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  1. In my opinion, we don't need a money sink in the server at all. The economy is stable and will be for quite some time. In terms of Mastery Capes, we try to replicate OSRS as closely as possible so i'm sure this would be out the question.
  2. This is a great guide, Necromancer. It's informative, to the point and has a great use of pictures with added markings to make it simple to look at. I didn't even know this minnow stuff was a thing (I stopped playing osrs a while ago). Keep up the good work mate!
  3. We want to hear your forum's suggestions! 

    1. glitch


      In all my years of managing forums I've found that seasonal awards can be fantastic at driving and fostering an active community. While activity drop off does occur, I've always noticed you snag a handful of people that continue to actively post on the forum, which is a huge plus in a world where forums are falling to the wayside.

      How I always handled them was by having an event window where people must post X amount of times to be eligible for receiving the reward. You have to actively discourage and decline those who opt to spam, otherwise they'll try to fulfill the requirement with spam. Holding scavenger events can be a good way to get people onto the forum as well, hide holiday relevant imagery around the forum pages, in posts, and threads. Once people find all the images and can link them to you, they get rewarded! Another good one is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game), though this is a bit more in depth and requires more effort on the participants part - though it can really inspire the community to come together to solve it.

      Just an idea since the holiday season is upon us. Sometimes it's just about getting people onto the forum and then letting them naturally become involved with the community. 🙂


  4. Best of luck with the series man! That's quite a challenge you set yourself up on.
  5. Korex

    Zenyte Progress #1

    Great progress man! Thanks for uploading and i'm looking forward to the next one
  6. Stick with it man! Just keep grinding out kills and i'm sure you will get the drop sooner or later
  7. Mate... It's a dragon warhammer... Not a rune scimitar. We can't just lower the drop rate because people find it hard to get. However, I do like the instance idea...
  8. Back when you already suggested this idea on September 27th. I commented that this idea takes away the whole point of being ironman. Ironman players Choose to play ironman. If they don't like the difficulty then they should create a new acocunt.
  9. Welcome to Zenyte, Layer! I hope you enjoy your stay with us
  10. As I said before, This whole idea would be detrimental to the whole point of an "Ironman" mode. Players who want an easier time playing should create a normal account. There are many players who enjoy the challenge of ironman and this is something that would scare off those players who want a full ironman experience. No support.
  11. I could get behind this suggestion. It would for sure be a nice addition considering the amount of players. I'm still a bit unsure how it would affect the amount of items pumping in to the game though.. Neutral for now.
  12. My favourite skill is construction. I'm currently patiently waiting for it's release
  13. Welcome to Zenyte, Rabbit! I hope you enjoy your stay with us
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