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  1. Option 1: all other options would ruin the experience of Theatre of Blood
  2. Sorry to say but have you done any boss slayer? XD Other then that GZ
  3. Excited to participate like good old days GL yall
  4. I can give you the correct method to do this if you want and also the fastest but cba myself
  5. No reason for degrading big no from me on that, but +1 on the way it is optainable i will def come bk to play for it
  6. Thinking about the future and what have happen in the past and what is about to happen in the present
  7. Being with the family and relaxing doing stuff i dont do normally. Merry Christmas Zenyte
  8. Sorry but i do not support that.
  9. Really sad to see you go man hope to see you back in the future! We had a great run
  10. @L0raxaccepted, pm Ziniy#3187 on discord for a full invite
  11. damm veng we had a great run, deff will miss ya, dm me on discord anytime you wanna chill aight?
  12. I am actually sad to see this post, one of the by far most promising staff members i met, even though we did not talk alot. I hope to see you again when the ship has turned :)
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