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  1. Looks damn good dude. Now 3rd age collection!
  2. Hey @Rebelo, Do you mean the offer viewer which we already have? Or like a noticeboard that updates every now and then with most recent sales?
  3. Hey there @Kodai Wand! Thank you for sharing your video with us. Good luck on your journey, will definitely be waiting for more of your content!
  4. Hey @Death Addict, The skill cape should act as a warm clothing already.
  5. You mean the time you flamed the server/Matt & Grant? If the situation has been explained already, why you have to continue the same shit over and over again? Like I said, it doesn't help at all, only makes things worse and builds a tension. Lets be honest: would you work in a place where you are going to be constantly pushed and pushed, asked to do more and more and not to let finish the job in peace? I don't think so. But now I'm outie, this is only going to lead to a dead end.
  6. @CIA Why are you repeating the same thing over and over again? Read my post again carefully. It doesn't matter if you claim to say "I'm speaking for the other OG's", like I said: YOU are speaking only for yourself, if they want to get their voice to be heard they should really do it by theirselves, otherwise it has no value. Of course I do know what would bring players back, but you don't still seem to understand our situation which has been told to you and the whole community NUMEROUS times. It's also been said that we are looking for the people who are capable to do such things ALL THE TIME. And you should know (hope so), that the searching and hiring doesn't just happen by a finger snap. How many times these same things we have to tell you? Meanwhile you are spamming the Discord and forums with suggestions you very well know won't happen anytime soon and isn't even relevant at the point. We have been around about the same time by the way, this argument is invalid anyway. Like I said, maybe there could be other items in the future to symbolize your PvM skills. And the server isn't 100% OSRS. Why you didn't start this same shitstorm about the crystal equipments? Nobody ever claimed it was the best option, but it could be worse too. You have to calm down and be more patient, this doesn't help at all and nor does it if you are still just going to spam Staff's PMs/other platforms.
  7. Yes, I am very well aware of how certain things are obtained in osrs. In my opinion, there could of been two choices for this helmet update (at the moment): 1. Implemented it the way it is now (which is still good enough because of the various rewards you can possibly get). 2. Not to do it at all. Once again, we don't have the resources to do such complicated tasks as much as I and many other players wishes. Sure we could of done it like "post a screenshot" style list of tasks and hand the reward for those who can complete all the required tasks. I do not see anything bad on that grind honestly, like I said you could go for the pet grind and spend hours and hours in completing the caves but now you are getting rewarded anyway. And maybe in the future you will see other rewards as a symbol of "PvM Master", nobody's saying it has to be this item. Remember that you are only speaking for yourself, if there is other players who wants to share their opinions they are completely free to do so. This "Won't bring any OG's back" is YOUR opinion and speculation, 'm not saying it works like a "magnet", but that is a wrong way to approach things.
  8. The key is just an additional reward for completing the Fight Caves. And you could think about it positively instead: get 2 birds with 1 stone - you're going to grind for the Jad pet and get rewarded regardless of getting the pet drop or not. Loot from 100 chests: Loot from 500 chests: Got the scroll at ~340th chest.
  9. Nice to see something like this also, glad you are enjoying your time!
  10. Yes, there is lots of things to do. But what wilderness gwd, we got it?
  11. HC Tuoppi

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    We will not be moving forward with your suggestion. Sorry!
  12. HC Tuoppi

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    Already suggested.
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