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  1. Hey Echo, Hope you're doing well. I'm sure this whole thing has been a stressful experience. Please be better. Listen to what you're saying. "Were only strong if we work together as a team" and "Let's work this out. Together." In the 6 months I was apart of the forum team, this is all I ever wanted from you and I. All I ever wanted was to work with you to make the forums as good as the server. I never got that opportunity, and the only thing I think I ever managed to accomplish was being a thorn in yours and Life's side. "I have not received a single question of "where have you been" "we need you online", "are you doing okay"" - If I had messaged you with any of these things, I don't think I would've gotten a response from you. I sent you ideas, suggestions, and lengthy messages and received zero response from you. I know I'm not alone on this either, others have told me of their experiences with you, or lack of. And because of that me and others have always chalked this up to being "The Echo Experience". You've never been someone people could rely on, and so you're asking why people have never asked you these things, and the answer is because we knew there wouldn't be a response. In the list of things you've accomplished, you listed streaming. As far as I'm aware this isn't a responsibility staff members have, and it seems like this is more of a personal hobby. It's alarming to think you'd put this in the list of things you've accomplished, when you've started things and left them unused. Voter of the Month, what happened to that? You were so eager to bring this back, you announced it in mid-May and then nothing. June rolled by and nobody received Voter of the Month. What happened to Clubs? These could've been so good for the forums, instead they were dead on arrival, and have been dead ever since. Instead of trying to further projects you've started, you're streaming. Something seems wrong here. "We need to move past it" - What's this "we"? Why do "we" have to most past it? This is something you have to resolve. You deflect things, you don't take responsibility, and you seemingly put forth no effort into anything you do. There is no "we" in this situation, there is only you. You need to be better. You need to handle situations better. You need to communicate with your team. You need to do more than the bare minimum, show some genuine interest in being apart of the team and making things better. This is an issue created by yourself that you need to resolve. "We" are upset, but this isn't something "we" can work on together. This is something you need to do. In the 6 months I was on the team I never once felt that you rose to the occasion and worked with me. It always felt like I was pulling teeth just to get a response from you. That doesn't need to be the case going forward. Demonstrate to me and everyone else that you can be a better admin. Rise to the occasion and show us what you're capable of.
  2. I am really glad to hear this isn't something that is being overlooked. All aspects of Zenyte should be held to the same quality the server has.
  3. This is just bad. There has never been a more prime example as to why changes to the newsletter formatting needs to happen. And the amount of grammatical errors is just staggering. There seems to have been zero effort put into making sure the quality is good. It's all just copy + paste with no thought on what is being copy and pasted. Disappointing to see, the newsletter could really be a cool addition to Zenyte, instead it's just an afterthought.
  4. Farewell my friend. See you again some time.
  5. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to make the forums a better place. I had a ton of fun, and I made a lot of friends. I wish you all the best of luck!
  6. Hello everyone, We have a quick update for you all today on the most recent promotions/demotions and resignations. All the guys/girls have been working exceptionally hard and there's plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes that you can all be excited about! As always, if you believe you would make a great addition to our team, I would encourage you to apply here. Promotions @DaloZhas been promoted to Server Support @Delroyhas been promoted to Server Support @informationhas been promoted to Server Support Congratulations on our newly promoted Staff Members. Zenyte would not be where we are now, without you.
  7. Funniest Player: N/A Most Active on Forums: @Sir Hassan Most Active In-Game: N/A Best Guide Creator: @Gepan Best Video Creator: @Whiprealgood Best Streamer: N/A Favorite Update: Clue Scrolls Favorite Event: Item Thirst Favorite Boss: N/A Favorite Skill: Woodcutting Favorite Pet: Tangleroot
  8. 12 hours and 30 minutes, and all you get is a forum award. Enjoy it.
  9. You can't force people to use the forums if they don't want to use them. I understand the forum isn't thriving and bustling, but it's also not the mid to late 2000's. Discord has played a large part in forum activity decreasing. There is a finite amount of things we can discuss, 100 people posting 1 topic every few days isn't going to last long term. Events and contests aren't going to last long term. People don't want to spend time writing messages, they'd rather communicate as if they were on Discord. I'm all for holding events, and contests on the forums. But, using them as a tool to bring activity to the forums is simply going to artificially inflate a couple of numbers. It's possible you would snag a couple of people who then become interested in posting around the forums, but the large majority of them are going to leave once the contest or event is up. All in all, you can't force people to post or engage with the forum. If 100 active forum-goers browse the forums each day, I'm thankful. They still check in, and will engage on their own time and that makes me happy.
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