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  1. Hey man, I'm glad you've been enjoying the server feel free to hit me up in-game.
  2. This would definitely help a lot with acquiring herblore secondaries. Support.
  3. Welcome to Zenyte I hope you have a lot of fun.
  4. Definitely separate drops, would be more fun to achieve them separately
  5. I respect you man. You are going somewhere. I'm excited to see more
  6. Congratulations to everyone! Best. Community. Ever.
  7. I admire the creativity. Nice ideas!
  8. Orion is an invite-only, drama-free, rank-free, skilling clan reserved for the best of the best and their close friends. Our current members include all winners of the first-to-max competition, as well as many of the top players from each game mode and XP rate. We function through a Discord server, so the "Orion" CC is currently open to everyone, feel free to come chill. If you are interested in joining and want to be considered, feel free to hit me up or post a reply! Requirements Current requirements include Max Cape + one 200M skill (25x), or top 5 rank or high skill XP in any other game mode or XP rate (10x/5x). These requirements are flexible to an extent, so if you think that you have considerable progress, feel free to hit me up or post a reply, and you will be considered. These requirements may increase in the future, but no member can lose their eligibility due to a requirements increase. There is no pressure to maintain a certain level of progress. Members Arekusei [Maxed (25x), 750M XP] Abdul [Rank 2 Hardcore Ironman (5x)] Chop [Maxed, Server Support, 450M XP] Clue [Hardcore Ironman (10x), 86M Mining, 125M XP] Dyoh [Rank 6 Regular (25x), Maxed, 750M XP, Rank 1 Farming (200M)] Fantasy [Rank 2 Ironman (25x), Maxed, 600M XP] Ghost [First-to-max (2nd), Rank 1 Ironman (25x), 1B XP] Iron CC [Rank 1 Hardcore Ironman (25x), Maxed, 1B XP] Iron Levi [Rank 1 Ironman (5x), 132M XP] Jxgilly [Rank 1 Regular (10x), 100M XP] Joke [Ultimate Ironman (25x)] Lars [Rank 1 Regular (5x) , 115M XP] Laura [First-to-max (3rd), Hardcore Ironwoman (25x), 700M XP] Martial God [Rank 1 Hardcore Ironman (5x) , 100M XP] Nacyto [First-to-max (4th), Rank 1 Ultimate Ironman (25x), 1.3B XP] Psyduck [Rank 4 Ultimate Ironman (25x), Maxed, 550M XP] Rewind [Rank 1 Hardcore Ironman (10x), 125M XP] Salient [Rank 3 Ultimate Ironman (25x), Maxed, 600M XP] Soul [Rank 1 Regular (25x), Maxed, 1.5B XP] Splasher / Ze [Rank 2 Regular (5x), 88M XP / Regular (25x), 200M Fishing (1st)] Vigfus [Ultimate Ironman (5x)] Y0m0pk [First-to-max (1st), Rank 2 Regular (25x), 800M XP]
  9. In a singular game for me, it's probably Skyrim. I have some console playtime on it as well. If I could combine all the time I have spent maxing on RSPSs though, it would certainly be much much more.
  10. Most Recent Stats Tuesday 9:25pm EST Total Experience: 315.9M Playtime: 3 days 9 hours Total Sleep: 13 hours History Friday 2:30pm EST Saturday 7:45am EST Sunday 1:30am EST Sunday 5:15am EST Sunday 9:15am EST Monday 1:00am EST Monday 10:25am EST Monday 3:40pm EST Tuesday 10:30am EST Tuesday 3:30pm EST Playtime: 81 hours 99 Thieving - Friday 8:00pm EST 99 Crafting - Saturday 7:30pm EST 99 Strength - Saturday 11:20pm EST 99 Magic - Sunday 5:00am EST 99 Attack - Sunday 6:00am EST 99 Woodcutting - Sunday 10:00am EST 99 Firemaking - Sunday 11:10am EST 99 Mining - Monday 2:35am EST 99 Hitpoints - Monday 7:45am EST 99 Defence - Monday 8:00am EST 99 Farming - Monday 10:25am EST 99 Ranged - Tuesday 11:20am EST 99 Hunter - Tuesday 1:15pm EST 99 Fishing - Tuesday 4:15pm EST 99 Cooking - Tuesday 5:35pm EST
  11. Username: Ghost Why do you believe we will be a good fit for you? I am an extremely active and motivated player and enjoy chatting with like-minded players while I grind. Sharing and comparing methods with clan members can be quite enjoyable as well. What type of player are you: I enjoy rushing to max total level and 200M XP in skills, testing methods to determine which is the most efficient and practical way to train. I have been maining Ironman mode for the past couple years. I enjoy the added challenge as well as the freedom of not feeling the need to grind on alts on the side. What kind of events do you hope to see? Skilling / XP Gained competitions What are your personal goals? To be the first maxed Ironman, potentially the first maxed player overall. Will begin to work on 200m all after that, and report every bug that I encounter along the way. What is your time zone? EST Were you with, or currently with any clans? Efficiency (Recruit) If you were, why did you leave? Many of the more longer-term members are not very active in-game or have not joined at all. Are you active on Discord? Yes.
  12. Had lots of fun playing with you man. I hope you find enjoyment in whatever you move on to next.
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