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  1. My Journey A while ago i had an idea of making another progress forum topic for my main Zenyte character, Burninlove. The previous forum post was about Summer Goals but it kinda failed because 2 weeks after the publishment, i didn't have free time to play for almost half of the summer. This time i want to make the goals without a set time limit, this way it's way more chill and relaxing, because i can't enjoy the game if i rush it. Currently i have almost 100 days time-played, of which only around 1 day was spent AFK'ing, i have a pretty big progress on my account already as a PvM player. Most of my current goals are focused on the content i have already finished item's/Collection Log's wise, because what else to do when you have finished one content but you like it so much that you want to come back to it? That's right, you focus on the Killcounts. This is why the majority of my current goals (some of them have been already on) are killcount based. With that being said, let's get into my set goals for my ironman. Chambers of Xeric The latest content i have been grinding is Chambers of Xeric. It's still pretty fresh to me so i haven't gotten that many items from CoX yet. Goal : 1000 Chambers of Xeric chests opened, possibly a full collection log apart from the last few Xeric capes. Cerberus Next on the list is my beloved Cerberus, good friend of the Hardcore Ironmen. I have already spent many hours at this boss and i am nowhere near being done with the cute puppy. Goal : 10000 Cerberus kills; being the first one on Zenyte with such Cerberus killcount. Vorkath Coming up next, we have my also beloved, Vorkath, another Hardcore Ironmen buddy (appearantly i like HCIM "feared" content). I'm almost done with this boss, i'm yet to get the last item for the collection log, the Skeletal Visage which i wanted for the longest time. Goal : 5000 Vorkath kills or Skeletal Visage, whichever comes first (shoutout to UIM Loki) Zulrah Zulrah in general is a good PvM Ironman's friend due to Zulrah scales. I really enjoy killing Zulrah, it's the main boss where i learn gear switching. I don't want to stop killing Zulrah, hence why i made myself a goal to have some fun and to possibly be set with Zulrah scales for life (maybe). Goal : 5000 Zulrah kills, Zulrah pet, hopefully a mutagen drop. Commander Ziliyana I had a really rough time at this boss due to Saradomin Hilt which i grinded for an ridiculous amount of time, getting it at almost 2000 kc. Madness. Since i have such high killcount already, i decided to finish the boss Collection Log as well. Goal : Commander Ziliyana pet K'ril Tsutsaroth Call me crazy but this is my favourtie Godwars Dungeon boss to kill and i discovered it only after i was nearly done with it's grind. As same as with Ziliyana, i want to finish the boss Collection Log. Goal : K'ril Tsutsaroth pet Wintertodt Not a fan of this boss minigame but i want to finish it with the last item i want to get, even though i will probably not use it, unless... Goal : Tome of Fire Maxing the maximum This is quite unlikely to happen because currently my Ironman is sitting at close to 3.4B Total XP and in most of the fun skills it already has 200M XP, but i keep making those XP gains when i don't do lots of Bossing/PvM. Goal : 4.4B Total XP (every skill with 200m XP, outcluding Construction) Combat Achievements I am not really a CA doing person so i didn't really tried to do many since the Combat Achievements release. Although i decided that i want the Verzik slayer helmet just as a personal achievement, nothing special. Goal : All Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master achievements completed Inferno I have been putting off the Inferno grind for a bit. I have already successfully completed 67-69 Inferno waves on Practice mode once but after that i stopped because i know that i will have to keep failing waves until i learn and complete the Inferno. But at some point it has to be done. Goal : Infernal cape Side Goals Master Clue Scrolls I am quite crazy with my goal ideas, but filling full Master Clue scroll Collection Log isn't the one i am going for. I simply want some Fashionscape to my gears, hence why i am only looking for specific item(s) from the clues. Goal : Saradomin Godsword kit (Armadyl Godsword kit but not neccessary) Dragon Platebody (g) On this day of posting the progression topic, i got a Dragon Platebody golden kit drop from Master Clue casket and i lowkey wanted the Dragon Platebody (g) a while ago as a joke, so now it's a fun grind to add. Goal : Dragon chainbody + Dragon metal lump (still need both of those) Abyssal dagger Another unneccessary item to have/drop to grind but i since i have a high Abyssal Demon killcount, might as well try to get the dagger. Goal : Abyssal dagger (only if i get it on the drop rate, otherwise i'm not going for it) Related Media:
  2. I got quite bored of being (most likely) the only Ironman with Guardian boots on Zenyte and, since i like some friendly competition, as well as seeing other Ironmen improving their gear setups, i thought that i want to share this position with more Ironmen players so i came up with the idea to do a small giveaway. The goal is very simple: Be the first one to obtain Guardian boots to win! To be able to win the prize, there's one condition for this giveaway - You must obtain the Guardian boots on any Ironman mode account (Regular Ironman, HCIM or UIM). The Guardian boots can be made by combining Bandos boots (dropped by General Graardor) and Black Tourmaline core (dropped by Grotesque Guardians) The first player to show me the Guardian boots they have received, wins a prize. If the player has already got Bandos boots or Black tourmaline core, he doesn't need to get them again! For the prize i chose it to be my beloved Arcane sigil which sits in my Ironman bank's loot tab. I also consider to have a prize of 50$ in Bonds so the winner could choose between those two. For approval, i will have to be shown the received Guardian boots in-game by equipping them. Of course, if the character doesn't have the level requirements to equip them, it can be proven with screenshots of the Guardian boots in your inventory, together with the screenshots of the received required items to make the boots (broadcasting message for Bandos boots or Black tourmaline core; either from our discord #broadcasts channel or in-game broadcasted message). The screenshots can be posted anywhere you feel the most comfortable with, whether it would be in the comments of the post or my PMs on Discord. There is no time limit for this giveaway. The very first person to complete it after this forum post publishing, wins. Happy hunting! Sincerely, Auri (Burninlove)
  3. Think about other cosmetics, how they're obtained. There are clue scrolls. Someone could also do an enormous amount of clues for a specific item or items. Someone would be willing to spend time in the fight caves as well. The way players value the wealth in game is different, some do it with the cash they spend, some do it with the time they spend. It's worth for some and it's not worth for the others, you know. If you want some extra rewards from there then i'd suggest adding a big amount of tokkuls each time the chest is opened, make the imbue scroll tradeable (if it's not tradeable already). Not everything has to be dedicated for the end-game pvmers.
  4. First things first, you gotta find out, what the goals are with the updates and not assume without a second thought. Maybe the goal is not to make the Wildy more popular/increase its' activity. The goal could also be to simply make the content more interesting or any other reason. GWD entrance is close to the Wilderness so the chest location, to my eyes, is reasonable. Furthermore, if you are worried about people not risking the keys/chest rewards then maybe its possible to make the keys always-lost on death. Sounds fair to me. Not to hate on anyone. Just that the updates not neccessarily have to be orientated on one point. Speaking of the new badass slayer master, its amazing. The Combat level requirement is hardly possible to become lower. While going for the 95 Slayer lvl, it's unlikely that you will stay in a lower Combat lvl bracket than the required one. 100 Combat lvl with such slayer lvl might still be possible if lvling on max combat 1 lvl Defence pure, i'm not sure. If so, the requirement could be 100 Combat lvl.
  5. Refering to the 4. Ice gloves. They should be kept degradeable and Enhanced ice gloves could be added to Events shop instead.
  6. I must say that the community should take into considerstion about our condition with developers. We are all people and we are all different. Just because the quality, game-changing updates are not coming into a release in pace as everyone expects or as developers give the dates and time on when the updates are going to appear in the game, it doesn't mean that the Developement team isn't working on those. It comes down to the same developers who might prefer to work on multiple projects at the same time, look for something fresh instead of going dry into one content. Plus, we all have our struggles outside of Zenyte and so do Devs. Their work might slow down from time to time. We should NOT focus on the dates when Devs promise the updates. We should focus on getting to know our developers better and trust them. I might have carried away a little bit from the topic, but most of the problems and discompromises come from deeper, rather than from something practical and easily visible.
  7. 1) It's a No and No for 7. and 8., about voting. We already have good voting rewards, we might need more ways to encourage players to get into voting (if more votes is the goal); Vote Shop offers amazing tools, one of the main shops in the game for people who don't like spending credits or aren't capable to earn lots of them. It should stay as it is. 2) It's a No and No for Ring of the dwarves and Hazelmere's Signet. We already have boosted drop rates in the game, compared to OSRS. We also had a couple of events where we had double drops so, in my opinion, drop rates are good as they are for most of the npcs. Maybe a few could have them changed.
  8. Name: Jaden410Current Position: Global ModeratorNew Position: Regular Player
  9. It has been a while since my last video, i have been planning to do a couple of guides before but i haven't managed to get my hands on them, yet i decided that today is a day that i finaly upload something. Short and simple video of me doing a Barrows run #mobile-only
  10. Welcome to Zenyte. I love to see more Zenyte content makers :3 Hopefully you will enjoy your stay
  11. The goals that i have set for myself during this summer: (I am a PvM'er so these are going to be mostly from bossing) Full collection logs from all the GWD (God Wars Dungeon) generals (outcluding the pets, too little time for me to get them all in just 2.5 months if i am unlucky); Atleast 200 killcount on Kree'ara (i hate soloing this boss) OR atleast one Armadyl Armor piece Atleast 300 killcount on General Graardor Atleast 500 killcount on K'ril Tsutsaroth Atleast 1000 killcount on Commander Zilyana Eventually i will try to get all the GWD pets, it's my general goal for the account. Cerberus pet and hopefully the jar Kraken pet and one more Kraken tentacle to have 10 (i have sold 3 before and 1 is in use) Atleast 1200 killcount on Zulrah Atleast 100 killcount on Alchemical Hydra (i still haven't started learning this boss) Atleast 400 killcount on Vorkath Note: One major goal i have for myself, as an ironman, is a Dragonfire Shield. Initially i didn't plan to grind it through Vorkath, although its the most efficient NPC to kill for it, but i want to slowly grind it through Slayer as well, my favourite place to hunt DFS is Brutal Black Dragons. Now, for the skills, i have also some major goals set up for myself, where i worked on one for them since i have started playing and i am almost finished with it, but not with the rest 200m total xp in Slayer 200m total xp in Herblore (this is followed by 200m total Farming xp that i reached not a long time ago, it was part one of my Herblore journey) Atleast 100m Thieving xp Atleast 150m Crafting xp, hopefully 200m Atleast 2.5b Total account xp (if i manage to complete all my goals for the separate skills then atleast 2.7b) I have also set a couple of goals with the Clue Scrolls as well Atleast 300 Medium Clue Scrolls completed (Hopefully 90/115 different items received in total, eventually i will try to be the first Ironman to finish the full log) Atleast 50 Master Clues completed P. S. I am a fan of collection logs. I love filling them up, no matter what activity i do. I will not stick to only those goals or collection logs on my current ironman account, i'm looking forward to learn both Raids, Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood, as much as my #mobile-only gaming allows me to, and more stuff, i really want a Skeletal Visage from the Vorkath as well. When i will feel that my account is finaly finished or i lose interest in progressing it (i hope not) then i will make a new account, which i already have in mind on what i want to make and what goals i will have. The current progress i have posted is from 2021 - 06 - 14 date! Thank you for your time!
  12. Hey guys. Yesterday i uploaded my first Zenyte video on YouTube. If you like PvM'ing and if you are into PvM'ing on mobile, i'd definitely reccomend to check it out. I already have another video planned up to make, similar to this, and im very excited. Thank You!
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