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  1. glitch

    OSRS Forum

    I can support this. People play both retail and private, why not allow them to discuss it. Twisted League is around the corner so I'm sure people will be interested in talking about that.
  2. Sup Liam! Welcome to the server my dude, always nice to see another PKer join up
  3. Yo welcome to the server my dude! Sounds like you've found the right place, this server is where it's at
  4. "A while" he says. Lol. Slightly sparse on the drops, but you got the pet and that will keep you company!
  5. Thank you guys for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying the series. 1000 total level is pretty great, I wasn't expecting it in the least (despite mentioning it moments before) and glossed over it while doing my slayer task. I'm really happy with how the account has turned out thus far and look forward to eventually getting my first 99 on the account, though I wonder what skill that'll be.
  6. Two episodes in the same week? WHAT? Crazy I know. I do want to apologize for one thing in this video. Some clips stutter/freeze, my OBS was corrupting files as recording for some reason and while some were unusable I tried to include ones that weren't too far gone in the stuttering/freezing. Apologies for those clips, it's resolved now!
  7. glitch

    Zenyte Progress #8

    Looking forward to watching this after my raid in XIV tonight!
  8. Lightshot actually sucks imo. You can't copy image location without getting a garbage amount of text, you have to link to their webpage. You're better off using Sharex and setting the image uploaded to imgur or a pomf clone like https://catbox.moe
  9. They're just south the the bank. No impressive drops and they don't really stand out. Pretty easy to miss and never get assigned them as a slayer task.
  10. Walking robes in Zanaris. Fuckin' spookers man. Thanks! Next video is comin' along well. A lot more structured than my previous ones
  11. Stop, it hurts. I just need to get enough to start blocking the bad tasks.
  12. Damn that T Bow drop, congratulations. Also share those slayer points, I've got like 5. Lol
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