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  1. Ziniy

    Buy Limit

    The prices needs to rise more imo they are way to low currently
  2. this idea have been suggested alot of times but the way you put it out and put a finish on the suggestion is great, good job and support from me
  3. hello and welcome to zenyte we hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Still missing: all the work, that which has no life, grand master "possible"
  5. idea is fine imo and seems non eCo breaking even though i would never do it but +1 from me
  6. Hi snow Cone hope you enjoy your stay
  7. NiCe to see yet another Clan rise goodlUCk
  8. i like the idea but i would say speCIFIC items should be donated instead sinCe theres way too many bp/DWH etC ingame
  9. take it in pm, if you where kick wrongfully pm an admin.
  10. Feel free to comment down below with guide ideas for Zenyte and i will see what i can do.
  11. Nice to see a new clan rise, good luck with the clan
  12. wdym XD i habe the requirements for them all but staff one kris should be able to check in db or smt if you dont belive me
  13. nice guide, images are missing though if you havent updated it by the weekend i might make one
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