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  1. >.> Honestly, just fixes to Construction and other things like the Seed Vault would be enough. Those are the big space killers --- Outfits, Seeds, etc. Plus a little compressing and cleaning can go a long way. That's just my opinion though.
  2. So far, the only hunting working spot is in Feldip Hills, but there's actually two additional spots where players can hunt Chompies if Feldip Hills is too crowded. These spots are also more efficient than Feldip Hills since they're void of aggressive NPC's. These two spots are located south and southwest of Castle Wars. I was wondering if we can get a fix for this so these areas are also available to use if people need to do Chompy Hunting. OSRS Wiki - Chompy Bird Hunting Spots Information
  3. Just thought it would be a nice minigame to add for people to do off to the side. It's a minigame found under the Champion's Guild in the basement which players can do if they ever find a Champion's Scroll. The Champion's Challenge - OSRS Wiki The rewards are a Champion's Cape and a Champion's Lamp. The cape is merely cosmetic, and the lamp grants 10x experience points. The cape is rewarded by Larxus after all champions are defeated, including Leon D'Cour. The lamp is rewarded after every Champion fight in the Chest of Champions.
  4. Zenyte In-game name: Song Discord user name: More Olive Oil#2017 Timezone (UTC): -8:00 Pacific Time Time Played In-game (Provide screenshot): The team you would like to join: PvM Team Reason for applying: Looking for an active community to hangout with along with doing content and possibly PKing off the side. I'm also looking Gear setup if you apply for PVM Team (Provide screenshot): Brief over view of experience: I have played on Zenyte since release, now standing at Maxed with 200m experience in Hitpoints and Attack. I'm relatively knowledgeable on all bosses including GWD. The only content I lack a lot of knowledge on is Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood. Do you accept the rules: Yes
  5. In-game username: Song Medal(s): Game Junkie Proof for your Medal(s):
  6. In-game username: Song Medal(s): Man's Best Friend, All the Work Proof for your Medal(s):
  7. Can I haves it? Please and thank you ~
  8. I voted for PvM updates. As much as I would like there to be more POI's in PvP Content... Larran's Key isn't so much a big deal to me, to be honest. Neither is the Wine Spot in Deep Wildy. PvP Tournaments sound really nice but we still haven't gotten Raids 1 and 2 yet. Let alone Treasure Trails, Mimic, Forthos Dungeon, Infeno, Gauntlet, etc. I personally think we need to catch up on Skilling and PvM Content before anything else.
  9. Just putting up a thread to request forum medals! Maxed Donator Grand Maester - For Zulrah (?), Venenatis, Agility and Runecrafting Guide.
  10. Kimetsu no Yaiba is pretty good
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