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  1. Zenyte has a wonderful community of friendly people and tons of fun and time-consuming opportunities to choose from. You've found the right place. Welcome
  2. Zenyte #1

  3. Welcome and enjoy!
  4. This just goes to show that RNG can be so fickle.
  5. This competition has ended. Winners will be announced shortly.
  6. This is an amazing guide. Thought it deserved a pin, so here you go
  7. Great suggestion but I see this as more of a content addition. So it may not happen soon.
  8. Awesome guide, as usual.
  9. Congratulations to all. You deserve it.
  10. Welcome to Zenyte Dylan, we're glad you're here.
  11. Moved to the appropriate section.
  12. Welcome. I hope you enjoy the game.
  13. I do support this. Good luck on it.
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