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  1. At least you finally got it lol Congrats, but still yikes.
  2. glitch

    random dc

    Hey Dong, Glad to hear it's been resolved, hopefully it stays that way. If you need any more assistance don't hesitate to reach out again.
  3. Really happy to see @xSynystyrand @200M Dancingpromoted, extremely well deserved. Congratulations to both of you, I'm sure you will do amazing. Glad to see @Bakaback at it again with some block rockin' selfies. And last, but not least, welcome to the new recruit @Sir HassanI look forward to working with you!
  4. Yes you are able to get the Rock Golem via Amethyst.
  5. I agree. A lot of people don't want to go to the wiki, but are full on willing to go to a guide on the forums so threads like these are great. My only complaint is that it is extremely copy and paste, and extremely evident the screenshots are from the wiki. I think some formatting and changes could make this a great guide that wouldn't have people scoffing at it.
  6. Hi Glitch 😄

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      I know it's for the rep or whatever but I was jw

    3. glitch


      No, you can't set them. Sorry 😞

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      Mmk. 😕 Thanks.


  7. Hey B25dies, I was just curious how you were going about opening it. I'm a Windows user so I'm not sure the steps are the same to opening JAR files. If you would try this though and let me know how it goes: 1. Open a terminal 2. Navigate to the files location 3. Run this command: java -jar Zenyte.jar If that fails you may need to give it executable privileges: 4. Run this command: sudo chmod +x Zenyte.jar Please let me know if this resolves your issue.
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