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  1. Ziniy

    Fix Zenyte

    I will as a vet player and one of the first deepdiving players of this game give this one to Gepan, we must see both sides and therefor they are adding all theese extra things which in the end of the day is a huge QoL thing for Zenyte and in the big picture will be good for the game. Even though i used to do all the bad feedback and toxic stuff around here, i am also seeing this from a business and all around community perspective, rather have some small then 1 big update from time to time then 1 big update every x months, we will all be happy with it at some point, just have faith and let the devs do their work. Help with QA and testing that is the best way for the updates you want the most to be released @CIA
  2. Option 1: all other options would ruin the experience of Theatre of Blood
  3. Sorry to say but have you done any boss slayer? XD Other then that GZ
  4. someone help this man nice person too
  5. Sorry but i do not support that.
  6. Really sad to see you go man hope to see you back in the future! We had a great run
  7. @L0raxaccepted, pm Ziniy#3187 on discord for a full invite
  8. damm veng we had a great run, deff will miss ya, dm me on discord anytime you wanna chill aight?
  9. I am actually sad to see this post, one of the by far most promising staff members i met, even though we did not talk alot. I hope to see you again when the ship has turned :)
  10. Hello there feel free to post any questions down below and i will answer to my best, may it be about general Zenyte stuff or just what my takes/thoughts on certain things are. I might not be able to answer all questions but should be able to do most Enjoy
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