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  1. This is actually a really good idea. The devs are keen to keep the server as identical to real OSRS as possible, but I think an exception could be made with this. Support!
  2. This should have already be put in game tbh.. Support.
  3. This is something that is planned for a future update, please feel free to create a suggestion post Here with any specific benefits you may have in mind
  4. Welcome to Zenyte, Examine! I hope you enjoy your stay here
  5. Great to see you putting your goals up on here Best of luck man and be sure to keep us updated!
  6. Welcome to Zenyte, Syn! I hope you enjoy your stay
  7. Welcome to Zenyte, Gob! I hope you enjoy your stay
  8. Welcome to Zenyte, Roob! I hope you enjoy your stay
  9. Welcome to Zenyte, Murdex! I hope you enjoy your stay
  10. Hey Necromancer. I would recommend you check out the "Clan Recruitment" page Here . There are a few clans that do raids and I'm sure you could get into one of them. I would also suggest checking out the #looking-for-team room on the Discord under "Chambers Of Xeric". Good luck!
  11. Welcome back to Zenyte man! I hope you enjoy your stay here
  12. Is it trance by any chance?
  13. Topic moved to "OSRS Media".
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