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  1. Congratulations @Mulisha, I have now added the reward on your account.
  2. Congratulations @SwiftZero! Haven't seen that drop in a while.
  3. @Mulishabut all of those drops were from 4th of April? Or did ya get another Bludgeon Claw? Congratulations though!
  4. All winners has been rewarded, congratulations!
  5. Hello community! I would like to announce that we have created an official event account called "Events Team" which is only used by our wonderful Events team. Special thanks to @Fawkfor creating the account! We are going to accept future event donations only through this account to keep it as secure as possible for the both community and our team as it helps us to keep better track especially on trade logs. I want to personally thank you all for your donations so far, it's amazing to see the loyalty and generousity towards our server and community, thank you! On the side note: Our Events team is also going to work more on other events such as for skillers, early game, pures etc. so there could be more activity for you all and we are open minded for suggestions. Important note: Contact Hc Tuoppi, Yamato69 or Fawk in regards of a donation. If none of us are available at the moment, you are free to drop a message directly to us in Discord/forums or you could ask any other Staff member to forward the message to us.
  6. Hello @Cerveja, I will gladly assist you whenever you're online, hit me up!
  7. Sorry for waiting, I'll do this now.
  8. Hello, I can assist you soon if you're available.
  9. I'll be online now, hit me up.
  10. Alright, I'll log in soon and will assist you.
  11. Thanks, and you only want to transfer 960 correct?
  12. Hey @Geno, could you provide a picture of total amount donated?
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