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  1. Thanks for clarifying, but sadly I'm afraid there is nothing we can do to retrieve your items... You should use instanced gwd in the future so if you die you can pay a little fee to get your items back.
  2. Hey @n4xximus, was it instanced gwd or regular one?
  3. That's just some awesome rng you've got there! Bank made and nice little followers, congrats!
  4. Hello @Zoological, I'm glad you're enjoying your time in here! If you ever need something don't hesitate to ask any of us or in the Help CC. See you around and welcome!
  5. Hey, could you show your total amount donated from game noticeboard?
  6. Good job there, I myself am still sitting at 1 shard/1k ish kc. Keep sharing the media with us, good luck in the future!
  7. HC Tuoppi

    Pet Luck

    Oh wow and such a low kc Spiderling too, congrats!
  8. Congrats, a lucky week indeed for you! Keep it up!
  9. I want to say thank you @Matt @Jakeyand QA team, Staff team and anyone who were involved with this update for the tests, hard work and patience especially on these rough times, we shall rise again for sure! Good work everyone!
  10. HC Tuoppi

    07 loot

    Wow congrats, I've been doing solos in osrs few times a week but have not received anything special yet so far.
  11. Hey @exeland welcome to Zenyte! I'm glad you enjoy your time here with the rest of us. I'm pretty sure you have familiarized yourself already with forums/Discors stuff, events and guides etc., but don't you ever hesitate to contact us if anything bothers your mind. I wish you good luck with your adventures!
  12. I want 1 pair of Inf boots lol... How much is the total loot?
  13. It's simple: Ironmen/women only Herblore must be the first 99 Limited in this case means you have to try balancing your other skills so they won't max out before Herblore.
  14. Good luck with the grind mate! Share the loot tab when you're finished.
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