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  1. 1945

    Happy birthday !

  2. Who dis?!... Wb though. Don't like coleslaw adding to ignored list as we speak smh jk.
  3. Welcome to Zenyte Fendrel & best of luck with your skiller as well, use to be a straight level 3 pleb on past servers so i look forward too see how you get on!.
  4. Nice goals & best of luck on your account!. Here.
  5. Welcome to Zenyte Dizzy, Hope to see you in-game & enjoy your stay here, if you need any help don't hesitate to send me a pm in-game!.
  6. Welcome to Zenyte Snow Cone, if you ever require any assistance feel free to pm me in-game.
  7. Thank you for giving me the opportunity on joining the Zenyte team!.
  8. Keep it 10hp, Very unique account you have! maybe you could possible go for 200ms etc
  9. Welcome to Zenyte Pk Wasted!
  10. As always nicely done Kris!, Can't wait for the release!.
  11. In-game username: Kev Medal(s): Donator, Maxed, All the Work?, That Which Has No Life?, Mans Best Friends Proof for your Medal(s):
  12. Welcome to Zenyte Volk, hope you enjoy your time here!
  13. Sad to see you go Schrute, best of luck on your future endeavors.
  14. Best of luck with your HCIM, very nice setup on the topic as well!
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