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  1. KEKW. It sucks, but what a fuckin' way to go LOL
  2. ███████╗ ██╔════╝ █████╗ ██╔══╝ ██║ ╚═╝ Great things always come to an end
  3. Yo, this is sick af! When I get a spare moment or two I'll make some backgrounds
  4. Referred by X X X? Denied! Nah, JK. Welcome to Orion my dude! I'll shoot you a Discord link here in a second
  5. There are a lot of things that made Runescape for me, some of which don't even have much to do with the game. Specifically thinking it was the joy of discovery, nowadays you can google up guides and stuff, but lil ol' me was just walking around discovering the world of Runescape. Fighting random monsters, collecting random things with no clear objective. Questing using RuneHQ is a HUGE feels good memory. Talking to my friends at school about Runescape, going on business trips with my dad and playing Runescape on a computer while he worked on stuff. I remember when I firsted figured out how to login to a private server using the silab client, I was so excited I woke my brother up at like 6AM to show him. Frugooscape consumed my week, it was fun stuff. Stuff like that made Runescape special to me.
  6. You can find the development thread here. According to the thread and as far as I'm aware it's still in the development phase. No ETA as far as I know.
  7. I know that feeling all too well. UIM is a great experience, until it just isn't anymore. Best of luck on your goals going forward, your progress already should make it pretty easy to get started in PvM/Slayer!
  8. This is probably one of the more unique progress threads I've seen. I look forward to seeing you complete the diaries as much as you can, it's a unique challenge for a skiller that I hadn't thought of. Best of luck!
  9. I know this struggle. Definitely support, playing an UIM can be tricky. Could have a dedicated NPC that keeps track of whether or not you've unlocked something via vote store and then be able to, for a fee, reclaim them if lost.
  10. Perhaps a dedicated social clan chat would be a good idea. I know many people want to chit-chat and socialize with one another, but Help probably isn't the best place to do that because someone legitimately looking for help might be drowned out and never get the help they need. Having a Social clan chat would alleviate this issue and allow people who want to chit-chat to do so without disrupting the Help clan chat. I'd like to see something like that implemented.
  11. glitch


    I don't support this and I especially don't support increased odds for donors, that just screams pay to win. I think the rates are fine as is, low enough that it feels rewarding when you get a piece, but increased enough that you realistically shouldn't go too dry. However, RNG is RNG and your mileage may vary.
  12. They probably aren't too terribly hard, it's just that they realistically add little to the game so they're probably low priority. I too would love to see more randoms in the game, especially the genie, gotta get my fix.
  13. Fruit or fastfood? Why? Fast food. Why? Its fast food. I hate making food. I really began to question Baka after this. So many fruit you don't have to really prepare, just peel and eat or just eat. Smh.
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