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  1. The only point I disagree with is the addition of pet mystery boxes as a reward from pest control. People have donated for these mystery boxes or spent quite the amount of GP purchasing them from other players. However if they do get added as a reward, I would like to see them for an almost absurd amount of points. So that people will actually need to farm for them and it would also mean that those who do farm for them will open up for more pest control activity. Personally I would love it if there was a "spinner" pet. But a mystery pet box I wouldn't like to see that go for anywhere below 5000 points. Everything else is a yes, especially the god birds! - Slice
  2. You can purchase boosted drinks from the bartender in the Burthrope pub. Not the same effect as stews. But it still boosts certain skills.
  3. Goodluck dude! You got this!
  4. Hey @Kronik, Merry Christmas! Someone will get with you when they're available, please keep in mind it's Christmas so the majority of our staff will be with their families! Thank you for your patience & Happy Holidays !
  5. Congratiulations, @Magepals678for winning the Black Santa Hat! https://gyazo.com/bb431dd99b990b4864ca3ad4975dad78
  6. ----------- ALL ENTRIES FOR DECEMBER 23'rd ARE CLOSED! -----------
  7. Today is going to be a day full of christmas films with a drunk girlfriend.... I will blink twice for help!
  8. @Hxrdcore @Sir Hassan The reason I mainly opted the Dragon Pickaxe for Ironman, was, well, there's quite a few Ironman skillers on Zenyte, and other than being able to purchase it through the store with credits, an ironman skiller has no other way of obtaining it. Like the dragon hatchet is obtainable through wintertodt.
  9. @Nye @StankSlug have been Disqualified for entering the giveaway on multiple accounts.
  10. ----------- ALL ENTRIES FOR DECEMBER 22'nd ARE CLOSED! -----------
  11. I will get that Santa hat and join you next to the tree! @KanzeonBesides that, I will also join you for Christmas during the evening.
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