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  1. Life

    Vorkath mobile

    Better guy than me! I tried to do a Vorkath kill on OSRS and FAILED. Tried to do one on Zenyte on my alt and after 4 deaths I finally got a kill. =] Props to you!
  2. Hello my Fellow Zenyte Gamers! With the recent Dev-Blog announcing the start on ToB (visit the thread here), we've decided to host yet another Logo Competition! This time, we're looking for a new logo with a "Theatre of Blood" vibe to it! Prizes: Winner will receive $50 via PayPal or $75 in Store Credits! GFX Forum Award Logo will be featured on our client when the ToB update goes live Guidelines: All submissions MUST be submitted via this thread by June 18th 11:00PM GMT (Server Time) Logo submission MUST follow the Theatre of Blood Theme All submissions MUST be created by the submitter, if found using someone else's idea/work, you will forfeit the competition You are able to enter up to 3 designs All submissions will be sent via a "reply" on this thread Persuading others to vote for your submission is strictly prohibited and will disqualify you from receiving rewards Submission Format: Logo for reference
  3. Tommeh and the Brit are gunna smash ToB! I’m excited to see some Avernic Defenders!
  4. Grats! Too bad it's in low detail mode; would have been a cool re-upload for our channel!
  5. What a kind, and generous lad. My DM's are always open as well, thank you for making this clear for our community!
  6. The "1x" is always the amount of items you're receiving, it's the same across the whole store, so I'm not sure it needs re-worded; as obviously the more credits it costs, the more amount you're receiving. The parenthesis is the number of pack it is. IE: 1x Granite Clamp = You receive 1 Granite Clamp. 1x Ecumenical key = You receive 1 Ecumenical key.
  7. Hello Zenyte. Today I'm afraid I have bad news, the loss of a fellow Administrator. Today is a day I've never thought I would see. Today, we are losing one of our own, a respected, trusted, and standard of a Staff Member. Today we are [email protected] From the beginning, you have been by my side, as well as our communities, without you Zenyte would not be where it is today. Your hard work, dedication, and overwhelming positive attitude has made this journey a hell of a ride. You're one person in my history of RSPS related work that I know I can trust, and whatever gets thrown your way you power through it, and amaze me. We will truly miss you, and on behalf of the community at Zenyte; we wish you the best of luck in whatever you may pursue next. You're my brother, and a member of the Zenyte Family forever. Distraction has decided to resign from his position due to becoming increasingly busy IRL, and felt the need to step-down, rather than trickle his activity to nothing. There is no bad blood between this action, and we are all in good faith, and appreciate everything he has done for us.
  8. Construction will be the next large update, HOWEVER; each Developer has their own piece of work they're chipping away at, they're not all working on one piece. Between the Hunter rework, more bosses w/ instances, HiScores, some broken/unfinished old content, and a load of bug fixes the Developers are steadily preparing for us. As I've stated before, our goal isn't to push out updates everyday that are not not completed entirely, or buggy. Zenyte has it's own process of updates to ensure all content prepared is 100% in fully working order. -> Analyze content that the community wants -> Begin development on content -> End development on content -> Developer local tests the content, and fixes/adds what they find -> Content gets pushed to a separate server for QA testing -> Content gets one last test by QA -> Developer ensures content branch doesn't clash with other Developers work -> Content gets staged and prepared to go live -> Content goes live
  9. Life


    I like some of these, think they would be awesome to kick-start the wilderness activities. I’ll be in touch to speak with you more!
  10. Best of luck on your future endeavors.
  11. Took me at least 3 hours to scroll through this. Awesome thread! F to all Hardcores.
  12. Life

    EP.10 IS OUTTT

    Sweet-o video! Thanks for contributing!
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