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  1. No sir, but woox is the man
  2. Was quite terrific at start, was about to pause at like 100m originally, but the bonus xp was enabled out of nowhere before I reached 100m, so I though now or never
  3. Update #5 (Posted on 11/17/19) This update log is mainly focused on xp gains which were gained during the 5 days of bonus xp in zenyte. But I wont be dissapointing with my PvM luck aswell in this update, unfortunally some sad news and some excellent news. Bad news would be that Mr.Stakingaddict decided to flower poker the twisted bow and lost it in First to 3 wins (1-3). On the good side of news I´ve been given the opportunity to be part of the zenytes staff team and I were recently promoted to Server Support. Also managed to sold my Armadyl Crossbow for Dragon Warhammer + 29M cash, Since I didnt need the bgs anymore I sold it for 25m to the GE, Now, this week has been full of pets and big variety of things I´ve done, this one is definietly more interesting one - well it took longer to post aswell so reasoned. Also managed to get my total donated amount from 20$ to 100$ by purchasing bonds, and buying mystery boxes with the credits, it cost me approximately 45M to do so. Another investment was 10M to my alt to purchase ensouled heads, which like quarter I managed to successfully purchase before end of the bonus xp. The last two investments for this update log which wasnt gear wise was purchasing fletching supplies (feathers/unfinished broad bolts/amethyst bolt tips) which cost like 12m in total and a cerberus scroll to make the cerberus tasks faster in the future which did cost like 4m. Pvm wise I was very luck at Cerberus, but being too hyped I forgot to take screenshot of primordial crystal on the floor, which i replaced with the ones I could take I managed to get 200m thieving and 2 pets: Rocky & Beaver which makes my total pet count to stand at 5. Starting off the media with the lost of the twisted bow gamble Rocky Pet Beaver Pet 200m thieving fletching purchase Getting my donator rank up to 100$ Finished fletching 120k unfinished broad bolts Experience Gains (skilling) +1,000,000 +900,000 +5,000,000 +33,500,000 +186,000,000 +20,500,000 +1,100,000 +22,200,000 +6,000,000 +2,700,000 Total Experience Gear Upgrades Cerberus Scroll - 4M Anguish Ornament Kit - Purchased from vote store - approximate value 8m Dragon Warhammer - Was included in the swap for ACB Imbued Heart - 10M Primordial Boots - Already had purchased primordials before receiving the drop, Paid 43m Lootations Playtime This update log alone consisted close to 100 hours of gameplay Hopefully you guys liked the outcome. Edited November 7 by Rolex
  4. If he isnt you can throw me a pm if im online
  5. https://i.gyazo.com/5e651cf7be10849c82dd78e08e6af07e.mp4
  6. Sold my maxed pure after TLP (The Last Pures) closed, although at some point pulled myself together and made a new account, havent played much on it tho barely mid level (combat 92). Didnt do wines for 99 cooking cuz no RWT boys Full Void is also in the zulrah death box havent reclaimed it
  7. Congrats and welcome to the max club
  8. Hello Manictheman! Thank you for contacting us with your issue. You can see the button to buy credits by changing the site on browser settings to PC view. 1. Next to the URL bar there should be 3 dots 2. Select the one with the box next to it 3. Should look like this after doing that If you have any further issues or questions related to that or any topic please feel free to open another thread!
  9. Glad to see old player finding its way back to Zenyte. Welcome back mate and good luck on the grind!
  10. Yes, definietly a support. Many of us are playing OSRS the same time we´re grinding in Zenyte, would give the opportunity to show off OSRS gains aswell
  11. Haha, thank you! Next update log will be a bigger one, although it will take some more time. Will be worth the wait
  12. I am keeping a similar blog, mainly for just myself so I feel your motivation from doing that. Feeling like youre my twin already Good luck man, hope to see some progress soon!
  13. Welcome to Zenyte Diddy Ranqe, always great to see that a pker found their patch to Zenyte to make the wilderness more alive!
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