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  1. yooo so exited this great !

  2. Love all the update but can we talk about mbox in the next one they need a severe buff I literally got 10 seeds thats 5 papaya seed 5 palms for 50 credits other than that everything been amazing keep up the great work
  3. Hey don't know how many this applys to but be very careful right now because I have swaped for years using oak dice and my max barrows pure was just banned with little over 2b that I just swaped lucky my rs3 account that has all my money is still good atm but be careful!
  4. It's wild bro I said the exact same thing
  5. Alright I'm gonna start off last Tuesday my birthday. When I was still on sixx before I got polo back. I Was having a great day my daughter had her first day pre k she did great Btw and as my mom was watching her so had all day free so that morning I decided to do some gambling I was killing it at fp made about 600m plus all the items I needed day was going great I gridded out a 99 I needed all is good right well this were the story takes a twist I got out with my buddies to a casino were having a good time drinking etc about 1am my buddy asked to use my phone to call his wife cause his died I was talking to a girl so was like fine whatever keep on mind these guys play rs but not rsps and I was showing off zenyte before hand and all the stuff I won that day well my drunk buddy thinking it would be funny to see if he could double my money or lose it no big deal like said they only rsps they every played you could get like 1b voteing long story short he lost all my money and I had no idea I'm chatting up this chick and when I freaked out on the way home and explained it he felt bad I even freaked out thinking I got hacked and got them to lock my account lol but in retrospect I was mad but he really didn't mean harm and shoot being a single dad of 4 year old girl I'd pay 600m for good night out and good day just thought it was funny to me tonight I'd share Ps thanks for reading have great day
  6. I still stand behind rs and roms 100%
  7. Hey guys I'm overjoyed that i got polo back just wanted To come here and say that the owner/staff are 1000 times better As an og player from years ago it's like 180 love you guys love the server Like said super exited to be back see you in game!
  8. Polo

    OSRS GIF Reel

    Why am I just finding these in think I have a new hobbie now gonna post a handful of mine soon those were great
  9. Ima have to try this grind out that picaxe and pet
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