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  1. Can you take a second, or even minute if you're feeling froggy and stop being a complete dickhead constantly? I did not take a condescending approach to my reply, get off your high horse. Maybe if you weren't a baby because you weren't promoted when you wanted, you'd may still have been on the team. I am a direct person, so I'm very sorry if you get offended by what I say. I spent the majority of a year putting up with your bullshit, and passive aggressiveness. All you did while you were on the team was cry about a promotion, and when you were off the team all you did was cry about joining back. Go tell the Manager to do better, oh wait.. he CAN'T. When will you realize that the Manager role does NOT have the power to bring Zenyte back, it never has had that power. Gepan is doing his best and it's still not enough because you know why..? There's no updates, which again.. Managers can do nothing about. So keep your shit ego and keep blaming me.
  2. The economy is 100% player driven. The less players we have, the harder the economy; the more players, the better the economy. We do not, and will not, inflate the economy with any spawned items.
  3. Thanks for your feedback, we will take your points into serious consideration, and revisit this thread in the near future to address any necessary talking points to move forward.
  4. Moved your topic to General Discussion.
  5. Just adjust all the stats to the screenshot he provided.
  6. All stats have been restored.
  7. Total Pot in just over 24 hours: 124M | October 2 Total Pot: 166M | October 3
  8. If we get a decent amount of entries, and good feedback then yes, it may be (until an update that automates it).
  9. October 2020 - Newsletter Welcome to the October 2020 edition of the monthly Newsletter, the time has flown by and it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the start of 2020. Throughout everybody's efforts, both players and staff combined. The server has stood the test of time and continues to do so. Our community thrives with old and new players alike, and we all come together under one banner to enjoy the scaping that this platform has to offer. As promised the Development and QA Teams have been working on two updates a month and it's important to highlight the amount of effort that these individuals place behind the scenes in order to keep the wheels turning. The Zenyte Development Team has always been passionate about releasing quality updates so in circumstances of a delayed update there is a likely chance a hold up has occurred in the quality assurance side of things. If you would like to to get involved and delve right into becoming an asset to this process feel free to submit an application of interest here. There are currently no rule changes for September 2020, however the Server Moderation Team would like to remind players the importance of using a Middleman. We have had an increased amount of scamming incidents and reports and the majority of these could of been prevented if the correct precautions had been taken. It is also vitally important that you record all of your gambles during games of chance such as Flower Poker because in the instance that you are scammed without valid video evidence no action will be taken. We would also like to remind players that if you are scammed you will not be refunded unless the scammer decides to refund you during his or her appeal process. Promotions @Passionhas been promoted to Moderator @1945has been promoted to Forum Moderator @HC Tuoppihas been promoted to Server Support Resignations @Echohas resigned from Administrator @ConHamerhas resigned from Senior Moderator @loltavenhas resigned from Server Support Demotions @MrClawzhas been demoted from Server Support @Jay Dhas been demoted from Server Support The Voter of the Month is awarded to the player who has reached the tip-top of our monthly voting board. They will be provided with a Forums Medal, a Discord Role, and a Forums Usergroup for their dedication and commitment to Zenyte. The Winner for September 2020 was: @Yamato69 Yamato69 would like to present a few words.. "Since this is the first time I've had to make a statement, I'd like to take this opportunity to explain why it's important to vote and how I vote. Storytime!: Firstly, why I vote: 1. Everyone has different goals, but like most people that play Zenyte, I wanted to experience OSRS but with a boost. When you vote with 2FA enabled you receive 225k cash and clues per 3 vote points (not sure how many clues because I redeem once a month). So even if you do the minimum of voting every 12 hours, that's over 3M cash in just a week. Boom, there's your first whip if you want it that way. And the clues...it depends on your RNG, but I got 2 ranger boots pretty early on. That's when I really started to be able to afford good gear and start really bossing. So, best passive moneymaking for beginners? Voting! 2. There're several ways people hear about Zenyte, but most of the time it's just people searching the internet. The websites that we currently vote on are critical for the longevity and growth of Zenyte. Most people looking for a RSPS don't scroll past the first 10 ranked servers. The more votes Zenyte gets, the higher our rank on those websites. Which means more exposure for our wonderful server! Everyone knows our average current players online is down. The staff and events teams have been working very hard to keep things exciting on the server with an abundance of planned events. However, we as a community can do our part by voting to increase our average players online! Secondly, how I vote: Obviously, if you vote twice a day, the math just doesn't add up for my vote count. So, it turns out, you can actually vote every 7 hours (when the timers on the Zenyte site go away). If you're voting from the same IP address, the voting website will stay say you've already voted. I don't use a VPN or any other secret way to vote more. My current schedule allows me to vote every 7 hours pretty effortlessly. I vote from my home Wi-Fi in the morning before work; 7 hours later I vote at my work computer on the Wi-Fi there; and finally, I vote again from home 7 hours later right before bed. The next morning, I do the same thing, but in the morning I use my phone's cellular service as a hotspot to vote. As long as your voting IP address is different from the last time you voted, you're good. You can even just vote from your phone instead of using it as a hotspot as long as you have "request desktop site" enabled. I hope this has shed some light on the importance of voting for the server, the in-game benefits of voting, and how you can maximize your votes! A big thank you to everyone that votes consistently, especially my fellow players on the vote leaderboards!" The Zenyte Development and Management Team have evaluated over 300 suggestions provided by the community in the Server Suggestions board over the past week and would like to express their utmost gratitude for their overwhelming feedback. We are going to be working closely with leaders of the QA Team to prioritize these suggestions and hopefully sooner rather than later a handful of your brilliant ideas are implemented. The community should be aware that these updates are going to be in conjunction with other major updates such as the Theatre of Blood. The August poll was concluded displaying an almost 50/50 split in Tob or Construction. These requests have not fallen on deaf ears and as the Development Team has stated in numerous forum-related discussions, they continue to spend the majority of their time on large updates, however, keeping in mind that QoL and other minor updates are being implemented at least twice a month. We would also like to remind our player base that their voices are heard through the suggestions board. A verdict has been given on each topic and with recent policy changes, we are now able to review these in a much quicker and smoother process. This allows more suggestions to be forwarded for direct review by the Development Team. Therefore, should you have any suggestions then feel free to view this forum board here. Welcome to the Server Events part of the October Newsletter! The Events Team would like to give you a brief sneak peek at some of the new Events we have stored for October! We are excited that the community has shown an overwhelming amount of support for the Events hosted in August and September! Thank you on behalf of the Events Team. Note: It is important to note that we will still be filling our schedule with events such as pet mania, hide and seek and item thirsts however we have highlighted new content in the newsletter! Zenyte Lottery - October 1st 2020 Last Man Standing - October 18th 2020 October - Last Man Standing Event! Event Schedule - Commencement date/time: Saturday, October 24th 18:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) Event Location You will want to meet with the Event Coordinator (Events Team) at the Clan Wars area near the altar. They will then add your name to the current attendees for the event and issue you the gear you will be allowed to utilize during round 1. You can access this area by using the teleport portal at home. Here is a location on the map of Clan Wars: How will the event work? The Last Man Standing Event will be separated into two rounds both having unique equipment and inventory setup. Once you have traded the Event Coordinator and gathered your first round gear you will then enter the white "Free for All" portal and head north into the middle of the lava swamp. Once you arrive you will see another Events Team member who will be wearing something different than the event gear. He or She will then instruct the players when there is a 1-minute countdown. Once the 1-minute countdown begins you will be allowed to run throughout the "Free for all" map. It will be your gear to keep running, and if you do come across another adventure you will want to battle to the death! Note: The Server Moderators and Administrators want your heart to be racing during this event so they will be randomly teleporting to the attendances and if you are found to be "hiding" or "not walking" they will then battle you in their overrated gear! Event Rules 1.) Once you have died during the event you may not re-enter the portal this could result in punishment up to a server ban. 2.) You may only use the items dropped by people you defeat or the items that you are provided by the Events Team. Round 1: The following items will be allowed in round 1: Rune full helm Rune platebody Rune platelegs Rune kiteshield Barrows gloves Climbing boots Amulet of glory Team-16 cape Dragon scimitar Dragon dagger Round 2: The following items will be allowed in round 2: Rune full helm Rune platebody Rune platelegs Rune kiteshield Leather boots Strength amulet Team-16 cape Rune scimitar Rune 2h Winners The following player has won the first round and will be rewarded with 500 store credits: Winners Name The following player has won the second round and will be rewarded with 500 store credits: Winners Name Staff Interview with Passion 200m Dancing: Hi Passion, it's a pleasure to have you here, welcome to the Septembers staff Newsletter interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Passion: The pleasure is all mine, glad to be here and I appreciate the nomination for this month’s staff interview. Well, I’m a 25-year-old master's graduate from a University in London interested in the business side of things. I have a passion to learn a modest amount of everything. I’d describe myself as a person with a versatile skill-set, a lot of integrity, and a willingness to go the extra mile to achieve something. 200m Dancing: Word on the street is that that you are currently 750+ KC dry of a Karil's top drop from Barrows, how does this make you feel? Passion: I must say it is quite frustrating; I’ve had a couple of days where it would discourage me from playing the game. But it’s all good now, I’ve moved on to a blessed d-hide as an alternative, nothing can discourage me now… I think 200m Dancing: Any thoughts on the following in-game screenshot? (Credits to Gepan). https://i.imgur.com/OY61Gpf.png Passion: I’d say that's some impressive RNG wasted on a fella that probably would use it at Cerberus… Assuming he can manage that boss :kekw: 200m Dancing: Is there anything you could've done differently to prevent your HCIM death? Passion: In all honesty, given that I’m probably on the bottom of the list for the worst HCIM staff deaths, I would take that death any time of the day… After all, some have somehow died to a Spinolyp (insert confused face) and another to a black dragon…? 200m Dancing: I don't know which death is more embarrassing. :kekw: 200m Dancing: What do you find is the most challenging about being an Iron-man? If you could tweak anything about the game-mode or make any changes, what would they be and why? Passion: The most challenging aspect of an ironman is the solo ride through the valley of the shadow of death; it ultimately comes down to learning every content on your own without the help from others…As intended. The addition of a group ironman is a tweak I’d love to see, it relatively sustains the challenge but hosts new strategies amongst friends. 200m Dancing: What's the reasoning and/or explanation behind your username? Passion: Passion... Is my one-word mantra or affirmation that serves as an inspiration for my future goals given that I’m nearing a new chapter in life, derived from the famous quote “without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark.” —Henri Frederic Amiel 200m Dancing: What's one of your biggest pet peeves? Passion: That friend that doesn’t know when to leave... I’ve had multiple occasions where friends would come over and leave at the end of the night, but there’s always that one friend that lurks in a corner. Community Interview with 1945 200m Dancing: The one and only, 1945! Welcome, happy to meet your acquaintance. What are some interesting facts that you would be willing to share about yourself? 1945: Heyy hey 2m, Cheers!! It's a pleasure being here doing the September Newsletter & thank YOU everyone from the bottom of my heart in allowing me to do this with y'all here today! Well, my real name is Jake, better known as 1945; I'm 23 years old and nooo, no. I wasn't born in '45, LMAO. But I wish I was born somewhere around there because I was born in the wrong era! I was proudly born in the US but now I'm currently residing in Canada, I LOVE collecting old currency and coins simply because, you can tell yourself "holy sh#t; I'm holding a little piece of history right here in my hands." Honestly, everything that's old I have some sort of an interest in Why? Because everything was better made & it was built to last back in the day! 200m Dancing: I've always been fascinated by the impressive amount of knowledge you have relating to World War II. I and I'm sure others of this community are a huge fan of your daily yells that contain that most bizarre & interesting information. Which brings me to my question, where did this originate from? At what point in your life did you start to show a keen interest in the history behind WWII? 1945: Thanks dude that means a lot to me, I'm glad you and the community seem to like these random little facts from the most deadliest conflict in the world, (Well I hope they do!) But with all honestly, It is as long as I can remember, I've always had an interest in any sort of History, But more & so for the deadliest conflict in human history, simply because of the drastic advances in technology that occurred between World War I & World War II, If you look at the Bi-planes that were used in WWI & now, having Jet propulsion technology during the dying days of the war, (the UK & Germany both had developed these technologies nearing the dying stages of the war) is just purely fascinating in my honest opinion, thank god they've lost the war & for us hitting a home run w/ Operation Paperclip, Lmao. 200m Dancing: What's your most memorable moment playing Zenyte? 1945: This is a tough one to answer, because you see .. It's everyone who've I've ever interacted with who makes my stay on Zenyte soo enjoyable and memorable. Everyone is so nice and chill & when I yell some facts & y'all just join into my friendly ww2 shenanigan... It just makes my day! I really hope we'll be making more memorable moments all together, Here's to many more beautiful memorable moments to come in the near future! CHEERS!! 200m Dancing: Are you enjoying the concept of a X10 lvl 3, 10 HP skiller? Tell us your future plans. 1945: Oh heck yes, I really do love being a Skiller because it makes me feel like Bill Millin. For my plans? Well nothing too specific.. But Maxing is one of them, trying to be the richest non-pvmer ingame! Eventually completing every dairy a level 3 could possibly complete is on my to-do list! One's a liiiiitle bit more secretive but when that goal's completed. I'll gladly share it with y'all on the forums! Pinky promises 200m Dancing: What is your least favorite skill to train? 1945: Agility. 200m Dancing: What is a food that you've never had but wish you could try? 1945: I never had duck before, I'd wouldn't detest trying it even though I have no idea how to prepare it, Apparently it's very delicious. 200m Dancing: A relative of my mine works out of town in a nearby Chinese restaurant. It goes by the business name "Love-A-Duck" (Very ironic) - The restaurant serves the most pristine, mouth-watering crispy Duck that is known to mankind. It's honestly to die for! If you're going to indulge on Duck for your first time, make sure it's Crispy and cooked to be perfection. Duck is very easy to overcook. 200m Dancing: If you could change one thing about Zenyte, what would it be and why? 1945: Simple, I'd make the punishments for certain rules more severe, Why? Because I know what's it like to be treated like an absolute old used handkerchief & I wish no one will ever feel like I've felt before, Don't let anyone devalorize you guys & take sh#t from no one. Okay? Each & one of you guys are awesome & we all have a reason for being here on earth, Love you guys.
  10. Thanks to all the QA Testers that participated and went through these changes to help the team push out this update! Heads high for the future of fast, and steady updates!
  11. Some really good songs, and even better stories on this thread. Looking forward to seeing tons more
  12. Reason: I found this artist at the beginning of my Military career, and at the time leaving my family, my girlfriend at the time, and all my friends really got to me while in a foreign country, and I was at my lowest point in life, and actually reached out to the Artist and to my surprise we actually had a conversation (and still talk to this day). I actually got a tattoo of the lyrics "The lonelier the highway, the prettier the view" on the back of my arm, which made me dedicate my left arm to music that's close to me. He's a super down to earth guy, and puts out great music if you like the genre he sings.
  13. 1. This is not a one off, similar situations have happened multiple times, you might not be aware due to your unwillingness to ask the simple questions when people decide to leave the staff team. People volunteer here, they're free to go if they please, NONE of his issues were ever brought to me, so please tell me how I should address issues that I'm unaware about because he failed to speak the matter to his team leader or anyone above. 2. Taven didn't leave for the given reason, that was maybe 5% of the problem, once again this shows a lack of insight due to an unwillingness to ask the simple questions. Refer to 1. I lack insight on issues that were not brought to me. Okay. 3. Using words like "begging" has a lot of presuppositions attached to it. If you believe leaving the staff team over a simple misunderstanding cannot be rectified it makes total sense as to why you wouldn't care as to the reason they want to leave. He left the staff team due to a simple misunderstanding, again I'm not sure how I could negotiate that. If someone wants to resign, I let them. If he would have said "hey man, there's some issues and I was thinking about resigning." Then i would have approached the issue(s) and been all ears. 4. You claim people can approach you about internal issues but people in your current staff team say you are not approachable. This is just conjecture but I assume this is due to staff being encouraged to always contact your team lead with issues and going weeks without getting a single message from you. Everyone on the Staff team has no issues with me, as I asked even when this was relevant. I have a system set up for a reason. I'm not approachable? That seems more like a personal issue the user is having, literally just DM me and I drop what I'm doing 95% of the time to talk over any suggestions, issues, or anything. That's a bad excuse that I'm not approachable. Please inform me on who DM'd me and never got a response for weeks, I'm genuinely curious on this. This is literally a he-said/she-said situation that you'd not be familiar with due to not being on the Staff Team. I digress though, you are correct on this part "but I assume this is due to staff being encouraged to always contact your team lead with issues." That is why I have this system. Do I want Supports coming to me every day "Hey life I was wondering how 2FA resets work" etc etc. That is a simple question to ask your Team leader because they'd know. Since you mentioned you have Management experience IRL, think of it like this, if you're a new hire at a job, and you had a question; are you going to contact your corporate management to ask how to perform a task, or if you have an issue with someone you work with you're going to write them a message telling the "top" boss about it? No, you're going to go to your first line boss (IE: Team leader), if it doesn't get solved there then it gets escalated higher. Since you stated you'd rather not go on, let's not. I've said this day 1, and I'll say it again. I'm not here to babysit anyone, and if someone has an issue and does DM me, I answer regardless. However, this was not the case with Taven, as I stated before.
  14. Taven left on his own, although I'm open to talking to Staff about what is bothering them, he, nor did anyone else come to me about his issues, and I'm not one for begging someone to stay on the team. That only leads to "ok ok ill stay", and then either A: their performance has negative effects on the team and/or self, or B: it lasts for a few days and they resign. You simply cannot throw blame on everyone if no issues were brought up, ever. His issue was with Supports having the 'mute' command, but he said they weren't to ever use it; which is wrong, so I'm not sure why this was even an issue, as I addressed it while he was Staff. I can't possibly fix issues that don't make their way to me.
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