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  1. You pay me; I train your skills, easy. I keep all tradable items and resources that are gathered or made (unless resources are provided). These rates are for 25x experience rate accounts. I am open to offers for 10x and 5x experience rate accounts. These rates are subjective and based on the ease of the skill. These rates may increase with future demand. You may be placed on a waiting list if a lot of accounts are in queue. Estimated times to complete will be added in the future. Order Template: Username Skills you want trained Do you have any resources that would be useful for training said skill? What time of day are you active in-game? (so that I can work on the account when you are away) Rates Attack/Strength/Defence/Hitpoints 99 (25m) Ranged 99 (25m) Prayer 99 (50m) Magic 99 (20m) Runecrafting 77 (7.5m) 99 (30m) Agility 70 (5m) 99 (25m) Herblore 99 (50m) Thieving 99 (10m) 200m (100m) Crafting 99 (25m) Fletching 99 (30m) Slayer 75 (7.5m) 85 (15m) 99 (100m) Hunter 99 (30m) Mining 99 (25m) Smithing 99 (20m) Fishing 99 (20m) Cooking 99 (10m) 200m (100m) Firemaking 99 (10m) 200m (100m) Woodcutting 99 (10m) 200m (100m) Farming 99 (25m) 200m (200m) F.A.Q None yet
  2. I can't support this. Being self-sufficient and planning out how you are going to acquire resources and supplies is an integral part of playing ironman mode. Spoon-feeding ironmen seeds, herbs, logs, herblore secondaries, raw fish, and ores would be detrimental to the game mode. I never been short on any supplies or skilling resources. Please feel free to ask me for advice if you need guidance with any of the skills.
  3. I believe the farmers near the patches should be able to cut down the tress, for a small fee. The tree stump can then be dug up.
  4. Hey man, I'm glad you've been enjoying the server feel free to hit me up in-game.
  5. This would definitely help a lot with acquiring herblore secondaries. Support.
  6. Welcome to Zenyte I hope you have a lot of fun.
  7. Definitely separate drops, would be more fun to achieve them separately
  8. I respect you man. You are going somewhere. I'm excited to see more
  9. Congratulations to everyone! Best. Community. Ever.
  10. I admire the creativity. Nice ideas!
  11. In a singular game for me, it's probably Skyrim. I have some console playtime on it as well. If I could combine all the time I have spent maxing on RSPSs though, it would certainly be much much more.
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