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  1. Absolutely phenomenal updates everyone! Proud to be apart of this team, let's hit 300!
  2. If you haven't already you can familiarize yourself with how Chambers of Xeric works here With the release of raids here on Zenyte, we'd like to introduce a few competitions for everyone to get into. Below are a list of competitions and the rewards for completing them. They're all 'first to' competitions, so first person(s) to complete them will receive the rewards as stated. Good luck and have fun to everyone!
  3. Hyyyyyyype boys! Let’s get it!
  4. Looks good mate! Checkout the Content Creator thread if you're interested in getting rewarded for creating videos/streaming!
  5. Will monitor your views/subs for a few days, and will speak to you when we review your statistics and content.
  6. All good! Thanks Nifty collection, I'm not into Pokemon, but looks like you got some winners!
  7. I'm not sure how you managed to break every image.. but can you please fix them
  8. BIG BETS. I truly hope you are my man.
  9. Life

    Alphabet Game

    Shayzien helm (5)
  10. I'm at 1.2b now, next is 5b bank. =] 1 step at a time!
  11. Will monitor your views/subs for a few days, and will speak to you when we review your statistics and content.
  12. Neutral about this. Voting from players helps the server a ton, and tradeable vote points would only allow those with money, to purchase votes; ultimately having those individuals not caring if they vote or not. I could see a decrease in votes.
  13. Congratulations to all newly promoted members! I believe you'll all do outstanding work here at Zenyte! Farewell and best wishes to those who left us.
  14. Life

    For Life - Potential Bug

    GIF doesn't really tell me anything. If anything, .rar the video you have and send it to me on disc, or i can wait until you upload it. Quite weird, Callisto is always suppose to drop big bones, unless someone else damaged it and they got the kill. We'd need a full video if anything.
  15. Life

    For Life - Potential Bug

    Can you please post the video as soon as you can?
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