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  1. WTB Discord Unban

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      Say please

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      X5 Slice


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      Tabernacle’ ! 

  2. WTB Discord unban. Kek W

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    2. X5 Slice

      X5 Slice

      Scammazzed, lemme open a ticket

    3. Fe Felix
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      Why you want to be unbanned when you can come chill with me on my discord 😉❤️ 

  3. Thank you @Mew2for your request. @1945will take care of this in a timely manner.
  4. Happy birthday dude! Hope you have a nice day.

  5. With a Ancient Equipment drop from both wildy slayer AND from a boss, I will be releasing the drop mechanics! For wildy bosses: 1/250 for a roll on the Ancient Equipment Table. Meaning you roll a 1/250 then the table is rolled. This is a weighted table with a total weight of 230. Axes/Javelins share a weighting of 50 each, coming to a total weight of 100 for those. The Armour has a weighting of 10 each, with there being 11 pieces of armour, that comes to a weighting of 110 for these. Then the Weapons. Those have a weighting of 5 each, bringing that to a total of 20. So, when the table is rolled the chances for each category is as follows: 10/23 for a javelin/thowing axe drop => ~43.5% chance when the table is rolled 11/23 for an armour drop => ~47.8% chance when the table is rolled 2/23 for a weapon drop => ~8.7% chance when the table is rolled For wildy slayer: 1/2500 at a chance a roll on the Ancient Equipment Table. This meaning you roll 1/2500 to have a chance, then a 1/17 chance for a specific item. Making a specific item from wildy slayer 1/(2500*17) = 1/42,500 I hope this helps with any chance questions about the droprate of the Ancient Warrior Sets. All credits go to @Jakey for elaborating the drop system on the Ancient Warrior Sets.
  6. Because right now they can not be made in-game. Bastion potions are only obtainable through the BH store. Battlemage Potions are currently unobtainable.
  7. They will most likely have the same cost as any other potion pack that we currently have in store which is 30 credits.
  8. Thank you @Mut for your suggestion. I will go ahead and forward this to be discussed during our next meeting.


    1. Hexae


      Congrats everyone! Love the video!

  10. PROMOTION Name: Itzcnote100 Current Position: Global Moderator New Position: Administrator
  11. Welcome to Zenyte! Looking forward to meeting you in-game. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to pm a member of staff.
  12. PROMOTION Name: X5 Slice Current Position: Forum Moderator New Position: Forum Administrator
  13. A simple life hack to a higher donator rank. It's a long route, but worth it. (This only works for normal accounts.)

    Bond prices are currently going for anywhere between 20-30m, with your credits you can buy mystery boxes which sell for around 10m each. Every 10$ gives you 100 credits which exchanges for 2 mystery boxes. So your loss is minimal and you can keep doing this to increase your donator rank.

  14. Happy birthday dude! I hope you have a good day!

    1. Fe Felix

      Fe Felix

      thanks brother!


  15. Happy brithday oldtimer.

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