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  1. Gonna have to apply some of these tactics. I am a poor boy. Lol.
  2. Sad to see you go, but I understand where you come from. I'm not at a point where I've gotten to end-game content and I'm running the same things on repeat. Hopefully new content comes out quick enough to keep people entertained.
  3. Time for my Windows desktop! Wallpapers are in Wallpaper Engine
  4. Solid update! Will be awesome to play Zenyte on the go now!
  5. I always like these types of threads, it's neat to see what people get over an extended period of time. Solid loot!
  6. It is a different IP, or at least I believe it is. My connection to the game server is 120ms from Michigan, while the website is 20ms. It's possible you've got higher latency which might play a factor in the random disconnects.
  7. Solid guide. Infini you have a way with words, your style of writing and the way you laid the information out is impeccable. I must commend you on what must've been a task and a half compiling all this information together. I hope to see more content like this from you, you've got a real knack for this. If I had to give this a numerical rating I would give it a 5/7, a masterpiece. Jokes aside I look forward to actually reading the guide
  8. Nah you should be good. I was concerned maybe you were on like a 10Mb/s or lower line like some people I know. Now they struggle. Where are you generally located if you don't mind me asking? I don't think it'd matter considering your internet isn't garbage tier.
  9. Perhaps a routing issue between you and the server? Seems a bit farfetched, but if nothing else is affected not sure what could be causing it. What kind of internet speeds do you have?
  10. Ah my bad, didn't notice the order of questions asked. Are any other services interrupted briefly during the time you experience the disconnect? Is it possible an anti-virus scan or something starts? Has it happened at certain time?
  11. Did forwarding the port help alleviate the problem?
  12. Welcome to the forums Zhora! Glad you're enjoying Zenyte
  13. I have to agree with Silver on this one. Daily challenges need to be balanced to be made worth doing, throwing skilling sets behind them feels like a cop out in both regards. It artificially makes challenges worth doing because people will want the sets and it also means the sets get put in the game with low effort. Which if you're lazy is a win-win, but I think overall it's a lose-lose. Challenges should be worth doing on their own, if people aren't bothering with them then something is wrong. Add resources, XP lamps, loyalty points and/or more xp to help up the participation of daily challenges. Another thought, have a server-wide initiative to complete daily challenges, if enough challenges are completed enable server-wide effect like "15% additional resources gained from: Fishing, Woodcutting, and Fletching." Doesn't have to be that, but my point is that it needs to be made worth doing. Sets should be added and gained via content relevant to them. tl;dr - Balance daily challenges to be worth it. Sets should be gained via relevant content. No support.
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