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  1. damm veng we had a great run, deff will miss ya, dm me on discord anytime you wanna chill aight?
  2. I am actually sad to see this post, one of the by far most promising staff members i met, even though we did not talk alot. I hope to see you again when the ship has turned :)
  3. Even though i only agree with one of the promotions since i feel like other 2 is still a bit "incompetent" to be ss and only knows like a few answears a gz is on the right place now please make me proud. if you wonder who the 2 are i wont hang anyone out.
  4. Hello there feel free to post any questions down below and i will answer to my best, may it be about general Zenyte stuff or just what my takes/thoughts on certain things are. I might not be able to answer all questions but should be able to do most Enjoy
  5. Ziniy

    RNG Gone Wrong

    ouch bl man soontm
  6. list is based on Zenyte players, tbh i did not know that either get to it bro i believe
  7. Top tier Pvmers @Great Chaos @Last Zombie @Mew2 @J Y N X @Gerard @Distraction @Nissan @Sh0ckzy @Ziniy @splasher @Gim Francis Pm any of these cool ppl if you want to learn some great pvm tips etc, some are also great skillers.
  8. Sit kekw sad to see the demonics grind go to waste
  9. GZ to the new supports and promoted, sad to see the few go thank you for the dedication in Zenyte.
  10. Flowers: Red Time: 5pm CET+1 Thank you for hosting this nice giveaway
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