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  1. I have high expectations for you Baka. ^.~ ~ 10x Xp
  2. Grats on mod ^-^

    1. Gepan


      Thank you 🙂


  3. The toxcitiy in cc right now is unbareable, where's the staff at?

    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Make sure to get proof and report if staff aren't around to handle it.

  4. Hey man Welcome to Zenyte. Goodluck on your goals, catch ya in-game. ~10x xp
  5. I just need some chicken wings.. 

  6. 10X XP


    Depends on how bad the tattoo is tbh. I'm not going to cover sntthing just going to cover the rest of my arm do that it all flows more as a picture rather than 4 random tattoos placed in random places with gaps what not, looks weird unfinished imo.
  7. Lol. I mean it might be doable in two hours at x50/x25 but at x5 it's going to take a bit longer. They have to make gp to get 83 magic on top of thieve to get seeds unless they made enough to buy ranarrs at what, 8k ea? Pretty expensive for a "new/beginner player" at x5 or even x10 xp rate. But no hard feelings over here just my opinion And mad because it's out of my reach? Okay I never once said that this wouldnt make you more money than early level thieve. I'm simply implying it's not aimed towards new players imo as it's maybe towards med level players. P.s - you say, two hours at cb level 3 of wildy slayer but this guide requires 83magic which would no longer make you cb lvl 3.
  8. 10X XP


    Yeah, I have regrets. Got my first tattoo at 13. Got them in weird spots so I have to finish the sleeve.
  9. 10X XP


    Hmm, I personally have a few tattoos, I was wondering if any of you guys do also and are willing to share yours? I'll be uploading pictures of mine in a couple of minutes **Edit** #1 - https://ibb.co/j8v3RB2 #2 - https://ibb.co/48YvKKL #3 - https://ibb.co/QXTnynS
  10. I agree that it has been dead content for awhile but I honestly wouldn't mind doing a couple of CW (event) matches for nostalgia/fun. I perasonally use to love CW.
  11. I'm not into making guides and I'm not trying to knock him/her for the guide created. I was just saying I don't think it's aimed towards beginners/skillers, especially with the requirements. And as she/he stated, the pictures were taken from another players guide, so little effort was put in all around, IMO. ~ 10X
  12. Great job. Keep up the grinding. Keep killing money snake for a blowpipe. Seems like you like to kill Hydra a lot more!
  13. How is slayer not good money? You are one of the only people Ive heard say that everyone is "completely wrong" When they say leveling thieving/slayer is decent GP. You said this was a beginners guide for money making via skilling... but the 83 magic requirement kind of throws me off.. I dont think any 'beginner' should focus on getting volcanic ash and 83magic/38 farming to do herb runs. Plus, you didn't even specify which herbs are profitable. Such as Ranarr, snaps Etc. Imo this is a very rushed guide and not for newer low level players and more aimed at the med level. Most beginners don't hop on and go get 83 magic to do herb runs from the jump.it also takes a little bit of GP to level to 83 Magic. Well, it could just be me, but I feel like it's a reach. ~ 10X
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