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  1. Happy brithday oldtimer.

  2. If you have any information about a corrupt staff member, please do report them as we will strictly deal with the situation.
  3. 8/9 Skilling pets achieved!

    1. 1945


      Congratulations mon frere !! :zenyte:

    2. Hexae


      Petit chaton incoming?

    3. X5 Slice
  4. Hey Alex, welcome back to Zenyte! I've seen you around and you are always open for any type of conversation. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the ironman! If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me or any other staff member in-game. I'm a pretty active player myself, if not the most active, so you will always see atleast one of my accounts online. I've lost count as to how many I have, but I actively play on 4 accounts currently. So feel free to reach out at any time! - Slice
  5. Thank you for making the request, an Administrator will take on your request once available. - Slice
  6. Hi there, I would like to introduce to you my Ultimate Ironman Skiller. For those who know me and who don't know me. I've started my journey on Zenyte late September of 2020. After creating a normal account and maxing a x50 / x25 skiller pretty quickly, I decided I wanted to challenge myself and created a UIM skiller on x5. Since then I have been focussing on my UIM skiller and have been playing on a daily basis. As a skiller I started my journey with some basic skills. Mainly agility to get around faster without losing much run energy. The first 99 I achieved was Fishing, I tried to get this out of the way as fast as possible and it was AFK'able whilst I was still playing on another account. After that things quickly evolved and I started grinding the UIM out untill I was maxed. The last skill I maxed was Runecrafting. This skill alone took me 14 hours to get from 97 to 99 in a single sitting. After I reached 99 in all skills I decided I was going to go for all the skilling pets. This is still an ongoing goal and achievement for my UIM skiller. Currently I have achieved 7 out of 9 skilling pets. But that's not all. Once I have achieved all skilling pets I want to continue the grind for Master Clues to obtain the Bloodhound pet and after that it will be time to become a raids skiller to be the first Zenytian with a combat 3 olmlet pet. Overtime I have been collecting a nice stack of GP and I have been saving up all my Saradomin Brews from Herblore. I've put a hold on the skill as I'm currently grinding to obtain the Rift Guardian pet. But here is a look into my Looting Bag. After obtaining the Mummy Gloves from a Master clue, I've decided to hold on to them and to set a goal of obtaining the full set. Alongside with a lot of other Clue Scroll rewards, achievements and goals for the future, I will showcase what I have achieved so far. The Giant Spade is a reward from Easy Clue's after completing 500 of them. The Clueless Scroll is obtained after completing 400 Medium Clue's. And last but not least, the Scroll Sack which is obtained after completing 100 Master Clue's. I still have yet to achieve the Uri Transform emote, which will be unlocked after completing 300 Hard Clue's and the Heavy Casket which is obtained after completing 200 Elite Clue's. There's still some long-term goals I would like to achieve. But for now, what I have in mind to achieve I will list down here. Current goals: - Rift Guardian - Phoenix - Max Cash stack - Bloodhound Pet - Combat 3 Olmlet pet These are the main goals for this account as of right now. In the future some of the goals I would like to achieve are 200m skills and eventually 99 slayer. The dream would be a full Clue Completionist Log, but that is near impossible. But I won't give up and I will keep grinding untill I don't have anything left to grind for on this account. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my post. If you have any questions, suggestions, remarks, feel free to leave anything down below. - Slice
  7. Hi there @HC Defiant, An administrator will be with you when available. Thank you for putting in the request. In the mean time, sit tight. - The Zenyte Staff Team
  8. It passed the vote poll, so we will not be taking it out. By the time ur going to be able to purchase one on x5 rate xp, you will be 35 Million xp into mining.
  9. As for someone who has been wanting to play for a while, yet only created an account the same day you wrote all this, without having logged in to the game once, you have a lot of pre-judgement. I am glad you know Noele and her previous work, so I hope that it will also make sense that, as this is Noele's server, she has played a main role into setting up rules for her server. We tend to keep a COMMUNITY happy, not just a single individual. Good day.
  10. This has been taken care of.
  11. Happy birthday Mikey!

    1. Blisziful


      Thank you Slice ❤️ 

  12. Happy birthday dude! Enjoy your day!


    UIM's Unite!

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      Pure THC

      Thank you bbycakes ❤️
      Will be enjoying the day no doubt lol

      The UIM Way 😉 

  13. I do like this suggestion. I will make sure to add this to a list for our next meeting.
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