved you a good chunk of time for sure!
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