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  1. Hey @hidden1leaf, Unfortunately it looks like you never was a Sapphire donator according to our logs. Perhaps you are mixing it with another server, because I don't recall seeing you with a donator rank before.
  2. Hey @hidden1leaf, Thank you for this report. Please remain patient while we are looking in to this.
  3. Thanks for everything @Yamato69, I'm speechless. I wish the best of luck in your life!
  4. [email protected], I can assist you shortly. In the meantime, could you provide a screenshot of 1st Virgin's total donation from the Game noticeboard.
  5. Hey @Big Qanso, Thank you for bringing this up, I will add this to the list.
  6. What about the death mechanics like in osrs, but add a practice mode also.
  7. HC Tuoppi

    2FA Removal

    [email protected], in your case we must do some security steps to go further with this. I will pm you shortly.
  8. Sorry for the delay, just posting here as we spoke in Discord already.
  9. I suggest you to check and read the news and announcements to keep yourself up dated with our situation and future plans.
  10. I'll go ahead and close this topic since there was another topic in 'Player requests'.
  11. Hey @Chukwuemeka, Hit me up when you're online. And could you provide us a screenshot of your total donations?
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